Zetech University Boot Camp 2024

Welcome to Metaverse Boot Camp at Zetech University
Nairobi, Kenya, Africa
Welcome –
Karibuni – Takulandirani – Sijkwamukela – Bawo ni

This is a collaboration between the technology club
Zetech University and MetaverseWP

President/First Lead:
Abdullahi Ahdi 3rd yr student
Abdullahi’s Profile
VP/Second Lead:
Fadhil Mulinya 1st yr student
Fadhil Profile
Fadhil Mulinya | LinkedIn

Club Zetech

Prof. William Jackson, M.Ed.
Metaverse Education Program Director
of the World Metaverse Council and
Board Member of One Africa Forum
Director of Education and Technology
Globally – Certified VR & STEAM+M Educator
University Professor and Global Educator
Twitter (X):  https://twitter.com/myquesttoteach
Email: metamyquesttoteach@gmail.com

Celebrating the first day of Black History Month in the United States with the first Metaverse Boot Camp in Africa with Zetech University in Nairobi, Kenya. Announcing & Celebrating the collaboration of Zetech University in Nairobi, Kenya, Africa & MetaverseWP United States & World Metaverse Council.

“Boot Camp The Metaverse Evolution 2024,” a 5 Week Boot Camp starting February 1st 2024 (Black History Month). Every Thursday for 5 weeks, teaching university students how the Metaverse, AI, VR, and Immersive Environments can empower the growing African student populations how to integrate new technologies in learning.

Involved in the WordPress and WordCamp Community over 10 years.
College and university professor and business owner in technology.
Member of the World Metaverse Council since 2022

Web sites:
William https://myquesttoteach.com/
Metaverse site globally for global engagement that is being built…
MetaverseWP https://metaversewp.com/
Metaverse environments for global projects

Who are you and what is your major in school?
What are your professional goals?
What social media platforms are you on?

Our Agenda:
Introduction to the Boot Camp:
What, Why, Where, When Time: EST 9am – EAT 5pm

  • Creating a digital footprint:
    Using diverse technologies
    What platforms are you on now
    Why are you on them
    Where do they take youWhat benefits have they given you
    What is the Metaverse: it is not just META or Facebook
    What is VR, ARSafety Online – Internet – Metaverse

Ready Player Me – creating your custom avatar

What is Spatial https://spatial.io
Creating metaverse sites using the platform
Using a template from Spatial to build

What is Sketchfab https://sketchfab.com/
Dynamic images to embed that are static and dynamic

What is WordPress https://wordpress.com/
Digital diary, storytelling, poetry, rapping, digital content

Start with a template that is available
Pick a template use it as a guide…..

You can go into Spatial into creator space for a blank template.

What do you know about AI – Chat GPT

Register for:

Ready Player Me – https://readyplayer.me

Spatial – https://spatial.io

Sketchfab – https://sketchfab.com/

ChatGPT – https://chat.openai.com/auth/login

WordPress – https://wordpress.com


Ready Player Me




What is WordPress