STREAMM Workshops for Schools

STREAMM Workshops for Schools

We are William and Aida Jackson, educators of STEM, STEAM & STREAMM.
Science Technology Reading Engineering Art Math Metaverse

If you’re not aware education is being bombarded by digital
spaces and places. The Metaverse, Web 3 and Web 2 are
growing into education and business creating opportunities
for youth, teens, and young adults to grow and create
generational wealth. Technology is here and will never go away….

We are building a curriculum with hands on learning and
student engagement that inspires students to have a view
of learning in preparation for future digital careers. We are
in a era of Thought Leadership & Immersive Realities.

The Metaverse has digital engagement across platforms like
Spatial Galleries, Altspace VR, Voxels and DecentralLand.
We would like to offer affordable workshops through your
PTA – Parent Teacher Associations to educate parents and
students. Digital worlds are here and more students are entering
in them without understanding and safety.

The Internet and Metaverse are a deep representation of the
“real world” there are good places, safe places, dangerous
places, nurturing places and even educational places.

Schools – Charter, Private, Home, Public, Alternative have an
opportunity to provide additional resources for safety on and
in the Internet and the Metaverse. We would like to speak to
schools and the PTA leader to schedule workshops
for the school community with students and parents.
Sharing the safety of the Internet and Metaverse.

Workshop prices start at $150.00 per hour with demonstrations,
discussions, conversations, and curriculum information with
resources to help parents and teachers make safe choices.

We are educators in public and higher education. Our background
is in hands-on learning, digital concepts related to careers and
helping students make educational and career decisions.

Please contact us if your interested in future workshops and
coordination with your PTA leaders to share content with
parents & students.

William and Aida Jackson
904 502 3211

Past workshops, trainings and conferences.
Sharing just a few of our presentations, conferences,
trainings and workshops. 
William Jackson and Aida Correa

William Jackson and Aida Correa

Aida and William
Aida and William    Clever Minds STEM

WordCamp Jacksonville, Florida 2019 Meetups with
hands-on workshops.

WordCamp Jacksonville 2019

KidsCamp Jacksonville 2019
KidsCamp Jacksonville 2019

WordCamp Costa Rica – Central America 2019

WordCamp Costa Rica Central America 2018

WordCampCR KidsCamp 2018

WordCampCR KidsCamp 2018WordCamp Miami 2020 Miami, Florida

KidsCamp Miami 2020

KidsCamp Miami 2020

Florida Blogging and Technology Conference 2020

Diverse virtual trainings…..

Technology influences our world !!!