TLAM STEAM Class What We Are Learning

TLAM STEAM Class with William Jackson

This page is dedicated to the students of Mr. Jackson
and their works in STEAM Education and Learning.
Students are engaged in hands-on project based
lessons that expose them to environments that
require Design and Modeling, Engineering, The Arts,
Digital and Creative Innovation with the applications
of Microsoft Word, Paint 3D and Windows Video Editor
and Windows Voice Editor.

Students are currently working on understanding the
Metaverse, NFTs Non Fungible Tokens and how these
digital tools will affect their future.  To follow the growth
and increasing influence of The Metaverse, NFTs,
Block Chain, Web 2.0 / 3.0 and other areas check with
this page.

Students works will be posted here to see their growth
and how they are progressing by class. Each class will
create a Paint 3D images and use it as a NFT.
The individual NFTs will be saved in a video so all the
works of the students can be seen as one video per
class period. There are six periods each class period
has an average of 30 students with one class, 3rd
period that has 42 students.

Creating a curriculum for my STEAM students integrating
Metaverse, Business Development, NFTs and STEAM
Education. Students are from diverse cultural backgrounds
and in some cases cultural languages from English,
Spanish, Russian, Bosnian, Haitian, Jamaican, and others.

It is surrpising how many middle and high schools across
this nation do not have Digital Media, Art and other
Creative classes. Education is usually several years
behind the changes in tech, except if there are visionary
educators that can integrate new visions of tech for
their students preparing them for the future.

Historically schools of color / diversity / culture rarely
recognize their creative, innovative and talented students
outside of sports and entertainment. This needs to
change and the mindset should be that our creative
and innovative students need to be celebrated just
as our athletic and entertainment students.

NFTs are all about “The Arts” and once again youth, teens
and young adults of color / culture / diversity will potentially
be left out because many inner city schools have cut or
do not have Art classes and Digital Media programs.

There will once again be challenges for youth, teens and
young adults of color / culture / diversity; Black, Hispanic,
Mexican, Haitian, Jamaican, and even some European
cultural students will continue to struggle in new digital
ages because they are not exposed, mentored and
inspired to see alternative careers and embrace their
new found talents.

Professor Aida Correra-Jackson (Afro-Latina)  an instructor,
artist, author, speaker will be assisting and providing an
artistic direction for the students She is a globally
recognized and respected speaker with WordCamp,
Artistic consultant and business owner LoveBuilt Life, LLC.
WordPress TV

Education is not just about CORE subjects, there needs
to be the embracing of subjects that empower, inspire
and educate those students with Artistic abilities and
even students that are Autistic.

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by
difficulties with social interaction and communication.
Technology when applied correctly can bridge the gap
between the traditional educational structure and
the challenges that Autistic students face.

Addressing educational realities applying enaged and
hands-on learning is a priority if schools
at their current levels are to still be important and
influencial in the world. The United States will only be
as powerful if its middle and lower middle classes are
educated and able to work in digital jobs and careers.

We (Ameria) must lead by example and lead with a
holistic love of learning and education for all. If
America continues to neglect its inner city educational
centers, schools, day cares community centers the
ripple effects will be felt for years to come.

**** The views on this web site are of William Jackson
and not the views, procedures, policy’s, standards,
and opinions of the educational system that I’m
employed with or contracted with globally.

Twin Lakes Academy Middle School
Jacksonville, Florida
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Week of January 10th 

Making Paint 3D images, NFT Non Fungible
Token of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to celebrate his
birthday this coming weekend.
Check out the designs of the students from STEAM
MLK Project 2022 from TLAM Students

TLAM Business Card Development
This project helps students understand the reasons for a
business card for their developing businesses. We are
building future business leaders and developers.
#TLAM #TLAMBusinessLeaders #DevelopingBusinessLeaders Content William Jackson of My Quest To Teach
Home site:


Week of January 18th
Review of the work that was previously completed and
posted online.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
MLK NFT Project 2022
NFT Project in honor of his achievements.

Check out this video to see what students are
doing in STEAM Class

Building Business Cards

Posting of students works in developing NFTs in
honor and celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

First Period

Second Period

Third Period

Fourth Period

Sixth Period

Seventh Period