Sharing Knowledge and Experiences with AnnieRuth Foundation

Sharing Knowledge and Experiences with AnnieRuth Foundation
Annie Ruth Foundation
Dee Wilcox, Executive Director
AnnieRuth Foundation
Sowing seeds, strengthening communities
William Jackson and Aida Correa-Jackson
Speaking at the AnnieRuth Foundations Business Seminar:
May 2021

Sharing words of encouragement to the students of
AnnieRuth Foundations Business Seminar: May 2021

Thanks to Dee Wilcox and the Board of AnnieRuth
Foundation for allowing me to speak to their
students during their business seminar.

The “alphabet” of success that leads to global influence and
exposure across digital tools and platforms. Sharing nuggets
of knowledge and dropping gems from 32 years of teaching,
speaking, mentoring, project development and collaborations.

William Jackson, M.Ed. Graduate of South Carolina State University
William Jackson, M.Ed. Graduate of South Carolina State University

These are shared with the young adults that will be our
future leaders, innovators, thought leaders and influencers
of the world.
A. Aspire to be part of something bigger than you are.
B. Be Bold in what you do. Be on time or early for meetings.
Do not subscribe to CPT (Colored People Time) when attending
events and activities.
C. Always be caring to people.
Don’t look at a persons skin color, eye color, eye shape,
hairstyle, or socio-economic status. We all have a story to
tell. Caring builds the world up, hating tears it down.
D. Don’t give into being “dared” to do anything. If there
are somethings you will not do, don’t let other entice or
threaten you to do things that can hurt your reputation,
psychology, emotional status and future life circumstances.
E. Be energetic even when you do not want to or feel like it.
You never know who could be watching you and have a blessing
for you based on your attitude and behavior.
F. Find a good network to be part of to learn from experts.
If you want to be a doctor, network with doctors. If you want
to be an attorney, network with attorneys, if you want to be
an educator, network with educators.
G. Get up and go! Be on time even when you do not feel like it.
There may be opportunties waiting for you that you could not do
on your own.
H. Say Hi to people, smile and when possible shake hands. The
world will remember your kindness and even when you mess up
they will remember the goodness in you and forgive you faster.
I. Be joyful. If your joyful and your spirit is joyful it will
take you further in your life. Small acts of kindness last a
long way….
J. Keep it real in relationships, and be authentically you.
Don’t play mind or emotional games, people will carry that
hurt with them to the grave.
K. Love life and living even when it hurts.
You have one life to live, love life during the hurt times and
the happy times.
L. Mentor others, share your knowledge, passion and purpose
with others. You may be planting a seed for the next Nobel
Peace Prize winner or talented author, doctor, President, etc.
M. Never give up on your dreams. People will try to make you
feel bad about your dreams, your hopes and your desires. Your
family may want you to stop dreaming, but never do that.
N. Opportunties come in challenging times. Look at things as
an out of the box thinker.
O. Praise God Every Day !!!!
P. Quit complaining, use challenges to help you blossom and
grow. Diamonds and precious gems only get better under pressure.
Q. Raise the bar to success for yourself and you raise your
vision for success. As you climb remember to try and bless
others on the way.
R. Success is not always money; your success can be your
life style, your family, achieving your goals and dreams.
S. You do not have to tell everyone your dreams, sometimes
it is better to keep your mouth shut.
T. Technology does not build relationship, spending time,
sharing conversations, breaking bread and even worshipping
together builds strong and lasting relationships.
U. Understand your great potential for success even if
you fail at first keep pushing forward. Learn from your
mistakes, dust yourself off and move forward and even if
you fail “fall forward” Denzel Washington.
Fall Forward
V. Visit libraries, museums and other cultural places to learn
about yours and other culture. The media will not share the
truth about your race, your color, your gender, your generation.
You should be a global learner and share your voice.
W. Your will is powerful, your words have power, your spirit in
you is unstoppable.
X. What do you bring to the table, if there seems to be no
room at the table bring your own chair and be willing to learn
in the process of making your place at the table.
Y. Your faith will take you farther than your personal strength.
Never rely just on you, your faith will carry you through the
hard times, it will lift you over the dangerous times and have
you appreciate the peaceful times.
Z. Do you have the guts to fail, do you have to nerve to push
forward even if you do not see the road. Even if you travel
alone have the faith to go and grow where no one else has

Project Amazon Job Fair in Jacksonville, Florida

Project Amazon Job Fair in Jacksonville, Florida

Jerry Box
Subject: Project Amazon Team Tuesdays is back

Project Amazon Team Tuesdays is back! Please see attached flyer.
You may register in advance by clicking links below.

May 18th at 4:30pm

May 25th at 11:30 am 

Business Perspectives on Social Media and Integrating SoLoMoCo

Business Perspectives on Social Media and Integrating SoLoMoCo
William Jackson, M.Ed

Community Brings People Together
Community Brings People Together

A dynamic and engaged opportunity to understand Branding
and finding your Niche as a content developer; the foundation
of understanding the value of digital content in relation to
sharing your voice and developing influential and transformative

Applying the So-Lo-Mo-Co Concepts
So-social Lo-local Mo-mobile Co-community uses of Social Media
platforms and tools to share content and collaborate on dynamic
and engaged projects with like minded innovators in various
areas of technology is a must during these pandemic years and
even afterwards.

The pandemic has shown that partnering, collaborating, cooperating
and mentoring are more effective than just competing. Competition
is just a small piece of the capitalistic puzzle, but what of
building relationships and reaching for a broader and more diverse
audience is key for business survival.

Business owners should be engaged with their communities
using digital platforms that are not just used for profits,
but to apply digital tools to build relationships and influence
the thinking of building of communities. Engagement is key
to change the perspectives and perceptions of the community.
To empower the community to see what changes need to
be made and providing the resources to create necessary
social, economic, political and educational improvements so
everyone can benefit.

Integrated into the SoLoMoCo initiative is wireless communication
and scalable infrastructures to support growth in community size and
the use of diverse digital tools. Important to build connections that
open collaborations and create connections for social, educational
and economic activism.

Building a Brand and creating a Niche for business minded
youth, teens and young adults. Communities are only as stable
and strong as the generations coming up. The community
only grows with the talents, skills, abilities and dreams of
youth, teens and young adults that live in the neighborhoods
in that community. The community needs to see they are
part of the bigger picture of community development,
community vitalization, community investment, community
re-investment and community respect.

The pandemic has shown a need for more community
workshops that are important because they will show
that people have a vision for their communities. The investment
and re-investments are there for all to use and apply, not just a
select few that have the ears of political leaders and only see
what they want and not the need of the community.

Malcolm X stated,
“We are not fighting for integration, nor are we fighting for
separation. We are fighting for recognition as human beings…
In fact, we are actually fighting for rights that are even greater
than civil rights and that is human rights.”
Malcolm X (Black Revolution)

The rights to influence the community on a path of
growth, prosperity, productivity, inclusion in the economic
and political processes of the city, state and federal government.
People need to learn to be influencers so they can increase
the opportunties in their communities and bring about a
mental change of elevation and stability in growth economically,
educationally and even environmentally.

The tech careers of content creation of the 21st and 22nd century are
here, kids need exposure and opportunities that grow them into what
their dreams are, what their wishes are and how they can contribute
to society in good ways, to allow youth, teens and young adults to
create and have businesses so they can get into “good trouble” building
digital platforms, tools and Apps that empower, encourage and inspire.

If children only see one side of the story in using technology they
will only stay on that one side. If children only see one side they
will stay there and not know they have more in them to contribute
to build and grow.

Applying So – Social awareness to change in the community
using digital technologies can reach people and make those
connections into collaborations of change.
Lo – Local engagement is important because of the influences
of sponsoring, promoting and gaining the attention of the
Mo – Mobile technologies that are growing and adapting for
people of color and culture. To continue to build digital
infrastructures that encourage young minds to enter into
STEAM careers and grow beyond their current situations.
Co – Communities need to see people that are successful,
growing, educated, employed and engaged in learning and
economic growth. The vision is important to inspire the
mind body and soul.

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2021 HBCU Students Manage Your Digital Content Part 2

2021 HBCU Students Manage Your Digital Content Part 2
William Jackson My Quest To Teach
Twitter @wmjackson
Clubhouse @myquesttoteach
Instagram @williamdjackson
Graduate of South Carolina State University
Past HBCU Professor Edward Waters College 2004-2017
Current Professor of Digital Media and Social Media
Florida State College of Jacksonville

William Jackson, M.Ed. Graduate of South Carolina State University
William Jackson, M.Ed. Graduate of South Carolina State University

The changes of technology are demanding HBCU schools
to reinvest in how they teach their technology and education
students to meet real world learning environments. Too many
times students have been seen lacking in basic skills and
knowledge to compete in the world that embraces digital
media, social media innovation, Podcasting, Micro-blogging,
traditional Bloggers that have the literary skills to be
taken seriously and that the Arts needs to be integrated
into the digital environments of the academic curriculums.

Video-blogging and the level of content creation must be
elevated so HBCU students do not seem out of place or our
of their league. Changes do not just affect education where
too many think that tech has profound influence. Gaming,
Gamification, Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
are future now elements that HBCU students need to understand
their place in learning and thought leadership.

Many times you hear the roar of ovation and joy when HBCU
students are involved in gaming competitions, but rarely do
you hear this same thunderous excitement when academic
levels are achieved. There still needs to be the same
enthusiasm you hear at gaming and sports events shared at
celebrating our HBCU Geeks, Nerd, Blerd and Innovators.

William a grad of South Carolina State University
William a grad of South Carolina State University

Teaching at Edward Waters College from 2004 to 2017, it
has been found that students entering into their first years,
lacked the skills, knowledge and even creativity to participate
in digital media on a consistent and confident level. Providing
them project based learning means in the beginning holding
their hands (figuratively) until they are comfortable with the
concepts and principles and even disciplines that come with
STEAM learning.

Addressing the elements of individual and group learning
should be part of the project development process, because
what needs to be taught early is the respect for everyone’s
thinking that should be unique, authentic and out of the box.
Teaching students blogging on WordPress, teaching lessons
from digital sites like, participating in, watching,
analyzing and engaging in TEDTALK events with TEDxFSCJ
with recommending students to speak where

William Jackson teaching students at EWC
William Jackson teaching students at EWC

1 EWC student and 1 Duval County Public School Middle School
student participated making history.  Their (Jon – EWC student,
Elisha – DCPS student) participation and contribution changed
the views of both educational institutions from being less than
able to participate at these levels to representing both in a world
class level of cognitive development and thought leadership.

Unfortunately no other students wanted to follow or participate.
Events like these helped build EWC students into leadership
roles as its first teacher in the NASA Teacher Recertification
Program at Edward Waters College (William Jackson) where
teachers from Duval County Public School participated in a
summer training program and even a weekend program
preparing teachers for the growing digital use of technology
to teach rising digital natives of Jacksonville.

The NASA programs was used to prepare urban teachers
how to teach with technology to students that lack technical
skills and use both low level and high level technical tools.
Using technology to meet the needs of the students, not the
students meeting the needs of the technology.

Strategies to help build digital knowledge leaders for HBCU
students. That I developed teaching at the historic EWC.
Creative digital innovation and thought leadership are important
tools to make sure HBCU students are prepared for the
educational, business and digital environments of the future.

Digital Jobs Globally
Digital Jobs Globally

Strategies to Apply
1. Post content often when blogging to show you are consistent
in creating content and building your readers. Quality is better
than quantity. Try your best to plan when and where you are
posting. Use multiple platforms and be sure to check your SEO
and Accessibility levels of engagement.

2. Link freely from your site to others and let them know
you are doing so. Collaboration can build partnerships and
increase engagement.

3. Verify content with some research that builds credibility.
Don’t rely on just your knowledge read what others are
doing and where they are going. Connect with groups that
are focused on your passions as an HBCU student to build
your PLN: Professional Learning Network to find out where
the careers are early. Where you will be welcomed and nurtured.

4. Don’t criticize harshly, use your content to build, empower,
encourage and educate. It is so easy to criticize things when they
are not working right, but it takes vision and empathy to try to
help others on the path to success and seeing what they are
doing is bigger than both them and you.

5. Take the time to volunteer in your community and share
your knowledge. Allow the community to see the face of the
content creator. If there are to be role models, the role models
need to be seen and have a relationship with the next generation.
Giving back and paying forward with community service.

6. Offer solutions to issues and problems and be willing to
speak more about them. “If your not part of the solution
your part of the problem.” R. Lee Gordon

7. Encourage networking and connecting. Each of my classes
are required to blog, register for a LinkedIn account and network
at community events to show the power of uniting and working

8. Show the benefits of diversity and accepting others that
are different. Why embracing diversity is a powerful tool
to bring about change. Give girls and women a fair chance
to share their skills, talents and knowledge.

9. Volunteering helps build your personal Brand and allows
people to see your ability and potential for leadership.

10. Build relationships that foster current and future
involvement. Youth, teens and young adults need to learn
these lessons early that it is not about being popular and
everyone likes you, it is about being accountable, responsible,
reliable and scalable.

11. Develop your Brand and grow your Brand by community
activism and awareness. People love to see youth, teens
and young adults active and engaged for social justice.

12. Instructors at HBCUs should be active in events in the
community to inspire creativity, a love for learning and
that learning happens outside of the classroom.

13. The HBCU instructor if the public media person because
their presence at events and activities speaks volumes.
When I attended events I was sure to have something that
represented Edward Waters College to show where I came from.

14. Creating a Social Media calendar to post content on
a regular timeline. Everyone needs scheduling help, a calendar
is the perfect tool.

15. Using CMS Content Management Software to schedule
posts and manage SEO and other content data information.

16. Even during the pandemic participate in virtual learning
conferences like Florida Blogging and Technology Conference,
WordCamp and KidsCamp conferences and other virtual tech

17. HBCUs that are associated with a ministry should provide
cross posting of links in their social media and digital
platforms to support the vision and mission of the ministry
and HBCU.

18. HBCUs should highlight their academic students and those
showing great improvements. That inspires the students and
is great networking for families and others deciding if they
should attend.

19. HBCU institutions should be constantly networking with
multi-national and global companies to keep abreast of what
the industries want in students. How students should be
prepared and what is new in that industry.

20. Students need to be sent to conferences, workshop,
seminars and other community events to learn outside the
classroom in real world situations.

21. Learning should be real, relevant and reliable to
make sure the student is prepared before they graduate.

HBCU Students Manage Your Digital Content Part 1

HBCU Students Manage Your Digital Content Part 1
William Jackson, M.Ed.
Clubhouse @myquesttoteach
Graduate of South Carolina State University
Past HBCU Professor at Edward Waters College
Current Professor of Digital and Social Media
Florida State College of Jacksonville

William Jackson, M.Ed. Graduate of South Carolina State University
William Jackson, M.Ed. Graduate of South Carolina State University

HBCU students your content creates a unique voice and
leaves a digital footprint, your voice can potentially
be heard globally expanding your influence and building
your PLC – Professional Learning Network.
Your content can build a following that may lead to new
collaborations on multiple fronts not just in education,
but can transfer to business and commerce.
Content can unite and connect people, creating community
activist and inspiring community activism in real time.

A growing area seen online is social justice and collaboration
where young men and women that have an aptitude for activism
express themselves digitally. They share the same passions
for social issues that are transformative for their
respective communities.

Social Media platforms started years ago on the premise that
the shared passions for giving a voice to the voiceless and
provide awareness of how power is managed and taken.
The revolution will not only be televised, but it will be
Tweeted, Facebooked, Instagramed, Tic Toked and splashed
across the screens of smart phones, watches and even the
tablets that will be old and outdated.

The communication tools allowed for the expansion beyond the
foundation of just a media platform have been crossed into
areas of where media giants are now walking and slowly taking
command by implementing algorithms that know your thoughts
better than your mama and grand-mama. Finally embracing the
once unrecognized digital tools that make up the growing
social media networks.

Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Periscope, Vimeo, Twitter,
YouTube and the list of interactive platforms is climbing.
HBCU students must be cautious that the very content they
post seeking to increase their notoriety, visibility, influence
does not take away from future opportunities of employment,
leadership advancement and upward progress in socio-economic

Wm Jackson SCSU Grad
Wm Jackson SCSU Grad

“There is nothing like an education from an
HBCU college or university. It is beyond books,
it is beyond the technology. It touches your
very soul!!” Prof. Wm Jackson, M.Ed.
Adjunct Edward Waters College 2004 – 2017
and NASA Instructor of Recertification Program
Edward Waters College

is intangible, don’t look for numbers of views or hits look
for being influential; driving discussions, creating
chances to share ideas and concepts. The platform Club House
allows for the sharing of idea, passionate discussions centered
around the intellectual not the medicinal languages of medical
weed, psychedelic drugs or deaths caused by opioid.

These are serious discussion, but what expands the mind pulls
along the soul and the body. Content is King, and many HBCU
students want to be King of some social setting, then prepare
your content to influence minds and souls. Competition should
not be a priority to make money, collaboration can bring
sustained changes in visibility and influences never before
known. Who you can connect to in opening doors to collaborate
for projects that can potentially reach hundreds or thousands
and potentially millions.

What is your worth can be seen in the projected monetarization
of your words, thoughts, expectations and influences. There is
no secrete to making your content go viral, much depends
on posting the right content at the right time that hits people
at that moment where people feel compelled to share and repost.
As present and future content creators, HBCU students must be
passionate and committed. They cannot afford to be lazy and
complacent if they really want to be engaged and active.

They must spread their innovative and creative wings to achieve
their goals because standing still means standing still.
Tupac stated, “nothing comes to dreamers except dreams.”
HBCU students must work hard and never give up on their dreams,
even if family and friends doubt your abilities, intellect, will
and even finances to achieve those dreams. Fight with all your
might to grow out of complacency and fear, because fear can kill
your dreams.

The ability to transfer thoughts from firing synapsis in the brain
to keyboard is a wonderous thing. The mind creating thoughts from
electrical impulses that are based on an infrastructure of flesh,
fluid and functionality. HBCU students must take opportunities to
learn how to direct their thinking to building and continue to rise.
Resources: History of HBCU
The history and importance of the HBCU experience |
| Elwood Robinson | TEDxAugusta |

Prof Jackson and Students
Prof Jackson and Students