The Beauty of Rejuvenate 2021 Edition 4

The Beauty of Rejuvenate 2021 Edition 4

Short video of our presentation

One of, if not the best interview, engagements, sharing,
celebrations and discussion Aida and I have ever had as
educators, speakers, organizers and servants of our
local, national and global community.
Thank you Andrew for your hard works, focus on community
and asking the hard questions that need to be asked
to prepare youth, teens and young adults in Malaysia
and around the globe for their service of leadership.
Looking forward to working with you again.

Full video of the event…

Aida Correa-Jackson – LoveBuilt Life, LLC
William Jackson, M.Ed. – My Quest to Teach
Speaking in Malaysia virtually


African Christian Schools Receives First Ever Technology Courses

African Christian Schools Receives First Ever Technology Courses

Sharing information about the first ever technology and
social media courses provided by William Jackson of
My Quest to Teach to African Christian Schools of the
Church of Christ in Nigeria, Africa.
This 8 week course was a wonderful way to engage
with ministers that either do not have a social presence
or desired new ideas and strategies to grow their
online ministries.
Thank you to the administration and the supporters of
this wonderful works and the blessings from Christ for
the knowledge to share with my brothers and sisters
in Christ.
Teaching courses that empower and educate ministers,
evangelists, disciples, and those in leadership on the
power and influence to social sites and social engagements.
The 8 week course provided information, resources,
engagement and conversation of how technology, social
media influences in evangelism, discipleship and biblical
If your interested in similar classes for your Ministry,
Conferences, Lectureships or even for youth, teens and
young adults contact me about the curriculum, affordable
pricing and date/time for your class.


TLAM PodCast 2021

TLAM PodCast 2021
As a Podder (Podcaster) I’m happy to share with my students
the excitement and learning and fun of Podding.
Twin Lakes Academy Middle School
is part of the Duval County Public School System
in Jacksonville, Florida.
Myself and Ms. Canepa are the sponsors
of the TLAM Newspaper Club and the
TLAM Podcasting Club.
Podcasting on the Anchor platform and sharing
what is going on at the school each Wednesday
except on early release days or holidays.
Our Podcast is located at
Check us out and let us know what you think.


William and Aida are Ford Connect Bloggers

William and Aida are Ford Connect Bloggers

Aida and I are Ford Connect Bloggers
The Excitement of Being a FORDVIP Blogger
Enjoying the journey, the opportunity and
the sharing of content that shows the
community engagement, support of businesses
in communities and collaborations of Ford
and the Southern Ford Dealerships.

Ford Bloggers William and Aida
Ford Bloggers William and Aida

#FordVIP #ConnectFord #FordStrong
#FordBloggers #FordVIPBloggers

African Christian Schools and One Africa Forum

African Christian Schools
and One Africa Forum

African Christain Schools

I’m building a curriculum that embraces
technology and ministry, allows
the vision and purpose of ministry to
be expanded to areas that have not
been thought of ever before.
Ministries use technology, they may not
understand the influence technology can have.

Allowing the range of their reach to
be extended. Sharing of faith is not
throwing scripture at people,
sharing our daily challenges and relying
on our faith to get us through the challenges
we face.
African Christian Schools is supporting and participating.

“The Blending of Ministry and
Digital Technologies with Social Media”
William Jackson, M.Ed.
My Quest To Teach and Digital Evangelism
what a great virtual learning environment to
share the glory of Christ and how our faith
and content extends to ministry and the
applicaiton of social media.

If there are ministries that are interested
in having their congregations or
ministerial staff / leadership taking
classes that are based in Africa
please reach out to connect.

Email for more information to
schedule classes and pricing.

Thanks African Christian School
and One Africa Forum

#AfricanChristianSchools #DigitalMinistry #DigitalEvangelism
#ChurchofChrist #AD33 #MyQuesttoTeach