WordCamp Embraces Cultural and Generational Diversity

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WordCamp Embraces Cultural and Generational Diversity
William Jackson. M.Ed.

KidsCamp and Youth Camp in Africa
KidsCamp and Youth Camp in Africa

Speaking to graphic artists, coders, developers, programmers
and business owners about being “Dope” on social media
platforms is exciting and a visionary innovation. My first
WC speaking was at WordCampILM in Wilmington, N.C.
The hope that I have is to inspire people and companies
to contribute to the growth and development of youth,
teens and young adults as mentors, volunteers and
sponsors in and out of the WordPress and Open Source
My 32 years as a PE Teacher, STEAM Teacher and advocate
for equality and equitability motivate me to share my
WordCamp and KidsCamp experiences nationally and even

Future of Costa Rica
Future of Costa Rica
Youth sharing his blog on WordPress
Youth sharing his blog on WordPress
Aida Correa teaching at KidsCamp in Costa Rica
Aida Correa teaching at KidsCamp in Costa Rica

WordCamp  conferences seek out experts in diverse fields
of technology that implement WordPress. The web platform
that is increasingly being used for web design, Podcasts,
Blogging, and other online applications that content creators
are using.
Since my first WordCamp attending, being WordCamp Orlando
I have advocated for HBCU institutions to send their students.
I have even taken several students with me and students
from the local school system here in Jacksonville.

Cultural, gender and even generational diversity has been
growing in the tech industry and it shows when bloggers,
teachers, and community activist and artists are invited
to speak about not only their use of Social Media platforms
and tools, but how to inspire others to become content

Men and women of color need to see others that represent
them in tech, to show that there are viable careers and
mentors available to help guide youth, teens and
young adults.

Business men and women of color only represent
less than 5% of tech businesses in the United States.
More does need to be done, but education is key and
next is mentorship and involvement.

Understanding the importance of research skills and
applying the appropriate  information to build
understanding is important.  Helping youth, teens and
young adults like Elisha Taylor III a junior in high school
and even middle school students like Elijah a 6th grader
to build their PLC and PLN communities.

They are preparing for careers success now.
Businesses are always using data, statistics and
analyzing now to use information to make money
and increase profits. Technology is still an evolving
entity that fluctuates when new technology comes
into play and old technology dies away. As markets
are increased people of color and culture must get
engaged and involved in tech fields growing
by digital leaps and bounds.

The networking potential at WordCamps are
phenomenal and the sharing of knowledge,
resources and personnel helps to build families
of Nerds and Geeks seeking to build or design
new applications or web tools or Apps.
The opportunities are there to be influencers!!

New terms of I and E – trepreneurs are being
developed to show the level of interactivity and
engagement as new players, visionaries and even
businesses come to play and be seen. Several
things learned are, the curse of  technology
knowledge and mastery is that, “whenever you
can’t remember when you did not know
something shows that tech is changing and
adapting to the needs of society and the future
integration that creates dynamic digital influences.”

Because of the embracing to diversity in color,
culture, gender and generation the community
begins to grow and expand.  WordCamp conferences
are looking like the communities they are influencing
and there are growing Kids and Youth Camps
nationally and internationally.

Photos of KidsCamp participants
Photos of KidsCamp participants

To see more check out WordPressTV and listen
to videos of past WordCamp presentations.

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KidsCamp San Jose in Costa Rica
KidsCamp San Jose in Costa Rica
KidsCamp San Jose in Costa Rica
KidsCamp San Jose in Costa Rica
William Aida Ericka
William Aida Ericka
Aida Correa - Organizer
Aida Correa – Organizer
WordCamp YYC 2019
WordCamp YYC 2019
WordCamp San Jose in Costa Rica
WordCamp San Jose in Costa Rica
Aida and William teaching KidsCamp Orlando
Aida and William teaching KidsCamp Orlando
WordCamp Orlando 2018
WordCamp Orlando 2018

Guiding African Communities to Empower Themselves and their Families

My Quest To Teach

Guiding African Communities to Empower Themselves and their Families
William Jackson, M.Ed.


African Continent
African Continent

The growth of technology is empowering African people and
African communities. African are growing into agents of change,
changing their local communities, changing being made in their
nations and changes being made on the continent.
The educational systems of Africa will be key to local, community,
national and continental influences. Sharing strategies for African
educational institutions to align their curriculum’s so administrators,
teachers and support staff are the mentors and influencers their
students need.
The first teachers are parents, but parenting only goes so far,
the next piece to this puzzle are educators of all levels. The value of
mentoring, building mentors and developing a mind-set that learning
is valuable. Empowerment is important and vital to effect change.

Africa Digital
Africa Digital

Here are suggestions that can potentially change lives.
1. African youth, teens and young adults need to remember
themselves and where they have come from. The value and
empowerment of being a life-long learners.
2. African youth, teens and young adults need to remember their
cultural greatness and cultural successes. If African students fail
to remember their past greatness they will not have a vision for
their futures.
3. African youth, teens and young adults need to understand the
value of the women of Africa. The mothers, grandmothers, aunts
and other mothers that have sacrificed for their children to
grow beyond their families to live better lives.
4. African youth, teens and young adults need to be careful of
those still caught in a colonial frame of mind and refuse to have
a vision for the future. Lack of vision creates a lack of growth.
5. African youth, teens and young adults need education, to see
the value of  a struggle and overcome that struggle.
6. African youth, teens and young adults need families to be
willing to learn together and grow together.
7. African youth, teens and young adults need African writers
and intellectuals to use their skills to the villages to teach the
villages around them. Never forget, nor give up on those
still struggling to grow.
8. African youth, teens and young adults need to remember
the writers and intellectuals that created pathways for
learning. Ngugi wa Thiong’o, Chinua Achebe, Wole Soleyenka,
Chimamunda Adiche and those of the past.
9. African youth, teens and young adults need to remember
that in order to connect with the community you must learn
the language of the community and understand the history
of the community.
10. African youth, teens and young adults need to use their
influence to provide a voice to the voice-less. Creating
change in the community on a positive level.
11. African youth, teens and young adults need to remember
that colonization enforces a language of domination. This
must be overcome in order to move on and grow
12. African youth, teens and young adults need to use past,
present and potentially future knowledge to help break
the mental slavery that may still be present.
13. African youth, teens and young adults need to
understand the psychological processes of communication
and how to apply media to vocalize the needs of the people.
14. African youth, teens and young adults need to understand
that language is the way to memory. If people forget to use
language to share their history, they will lose their history.
15. African youth, teens and young adults need to understand
Social Media allows those who manage technology to control
the language. Once you control the language of a people you
also control the memory of a people.
16. African youth, teens and young adults need perceptions
that are very important and can guide thinking, speakers.
Like Panache Chigumadzi have a voice to help Africans to grow.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hemD116ipcg
17. African youth, teens and young adults need to work to
unleash African youth potential for positive and transformative
change. Speakers like Taleni Shimhopileni have a voice to
share with her generation and others.

William Jackson, Blogger
William Jackson, Blogger

The Future is Bright for African Children with STEAM and Web Development

The Future is Bright for African Children with STEAM and Web Development
William Jackson, M.Ed.

Uganda Bloggers
Uganda Bloggers

Developing and implementing STEAM Initiatives and Integrating
Web Development is the key to developing Africa’s future of
technology and digital innovation. As a teacher of 32 years and
sponsoring students and teachers to attend WordCamp conferences
I see the value of sponsoring youth, teens and young adults to be
involved in a growing technological field. The growth of technology
conferences and the integration of the diversity of STEAM being
made available for African youth, teens and young adults to be
involved in new areas of tech is important for growth economically,
educationally and even socially across the continent.

Professional educators in Africa are developing curriculum’s that are
fun, engaged, relevant to the needs of African children and inclusive
to the diverse needs of African children. Children of Africa need to
see representation that looks like them, allows for mentoring and
awareness in technology careers and as entrepreneurs. WordCamp
conferences like WordCamp Nairobi Kenya
https://2019.nairobi.wordcamp.org/ and WordCamp Harare are
opening new doors for growth https://2019.harare.wordcamp.org/

The implementation of STEAM, STEM, STREAM and CSTREAM
engagement allows for the building of critical and higher order thinking
that children have naturally, but not sure how to apply these  gifts.
African children like American children many times do not understand
how to apply and build on their brilliance.
Kids, youth, teens and young adults are looking to be included in the
opportunities that WordCamp conferences present and the combining
of other tech conferences  across the continent in Africa.

Conferences are happening globally and even active in Latin America,
Central  America and South America. The same passion can be applied
in Africa, The Americas and other places, African youth, teens and
young adults need an opportunity to grow.
They are preparing youth and teens to be the future leaders their
nations will need. Providing global collaborations and building
professional and personal networks.  These opportunities should
be inviting to youth and teens, bring diversity in learning
engagement, fun and teaching skills that are required in business,
commerce and global enterprises.

Bursting at the doors African youth, teens and young adults are
wanting to learn coding, programming, cyber-security and web
development. Kids want to learn how to be entrepreneurs and
business owners. One of the fastest growing business owners
are African youth, teens and young adults they are Africa’s
“The thirst for technology of young Africans” by Boubacar Diallo
shows how technology is changing lives and communication
technologies enable young entrepreneurs to create a better future.

African kids love technology just as kids from around the world
and what the potential is for new business ideas. The future of
tech is in the youth, teens and young adults that are learning in
schools that have programs where learning can gain high salary
careers, in order to “qualify” there needs to be the right
education and mentor-ships. African children are dreaming digitally
of careers so they can provide for their families and create social

African children must be able to engage in conferences where
their minds are broadened, their skills are improved and sharpened
and their fear of what is new is overcome. Conferences create an
environment of innovation, creativity and discovery. All that is
required is excitement, a love for learning
and creativity.

African children need to learn how to network, collaborate,
cooperate and work with the diversity the world has to offer.
Tech provides building a world of discovery and innovation, and
working together to accomplish goals and building future dreams
in careers, business and as entrepreneurs.
Children are learning about development, web design, coding,
java script, Podcasting, Vblogging, Microblogging and other
related skills. Kids will walk away from tech conferences
confident and empowered.

African Bloggers In Action
African Bloggers In Action

Building on being a thought leader, critical thinker and
innovative designer for business and community influencer.
African parents start this process by attending conferences
involving STEM and STEAM, the future is bright and
growing for African youth, teens and young adults.
If you’re interested in helping to sponsor youth, teens and
young adults to attend WordCamp conferences in Africa
and Central America contact me and lets collaborate
William Jackson, M.Ed. myquesttoteach@gmail.com

WordCampYYC Embracing Canadian Hospitality and Friendship WCYYC 2019-2020


WordCampYYC Embracing Canadian Hospitality and Friendship WCYYC 2019
William Jackson, M.Ed.

William and Aida in Calgary YYC

William and Aida in Calgary YYCThinking back to previous WC conferences I’m always happy to think
about traveling thousands of miles from home and being treated with
kindness, respect, friendship and professionalism. WordCamp
conferences are more than tech conferences they embrace and
respect the humanity of others.

The humanity of people comes out first and is shared in words, deeds
and actions. Visiting far away from home there should be remembrance
of how to behave and how to act. We are visitors and representing not
just ourselves, but we represent our communities, our homes and our
nation. We are emissaries and pilgrims when we travel internationally

William Jackson (My Quest To Teach) and Aida Correa
(LoveBuilt Life, LLC) were speakers at the WordCamp conference
WordCampYYC in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 2018 and 2019. We
even volunteered and assisted with the KidsCamp…
The conference, well respected and well attended event by over
300 people from the United States and provinces across Canada.
The spirit of the event contained a respect and admiration for each
of our abilities to share knowledge and experiences.

Aida at YYC
Aida at YYC

The two day conference has speakers from many providence’s
of Canada, the United States and attendees represented the
growing diversity of Canada. The invitation to speak at WordCamp
is provided to content creators of diversity in knowledge, gender,
culture and generation. Where knowledge is respected and shared.
The power of “applied knowledge” helps to build businesses,
creating opportunities to build a PLN – Professional Learning Network
and PLC – Professional Learning Communities.

The chosen speakers are respected in their fields of influence, study
and knowledge. They range from traditional Bloggers to Micro-bloggers,
Podcasters, Video-bloggers, Digital Influencers and business owners.
There are SEO experts, Coding, Programming and Digital Media
experts. New voice technologies are growing and experts like Chip
and Pam Edwards of Create My Voice –
#CreateMyVoice – https://createmyvoice.com are sharing new digital
voice platforms that allow for engagement and interactions. There
is always room to learn from others and WC conferences are the
places to connect, collaborate and create.

Women's Panel
Women’s Panel

The attendance of women has grown tremendously and the
engagement of women as speakers has grown across the board
for WordCamp conferences locally, nationally and internationally.
In addition, people of color have grown in attendance and speaking,
even the indigenous people are seeing the benefits of attending and
learning. The KidsCamp opens new doors for potential careers for
the youth, teens and young adults that attend and are either veterans
or newbies.

As an African American male in his 50’s there are opportunities to
share my experiences, wisdom, exposure and even generational
experiences. The humanistic elements are important for people to
understand that technology is as only influential as the people that
create content and post it on platforms that invite engagement
and interaction.

The uniqueness of a WordCamp is everyone that has knowledge
is welcomed, no matter the years of experience everyone has
something to contribute and provide. Everyone has something
to share that builds knowledge, collaboration and engagement.
There is a mentality of “each one teach one” and “train the
trainer” collaborations.

What has helped Aida and I is being involved in STEAM instruction
and teaching in the community. What we have learned at
WordCamp we can apply in education curriculum’s and community
education workshops and community conferences. Youth, teens and
young adults need to know they are welcomed, needed and supported.
Especially children of color and culture where representation matters.
When children of color and culture see men and women of color
they are inspired to grow.

Aida Speaking in YYC
Aida Speaking in YYC

Aida, also an educator, Artist, Web Developer and involved
in the community offers a unique perspective of technology
and the Arts. There are many that attend WordCamp
conferences that are Artists and seeking to find how they
can apply their crafts, gifts and talents to the open source
community. Her business of Artistic workshops for all ages
shows the influence and importance of the engagement
of The Arts in business, technology and STEAM.
Even attending WCUS there are artist like Jenni….

The opportunities to grow into a thought leader, digital
innovator and influencer are available on multiple scales.

Having traveled internationally it offers an opportunity
to experience the diversity of life and experiences to
share with others. The world is a dynamic and exciting
place. Inclusion, cultural awareness, generational respect
and gender appreciation are important. Speaking in Canada
is a rewarding experience to be remembered a life time.

International experiences broaden the perspectives
of collaboration, inclusiveness and cooperation. Aida and
I represent the beauty of diversity. Aida is an Afro-Latina
of Puerto Rican heritage and I’m African American of Native
American and African heritage. Embracing the beauty of
who we are and where we came from. Sharing that people
of diversity have much to offer and are influential agents
of change.

The people of Canada are welcoming, friendly, respectful
and show awesome hospitality and humanity. Each year
their WC is a wonderful conference that extends to friendship
and deeper fellowship.

Hospitality at YYC
Hospitality at YYC

WordCampYYC shows the spirit of friendship, peace, fellowship
and humanity. 2018 and 2019 are previews to great things to
come for WCYYC and all of Canada. 2020 and beyond looks
to be a growing empowerment for all WC conferences and
KidsCamp conferences throughout Canada
WordCampYYC – https://www.facebook.com/wordcampyyc

Christine Aida William
Christine Aida William


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