STEAM+M, AI, VR Workshops Empowering and Inspiring

STEAM+M, AI, VR Workshops Empowering and Inspiring

We are William and Aida Jackson, educators of STEAM+M, AI, VR, Metaverse
Science Technology Engineering Art Math Metaverse, AR, VR Metaverse

MetaverseWP Open for Trainings In-Person and Virtually To Empower and Inspire from Elementary to Higher Education
Transform You with MetaverseWP Learning and Engagement

Unlock the future of technology and training with MetaverseWP,  your partner for metaverse and technology services. At MetaverseWP,  we specialize in providing cutting-edge solutions designed to elevate from elementary to higher education into the next digital ecosystem. Whether you are a student, entrepreneur, or growing into technology.

What We Offer:

  1. Metaverse Training and Development: Dive into immersive learning experiences with our comprehensive training programs. We offer hands-on and project-based learning courses using the Arts, VR, AR, AI, and more, designed to equip skills needed to thrive in the Digital Age.
  2. Custom Metaverse Solutions: Transform arts, creativity, innovation, and ideas into reality with metaverse solutions. From virtual environments to interactive training environments, our team of experts will create an experience that aligns perfectly with learning how to be creative
    and innovative.
  3. Innovative Technology Integration: Stay ahead of the curve in education with our advanced technology services. We help integrate the AI, VR and Metaverse tech trends into
    learning and engagement. Ensuring fun in learning, creative and even competitive and innovative.
  4. Advertising Opportunities: Leverage the power of the metaverse platforms.
    MetaverseWP offers advertising spaces for businesses looking to expand their reach within
    the tech-savvy community. Our high-traffic site, you can showcase your products and services to a global audience, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement.

Why Choose MetaverseWP?

  • Expertise: Our team comprises industry veterans and tech enthusiasts dedicated to bringing the best of the metaverse to you.
  • Innovation: We stay at the forefront of technology trends to offer you the latest and most effective solutions to help teach with and inspire.
  • Customization: Every service we provide is tailored to meet your needs and goals. Guided by educators with an accumulated over 60 years of teaching experience.
    Visit or email to learn more about how we can transform education and apply STEAM+M, AI, VR, Metaverse. Don’t just adapt to the future, lead it with skills, talents, creativity, and innovation.  MetaverseWP!



Email interest in having a training and/or purchasing advertisement on our sites

MetaverseWP Open for Trainings In-Person and Virtually To Empower and Inspire from Elementary to Higher Education

As a transformative and global digital business MetaverseWP
ranges in reinforcing and supporting the immersive and digital
educational models globally. Leveling the business
and educational fields for collaboration and cooperation to
infuse and incorporate the blending of web development
and metaverse.
To empower youth, teens, and young adults to the unlimited
potentials of digital learning and engagements. The broad
potential of business development, entrepreneurial support
and growth potentials across web development and digital
We are members of the World Metaverse Council, ED3 DAO,
Educators In VR, WordPress Global Community, ForbesBLK
Community, Black In Technology (BIT) (Jacksonville, Florida &
Global).  To offer a broad perspective of global representation
and professional services for the elevation of entrepreneurs
and small businesses.
Creating models of equitable, inclusive, and sustainable educational
systems that incorporate the metaverse, includes a vision of
unlimited growth and equality. Every nation should have access
to the same digital curriculum, provide for digital accessibility
to the metaverse, and digital access to content that can be
accessed through mobile apps, digital platforms, and with
digital tools.

MetaverseWP is now accepting advertisement to build
collaborative financial resources for the year of 2024 and
beyond where portions of subscriptions are used to help
youth, teens, and young adults to attend technology
conferences. To bridge the gap between lack of financial
access and accessibility to attend technology conferences
that will transport youth to opportunities for attendance
in WordCamp Conferences.
The metaverse can help youth globally grow in skills and
knowledge, inspiration and adaptation, integration for learning.
The use of digital and immersive learning begins with training
and building digital skill sets so youth and teens can be employable
and inspired in the world of tech.

MetaverseWP is offering trainings and workshops from several
hours to several days we are flexible and scalable. The goal is to
assist in growing digital leaders, visionaries, creatives, and
innovators globally.

Advertisements on Site
MetaverseWP is opening its web site to advertisements.
Monthly ads that include 1 Static logo, direct link to web site,
and 1 line of message sharing services.
Monthly ads are 30.00 per month with minimum of 2 months.
Exposure to a viewing audience that is global and entering into
immersive environments. Monies collected from ads will be
used to sponsor youth and teens to future WordCamp and tech
conferences globally where there is a need.

Trainings and Workshops
From $100.00 per hour for 3 hours minimum, to 6 hours
maximum per day. 2 day workshops that involve working
in existing computer labs with Wifi access.
We are willing to collaborate on traveling outside of Jacksonville,
Florida, nationally and globally. Contact us for a workshop.
Our recent workshops have been held in
Athens, Greece (WordCamp Europe 2023 & WordCamp Europe 2024)
San Jose Costa Rica (WordCamp San Jose 2023 & w024)
PEARLS PODCAST (Jacksonville, Florida 2023)
Black is Technology (Atlanta, Georgia 2023)
Power of Africa (Nigeria, Africa 2023)
Nigerian Development Fund (Nigeria, Africa 2022)

If you’re not aware education is being bombarded by digital
spaces, places, platforms, tools and apps. The Metaverse,
Web 3 are growing into education and business opportunities
for youth, teens, and young adults to grow and create
generational wealth. Technology is here and will never go away….

We are building a curriculum with hands on learning and
student engagement that inspires students to have a view
of learning in preparation for future digital careers. We are
in an era of Thought Leadership & Immersive Realities.

The Metaverse has digital engagement across platforms that
are available and empowering.
The Internet and Metaverse are a deep representation of the
“real world” there are good places, safe places, dangerous
places, nurturing places and even educational places.

Schools – Charter, Private, Home, Public, Alternative have
opportunity to provide additional resources for safety
in the Internet and the Metaverse. We are offering trainings
that inspire, educate, teach and empower.

Workshop prices start at $150.00 per hour with demonstrations,
discussions, and curriculum information with resources.
We are educators in public and higher education. Our background
is hands-on learning, digital concepts related to careers and
helping students make educational and career decisions.

Please contact us if you’re interested in future workshops and
coordination with your PTA leaders to share content.

William and Aida Jackson

Past workshops, trainings and conferences.
Sharing just a few of our presentations, conferences,
trainings and workshops. 
William Jackson and Aida Correa

William Jackson and Aida Correa

Aida and William
Aida and William

WordCamp Jacksonville, Florida 2019

WordCamp Jacksonville 2019

KidsCamp Jacksonville 2019
KidsCamp Jacksonville 2019

WordCamp Costa Rica – Central America 2019

WordCamp Costa Rica Central America 2018

WordCampCR KidsCamp 2018

WordCamp CR Kids Camp 2018

KidsCamp Miami 2020

KidsCamp Miami 2020

Florida Blogging and Technology Conference 2020

Diverse virtual trainings…..

Technology influences our world !!!