Making History in Central America with WordCamp CA 2021

“Making History in Central America with WordCamp CA 2021”

WordCamp Central America and WordCamp CA Kids Camp 2021
William and Aida Jackson. WordCamp Volunteer / Teachers of KidsCamp

WordCamp Central America 2021
WordCamp Central America 2021

The first regional WordCamp in Central America will take place
April 15 to 17, 2021 and the first WordCamp Central America Kids Camp
will take place as well. There will be something for adults and youth
to celebrate in April for WCCA 2021. #WCCA

WordCamp conferences have gone virtual since 2020, as a result
of the pandemic. Changing the model for networking, information
sharing, collaboration, building PLN–Professional Learning
Networks and PLC-Professional Learning Communities that create
avenues where diversity, inclusivity, acceptance of gender, generation
and cultures is real and relative to business and entrepreneurial success.
Central America is growing into an area of technological growth,
thought leadership in technology and influence not just on a local
scale, it is recognized regionally and internationally. Many people
do not know the nations of Central America, they include Belize,
Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama.

Countries of Central America
Countries of Central America

What is WordPress? WP is a way to create personal website or blogs.
WordPress powers over 40% of all the websites on the Internet.
More than one in four websites visited are likely powered by
WordPress. The global influence and exposure to WordPress provides
a chance that anyone can build a web site for business, pleasure, education,
research, public, civic, creativity, innovation and building communities.
In corresponding to the WordPress community are WordCamp conferences.
WordCamps are conferences that are held locally, nationally and as can be
seen they are held internationally as the upcoming first of its kind WordCamp
Central America held in Nicaragua and also the first of its kind Kids Camp
celebrating “Unity” as the theme of the conference.
WC focuses on everything WordPress and provides a friendly, welcoming,
informal, community-organized events that are put together by WordPress
enthusiasts and users.

WCCA 2021
WordCamp Central America 2021

Some of the wonderful things about WC conferences is everyone from the
casual user, to core developers, graphic designers, content creators,
bloggers, educators, artists, programmers, entrepreneurial and business
people participate. They share ideas, collaborate and get to know each other.

During WordCamp (WC) conferences people are developing new
business and technology ideas. Forming collaborations in web development,
training opportunities and even making dreams come true for individuals to
start their own technology businesses. Central America is growing into a
new digital hub of thought leaders and digital innovators.

The encouragement and inspiration of the involvement for youth, teens and
young adults opens doors for them to be a part of WordPress, WordCamp
and Kids Camp areas.
Central America has already had WordCamp conferences in Costa Rica,
Nicaragua and Panama. As the interest and demands grows additional CA
(Central American) nations will be having WordCamp and KidsCamp conferences.

Girl Power
Girl Power

WordCamp Central America has been in the planning stage for several years.
WCCA encourages and inspires unity, community, collaboration, nation building in technology and in the educational areas of STEAM.
Science Technology Engineering Arts Math are needed skills to help youth, teens and young adults in Central America grow into the leaders this region will need to continue to grow into an influential region where technology will allow even the youth to create Start-up businesses that help to move families up economically, educationally and even help to improve environmental issues in the region because of the transfer of jobs from agricultural and industrial to technical and global

WCCA 2021 Virtual
WCCA 2021 Virtual

The Lead Organizers are: Leandro Gómez (NI), Lidia Aroyo (CF) and
Mario Rocha (NI), José Ramón Padron (ES) and Rocio Valdivia (ES) are
the mentors.
Kids Camp volunteers William and Aida Jackson (US) have helped
with Kids Camp in the United States, Costa Rica, Canada and provided
information for KidsCamp held in Nigeria and Uganda, Africa.
The first regional WordCamp in Central America will take place from
April 15 to 17 virtually. Talks, Networking, Happiness Bar (technical help),
KidsCamp and Contributor Day are just some activities that attendees
can be part of.

Aida and William
Aida and William, volunteers, speakers, teachers, advocates. 

In the coming weeks we will announce all the details of the event,
ticket registration (free), speaker announcements, KidsCamp events and
much more.
About the speakers:

You can also find updates on social network
Facebook –
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Don’t forget our official WordCamp Central America hashtag is
# WCCA2021Top of Form

Blog by:
William Jackson, M.Ed.

William Jackson Hero Panel WordCamp PHX
William Jackson Hero Panel WordCamp PHX

Twin Lakes Academy Middle School Newspaper

Great Appreciation 

Great Appreciation to Tenikka Hughes | Anchor
COX Media Group I CBS47 & FOX30 Action News Jax
In Jacksonville, Florida
Interviewed by TLAMNPC Student Reporters
Giuliet (6th grade) and Matthew (7th grade)
William Jackson, M.Ed. STEAM Educator
Pamela Canepa, M.La.
Both are sponsors of the Twin Lakes Academy Newspaper Club
Started at TLAM in 2021
TLAMNPC can be found at

Download link

Tenikka-Hughes, News Anchor
Tenikka-Hughes, News Anchor

More information about Tenikka Hughes

STREAM Projects at TLAM II

STREAM Projects at TLAM II
Twin Lakes Academy Middle School in Duval County Public  Schools.
Science Technology Reading Engineering Arts Math
The 3 phase project allows students to apply various
skill-sets and learn how to build the project in its final stages.

Show below are the animations from students in
STEAM – Design and Modeling.


STREAM Projects at TLAM

STREAM Projects at TLAM
Student projects being shown are those that students completed
as projects in the Design and Modeling class of
Twin Lakes Academy Middle School in Duval County Public  Schools.
Science Technology Reading Engineering Arts Math 

Each project is started by drawings that the students create, then
leads to students designing the project in Paint 3D and finally
building the project using manipulatives and materials in the
classroom.  The 3 phase project allows students to apply various
skill-sets and learn how to build the project in its final stages.

Show below are the drawings from students in
STEAM – Design and Modeling.

Diversity InTechnology – Empowering Marginalized People in Tech Businesses

Diversity In Tech Panel at WCAVL

Diversity InTechnology – Empowering Marginalized People in Tech Businesses
William Jackson, M.Ed.

Diversity In Tech Panel at WCAVL
Diversity In Tech Panel at WCAVL

WordCamp Asheville 2020 was virtual that year, but that did
not dampen its importance of the panel discussing diversity
in technology and technology businesses increasing their
opportunities for marginalized people in new careers.

The panel assembled with national experts that included
Aida Correa of Jacksonville, Florida, (Afro-Latina) a seasoned
speaker in local, national and international technology conferences.
Ms. Correa (now Mrs. Aida Correa-Jackson shared her experiences
as a woman of color, being Afro-Latina and how her presence at
technology conferences inspires Latina, Hispanic, Mexican and
women over 50, women of color.

Aida shares that the growing number of potential homeless
women are women over 50 because they are lacking tech skills
that younger employees come with. Because that are lacking they
can be paid much less.
When women over 50 are let go they are challenged to find new
employment opportunities because of age, cost of insurance for
them and their families and many times the lack of tech skills.
The panel invited Aisha Adams of Equity Over Everything,
Joe A. Simpson, Jr a respected WordCamp organizer, speaker
and community advocate of WordPress and Sarah Benoit,
the moderator of the panel.

Diversity In Tech Panel at WCAVL
Diversity In Tech Panel at WCAVL`

WordPress is one of the most affordable and accessible web
development platforms for people interested in diverse fields
of technology. Careers in areas of web development, coding,
graphic design, development, Search Engine Optimization and
other areas are available. The importance of WP is that it’s
steady growth of influencing 40% of web sites around the world.
WordPress is growing in the mission to invite youth, teens and
young adults to participate not just as attendees, but in roles as
speakers, volunteers and even organizers. The participation of
teens and young adults has helped them start their own tech
businesses and entrepreneurial opportunities.

The new opportunities open doors for those of color, culture,
indigenous backgrounds and marginalized communities to have
more opportunities in multiple fields of technology. They are
demanding a seat at the tables of tech companies and changes
in accepting diversity as a natural evolution not as a hindrance.
WordCamps are a real-life showcase of the growing diversity in
the field of tech, people of diverse backgrounds are welcomed,
more work needs to be done to get marginalized and indigenous
people involved in technology and STREAM careers.

Aida Jackson Diversity In Tech Panel at WCAVL
Aida Jackson Diversity In Tech Panel at WCAVL

Science Technology Reading Engineering Arts Math is an
educational initiative that has long terms influences.
A deeper understanding of what diversity, equity, and inclusion
(DEI) needs to be understood to make transformative change.
There is a growing demand for making technology and STREAM
careers more inclusive and influential. This has to happen to
help increase the diversity of people to enter or create their own
businesses in technology and entrepreneurialism.

There are strategies being created for building steps in making
WordPress, technology, and business communities more
inclusive with diversity of color, culture, gender and generation.
It does not mean just adding more people of color in tech positions
it means putting in place steps to build people of color in more
leadership roles and positions of influence and ability to make
changes in personnel. Technology companies need to look like
the people of this nation, diverse with Black, Brown and the
hues of the life of humanity that makes America great.

Some of the questions asked during the panel are;
Why are diverse voices and experiences critical to the health
of our communities and businesses? What challenges do
underrepresented groups face? How can we ensure lasting
change in our WordPress, technology and home communities?
How can Black and Brown communities get more Internet
access and tech in the hands of youth?

These are pressing questions that can create life changes and
influence relationships in technology businesses. Aida Correa,
Aisha Adams, and Joe Simpson, along with moderator Sarah
Benoit, together represent close to 90 years of combined
experience levels related in business, education and community
engagement. Each are seasoned WordCamp speakers, advocates,
business owners, innovators, thought leaders and more.

These are tough questions in tough times that many corporations
and organizations are struggling with. People of color and culture,
marginalization and indigenous are seeking increased equality
and equitability in tech careers that offers responsibility, leadership,
influence and outreach in communities.

Aida Jackson Diversity In Tech Panel at WCAVL
Aida Jackson Diversity In Tech Panel at WCAVL

Aida Correa (now Aida Correa-Jackson, a Jacksonville resident
has extensive experiences working with youth, teens and young
adults that cross-multiple cultural backgrounds and ages.
She is part of the WPJax Kids Meetup for WordPress that
integrates STREAM.  She will be speaking at multiple technology
conferences across the States and globally. Aida represents the
beauty and influence of diversity in technology and how this inclusivity
benefits all businesses.

To hear the panel discussion
WordCamp Ashville 2020 –  

WCAVL 2020
WCAVL 2020