WordPress, The Metaverse and VR What A Transformation

WordPress, The Metaverse and VR What A Transformation

How the Metaverse is influencing other areas of technology, creativity, innovation, podcasting and writing. Shared by William and Aida Jackson
and their WordPress friend Michelle Frechette, speaking about their
views, experiences as technologists, educators, and mentors.

William, Aida, Michelle speaking with Doc Pop on the Podcast
“Torque Social Hour.” 
“Focus on WordCamp Buffalo and the Metaverse connection”
The Spatial Gallery for WordCamp Buffalo is here:

This was created by the company My Quest to Teach
CEO William Jackson.
The discussion on YouTube at this link

The show is a casual conversation about WordPress, and the
accompanying WordCamp conferences that are local in cities,
national and global. Discussions like these are valuable and

News and events and we will discuss AI, VR, MR,
Metaverse as it continues to influence web development,
podcasting, writing for businesses and entrepreneurs.
Education is affected as well because students from
elementary schools to universities are influenced with
multiple types of technology.

William, Aida are Certified VR & STEAM+M Educators
and members of the global WordCamp / WordPress Community,
World Metaverse Council, GatherVerse Community,
One Africa Forum, Blacks In Technology Jacksonville, Florida.
Business owners for LoveBuilt Life, LLC (Aida Jackson),
My Quest to Teach (William Jackson) and
(Michelle Frechette) Director of Community Engagement
at StellarWP

To view the YouTube discussions access the web link….
The discussion on YouTube at this link

To view their past presentations from WordPress.TV
Aida Jackson , https://wordpress.tv/?s=Aida%20Jackson
Michelle Frechette , https://wordpress.tv/?s=Michelle%20Frechette
William Jackson, https://wordpress.tv/?s=William%20Jackson

Elementary and Middle School Students Should Be Learning About Future Careers on the Metaverse and AI

Elementary and Middle School Students Should Be Learning About Future
Careers on the Metaverse and AI
William Jackson, Certified VR Educator,
Member of World Metaverse Council
and Retired STEAM+M Educator

The process of educating and learning need to be changed
in teaching students about the Metaverse, and AI. Teaching
students how to build digital galleries, create immersive
environments, and helping students learn about Podcasting,
Blogging, Vblogging, gaining experience and knowledge
to prepare for the future.

From 2019 to my retirement in 2022 students at the
middle school I taught at in Jacksonville had been learning
about future careers that the Metaverse and AI will be
offering. Using videos, open discussions, learning how
the Arts are viable career options, role playing and
using Oculus (digital headsets) to teach students. The
other need is to create curriculums that show  how to
use Roblox and Minecraft as instructional
tools not just games.

Taking students on educational and professional
journeys that will possibly magnify students’ visions
for their future career choices. It is important for student
success and a clear vision of themselves, their missions
in life and how they will be the digital leaders that will
impact the nation. Visiting other students from Dupont
Middle, Charger Middle, and Lakeshore Middle were
treated to sessions of what careers await them as the
Metaverse influences education and business. Using
the Oculus to show where their employment may
be and how they will be interacting with others in
virtual spaces.

Students that are playing Roblox and Minecraft they
are already experiencing some portions of the
Metaverse. That role playing in games can teach
valuable skills for critical thinking, collaboration and
understanding how virtual worlds can work in the real
world. This will prepare them for the future as Digital
Artists, Designers, Programmers, Developers, Immersive

Using the Oculus that we provided, brings deeper into
immersive worlds and potential businesses, career
opportunities and how the Arts are important in digital
and virtual worlds. Exposure and mentoring, students
look at their choices for the future, they are encouraged
to take responsibilities for “their” learning that will influence
their actions, choices, engagements.
Today a student’s choices can either make them
under-employed, un-employable or left behind if they
are not willing to learn digital skills.

The changes are showing that high schools are offering
coding, programming, robotics, digital arts, gamification,
web development are valuable skills for the future. Even
more so as the Metaverse and AI grows in influence and
integration in the real world. This exposure should not
be limited to just high schools, but middle schools and
in some areas elementary schools need to be included
at levels that provide project inclusion, project
engagement and project based learning.

Science Technology Engineering Arts Math Metaverse
and now AI or Artificial Intelligence are tools that can
open doors to high paying careers and even offer
entrepreneurial and business opportunities. The world
has moved from agricultural, industrial careers to Digital,
AI (artificial intelligence), Immersive, including AR, MR, VR
and XR environments. More vocational education is needed
because as the plans are to colonize the Moon and Mars
vocational skills will be needed to do the works necessary
while incorporating IOT – Internet of Things when
man/woman are working next to robots, AI and in
the Metaverse.

There is a lack of STEAM+M Educators and Virtual
Reality Certified Educators across the United States.
This hinders real world learning, multiple programs are
available across my city of Jacksonville and others across
the nation, but there is a need for more. These programs
must be increasingly available to girls, women,
under-represented communities to get youth, teens,
and young adults involved.

Increasingly communities are learning that the least
employable do influence the neighborhoods because
they cannot properly support the soci-economic need
of purchasing products and services, paying taxes and
contributing to not for profit organizations. Each person
has the ability with the proper tools both educational
and financial to sustain themselves and their neighborhoods.

Understanding the Metaverse contains digital lands made
by artists, coders, programmers and digital developers.
Digital lands can be created by anyone using software that
is free, accessible, and capable of creating worlds where
there is no limit to what a person as an avatar can be done.
An avatar refers to a character that represents an online user.

William Jackson, Blogger, Content Creator, Speaker
William Jackson, Blogger, Content Creator, Speaker

People create their avatars that represent them in digital
worlds, the user can create anything in their imagination
and engage with others in Metaverse spaces, places and
worlds similar to real life experiences, but with increase
mobility, creativity and digital innovation. So influential is
the Metaverse, there are churches, stores, schools and
global businesses present.

Using the platforms Spatial, Engage, Decentral Land and
others, youth and teens are shown what is possible with
knowledge to build a career.

The Arts, Design and Modeling, Animation to build digital
worlds for people to communicate and collaborate,
travel the world and experience digitally things students
may never be experienced to in person. Students, with
the help of their teachers that are trained can travel
the world, visiting far off nations safely, learn about
space aboard the International Space Station, deep
dive in the Pacific Ocean and into The Pond.

Climbing the highest mountains, explore the
deepest caves and other wonderous things and
not be in danger of hurt or harm. Educational groups
in Duval County Public Schools like The Ones and
Los Unos, Black and Latino Male Collectives are
already on the Metaverse to promote Black and
Hispanic Males in Education.

Using and sharing resources, mentoring and
encouraging males to enter into educational
careers with support.

There are so many opportunities for students in
Jacksonville to have positive educational and
building skills for professional experiences, to
be influenced and inspired and gain future skills
where they can make money in a growing area of
digital industries. The time is now to learn and
be empowered for middle school and elementary
students across Jacksonville that will be competing
for high salary careers in Technology that is
influenced by STEAM+M, AI the Metaverse and
other digital platforms and tools.
This is not coming, but is here.

Jacksonville is slowly growing into a technology hub
of influence and opportunities. Students across the
academic spectrum must be provided digital learning
opportunities in STEAM+M, AI, Metaverse to take
advantage of the benefits of learning new and
immerging technology skills that will be found on
the Metaverse, Web 3, IOT, AI, VR, XR, MR and the
Internet. Groups like BIT or Black in Technology
of Jacksonville have a vested interest in making
sure Black, Hispanic and others of color and
culture have access to trainings, workshops. mentors
and resources to help prepare youth, teens and
young adults outside of the classroom.

Valuable and important learning happens outside
the classroom as well is what I taught the students
at TLAM. As the teacher I’m helping to lay the
foundation for the love, empowerment, and
enjoyment of learning. Students have to
continue the journey to prepare themselves
for their future.

If parents are not awake to how technology is
changing the employment and career spectrum
of Jacksonville and other cities, the youth,
teens and young adults growing up in their city,
like Jacksonville will not be able to afford living
in the cities they are born in or move to.
Technology can be the great equalize and extender
by allowing access, empowerment, vision, creativity
and innovation that will allow students to reach
the stars literally.

Being under-employed, unemployable, ill
prepared for employment in technology careers
will be a reality if not taken seriously the changes
in our world and the integration of more and more tech.

Elementary school should be the beginning of teaching
our youth how to deal with, learn with, learn from, integrate
and manipulate technology. We cannot afford to wait until
high school to put tech to use in education. We will fail
thousands if not millions of youth, teens, young adults
and eventually people who have no idea how to efficiently
use technology nor will they be able to communicate
proficiently to survive.

Invitation to attend the Digital Arts Fest 2023
at WJCT Studios Saturday, June 17th 2023

Ministry to Technology to Evangelism, Where Corona has Taken Us

Ministry to Technology to Evangelism, Where Corona has Taken Us
William and his wife (Aida) are members of
San Jose Church of Christ in Jacksonville, Florida.
They are Certified VR and STEAM+M Educators,
World Metaverse Council Education Community
and GatherVerse / GatherVerse Africa Community.

Globally technology is changing education, business, commerce,
collaboration, trade, and being integrated into ministry globally.
The process of professional development is being pivoted for
educators and business owners. This includes those in ministry
as their “calling.”
Not to forget those in ministry preaching, teaching, evangelizing
and testify to the truth of the Lord Christ. Using technology to
share the faiths of Christians and our global connection to
Christ with other believers.

Technology has taken a giant leap since the pandemic and
has forced millions of people nationally and globally to change
the way they use technology and even social media platforms.
Ministry is not left out of this major change.

People being isolated from covid have learned new worlds
of digital engagement, digital and immersive worship, digital
connections that bring praying virtually to be normalized,
virtual travels around the world to “Holy” locations, streaming
of ministries and lectures that include ministers teaching
and speaking on Zoom, TEAMS, YouTube conferences
and Instagram, and Facebook engagements.

STEAM+M – Science Technology Engineering Arts Math
Metaverse are growing educational initiatives that are
defining the learning foundations of youth, teens, and young
adults. Ministry is included in this great migration to digital
platforms and social engagements.

Educators with these multiple skills are in high demand because
they have developed curriculums that can be used virtually.
Ministers are no different, they are becoming digital rockstars
as they are broadcasting locally, nationally, and globally.
Ministers like those in the Church of Christ across the nation
and the globe are using social media to connect to their
congregations and if the digital infrastructure is stable there
are interactions and collaborations.

Proper training in diverse areas of technology, are key initiatives
that are building employable skill sets in a digital age where
the metaverse is growing. Churches are building on the Metaverse,
in spaces like AltSpace VR that has multiple churches. Unfortunately, Microsoft has cancelled this platform, thus forcing churches to other platforms like Engage where my wife and I are Certified VR Educators.

The value and influence of technology is influential in millions of lives. Technology requires the skills and abilities that businesses are
demanding and require for the future workforce.
Churches are considered “employable” options for those in ministry
and evangelism.

Even ministries are looking at the skills of their ministers to be sure
they can preach and teach virtually. Ministers must adapt to being
virtual and apply more energy and engagement to digital audiences.
The caution for ministers is to stay humble and focused on Christ.
Not to fall into the mind-set of being a digital rockstar and loosing
their focus and the calling of Christ. This means that using technology
to promote themselves first should be cautioned against.

Reading Books is Lit
Reading the Bible is Awesome 

The focus is to promote Christ first above anything and everything.
People want to see their ministers, evangelists, preachers, excited
even more so because they are online. Growing congregations are
selling their buildings because in person attendance is down and
“virtual church” has grown tremendously.
There are still monetary benefits from having church online, the
biggest is the maintenance of a physical building.
Now more ministries are hiring so called “digital experts” to create
strategies for their ministries to attract potential new members
and using multiple streams of collecting funds to pay their ministers,
staff, technologists and the technology itself.

The idea that God is on social media can be applied in ministerial
pursuits has ministries scrambling to obtain high speed Internet
access, building web sites, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts,
Instagram pages, YouTube channels, Tik Toc accounts and now
getting into Web 3 and The Metaverse.

The Metaverse contains ministries of Christ that reach people
and bring the gospel and share the death, burial, and resurrection
of Christ in dramatic and animated displays that bring conversations,
arguments, discussions and questions of what is the best way to
deploy and use tech. Studying scripture, what if the disciples had
social media and would Christians follow Paul and others on their
physical and digital journeys?

Churches must adapt and revolutionize their ability to stream
content, broadcast evangelism and reach the masses that are
lost from the gospel.

William and Aida
William and Aida

My wife (Aida Correa-Jackson) and I share our passion for
STEAM, Technology, Social Media, Metaverse and integrating
these in ministry in Africa and India. There is a big gap in these
nations because of access to high-speed Internet so much is
done with Smartphone, on YouTube and other platforms.

Being labeled Digital Evangelists means, integrating tech,
sharing the faith, collaborating locally, nationally, and globally.
Providing resources for study and engagement. Using platforms
to teach using Facebook, Let The Bible Speak TV in collaboration
across the Internet.

Youth, teens and young adults need to have opportunities to build
their technology skills to be the digital leaders their ministries will
need in the future as technology continues to grow in influence
and evolution. Many ministerial schools cannot provide the necessary instruction so ministries need to fill the learning gaps of how to
minister on digital platforms.

The technology of content creation can cross geographical boundaries
and bring those of other faiths together for a common good as it has
with myself and my family (Christian). Providing opportunities to
speak with others of different faiths.  Not necessarily to share the
differences of our faith, but how we can work together to build
community, collaborate to help the homeless, jobless, and single
parents both men and women.

Ministries are taking the task of helping immigrants resettle,
find resources, assist with finding childcare, schools for children
and even parent care in new communities. Helping people is
a command for most faiths.


The new variants of COVID19 have caused numbers of
fluxuation and ministries are struggling with closing their
doors again, reducing attendance and going full virtual.
Using digital tools like Facebook, Instagram, Tic Tok, Twitter,
Clubhouse, YouTube and others that have long reaches
where faith, friendships, and fellowship grow.

Christ is abound on digital tools, because our faith of having
the spirit of God in us wherever we go we share it through
our words, deeds and actions. Where even professional
educators, administrators, and educational advocates can
meet in safe places to share ideas for ministerial educational
reforms that actually benefit children, families, and
communities to share Christ.

My Quest To Teach
My Quest To Teach

Ministries must continue to embrace technology and even
require their ministers, evangelist, preachers. and others in
leadership to know beyond basic skills so they can build
relationships digitally. There are millions of people that are
challenged with mobility issues, visual challenges, hearing
challenges that can be reached with technology

The questions of should ministries start using social media
has been answered. If ministries are not, they are possibly
denying the gospel to home and hospital bound people.
We are tasks to take the gospel everywhere even digitally,
if Christians are not then the devil will.

If we cannot physically go to were the people are then we
must digitally go to where they are and share our faith.
In ministry we are supposed to go where the people are
to save souls and keep souls saved everywhere even on
the Metaverse and Immersive Environments where
there are people that are lost from the gospel.

William and his wife Aida are members of the Church of
Christ Ministries and often share their faith and connect
with others of diverse faith to talk about using tech,
social media, metaverse and digital platforms to reach
those that are physically challenged.
Technology when applied correctly can be used in
mental health and wellness, addressing the issues of
mobility challenged individuals, and hospital bound.

Streaming at

Social Media and the Church of Christ
Social Media and the Church of Christ

Crossing Digital Bridges Before the River Rises

Crossing Digital Bridges Before The River Rises
William Jackson, M.Ed.
Member of: 
World Metaverse Council
GatherVerse / GatherVerse Africa

There are always digital bridges to cross when involved in
technology. Learning never stops, your mind and intellect
must be able to pivot, adapt, accept, comply, invite and
dream where technology may take you in the future.

From 2019 to 2022 were challenging years, but it was an
eye opener for me and Aida and thousands of other
educators. The interesting thing about the transition
that teachers for years have been threatened, suggested,
informed and told to be ready. Unfortunately many were
not…… The Internet was….

We were so blessed to be participating in multiple online
conferences and events that have broadened our knowledge
and attention to what is going on globally with technology.
It is not just Coding, Programming, Web Development, Web 3,
AI, VR, Metaverse, IOT(Internet Of Things) there is
Science Technology Engineering Arts Math Metaverse,
Design and Modeling. Unfortunately schools seem to be
focused on learning models that emphasis testing and
assessments not creativity, imagination and accomplishment.

Youth, teens and young adults in the United States have
so many options and opportunities, but must take
advantage of each chance to prepare for their futures.
Learning must continue outside of schools in fun ways
that build values and ideas as well. There are more kids
that want to be nerds, blerds, geeks and gamers than
athletes, and that is ok, but the geeks, blerds, nerds
and others should be celebrated to!!

We have got to prepare our children for a future that
will require them being producers, creators, builders,
innovators not just consumers. It is hard to consume
if you are not employed to the point were you can
afford to make those purchases that satisfy the eyes.
We have to prepare children to be the problem solvers,
thought leaders and critical thinkers this world will
need and is in demand now.

Education will have to pivot, migrate, evolve and
change to meet the needs and demands of what is to
come. When I was teaching at elementary schools and
then the middle school I retired from, I would
introduce digital works of building, modeling,
creating that build students and open their eyes
to new careers.

We have to make sure our children, youth, teens and
young adults are prepared for the digital world where
robots and AI will take away jobs that do not comply
with technology. Using IOT Internet Of Things where
humans are taught to work next to robots, using AI
to increase thought leadership not just to write

Jobs that are being replaced with technology, jobs
that are making humans become the under, un and
ill prepared and employed. How can you expect to
be gainfully employed by any technology company
if you cannot read, comprehend, write, embrace
creativity, understand what is innovation and
embrace diversity, encourage equity and want

Look at Walmart, Publix, Winn Dixie, and other
“jobs” youth and teens use to have access to,
now technology knowledge is a necessity and
demanded and people are being replaced with
machines. This is science and economic facts.

There is no one answer, but to have youth,
teens and young adults prepared for the future
inside and outside of schools. Not just playing
video games, not just listening to music and
watching music videos all day. Not just chillin
in the house and doing “nuthin” this will lead
to consequences that impact the ability to be
productive and employable or even to be an

Education is not just in the classroom, education
comes with being involved and engaged in the
community. Parents be sure to talk with your
child(ren) to understand what their vision is
for their careers and goals for the future.
Graduations are exciting, highlighting the
current successes and achievements, but what
about the future goals and dreams to be achieved.
You have to understand that a “certificate of
completion” is just as valuable as the paper.
Try using it to get a career with Google, Microsoft,
Apple, Nike, Puma.

Get your high school diploma or GED!!
Many school districts across the nation have
similar programs, this is just one example.

Careers in AI, VR, MR, XR, PR, IOT, Web 3, NFT’s.
Web Development, Social Media Manager, Coder,
Programmer,  Content Creator and other careers
that require you to read, write, create, comprehend,
understand, apply, build on, modify and so on.

Be increasingly proactive, pro-engaged,
pro-education, pro-careers for the future.
There should be a plan from either 8th grade
to graduation or 9th grade to graduation.
Preparation is important because if you don’t
plan to succeed, you may be blindly planning
to fail and meet with greater challenges for
the future being ignorant to the constant and
rapidly changing world where the United States
of America is behind in so many ways.

Teaching over 33 years not just in schools,
but in community centers, after school programs,
summer camps, alternative centers, detention
centers and during conferences and workshops.
Teaching in higher education for years and seeing
how prepared and sometimes unprepared students
are is scary and troubling.
Most times being the only Black male educator,
Black male presenter, Black male role model or
mentor. Representation does matter, but that
representation must understand it only matters
if those that see you value you and what you
bring to the table for them to grow.

Look around you and see how the world is
different with technologies that were being
developed 10 to 5 years ago and people had
no clue what was going on and now BAM!!!
It is here !! Listen and Learn what is going
on not just in your city, but neighborhoods,
counties, states, nations and the world.

It does not matter if people do not like the
global economy, we are in a global economy
that is influential by the nature of our
ability to contribute in our children’s
futures. There are youth, teens and young
adults in Africa, Asia, India and the Philippines
that American youth, teens and young adults will
be competing against for careers, not just

At 60 I would never have imagined learning about
a Metaverse, learning about Podcasting, learning
about IOT, Web 3, NFTs and digital junctions
of the mind and machine learning, but it is a
reality now!! Being an entrepreneur is fun, exciting,
scary, challenging and sometimes overwhelming.
I thank God for my ability to read, comprehend,
understand, grow and elevate. Ignorance is not
bliss, it is dangerous!!

Now my wife (Aida) and I will continue to grow
as we will be teaching in Athens, Greece.
An Afro-Latina and African American, sharing
our diversity with pride, representation and
dedication to teaching youth, teens and young
adults how to apply technology. Not just playing
games, not just playing music, but learning
skills to allow youth, teens and young adults to
go to the next level.

If you’re in Athens, Greece, June 8th, 2023
WordCamp Europe 2023 is providing a Youth Camp
that we are happy to be teaching. Let’s grow
together, share knowledge together, respect
each other and have fun together.
If your interested in WordCamp Europe 2023.

William and Aida in June 2023 they will be teaching at
the Afrofuturism Experience Digital Arts Fest 23 and
inviting Artists locally, nationally and globally to
attend, participate and share their Digital Arts.
Digital Artist in the ages of 10yrs to 16yrs will have
a special arts program just for them. Inviting those
with a talent for creating digital art in Duval County,
Jacksonville, Florida.
This is a FREE event for the youth and teens. Criteria
and rules for participating are here:


Dad Is Not A Noun Videos

Ishmael Street “Dad Is Not A Noun” Podcast interview
with Professors William Jackson
grad of South Carolina State University SCSU
Aida Jackson (Prof. Lenor Rhyne Univ)
Part 1 What is ChatGPT
Part 2 “The Eliza Effect”

Construction Career Days – Open Opportunities to Learn

Construction Career Days – Open Opportunities to Learn
Students can prepare for their careers now and have
alternatives to higher education….

William Jackson, M. Edu.
World Metaverse Council
GatherVerse / GatherVerse Africa

This is a long post, but important because of the opportunities that
Florida students were exposed to during the “Construction
Career Days” event at the Equestrian Center.
Take the time to read it or listen to it and ask your high schooler about
their visions for their future. Photos will be posted in a video to
correspond. If you don’t see your child’s high school in the video ask why not!!

This week was an eye opener for me, and I know my wife Aida
enjoyed the week as well. Being able to teach high school
students from across Northeast Florida about Construction
Careers that are available.

The Construction Career Days was AWESOMELY AMAZING at
the Equestrian Center in Jacksonville. These are my views as a
parent,  teacher of 33 years, business owner, Certified VR and
STEAM+M educator and member of the Metaverse World
Council and GatherVerse Metaverse Community.

That says a lot because our youth, teens and young adults have
so many opportunities for careers outside of college/university.
Using Science Technology Engineering Arts Math Metaverse
using and applying Logistics and Shipping for diverse careers.
Using project-based learning and allowing the students to be
creative, innovative, discovering and exploring using water,
Legos, mini boats and their imagination. Allowing students to
explore, experiment, and be excited with no limitations.

Unfortunately these are missing in the educational system of
traditional classrooms and our students are losing interest,
lacking a vision for the future and are not prioritizing their
lives because of limited choices.
Too many times students are not allowed to be creative and
innovative and have fun thinking and reasoning to their lives.

Thank you to Florida State College of Jacksonville for allowing
Aida and I to participate and share our knowledge, passion,
purpose in the journey of STEAM+M and show the students
just a bit of their potential in the future and unique
career opportunities.

Thank you, St. Johns State College for your information and
sharing the diversity of education. Having the students plan,
build, create, experiment, design “on the fly” and love learning
and creating. It was great to experience these things for and
with them. What a wonderful week to see the potential of the
future of Florida in the young people.

Thanks to the school districts to allow their students to
attend and a big thanks to the bus drivers that transported
the students safely there and back to their respective schools.
We should always celebrate our bus drivers because they endure
so much and get very little recognition.

Aida and I were able to engage with White students, Hispanic
students, Black students, Mexican students, Haitian students,
Asian and European students. Male, female, and LGBTQ
students, all the colors of humanity, the beauty of genders
and generations and diversity of races working together with
the purpose of helping students learn about future careers.

The cowboys and cowgirls across our state, the Rednecks,
country students, city students, suburban students, inner
city students. They all are part of our educational system
and should be respected, and valued. Altogether attending
high schools that are the developing foundations of the
future workforce to help Florida prosper. Each of these
students are important in helping our state to be successful.

Florida will only be as successful if the lowest economic
student is recognized, supported, embraced, respected and
helped to be successful in whatever they choose to be.
The State of Florida must begin the process of looking at all
our students as part of the State of Florida community of
future leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, mentors,
innovators, and creators.

Our students chosen lifestyles should not be an issue because
of gender choices, it should be the humanity that they bring and
the skills, talents, creativity and innovation that they bring to the
table to make our communities better and more inclusive.

DEI Diversity Equitability Inclusion are not cuss words, they
are not slanderous, they are not racial epitaphs. DEI is an educational,
economic, social, humanistic understanding that the collaboration
and cooperation of diversity is beautiful, rich in cultural love and
blessings, and relevant to everyone being successful and productive
in the global economy.

Florida will only be as great as the least of us, the least of the
families struggling, the least of us that are homeless, the least
of us that are struggling in the educational systems, the least
of us that are in the criminal justice systems and the welfare
systems of this state.
We have to do better in supporting families that are struggling.
We are all held accountable when we have growing homeless
children, families and seniors.

Thank you to JEA, JTA, FDOT, Highway Patrol, JSO, our military
services. Construction companies, big, medium, small, mom
and pop businesses and entrepreneurs that volunteered
their time.

This is what life is about, helping others and looking past the
differences, embracing the opportunities to help youth to grow
into productive adults and sharing why creativity, innovation,
having fun in learning and networking with others is so important.
These are value foundations of education outside of the classroom.
As a teacher of 33 years I use to wonder why student’s disconnect
from learning, asking honestly why at the middle school I taught
at we had a “come to Jesus” moment. Being open, honest, and
supportive. Their combined replies were they did not feel welcomed
not included in the educational process to achieve their dreams.

The current states of divisive language, the use of negative languages,
trying to turn people against each other just because they have different
color skin, different races, differences in lifestyles and even putting
generations against each other is totally wrong. How will our youth, teens
and  young adults take over as leaders if they are blinded to listening to
their seniors in the community. The same seniors that built the
communities, the neighborhoods, the cities and build this State of Florida.

Florida will never grow if we cannot love each other, respect each other,
listen to our young adults and unify to make the state better for all citizens.

Everyone counts, everyone matters !!!
During the Construction Career event students that were either physically,
mentally, or otherwise challenged brought tears to my eyes because they
were allowed to be kids, to explore, to learn, to have fun in learning, to see
their potential and value in future careers. Their hard work in discovery,
exploration, creativity and innovation is a testament to the human spirit
to overcome obstacles to be successful. The teachers and chaperones
need to be celebrated as well because of their guidance, encouragement
and willingness to be of service to the students.

This event is held every year, this event should be attended by every
student across the State of Florida and provided resources to help
them find where they fit in professionally and not just provide one option:
Collage or University. Not every student needs college, not every
student wants to go to college and not every student needs to attend
college to be successful.

Take the time to allow your children in middle school and high school
to talk to you about their lives, to share their dreams, to share their
hearts, beliefs, desires, aspirations, visions, excitements, challenges,
worries and all that is human about them.
Give your children a chance to TALK and SHARE themselves with you.
Be patient with them, be sympathetic, be loving, be engaged, be
trusting, be there for them. Even if your children think differently than
you do, that is OK they are their own unique individuals. They did not
ask to be brought into this world, they should be given every
opportunity to be successful.

They are part of your DNA and genetics, they are still their own
persons with their own vision of life, parents are the role models,
influencers and levelers of success and elevation for their kids.

Allow and invite your kids to learn from you, allow them to share
with you, allow them to trust you and allow them to be who they
are because during the course of their lives they will change,
adapt, pivot, grow, mature, and be the person they need to be
and should be. Just like you did.

Events like the Construction Careers each year should be growing,
not all youth want to go to college, many want to start working
before they graduate high school and have the skills, maturity,
and desire to do so. Encourage them, support them, inspire
them and surround them with good, honest, hardworking,
smart, intelligent, dynamic, creative, innovative people that
are already working hard, supporting their families and building
communities across the State of Florida.

Education is a tool to level the playing fields of careers and
life, but should be fun, enjoyable, exciting, discovering,
creativite, and a sense of service for our neighborhoods,
communities, cities, counties, state and nation.

Allow our youth to see positive people with positive
directions to help others, to bless others, to inspire others,
to be of service to their families, communities, neighborhoods
and state.

Construction Career Days https://www.nflccd.com/