Welcome to the XSTREAM TEAM – Speakers and Teachers


Welcome to the XSTREAM TEAM – Speakers and Teachers
William and Aida Jackson of My Quest to Teach and
Love Built Life, LLC, respectively.
We welcome you to our site to share the love of
STEM, STEAM and STREAM locally, nationally and

We provide workshops to teach STREAM through
Blogging, Vblogging,  Podding (Podcasting), Design
& Modeling workshops. Integrating The Arts we
provide hands-on workshops that are in-person
or virtually that challenge youth, teens and young
adults to be creative thinkers, innovative designers
and thought leaders for the future.

If you are interested in a workshop, need a speaker
or a guide please reach out to us.

Upcoming Events – Global Youth Conference
One Africa Forum
One Africa Forum
Topic: OPTIMUM – Transforming Africa
through effective sectors’ collaboration
Date: Aug 20 and 21, 2021
Time: 12:00 PM Johannesburg
One Africa Forum: Global Youth Virtual
Speaker: William Jackson, M.Ed.
and others….

One Africa Forum is:
“Organized bodies and individuals with the vested interest in Africa’s
unity, development and absolute independence anchored on dignity,
peace and freedom.”
Web site:  https://oneafricaforum.com


Speaking on @Clubhouse in the room by
Educ8World – https://educ8.world/
William @myquesttoteach
Aida @lovebuiltlife
Connect with us on Clubhouse:
June 2021
Connection: A Lingua-Cultura Experience
Aida and I proud to be speaking at this
wonderful global event on Clubhouse.
This was a global education conference
on language, language development.
Thursday, June 24 to Saturday, June 26, 2021

July 2021
STEAM Camp a Global Conversation

JULY 16 & 17, 2021 | ONLINE @ CLUBHOUSE
How STEAM education is influencing the world
and how educators, business leaders can use
STEAM to better the world.

Redefining Arts Education
July 30th to August 1st
The purpose of this conference is to provide a
24/7 international platform through which to talk
about advancements in Arts education and how
we can collectively support this part of our
communities more holistically.


If you have a conference, need a workshop or guiding a
conversation contact us to provide a good fit. If you
need speakers of STEM, STEAM and STREAM we are
seasoned and experienced speakers.
Listen to our WordCamp presentations locally,
nationally and globally.
Wordpress TV
William – https://wordpress.tv/?s=william+jackson
Aida – https://wordpress.tv/?s=aida+correa

Our Social Sites:

William https://twitter.com/wmjackson
Aida https://twitter.com/LoveBuiltLife
William https://instagram.com/myquesttoteach
Aida  https://instagram.com/lovebuiltlife


@lovebuiltlife – Aida
@myquesttoteach – William

Our signature event is:
“Are You Smarter Than An Eight Grader”
An assortment of life changing questions
related to STEM, STREAM, STEAM and other
relevant information that may be found
on scholarship applications, internship
applications and even college applications.
We have used this while teaching in Canada,
Costa Rica and across the United States.

In 2021 we have been blessed to work with
WordCamp Central America with their first
ever KidsCamp conference using
STREAM Educational concepts.

Contact us if you would like to provide this
for your youth, teen and young adult groups
virtually  myquesttoteach@gmail.com

We hope you enjoy our photos below from
events over the past 2 years.

ONE JAX with Metro-town in a day, diversity training with high school students.
ONE JAX with Metro-town in a day, diversity training with high school students.
2019 WordCamp Y'All in Montgomery, Alabama
2019 WordCamp Y’All in Montgomery, Alabama
KidsCamp 2019 in Costa Rica with WordCampCR
KidsCamp 2019 in Costa Rica with WordCampCR
Enjoying the beach on the western side of Costa Rica 2019
Enjoying the beach on the western side of Costa Rica 2019
WordCamp Philly 2019 Panel Discussion
WordCamp Philly 2019 Panel Discussion
WordCamp Philly 2019 Aida Correa providing closing remarks
WordCamp Philly 2019 Aida Correa providing closing remarks
ONE JAX with Metro-town in a day diversity training 2019
ONE JAX with Metro-town in a day diversity training 2019
Educational Technology, Social Media and STEAM class at Edward Waters College
Educational Technology, Social Media and STEAM class at Edward Waters College
WordCamp Philadelphia 2016 Josh, Prof. Jackson and Jon our first WordCamp Philly
WordCamp Philadelphia 2016 Josh, Prof. Jackson, and Jon our first WordCamp Philly
Combining the Arts and Technology at The Microsoft Store 2019
Combining the Arts and Technology at The Microsoft Store 2019
STREAM in use at WordCamp Jacksonville 2019
STREAM in use at WordCamp Jacksonville 2019
STREAM in use at WordCamp Jacksonville 2019
STREAM in use at WordCamp Jacksonville 2019
STREAM in use with building blocks at WordCamp Jacksonville 2019
STREAM in use with building blocks at WordCamp Jacksonville 2019
WordCampCR in Costa Rica 2019 KidsCamp
WordCampCR in Costa Rica 2019 KidsCamp
2019 WordCamp Orlando, Florida
2019 WordCamp Orlando, Florida


Advancements in Audio Technology Will Influence Ministries

Advancements in Audio Technology Will Influence Ministries
William Jackson, M.Ed.
Podcast “My Quest To Teach – Digital Ministry”

William Jackson, M.Ed.
William Jackson, M.Ed.

As voice technologies expand into the mainstream of technology
integration, podcasting is making a serious run for increased
dominance in the voice technology aspect of broadcasting content.
Many CofC ministries rely on multiple levels of tech to broadcast
their content, daily devotionals, prayer requests, calendar updates
and streaming services are par for the course.
The use of audio opens doors for Church of Christ ministries to
expand to potentially 24hour, 7 day a week broadcasts with broadcasts
being recorded and scheduled for broadcasting anytime during the
day or the night. Members that want to listen to, engage with, debate on
and share scripture on platforms that support voice technologies
will have the freedom to do so.

Digital Jobs Globally
Digital Jobs Globally

There are backrooms, blue rooms, private and public rooms being
developed so people of all ages, genders, generations, cultures
and colors can speak about any topic or subject matter.
Voice technologies have so many rooms that people are literally
“talking” about anything. The areas range from how to integrate
tech into education, building a Brand for a business, Marketing
Strategies, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), building relationships,
marriage and ministry, raising children and other areas of human
Aida Correa-Jackson a member of San Jose Church of Christ and
small business owner (LoveBuilt Life, LLC) has been the moderator
of several online conferences that spanned globally. Her passion is
The Arts and how important Arts education is on a global platform
and the building of creatives and innovators that span into business,
entrepreneurialism and education.

Voice engagement is the next tech and using audio, audio is hot and
getting hotter to help people connect and it will move into ministry.
The drive to have audio discussions is growing because people
can have space to share their ideas and opinions. My Podcast
“My Quest to Teach – Digital Evangelism” is hosted on several
platforms, has built a following on a global scale.
The challenge will be that hundreds in a room cannot talk at one time,
moderators will manage the rooms where people can share
their faith and their opinions.
Moving speakers from the audience that provide expert opinions,
experiences, and backgrounds of success and growth. It is similar
to free professional development on a global scale for education and
applied to ministry.
The flexibility of speaking and audience participating and being a
moderator are clear indications of the roles people are in. Churches
of Christ ministries are realizing that their members are online and
are engaged in audio apps so must make adjustments.

My Quest To Teach
My Quest To Teach

The creators of social media platforms using audio is consumed while
people are doing other things around them. Driving, working out, taking
care of children, doing household chores, etc.
Church of Christ ministries can see this as a chance to increase their
content development to meet the needs of individuals, and family
members. Fathers can listen to content directly related to their interests
in ministry, mothers can focus on what projects the church will be involved
in. Youth, teens, and young adults will have their content personalized
to their needs.
The changes will allow those in ministry to increase their content
across racial, gender, generational and socio-economic lines.
Audio content can be developed easily and with less effort in formatting,
configuring and editing, it is faster than video.
Platforms like Clubhouse, Facebook and others make significant
changes in the engagement of people in education, business, sciences,
technology, ministry, economics and so many other areas.
What is to come from this only time will tell, people are quick to get
used to one type of technology and then when something else comes
along they jump on board.

Churches of Christ ministries must remain true to their mission of
reaching the lost no matter who or whom it is even with tech.  
As I have said in previous blogs and on my podcast, Church of Christ
ministries need to be careful what platform or tool they are using. Not
every platform or tool is beneficial to sharing scriptures and our faith
as followers of Christ.
As members of the Body of Christ we are in this world but we should
not allow everything of this world affect us and pull us into participating
in new tech and social platforms that take us away from Christ. We can
use tech to bring us and others closer to Christ and sharing our faith.
Resources like the Christian Chronicle are important because of the
access they provide in print and on social media https://christianchronicle.org/
on Twitter https://www.twitter.com/CofCnews

This may be a challenge for Church of Christ ministries because
preaching salvation can be a tricky thing when online. The more
effective methods are combining tech tools and ministry with a voice of
love, acceptance of differences and access when the listener is ready.
Ministers, preachers, evangelists and leaders are looking at the
podcasting industry seeing it’s ability to connect and unite.
Churches need to be careful about making plans to integrate tech,
considering Church of Christ ministries are to build the Body of
Christ not to be popular. We have a mission of saving souls and
keeping souls saved not to be the top church with views, comments
and viral videos.
We are ambassadors of Christ sent to evangelize we aspire to
save souls through the study of scripture and baptism.
There should not be a misunderstanding for our mission to evangelize,
minister and make disciples of men to share the death, burial and
resurrection of Christ to save souls and keep souls saved.
William and Aida Jackson are members of the San Jose Church of
Christ in Jacksonville, Florida.

Lead minister Joel Singleton
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SJCCJaxFL/
Web https://sjcc.us/
William is the Digital Evangelist for Let The Bible Speak TV
Podcast creator of My Quest To Teach – Digital Evangelism

Wordfest Live 2021 was an Awesome Global Event

Wordfest Live 2021 was an Awesome Global Event
William Jackson, M.Ed. #MyQuestToTeach
Aida Correa-Jackson #LoveBuiltLife

Aida and I were so honored and proud to contribute our
journey with the WordPress community and platform that
manages over 40% of web sites globally. We share our
love of this community locally, nationally and even
globally as business owners, educators, entrepreneurs,
and in our own networks.

We “The XSTREAM TEAM” Aida and William Jackson,
enjoy our presence in advocating for WordPress and
WordCamp conferences that we volunteer, speak, teach
and organize. The ability to teach youth, teens and
young adults in Kidscamps builds a foundation for
the future of WordCamp and continued participation
to the WordPress community.
The XSTREAM TEAM – https://williamdjackson.edublogs.org/

“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the
kids working together and motivating them, the teacher
is most important.” – Bill Gates

The session:
“Creating, Developing and Implementing a Virtual
Meetup for Kids with WordPress”
The link:

Even during the pandemic several WordCamps have
included youth. WordCamp Central America was a
great example of a multi-nation KidsCamp that
Aida and I participated in. Making history on
a global scale using technologies that are on
point to educate, engage, inspire and to be
contributors to Central American region. Helping
to build CA as influencers across all nations
of CA. In no other business can we as a WordPress
community have such positive influence and work
with such creative and innovative people.

Wordfest Live 2021 has phenomenal speakers that
influence the fabric of WordPress as a global
platform of inspiration not just in web development,
but across the board of digital technologies.
Speakers such as these that are listed to be
speaking are respected and listened to, the listing
below shows the multiple skill levels, influences,
inclusivity and diversity that spans globally.

Wordfest Live 2021 has set a high standard and
higher level of creators of knowledge, influencers
and skill developers. Thanks to the Organizers of
Wordfest Live 2021 for selecting Aida and I to speak
about our journey’s as advocates of STEAM and volunteers
in teaching in KIDSCAMPS, locally here in Jacksonville,
nationally and even globally. The experiences to
travel locally, nationally and globally are phenomenal
and life changing. Teaching youth, teens and even young
adults to power and fun of WordPress allow us to
excite youth about technologies they may never have
heard of, nor been exposed to.

The key to success is the ability of people of diverse
backgrounds to work together in something that is bigger
than themselves, helping younger generations to take the
lead in a community that is always changing and adapting
as technology changes and adapts.

The list of speakers is wonderful as listed below:

They’re more that are influencers, creators
and innovators that inspire, encourage and
educate people. They’re business owners,
entrepreneurs, artists, educators, designers
and developers. Each person represents their
cultural background, gender, generation and
share their voices in a dynamic community that
has influences globally. Teaching youth how to use WordPress
and integrate it with STEAM creates a foundation for
youth to be future business owners, entrepreneurs,
business leaders, digital innovators and empowering
cultural creators of diversity and dreams.

The beautiful purpose of this event can
be seen on the About page stating,
“Enabling a 24-hour global celebration of
WordPress, bringing our community together
in a safe environment, whilst facilitating
freedom of movement within a virtual event.”

Continue to support each opportunity to
expand the conversations, the engagements
and the influence of diverse voices to
improve our world. In conclusion I leave these
“We need technology in every classroom and in
every student and teacher’s hand, because it is
the pen and paper of our time, and it is the
lens through which we experience much of our
world.” – David Warlick

Looking forward to more events like this.

WordFest Live 2021 – Sharing Globally the Love of Learning and Content Creation

WordFest Live 2021 – Sharing Globally the Love of Learning and Content Creation

William Jackson, M.Ed. My Quest To Teach
Aida Correa, Artist, Author, LoveBuilt Life, LLC

What is WordFest – Word – The WordPress bit Fest – The Festival bit.
It’s a Festival of WordPress. a 24-hour event, covering the globe and
providing an international flavor of engagement, content sharing,
knowledge creativity and digital innovation. Aida and I are proud to
be a part of this historic virtual event and encourage couples to
share with each other how dynamic and relationship building the
community can be.

As husband and wife we try to share through our words, deeds and actions
that couples can build on their love of technology even if it is in
different areas to bring something connecting to a relationship.
Being able to share individual talents, skills and abilities that put
fire and excitement into a relationship that encourages communication,
content sharing, unique talents to be admired and respected. Even couples
must be reminded that having different perspectives can benefit a
relationship to show another side of a spouse, friend, lover,
partner or even business partner in a relationship.

WordFest Live 2021
WordFest Live 2021

The Main Stage of WordFest 2021 will deliver one session every hour,
for the full 24-hour event. Stages 2 and 3, will feature at least two
sessions per region and other options to watch and engage in will
be provided. The organizers provided a platform that allowed the
diversity of speakers to attract the diversity of learners.

WordFest Live 2021
A unique opportunity to engage on a global platform that empowers
content creators from around the world. Starting the journey of Wordfest
Live 2021: We start in Australia where Aida and I shared our presentation,
“Creating, Developing and Implementing a Virtual Meetup for Kids with
then onto Asia, next up it’s Africa.

WordFest Logo
WordFest Logo

Then to Europe where across Europe we jump over to South America, then
finally to North America. The journey is filled with fascinating and
inspiring content that represents the diversity of the WordPress
community. WordFest Live 2021 wanted to hear from individuals if they
have unique skill-sets that might be fun to bring to the virtual stage.
Uniqueness, being authentic, creative in ideas and innovative in sharing
those ideas in the WordPress community, helps shape the first-ever
WordFest Live.

The types of talks represented provided a foundation for speakers to
work from and share their thoughts and talents.
* Standard Talk – the most common style of session you may be
used to at a conference, both in-person and virtually. An individual
or multiple people, present a talk on a subject matter they are
knowledgeable on. Slides, video and audio can be used to support
the session.
* Panel Discussion – this session features a moderator and
multiple panel members. The moderator will have a list of
discussion topics, for the panel members to discuss and debate.
* Workshop Style – a practical session in which an individual
or multiple people will have developed pre-prepared learning
material for the attendees to participate within.
This learning material can take the form of many different styles
and in a virtual environment, video tutorials may be a suitable
* Fireside Chat – similar to a Panel Discussion, however, this
usually features a lower number of participants.
More of a conversational session.
* Other – this one is totally up to you!
WordFest is also a Festival. So we’re looking for unique and
unusual ways in which we can bring about the festival experience
in a virtual format.

This historic event is unique that embraces imagination, inspires
creativity and promises digital innovation and connects that are
global. The world may be facing many challenges, but what is not
halted are the digital talents and gifts of digital innovation
and collaboration.

A little history lesson about WordFest, on January 22, 2021, Big
Orange Heart delivered the first-ever WordFest Live. There were
almost 2,500 attendees registered, the event surpassed all
expectations for success. Now it is another WordFest Live 2021
in July that brings even more energy and more creativity.

Want to learn more about your involvement watch the promotional
video to get started. https://youtu.be/dqxaMYNtvkU?t=1

Take a look at the web site to learn more that was not posted
in this writing https://www.wordfest.live/ 

In conclusion check out our presentation that is posted
here in video.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jO0Osjijttw&t=1s

Professional Learning on Clubhouse Is Changing the Vision of PD for Educators

Professional Learning on Clubhouse Is Changing the Vision of PD for Educators
William Jackson, M.Ed. STEAM Educator on Clubhouse @myquesttoteach
Aida Correa-Jackson STEAM Educator, Artist, Professor on Clubhouse @lovebuiltlife

The newest and one of the most engaging social media apps is supercharging
professional development. Teachers are not sitting in mass in classrooms or
conferences rooms they are comfortably at home, on the road with their families, alone enjoying a coffee/tea and snacks or other relaxing activities while engaged in
Clubhouse in rooms like Educ8 World https://educ9.world

Clubhouse has opened new opportunties to learn, connect and collaborate on
an audio platform that educators have access to high caliber people globally to
connect and learn from. Educators now have a global reach in professional
development and learning that is being transformed because of the diverse
access to resources. This learning is free and from educational peers globally.

The face or the sound of professional development is changing with the use
of audio platforms where educators and administrators can speak real time
with educational peers/professionals literally anywhere in the world. The
village has expanded to an audio app and truly global. Listening to the audio
app that educators are collaborating with and using that knowledge to
help students grow around the world by teachers listening in and participating.

My wife, Aida who is an Arts educator and STEAM advocate and I, teaching
STEAM learning in public education are speaking with professionals that
we can network with to grow our knowledge. We have access to resources
to speak to youth, teens and young adults to inspire new careers in Space
and the growing commercialization of the Space industry. There are growing
opportunties here in cities like Jacksonville with Jax Aviation Authority and its
connection to commercializing Space.

There is an authentic and unique relationship to this opportunity that has never existed. Other online digital spaces; Flipgrid, Facebook Live, Twitter Chats,  and private chats on different platforms have tried to accomplish this level of engagement but have not come close. Aida and I because of our direct
involvement in several rooms about STEAM Education, The Arts in Education,
the Culture of Diverse Languages and their value and importance. Learning on
Clubhouse we have spoken at several online conferences that ranged from 500 to several thousand globally. These opportunties helps to broaden our ability to collaborate online with organizations that support STEM and STEAM learning along with social engagements and social activism.

Our participation in the WordCamp web development community and Educ8 World enables us to share to a broader audience the relationship between STEAM and Web Development, The Arts and Language. Nothing to date has provided the same level of open authentic communication and collaboration with others as being active and engaged on Clubhouse.

Clubhouse offers new opportunities to truly share, listen, speak, discuss,
share the voices of a professional educator and to be heard beyond just their
local areas. The opportunity to make transformative connections and develop
real relationships with people that are respected, that is very exhilarating
professionally and everyday teachers that are successful.

Globally Clubhouse has grown from 600,000 in December 2020 to 10
million in February 2021
 and continues to grow in influence. When my wife
Aida introduced it to me in 2020 I was skeptical, but after attending
several rooms I was completely hooked. I was able to speak to professional
educators from around the world in the areas that I am passionate about in
helping youth, teens and young adults to grow in their skills, talents and
abilities outside of the classroom.

Empowering students with information from professionals is one of the best
ways to change the future of our young people because teachers have access
to real people doing real work in business, technology, science, research and
development. Educators can connect with people that have a vested interest in making sure all students are successful and even understand the struggles of urban youth, students that are struggling with learning challenges and even
dealing with social issues. Cross cultural education is positive to student growth and social challenges that teachers are dealing with personally and professionally.

“Clubhouse allows educators to connect with fellow educators and
share best practices and to discuss the bigger ideas around education
to allow them to reflect on their practice to improve student outcomes
and also challenge their own views on education. It also allows them
to hear voices that they may not have access to normally.”
Doctor Michael Harvey, @doctor_harves

Professional literature like Global Trends in Professional Learning and Development
have stated the changes in professional development, that the trends were
changing and adapting with the increased use of mobile technologies. ‘Open, design led and immersive’ where ideas and resources are exchanged in unregulated online environments. Clubhouse is doing this on a national and international and multilingual scale and the results are transforming education in the classroom.

Educational experts that are respected like David Price, “Open: How We’ll Work, Live
and Learn In The Future
,”  have stated that the changes of information and the barriers to teacher learning are falling away. “Because information flows faster and more freely than ever, and because we are better connected than ever,
the barriers to learning are being dismantled. We share what we learn
instantly and, generally, without restrictions. How we learn, and whom
we learn from, has been transformed. Our reliance upon anointed
experts and authority figures has diminished, while our capacity to
learn from each other has spiraled.”

Teaching over 30 years in pubic and higher education, the access to educational peers and resources helps to keep my knowledge and skill-sets fresh and relevant.
This means that I can share real-time information with my students that is
relevant and empowering, not shared from a book that may be years behind
educational models that do not address the needs of my diverse student
audiences. Enjoying applying the learning on this unique professional
development platform that directly connects me to educational peers.
Aida Correa-Jackson a professor with LenoirRhyne University teaching in
the field of inclusivity, her passion to share how inclusion and diversity can
benefit organizations and corporations if applied correctly and technology is
used strategically.

Digital Jobs Globally

Digital Jobs Globally
Our educational peers can follow us on Clubhouse @myquesttoteach
and on Twitter @myquesttoteach those that are artists/educators can
follow Aida @lovebuiltlife on Twitter and Clubhouse and join the
discussions on @Educ8World https://educ8.world as conferences are announced.