Writing and Storytelling for Africans

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Writing and Storytelling for Africans
by William Jackson, M.Ed. @wmjackson Twitter

Aida Correa Catherine Mayokun Egwali William Jackson
Aida Correa Catherine Mayokun Egwali William Jackson

Catherine Mayokun Egwali, center spoke at
WordCamp Jacksonville 2018.
International bestselling author, she also provides
coaching services for those who desire to write,
publish and market their bestsellers on Amazon.

“Writers have to recognize the works of the artist and
those of the activist. Creating content is more than just
throwing words, video, pictures on a digital sheet of
paper. There is serious intellectual thought during the
writing process. Sometimes writing will be in a zone of
creativity and innovation to create new content that has
an intended outcome, but sometimes the outcomes are
unknown.” William Jackson

Professor Soyinka “Just sit down and write….” as he has
stated to growing African writers across the continent.
The ability of a blogger / writer to write also means that
they have a responsibility to tell the story of those that
cannot write, those that are silent and have no voice.
Digital content is powerful and enabling to bring recog-
nition, attention and urgency to civic issues that need
to be addressed.

The growth of the blogger / writer is composed of periods
of growth, reconciliation, enlightenment and a civic
responsibility to write / blog not just for oneself, but for
those that do not have a voice and will not be heard.
The ability to share a story comes from the ability to listen
and apply knowledge from a person’s experiences,
interactions, goals for growth and even how mistakes are
made and learned from.

The diversity of culture influences a writer’s ability to
“touch” the people they are writing to or writing for.
When past writers applied their skills they shared stories
that could be connected to real life, to the experiences
that many knew they could connect to.

The diversity of African bloggers represents the diversity of
a continent that influences not just the global weather, but
has digital extensions that influence business, commerce,
entrepreneurial spirits of the dreamers, creators and
innovators that have ideas to change the world around them.
Africa is in a constant state of flux economically, educationally,
culturally and the future is unknown, but it is becoming
brighter and brighter as business and entrepreneurial
opportunities become available.

Writers like author and Professor Wole Soyinka who are
involved in civic issues, governmental policies and the
educational growth of youth, teens and adults. He
is of the past, but influences the present.
There are modern writers waiting to be read.
Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o has been nominated for a Nobel
Peace Prize in 2017 and is a strong contender to win
one in literature.

The African continent has birthed intellectual and
intelligent writers that have embraced and applied
digital platforms to awaken and encourage others in
the African diaspora to spread their digital wings and
take flight. The storytellers of the past have grown and
adapted to the Bloggers, Vbloggers, Podcasters,
Facebook Live and Instagram visionaries building,
creating, designing and posting content that influences
thought not just emotions.

Stated by Soyinka, “when Africans learn the power they
have in their hands in writing, they can influence their
communities and make important and needed changes
because they will have a voice that others can hear and

Writing is a grassroots process that builds knowledge in
Africans of all ages and can influence generations. The
educational process is key because as can be seen in Africa
it is dangerous to allow your colonizers to educate your
children. Their goals are not the goals of those being
oppressed. The goal of the oppressor is the keep the
oppressed ignorant. So that their resources can be drained
dry before the oppressed realize what is happening
to their lands, to their people and their very existence.
Stated by Prof. William Jackson of My Quest to Teach
“If we (Blacks) are not speaking for ourselves or writing
for ourselves, someone else is going to describe who we
are, where we came from and ultimately where we are going.”
This creates identity problems because those that are doing
the writing are not looking through the eyes of those being
written about. The people are not seen as people they are
seen as little things with no value, as Chinua Achebe states,
“as funny things.”

Too many stories are wrong in their direction to offer solutions
to issues that Africans are experiencing. Africans must be able
to tell their own stories because there is a story to tell…..
“Your pen has to be on fire.” Chinua Achebe
Social Media has opened more doors to express, share
and even demand change.

How many people use social media in Africa?


WordCamp San Jose Raising Awareness in Digital Content Creation

Costa Rica Flag
William Jackson, Speaker and Educator
William Jackson, Speaker and Educator

WordCamp San Jose Raising Awareness in Digital Content Creation
by William Jackson and Aida Correa
My Quest To Teach and LoveBuilt Life
Follow us on the hashtag #thatwordcamplife

The global availability of WordCamp and the participation by
thought leaders, journalists, artists, educators, content creators,
developers, graphic designers and coders to name just a few
of the diverse numbers that will attend
WordCamp Costa Rica 2019

WordCamp San Jose sparks a growth in awareness of the
value of digital content that even crosses languages and
cultures. People are empowered to be producers of digital
content that can influence the thinking and influence
that tech has.

The engagement in social issues, political ideologies,
cultural representation and even the betterment of gender
representation is being Blogged, Vblogged, and Podcast
across digital platforms and in the Hispanic culture embracing
not just the United States, but across Mexico, Central and
South America. Aida and I are so humbled
to be speaking at this years WordCamp San Jose and teachers
with the KidsCamp.

Aida Correa, Speaker and Teacher
Aida Correa, Speaker and Teacher

The direction of content creation has gone through adaptation
that allows for content to be applied in commercial, business,
education, commerce and even in agriculture showing that
diverse information can be managed using technology. Youth,
teens and young adults are the future problem solvers, they
need to be trained, mentored and exposed early to be the
thought leaders, creatives, innovators, problem solvers and
intellectuals that will be needed.

Digital content is adaptive and inclusive to text; photos, audio
elements and video. The value of content is its ability to empower
and inspire. To open minds to the potential to reach broader
audiences and open doors to collaboration using diverse digital
There are tools that can build Brands, connect lives that build
businesses and increase national and international collaboration.

San Jose WordCamp 2019
San Jose WordCamp 2019

WordCamp San Jose, WordCamp Nicaragua and WordCamp
Panama  represent the right way to apply thought leadership and
encourage digital engagement. Success is achieved as organizers
follow a strong vision, applied their knowledge, planned strategically
and with the results in mind.

The Kids Camp is well guided, kids from ages 7 to 14 along a
path that involves hands-on learning where story-boarding,
drawing, team-work and digital relevancy to show how
technology can be applied and the benefits of being engaged.

Aida and I were honored to volunteer and help with Kids Camp
as instructors and guide youth to building their content and
posting it online. Observing how the youth worked together
in unity and fun participated in the first KidsCamp in Costa
Rica in 2018, now in 2019 extend the learning.

This first KidsCamp held with over 18 kids involved and
their parents was a great success, the youth created their
own web sites using the tools of WordPress starting their
journeys as digital content creators.
What a great event all around that is building national and
cultural pride.

Costa Rica Flag
Costa Rica Flag

Costa Rica has a future full of information technology
leaders, smart creatives, digital visionaries, innovators
and business owners. They are growing as digital
international influencers. Their growing gender equality
and the value of equitability is seen as women are growing
in careers of digital influence.

WordCamp and corresponding tech conferences are bridging
Central America into positions of regional and global influence
that will open new career choices and opportunities to travel.
The over 700 attendees were the largest WordCamp in Latin
America thus far and 2019 is Sold Out as well. The diversity of
the organizing team makes success represented of some of
the best that Costa Rica has as digital advocates.

This century continues to see tech advancements that affect
the educational, economic, social and business relationships
of millions of people globally. Central America has the potential
to spring forth new generations of digital producers with skills
that will help make the world notice Central America
as a tech hub and digital influencer.

I have often used the TEDTALK from Novelist Chimamanda
Adichie , “The Danger of A Single Story” to show that people
must not allow perceptions to cloud their minds to the
intelligence and innovation of other cultures.

Central America is growing in its regional and global influence,
inspiring  youth, teens and young adults to enter into careers
that provide means to help their nation grow into  worlds of
technology advancement and leadership.

The nation of Costa Rica
The nation of Costa Rica

WordCamp San Jose will continue to grow and create opportunities
for networking,  educational advancement, collaboration in
business, commerce, economics and diversity that allows girls and
women equality and equal standing in the diversity of tech careers.
Aida and I are honored to be invited to speak at WordCamp San Jose,
this honor showed the respect, that digital influencers, thought leaders,
and educators have for each other and the power of global engagement.

Each year WordCamps in Central America will grow and create the means
to inspire unity and collaboration in Central and South America and the
world for Hispanics, Latinas, Latinos across gender and generational lines.

Twitter: @WordCampSanJose #WordCampSanJose #WCSJ
Website for 2018: https://2018.sanjose.wordcamp.org/
Website for 2019: https://2019.sanjose.wordcamp.org/

Churches and Social Media A Tool of Ministry and Outreach

Social Media and the Church of Christ
Alvin Daniels Elijah Taylor William Jackson
Minister Alvin Daniels, Elijah Taylor III, William Jackson, M.Ed.

Churches and Social Media A Tool of Ministry and Outreach
William Jackson, M.Ed. Graduate of South Carolina
State University… William Jackson Northside Church of Christ, Jacksonville,
Minister Alvin Daniels of Hope Church of Christ, Hollywood
and Elisha Taylor III of Northbound Church of Christ provided
valuable information during the Social Media workshop portion
of the 51st Annual Florida State Church of Christ Lectureship
held in Jacksonville, Florida.

Attended by over 500 hundred members of Church of Christ
ministries and friends during the week, there were workshops
dedicated to Ministry, Evangelism, Youth Ministry, Outreach and
other areas of need and interest.

The workshop “Bridging the Gap Through Social Media”
was an interactive discussion covering digital content, social
engagement and how future employment and careers are
affected. How to digitally evangelize online and share the
gospel in outreach.

Social Media can affect credit scores and perceptions
that church members create when posting inappropriate
information. Digital information never goes away, members
of the Church of Christ and other ministries should understand
this, stated by William Jackson a 32 year educator.

People judge ministries by the Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat
postings of their.Church are being classified as good or
bad by members content.

William Jackson, Digital Media Innovator of My Quest to Teach
shared a new term “Sharenting” where parents are constantly
posting content about their kids. The danger is posting photos
of children nude, semi-nude or in poses of “cuteness,”
perceptions of being older and poses present a more mature
look can cause issues and dangers from cyber-stalkers, potential
child pornography issues, cyber-bullying and harassing in future
encounters with content online.

Minister Alvin Daniels spoke on how to create an effective
Social Media presence for ministries, to develop a team that
can support each other, that can use different platforms to
share the gospel and support the members and show to the
community the atmosphere of the ministry.

Minister Daniels shared how people will Google churches if
they are looking to move memberships or if they are relocating
to a new area. The Social Media engagement does mean
a lot for families. Hope Church of Christ is successful because
of its consistency with posting content, replying to emails
and messages from online and being able to rotate staff so
no one get burned out from doing the same thing all the time.
Successful engagement is having the minister and leadership
share content individually in videos, chats on Twitter, LinkedIn
and Instagram.

Even in this age of digital engagement it is important that
ministers do not shield themselves from the public,but use
Social Media to show their availability and access for prayer
and inviting the community to events of the ministry.

Minister Daniels has used Social Media to build Hope
Church of Christ to one of the largest and connected
ministries in the South Florida area.

Social Media is a powerful tool that can build a person’s
Brand or destroy their ability to communicate and influence.
The photo shows on the left Minister Alvin Daniels,
Elisha Taylor III blogger, speaker at tech conferences and
the first DCPS student to peak at a TEDX Salon at Florida
State College in Jacksonville and William Jackson DMI of
My Quest To Teach.

51st Annual Florida State Lectureship can be found at https://www.facebook.com/2019FloridaStateLectureship/
Minister Alvin Daniels can be found https://hopechurchofchrist.org/
Elisha Taylor III can be found at
William Jackson, M.Ed. can be found at https://myquesttoteach.com/
More about Sharenting

A Business Perspective on Social Media and SoLoMoCo

My Quest To Teach Logo

A Business Perspective on Social Media and SoLoMoCo
William Jackson, M.Ed
My Quest to Teach – #MyQuestToTeach

My Quest To Teach Logo
My Quest To Teach Logo

The concepts of SoLoMoCo to build connections that
support community growth, stability and mentorship.

A dynamic and engaged opportunity to understand Branding
and finding your Niche as a business owner; the foundation
of understanding the value of digital content in relation to
business and entrepreneurials.

Applying the So-Lo-Mo-Co Concepts
So-social Lo-local Mo-mobile Co-community uses of Social
Media platforms and tools to share content and collaborate
in dynamic and engaged projects.

Business owners should be engaged with their communities
using digital platforms that are not just used for profits, but to
apply digital tools to build relationships and influence the
thinking of the community. Engagement is key, not to change
the perspectives of the community, but to empower the
community to see what changes need to be made and
providing the resources to create necessary social,
economic and educational improvements so everyone can

In order to have a strong and stable community businesses
should know the needs of their communities, the challenges
that are present and how they can collaborate with local
schools, ministries and even higher educational institutions.
These connections help build partnership, potential internships,
and even employment opportunities.

Wireless communication infrastructures are important to
build connections that open collaborations and create
connections for social, educational and economic activism.
Building a Brand and creating a Niche for business minded
youth, teens and young adults. Communities are only as
stable and strong as the generations coming up. The
community only grows with the talents and availability of
youth, teens and young adults. The issue with many
communities of color is that when children of color reach
some level of success they want to leave their
communities instead of staying and contributing.

Social activism in bringing people together for economic
empowerment and building the I and E of Individual
Entreprenurialism. Branding and finding that Niche to
connect with establish a digital footprint that is relevant
and realistic.

Community workshops are important because they will
show that people of color have a vision for their communities
of color. Offering opportunities to teach, mentor, guide and
empower others.

Malcolm X stated,
“We are not fighting for integration, nor are we fighting for
separation. We are fighting for recognition as human beings…
In fact, we are actually fighting for rights that are even greater
than civil rights and that is human rights.”
Malcolm X (Black Revolution)

The rights to influence the community on a path of growth,
productivity, inclusion in the economic and political process.
People of color need to learn to be influencers of color so they
can increase the opportunities in their communities and bring
about a mental change of elevation and stability in growth
economically, educationally and even environmentally.
Gentrafication happens over time when there is no growth,
no investments and no action to improve a community.

How many opportunities do African American youth, teens
young adults see men and women participate in national and
international events that do not include sports? The careers of
the 21st and 22nd century are here, but kids need exposure
and opportunities. They need to participate, attend, value,
engage and appreciate new learning opportunities and parents
need to appreciate each.

If children only see one side of the story they will only stay on
that one side. If children only see others that look like them as
labours, lower educated and lower economic status many
will accept this as normal and not try to improve their lives.

Applying So – Social awareness to change in the community
using digital technologies can reach people and make
those connections. Lo – Local engagement is important
because of the influences of sponsoring, promoting and
gaining the attention of the community. Mo – Mobile technologies
that are growing and adapting for people of color and culture.
To continue to build digital infrastructures that encourage
young minds to enter into STEAM careers and grow beyond
their current situations.
Co – Communities needs to see people of color that are successful,
growing, educated, employed and engaged in learning and economic


William Jackson of My Quest to Teach
William Jackson of My Quest to Teach

WordCamp In Africa – Learning Growing Collaboration

Africa Digital

WordCamp In Africa – Learning Growing Collaboration
William Jackson, M.Ed
WordCamp Organizer, Speaker, KidsCamp Organizer
Past sponsor WordCamp Harare and EdCamp Nigeria

Kids Camp In Africa
Kids Camp In Africa

“In our fast-changing world driven by digital technology,
it is important that every child becomes a creative actor
of localized digital solutions, not its passive consumer”.
@ashuna112 #ACW2019 #AfricaCodeWeek

There is a rapid expansion of WordCamp conferences in Africa,
this magnificent continent of resources both human and
WordCamp conferences are seen growing, thriving and
educating people with a passion not just for technology, but
opening doors for business ventures, entrepreneurial opportunities,
unheard of digital collaboration. The opportunities to enable and
empowering African entrepreneurs to share their Brands and find
new Niches and partnerships.

As Blogger, Micro-bloggers, content creator and digital
influencer  for over 15 years, digital impressions expand
based on engagements.  That engagement builds with
the increase of involvement, engagement,
collaboration and sharing content.

WordCamp allows rapid and sustainable growth based on thought
leadership digitally and correspondingly with continued engagement
at MeetUps.  Content creation is only limited by the creative minds that
apply what is learned at WordCamp conferences and the growing number
of KidsCamp and YouthCamp conferences.

WordCamp is a casual and at the same time professional
conference where information is shared related to
WordPress. WP is a free and open source personal publishing
application that powers over 40% of the web.
The immersion of Africa will rapidly increase these numbers and
allow for those African digital innovators to share their talents,
gifts and knowledge.

Africa is expanding the influence of knowledge and applied
knowledge to grow new generations of thought leaders,
digital dreamers, critical thinkers and collaborations that
will take place not just locally, but expand nationally and
across the continent.

Accompanying the traditional WC are KidsCamp and
YouthCamp components that encourage kids from
7yrs to 14yrs and YouthCamp from 15yrs to 17yrs.
There are increased numbers of youth, teens and
young Africans that are starting businesses and
becoming digital innovators, influencers and digital
business owners.

WC conferences build relevant discussions and
information is applicable immediately during
and after the conference. Networking is formidable
because real people with real careers, professions,
businesses, and real dreams are present to share
and help others.

Mentors in multiple areas can be found and the growing
number of Internships helps to provide youth and teens
with real world opportunities to apply and learn skills
to build on.

Meetups allow discussions to be continued and the
building of PLN’s or Professional Learning Networks
that help assist in connections, collaborations
and building networks.

The formats from lectures/presentations, speed talks,
or lightning presentations, panels and interviews.
Presentations are diverse sessions that incorporate slides
and videos that can be accessed from the presenters web
site or through  WordCamp channel on
http://WordPress.tv  after the conference.
The professional development opportunities continue
and can be used at the convenience from home or
through mobile devices.

The building of digital infrastructures that allow
for strong and consistent connections is growing
quickly because of the demands for access.
Access to tech is not a privilege, it has become a right,
as education is a human right, digital access to
educational, business and humanitarian information
is a right of all Africans not matter their educational,
economic, cultural or color. New laws are in place to
make sure access if available and equitable.

As a WordCamp blogger, advocate, speaker, organizer,
volunteer and a the value for the cost of a two day and
the growing three day conference pays for itself.
Africans are seeing that their Brand grows rapidly and
their engagements increase proportionally to following
others on Social Media platforms like Twitter, Instagram
and LinkedIn.

To keep up to date access WordCamp Central and
WordPress TV for relevant and real information.

WordCamp Central

WordPress TV

Follow William Jackson and Aida Correa
on the hashtag #thatwordcamplife or #thatwordpresslife