Using Technology to Amplify Africans Authentic Voice During The Pandemic

Using Technology to Amplify Africans Authentic Voice During The Pandemic

This discussion is important because of the important integration
and relevancy of current situations during a global pandemic.
Even during its slower progress people are still becoming sick
with the different variants and other viruses adapting and

Technology has a history of creating opportunities for the voices
of African people to be expressed. Global application of social
media tools and platforms can expand the digital voices of those
that apply tech correctly and with purpose. Strategically applying
tools, platforms, apps and other elements to the authentic voices
of Africans. Using digital platforms in peaceful and productive
ways are honoring the humanity of the African human voice and
empowering African people.

When the pandemic assaulted the physical world, many people
reluctantly transitioned to the digital environment of social
and business platforms. Applying digital tools that were at one
time thought of as digital candies and used only when companies
desired to look progressive and smart. Being thrust into a
digital land where innovation and creativity demand new ways
of thinking. Digital innovation means not just trying too look
cool using digital tools but actually accomplishing goals for
collaboration and cooperation.

Cooperation should be the way for African across the continent,
collaboration should be the way to move, because this allows
for people to be empowered, inspired, engaged, vocal with
many voices and the world can see what is going on.

Each African voice has an authentic and influential tone,
inflection and quality that now has to rise above the static
and noise of those struggling to find the best ways to apply
these digital tools and platforms. Even in education where
computers are used in teaching, but not to its total abilities.
Technology is now helping individuals, businesses, educational
institutions and entrepreneurs to amplify their voices to get
noticed and attract attention for customers and building Brands.

William is a published content creator on

William is a published content creator on Africa on the Blog

International Day of Multilingualism 2022

International Day of Multilingualism 2022
William and Aida Jackson, Speakers and Advocates

Celebrating the International Day of Multilingualism,
sharing our linguistic talents skills and abilities to
relate globally through language appreciation and
There are thousands of languages around the world,
with words that bind us and connect us. Words that
inspire us and encourage us, words that share family
connections and words that nurture us to be our
authentic selves.

Sunday, March 27th is the International Day of
Thomas Bak (from the University
of Edinburgh) et al started this celebration several
years ago by using the digital hashtag
#MultilingualIsNormal on social platforms to get
people involved globally.

Languages allow people to share their cultures in a
way that brings value to cultural understanding,
respect and appreciation of the diversity of people.
The world has become smaller, not by size, but by
the ability to connect through language, cultural
connections and the respect and appreciation of the
diversity of our Earth.

Using technology to bring people together from around
the world and build connections for future linguistic
collaborations and sharing of knowledge that builds
understanding and acceptance.

A global invitation to participate in this language event
and share ideas, memories, associations, educational,
cultural backgrounds and uplifting experiences. Topic
ideas that may be explored during the event are.
– Talk about your journey as a multilingual speaker
– The importance and benefits of receiving a multilingual
– The challenges and successes of raising multilingual
– How politics and religion influence multilingual abilities
through cultural exposure
– SDG’s and multilingual learning
The global community is invited to participate.
Professors William and Aida Jackson (Florida State
College of Jacksonville & Lenoir-Rhyne University)
respectively will share how STEM & STEAM Education
and Learning can be used to connect languages,
collaborations and cooperation’s globally.

Educational initiatives are
changing the goals and mission of education globally
especially on the continent of Africa. Learning digitally
is growing quickly as digital infrastructures are being
built and modified to support the growing entrepreneurs
and businesses that are developing with the use of
mobile technology.

The blending of mobile and STEAM is helping to change
the skill-set for millions of Africans with dreams
and aspirations of growth socially and financially.
This language event is a safe space to share your ideas
and experiences with us.

For more information connect with
Lingua-Cultura Experience on LinkedIn.

First Annual Afrofuturism and Juneteenth Celebrations on the Metaverse

First Annual Afrofuturism and Juneteenth Celebrations on the Metaverse

William and Aida Jackson, educators and entrepreneurs
spoke and taught at the recent Afrofuturism Experiences
event in Jacksonville, Florida. Their presentations focused
on those attending in-person and virtual guests of artists,
families, businesses owners, entrepreneurs, educators,
politicians. Not for profit organizations and schools: private,
public and charter need to understand the new demands
for tech knowledge and skills.
Attending were educators to learn new directions and
projects students will be performing as technology is more

Teachers must be technology capable, metaverse skilled,
immersive and project based guided.  Knowledgeable to
meet the demands of students and prepare students for
new careers that have not been created yet.

Political candidates running for office attending to learn how
the future of politics will be changed with the advances of
emerging technologies on the Metaverse, Altspace VR and
other digital platforms.

The great interest in NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), the Metaverse,
Blockchain technologies, the development of Web 3.0 and its
potential future influences in career choices for youth, teens and
young adults. How finances, and commerce will be influenced
to change the strategies and models of
engagement and success for businesses.

There was a discussion about internet safety for families
given by Aida Correa Jackson, professor with Lenoir Rhyne
University. Mrs. Jackson, an honored artists with several
hundred art pieces minted on the Blockchain being sold globally.

Her presentation showed several
metaverse sites using her laptop and Oculus that was connected
to several metaverse sites to show immersive environments,
engagements with people as avatars and even how to teleport
from one site to another.

William Jackson, Duval County Public Schools teacher shared
what he is teaching in the technology lab with digital projects to
build digital, artistic NFTs and STEAM skills that students will
need to know before they enter high school. Using the software
Paint 3D, Mr. Jackson, also a professor with FSCJ and past
NASA educator shared how students are creating NFTs to
be able to sell as artists and learning how to be entrepreneurs.

Vocal and mixed media artists, J Myztroh (Stono Echo) & Arson
Fist &  Ebony Payne-English provided music, spoken word, rap
and mixed music with reality in video.
There performances spoke volumes in how technology has and
will continue to change the music and movie industries.
Dorothy Mlambo, Center Manager at Christoph Meyer Math &
Science Centre located in South Africa, her students
submitted digital arts for the artists gallery showing that
global collaborations are being done between nations.

The event held at WJCT television studios to an audience that
was in-person and globally virtual. Reaching approximately
15,000 people in the United States, Africa, Canada, the UK
and the Middle East.
The weekend of Juneteenth was the perfect opportunity to
celebrate the theme “Freedom,” and historical information
of why Juneteenth is celebrated as a national holiday.

Juneteenth celebrated on the Metaverse is the first of its
kind and set the foundation for national holidays in the future
to change their venues and collaborate with in-person and
metaverse digital spaces.

Afro-Futurism Conference
Applying the use of STEAM, and Digital Learning, that NFTs, the
Metaverse, Altspace VR, Infiniverse and other spaces can help to
educate and empower people. The use of tech is influential in how
youth see careers of the future. It is important that as technology
changes people continue to change, pivot, adapt and modify their

If not, they will potentially be left behind and locked out of new and
higher earning careers that require technology skills, talents and
creative thinking. Looking at the percentages, 85% of all careers
from 2010 to 2015 demand technology skills (Pew Research 2021).

The statistics are showing that (BUSINESS WIRE 2022)
nearly three out of four (73 percent) of employed respondents
in a national survey conducted by DeVry University said the
use of technology has become critical in their careers. More
than half (51 percent) said they need to learn new technology
skills to either keep their job, get a promotion or find a new
position at a different company. Information from resources
like ITIF

“If America could train just five million more workers for
digital jobs in the next five years, it would drive an estimated
$250 billion more in U.S. GDP growth.” Stats show 85 to 90
percent of new jobs from 2019 demand digital skills, if
Americans do not have those skills, then foreign workers
will be obtained to do important jobs with higher pay.
Americans are behind in digital skills and face continued
decline if schools, colleges and universities do not train
more American students much needed digital skills.

The changes to our economy, education, commerce,
communications are happening now, and people must be
able to pivot in new and emerging careers to stay employed
and employable. To compete globally digital technologies,
Robotics, AI (Artificial Intelligence), VR (Virtual Reality),
MX (Mixed Realty) and other fields need creative and
innovative people.

The Afrofuturism Experience provided just a peek of
what is coming and the importance of proper education,
training, mentoring, and business development.
Afro-Futurism Conference

Building Sustainability In Authentic Content Creation for Africans

Building Sustainability In Authentic Content Creation for Africans
William Jackson, M.Ed. – My Quest To Teach

1. Understand that authentic content is more important than
quantity of blasting of information. Anyone can quote statistics
and data, but how do you apply that information to real world
2. Video blogging maybe the tech trend for awhile, understanding
how to strategically apply it is valuable in promoting and
marketing your Brand.
3. Be adaptable in applying tools and using digital platforms in
providing resources and services. Flexibility in your ability to
be of service is important.
4. Content will always be King, but engagement is always Queen.
5. Don’t trust your Brand just to SEO, at some point you and
your business have to get out and meet people and talk to them.
6. Content must inspire mental agility and cognitive engagement.
Inviting the viewers and readers to contemplate, consider and
then consecrate by applying information to their lives.
7. Many times it is better to collaborate with others and not
8. Do not fool with foolish people that distract you from
creating authentic content. You cannot follow trends that only
last for minutes or hours.
9. Your content should always contain your passion, it is
representative of who you are and the direction you are
going with your Brand.
10. Have a scalable mission and vision statement. There should
be the ability to grow and adapt.
11. Be cautious of new technologies, not all tech will enhance
your Brand nor Market you in the right direction.
12. Embrace the diversity of life experiences and people.
Use each to add value to your content through relationship building.
13. Volunteer, teach and mentor; make yourself accessible to
share your knowledge to youth, teens and young adults.
14. Have defined goals related to your content creation.
15. Create content with a goal in mind.

16. Take advantage of networking, have business cards ready
and your “elevator pitch” memorized with zeal and enthusiasm.
17. Your content will not be successful on all platforms,
conduct a Social Media audit. Make sure understand your digital
18. Your Brand should be the same across multiple platforms with
the same colors, font, graphics and videos have the same feel
and inspiration.
19. Understand the dynamics of your readers, viewers and engagers.
You are influencing them more than you know.
20. Check out your competition and see the changes they make to
adjust to the fluxuation in markets and trends.
21. As a content creator you should have the mindset of a life-long
learner. Knowledge is not powerful unless applied correctly.
22. Integration of digital tools is strategically planned. New
technology, new ideology, new widgets all need strategic ways to
integrate into your content development.
21. Understand the vision of yourself, “never have a grasshopper
mentality.” Minister Thoran Brown – Westside Church of Christ,
Jacksonville, Florida
22. If developing a team make sure they all share and embrace
your vision, mission and passion. It only takes one to cause
confusion and lower your passions.
23. Choose a digital host that will work with you, has wonderful
customer service and knows how to problem solve. Good hosting
services will send you a card on your birthday and traditional
24. See the value of thought leadership. Everyone cannot lead
25. Everyone on your team should understand their accountability
and responsibility as content creators and their influence.

26. Be engaged in community activism, community service and
27. Don’t put down and demean youth, teens and young adults
mentality and ability to work. You maybe put in the position
of managing people with a disability or challenged in some way.
28. Make sure accessing your content is assessable compliant.
Think about the visually, auditory and cognitively challenged.
They have a right to learn from you and you should feel some
form of accountability and responsibility to help disabled
29. Offer internships when possible, summer jobs and invest
in schools.
30. Be sure all your photos and videos represent your Brand
and your Mission statement.

African Youth Summit of Africa Day 2022

African Youth Summit of Africa Day 2022

This is an annual gathering of African youth and those of the
African diaspora globally. Panel discussions that address what
is on the hearts and minds of Africans across the continent.

The summit provided by One Africa Forum, providing an opportunity
on Africa Day to discuss issues that are important across the continent
of Africa because the lives of youth, teens and young adults are in the

The discussion of this year’s Africa Day 2022 is the juvenile justice
system across Africa. Understanding how youth, teens and young
adults are treated in the prisons, correctional facilities, and the
justice systems in nations that make up the continent of Africa.

The discussions are important because even youth deserve
humanitarian treatment, education access and mental health
access that will prepare them for life outside of the prison
system when they are released.

Access to mental health assistance to aid in mental and emotional
health. Many of the justice systems of Africa are harsh, demeaning,
in many cases psychologically, emotionally, and even spiritually
challenging. There is no compassion, sensitivity and humanity that
helps these youth to be rehabilitated and empowered to be better.

Speaking on the panels are educators, attorneys, business owners,
politicians, parents, and importantly youth who are focused on
making improvements of a broken system that does not provide
the necessary resources to help youth, teens and young adults that
are incarcerated. The global diaspora shares the passion to help
youth, advocates like Willilam and Aida Jackson who are
teaching virtually in Africa of youth with technology trainings.

Building digital leaders for Africa’s future. Advocates in business
like Immanuel Adewunmi, CEO/Founder NDH is a modern digitized
Chamber of Commerce utilizing Pan-Industrial Business Strategy,
with Networks and operations spanning economic development
in Africa with a primary focus on Agriculture & Education.
Mr. Adewanmi honored the students at Twin Lakes Academy
Middle School with Honorary Chamber of Commerce
membership certificates.

Promoting education across Africa that builds communities,
entrepreneurs and business development. Education is key and
will always be key to build Africa, but with a focus on African
education with a focus on the awesomeness of African history
not that of slavery and colonization. African youth need to
see the glory and successes of Africans, not those of Europeans,
Chinese, Americans that do not represent them.

This year’s African Youth Summit of Africa Day 2022 is organized
by Amb. Edoseghe Prince Erhahon, Leader and Visionary and his
team of One Africa Forum
The goal of “Let’s build a better world together, one without
starvation, pain and violence.” The mission of One Africa Forum
is to collaborate across Africa to build a movement where advocacy
and outreach activities, contribute their part to the greater good.

One Africa Day grows to other events on Clubhouse and the metaverse
where panel discussions where held, art, poetry, music and speaking
contests were provided.

Organization like Avishta Seeras, Creator & Producer of The
Lingua-Cultura Experience provided a 24-hour Digital Marathon to
celebrate Africa Day 2022 on the audio app Clubhouse
There were carefully curated conversations about Africa in the
Africa Day Club on Clubhouse. The panel discussion about the
preservation, revitalization, and promotion of African indigenous
languages and cultures in celebration of Africa Day 2022 showed
the continued discussion of African languages and how
language is the foundation for African cultures.

Avishta Seers co-produced with Simon Okelo, an esteemed African
cultural leader whose mission is to change the narrative of Africa.
The theme “Sustaining a Healthy Africa,” which aligns with the
African Union’s theme for Africa Day 2022,
“The Year of Nutrition for Africa”.
The history about Africa Day is formerly African Freedom Day
and African Liberation Day is the annual commemoration of the
foundation of the Organization of African Unity which took
place on 25th May 1963.

It is celebrated in various countries on the African continent,
as well as around the world. The organization was transformed
into the African Union on 9th July 2002 in Durban, South Africa,
the holiday continues to be celebrated worldwide on 25th
May with a growing following and influence.
The Youth Summit can be viewed here