Supporting Education During a Pandemic in Jacksonville

Back To School Jamboree
Drive UP Back to School Jamboree
Drive UP Back to School Jamboree


Supporting Education During a Pandemic in Jacksonville
William Jackson, M.Ed.

The pandemic has proven that it does take a village
to raise and educate a community. All children
deserve equal access to resources that promote and
encourage education and success.

Businesses, entrepreneurs, mom and dad preneurs,
businesses small, medium and large can help educate
youth, teens and young adults in the school system
across this city by providing resources to help students
learn online and offline.

Businesses are worrying about how their Brands look,
how their Branding is perceived and how their Marketing
strategies can be applied to the public during the pandemic.
Businesses are forgetting that the best ways to support and
provide security and build for the future is through education.
The equal education of all children no matter their zip code
or geographic location within Jacksonville, Florida.

The pandemic has shown that businesses small, medium
and large and even corporations within our city should take
responsibility to help education as a humanitarian effort to
bring positive change and build towards the future.
To provide the necessary resources so students can learn
and grow. Businesses should care how education is provided,
adapted, modified and transformed because the students
of today are the employees and customers of tomorrow.
If students in school today cannot find jobs in the future they
will not be the consumers this or any other city will need to
buy products and services.

Too many businesses are only looking at the here and now,
not the future that will either bring people that can buy their
products or people that will not be able to afford their products
because they do not have the necessary education to apply
for well-paying jobs that allow them to buy cars, shop for food
and other human necessities, to pay for utilities and pay taxes
that are required to run a city.

Families are struggling now because of the pandemic what of
those not able to receive an education to prepare them for
the future as consumers?
Florida Blue is a great role model in supporting education and
more businesses should follow their lead. Businesses that do
not invest in education on any scale creates the impression
that theirs is not a humanitarian relationship nor are children
a priority. Businesses that do not support education shows
that education is not valuable and worth investing in.
Remaining on the sidelines of only caring for profits, the
will of those sitting on boards and the bottom line of

The mindset must change because nations globally will
have to recover financially and the way create a solid
growth is to educate youth, teens and young adults. It is
beyond politics and political association and affiliation.
What better way to bring visibility to a business no matter
what size to support education in multiple ways. There is a
need for collaboration,  cooperation and transformation that
can support equal learning, equitability to resources and
opportunities to prepare each generation to be prepared to
take the lead in solving problems that may arise.
There are thousands of students across grade levels that
are without laptops, desktops and other devices to gain an

Community support efforts like “Drive Up Back to School
Jamboree” provides needed resources and is a great model
for helping thousands of students and their parents.
Providing school resources and food, this “village concept”
or holistic approach feeds the mind, body and inspires the
soul with hope.

The pandemic, racial unrest, police killings, global climate
changes and other social instabilities are creating mental
challenges that affect the mind, body and soul.

Community partnerships, collaborations and joint ventures
do matter if the effort, will and passion are right with student
success and growth beyond just testing students.
Student’s hearts and minds must be provided for  the
betterment of neighborhoods, communities and all of

As a teacher of 33 years, now more than ever Jacksonville
must come closer together to help families, communities, and
neighborhoods to grow beyond the current challenges and
prepare for a better future after the pandemic.

Great appreciation to Geraldine Ford of ALPGA Starz, Inc.
for her efforts to bring blessings to the students attending
Duval County Public Schools with the “Drive-Up” Back 2 School
Jamboree. Thanks to the youth, teens and young adults and
their parents for volunteering that weekend to help in sharing
food and schools supplies.

Taken from Geraldine Ford Facebook page with appreciation to
all that helped, edited for space…

“I personally would like to thank everyone who donated, supported
ALPHA Starz, Inc. Annual Back 2 School “Drive-Up” Jamboree.
My heart is overflowing. I am calling out everyone who made this
event possible. First I would like to thank God for allowing me
to have so many precious friends and family who always help.
Special thank you to my daughter Toni for believing in her mom.
My granddaughter Taylor aka Astronaut Starbright who reached
out to her Facebook family, my daughter Karla Mack who
volunteered on Friday even though she had to work (she’s an
Essential Worker in the Healthcare Field), Gabriella White and
her mom LaToya.

Corporate Sponsor Steve Davis, C&ES Consultants even came
out with his amazing wife and staff Dara Davis.
Mincy Pollock, Florida Blue, Steve Williams, Harbinger Signs,
Paul Tutwiler, NJCDC, Sheila Williams, JHA, Chiquita Moore,
Glendora McCargo, Jax Gents, Reylius Wonderfulcounselor,
Michael Hardemon, 40 & Older Club, Kalihah Hall, Daphne Colbert,
Nikki Evans, Tiz Onstead, Mackenzie Connor, Taryn Roberts,
Lucy Pearson donated and volunteered, Council members JuCoby
Pittman, Terrance Freeman, Reggie Gaffney, Gwen Nmezi,
Genia Northington, Shirley Murphy, JHA Staff, William Jackson of
Let The Bible Speak TV, Bernie Hamilton, Tia Jones Reed, my
JSO always come thru Octavia Felder Baker, Shirley Johnson and
the Gooch, Emma Holt ( Farm Share), grandchildren Quaneshia,
Qualea, Darius aka Debo, my ride or die my best friend, life partner
and husband Al.

Thank you to my First Coast News Sports guy and son Chris Porter
a true community advocate. Thank you all to those individuals far and
near that donated supplies via Amazon.

God Bless each of you. Another successful event.”


More Than Just A Physical Education Teacher

William Jackson, M.Ed.

More Than Just A Physical Education Teacher

William Jackson, educator, speaker, volunteer
William Jackson, educator, speaker, volunteer

Sharing my digital journeys over the past several years
as a professional educator, business owner, community
servant and member of the Body of Christ.

I have always had a passion for teaching physical education
which I have a Bachelors degree from South Carolina State
University and a passion for teaching STREAM with Aida Correa.
I have a Masters degree in Educational Technology from
Webster University that empowers me to teach not just in
pubic education also in higher education and as a business
consultant and trainer for the community.

Each educational experience and accomplishment allows for
growth in my abilities to teach, create transformative content
for the participation of youth, teens and young adults. To help
empower generations to grab education and embrace
education to fulfill their dreams and aspirations.

William Jackson and Aida Correa
William Jackson and Aida Correa

Aida and I providing free community educational classes, courses and opportunities to empower and inspire youth in the community. To teach
them digital and tech skills that will prepare them after their educational requirements. Being able to blend the two academic curriculum has been a blessing and at times a challenge.

Over 33 years of professional educational service in different communities and in different countries helps to expand knowledge that prepares youth, teens and young adults in school and in the community. Sharing several Podcasts that are phenomenal resources as Podcasts that are national and international.

Listen to “Completely Booked”
Jacksonville Public Library
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Reading Advocate,  Educational Professional,
Social Media Consultant, WordCamp and KidsCamp everything.

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STEAM and philosophy about education.

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William Jackson’s presentations
“How To Be Dope On Social Media”
and “Social Media and the Value
of Diversity and Cultural Connections.”


Let The Bible Speak TV
Let The Bible Speak TV

Listen to “Let The Bible Speak TV,”  Jos, Nigeria
Church of Christ – Teaching, Evangelism, Ministry and Discipleship

William Jackson Hero Panel WordCamp PHX
William Jackson Hero Panel WordCamp PHX


One Nation Under Corona 

Create My Voice

One Nation Under Corona
William Jackson, M.Ed. #MyQuesttoTeach #MQTT
Blogging on:
Church of Christ and Social Media
Africa On The Blog
Teaching on Let The Bible Speak

William Jackson, M.Ed.
William Jackson, M.Ed.

*******The views expressed in this blog are the opinions of the
author only.

We are once again united against a common enemy. This
enemy is not just local crime, this enemy is not just
neighborhood trash issue, this enemy is not a city problems
with taxes and this enemy is not  a national enemy of the
lack of jobs or other social challenges.

This enemy is not drug abuse, this enemy is not human
trafficking and this enemy is not equality of education
and social justice. This enemy is not white, Black, Asian,
Hispanic, African, Australian, or any other nationality.
This enemy does not need nuclear weapons to kill millions
it is that devious and dangerous.

This enemy is global in portions, we cannot call on the
military because their bullets, bombs, missiles, planes, tanks,
ships and guns have no power against it.  We cannot call on
the police to arrest it, we cannot call on Congress nor the House
to pass laws against it. We cannot call a lawyer to argue against
it and we cannot call on judges to sentence it into imprisonment.

We cannot call on the leadership of this nation because they
seem to worried about their own hold on to political power and
how they look to the world. We cannot call on the leadership of
this nation because they seem more worried about billion dollar
corporations and a Wall street that the average hard working
American cannot even walk down.

A Wall street that seems to ignore starving children, a Wall
street that seems to have no heart for homeless children and
families. They seem not to care about single mothers and
single  fathers that are struggling  to feed their children.

They appear do not care about the elderly that have worked
30 t0 40 years in one job and when they retire Wall street comes
crashing down on them and takes their life savings that they put
away to live their senior lives for an American dreams that is a lie.

The leadership of this nation seems to enjoy having states and
Governor’s fight over limited resources and the leadership of this
nation wants recognition for seeming to do their job, but will fire
people for doing jobs to save lives and protect this nation at the
sacrifice of their own lives as soldiers are trained to do, but for
a worthy and honorable cause.

The leaders do not pray to God first, they do now ask the Lord
for wisdom, they do not seek peace even in peaceful times,
they do not aspire to be global leaders in the areas of tolerance,
hope, humanity and love. If this nation is based on Christian
ideas then what Christ are they following?

one nation
one nation

This nation is “One Nation Under Corona Virus,” but it seems
that the leadership of this as nation is more concerned with their
safety than the men and women that serve in the nation’s
military,  are in this nations classrooms and are this nation’s first
line of defense the men and women of medical professionals.

Psalms 33:8 Matthew 14:22 and 23
Taken from scripture the importance of prayer and obedience,
for the Lord to teach us to pray, teach us to evangelize and teach
us the way. The world in so many ways is lost and needs to be
refocused, but the leadership is one that is teaching us to disrespect
each other, to hate each other.
“This nation does not have a racism problem it has a sin problem.
” S. M. Lockridge.

Minister SM Lockridge
Minister SM Lockridge

This nation has awesome wealth that people can buy what they want,
but we have depressing poverty where children are sleeping in allies,
in abandoned homes, in cars and house by house with family and
friends. We have so many opportunities to get an education, but too
many cannot afford to go to school because of student debt that
enslaves them even with a degree.

We have access to technology that will entertain us with the pleasures
of our hearts and minds, but cannot think to solve social, environmental
and cultural challenges. We have so much, but we have so little
when it comes to the humanity of the human race. Corona I hope
is teaching this nation and the world to respect and honor all life.
The have and the have nots, the educated and un-educated. Every
little boy and every little girls deserves to be feed, deserves to be
loved and deserves to be educated.

We have ignored the rumblings of wars and rumors of wars,
we chastise those that talk about Christ returning, we celebrate
movies, television shows that embrace death, killing, raping,
molestation, magic, evil, and having sex with men, women, boys
and girls.

We watch with great attention when profanity is being used, but
when our children watch wholesome programs that teach peace,
love they neighbor, embracing Christ, celebrating nature, be kind
to your brothers and sisters and help the homeless we want to
change the channels and tell our kids not to watch that and then
wonder why our children are so violent, rebellious and do not
honor their mothers, fathers, grandparents and societies laws.

We enjoy flirting with disaster, we take pleasure in crushing
people that are struggling and we love to put our thumbs on
people that speak with an accent and then blame them for our
own problems. We allow our leaders to imprison children that
speak a different language or worship a different religion, but
forget past World Wars and want to call others that have
done the same as we do barbarians, savages anti-Christ and

All we need to do is look in the mirror of humanity and see
what the reflection is to see that we, each of us that does
not do anything to help anyone is part of the problem not
part of the solution.

We are a global economy and we have not learned
to live with each other. We have not learned our
differences make our humanity stronger, our differences
embrace diversity and a seat at the table is available for
everyone not just one color.

There have been other viruses in other times, but we
should have learned lessons from those. We should have
learned about helping your neighbors no matter where
they are around the world or around the corner.

We should have learned that women, children the
elderly come first to preserve what is valuable, not
throw them on the streets leaving them homeless as
some corporations are doing even before the Corona
Virus. Our utility corporations make billions of dollars,
but cannot give families a 3 or 6 month break to get
back on their feet with their jobs or new employment.

Our government cannot see to treat our veterans
with respect by testing them all, because if an enemy is
to attack now we may not be able to stop them because
too many of our troops are growing sick. Instead of
trusting in creating opportunities for death how about
creating opportunities for peace, cooperation and

one nation

We are supposed to be “One Nation Under God,”
but when you look at it with a microscope we seem
to be “One Nation Under Dollars.”  Our economy may
be robust, but why are children hungry, why do they
have to struggle with health care and why are they
in schools falling apart?

Christ taught us a valuable lesson when he fed 5,000
he did not ask the color of those hungry, he did not
ask their gender, he did not ask for their educational status,
he did not ask who was in the house or what language
they spoke he just said feed them.

A true leader looks out for everyone, no matter educational
status, economic status, political affiliation and even color
of their skin. We have forgotten that we are all in this together
no matter how high in office we perceive ourselves to be
the Lord does not see any of that.  He is not respective of
anyone’s titles and any office or level of what we think is important.

The Lord has told us through signs and wonders to get our
lives together, to love one another and love they brother
and thy sister as  you love yourself. What has been seen by
the leadership of this nation, our leaders must not love
themselves because they seem not to care or worry about others.
When leaders call others under them stupid, when they make
others compete for needed resources that can save lives, and
when they see others struggling under their leadership. Instead
of continuing offering help, encouragement and compassion
when they see the ones they are leading struggling they threaten,
demean and make them feel small and un-necessary.

The Lord our God is telling each and every-one of us to open our
hearts and declare the glory of God. To walk the path of Christ
and to apply scriptures. If our leaders are not faithful the people
will perish from not calling on the Lord. If our leaders are not
compassionate with others the people will parish with fire,
disease and pestilence.

There was a time when this nation enjoyed helping the world,
this nation took pride in sending not troops, but relief
workers, engineers, doctors, scientist and educators to make
the world a better place. Now this nation sends drones with
missiles, bombs and lasers to kill and imprisons innocent
children and potentially experiments on them.

This nation took in the lost, the homeless, the poor, the
unwanted and they educated them, lifted them up and
helped them find Christ through love, respect and patience.
The Corona Virus may just be the continuation of the Lord’s
unhappy feelings about where we as humans are going.

There have been earthquakes, continental fires, volcanoes,
blizzards, diseases, drought pestilence and now Corona,
does the Lord have your attention now or do we need to see
locust (oh yeah they were here too), think about it, don’t just
sit in your homes and read the Bible pray first, seek God face
and the Holy Spirit to enlighten you to the ways you should
go. Don’t wait on others, because if you follow the crowd they
may lead you to your death and destruction.


The title of this blog is:
One Nation Under Corona  we have so much, but have so little
in humanity and compassion. What will it take for us to
change. It took the Hebrews 40  years walking in a circle
to finally get their attention. What will it take America to
wake up that God is calling this nation to do better, to
help all its people and generations to come.

The Diversity and Influence of Latinx Content Creators

Aida Correa 2019

The Diversity and Influence of Latinx Content Creators
William Jackson,  M.Ed. #MyQuestToTeach

Latinx in Charge
Latinx in Charge

The growing Latinx community in Northeast Florida has
begun to come into its own in political, economic,
educational and societal influences. Gaining access to
increased technological platforms, tools and Apps to
share the increased business interests on a global
foundation.  Latinx, Latina, Latino, Afro-Latinx are
making dynamic challenges in their local, national
and international communities.

Many men, women, boys and girls that are Latinx
like Aida Correa my finance’ which inspires this blog
are Involved in creating positive and productive
changes that are a needed influence to the cultural
diversity of Northeast Florida.

Jacksonville has open arms to encourage Latinx owners
of business and entrepreneurial passions to come to
Jacksonville and share their skills and talents. To build
Brands of diversity, inclusivity and influence.

William Aida Ericka
William Aida Ericka in Costa Rica 

Technology embraces diversity with the building of smart
creatives, digital innovators and artists. This blog is a
shout-out to the growing Latinx communities in Jacksonville.
Inspired by Aida Correa born in Brooklyn, New York and her
passions to build bridges of business, educational, cultural
and entrepreneurial collaborations that promote growth
and acceptance.

The growing accessibility of content creators is having
phenomenal growth and elevation for Latinx women.
Technology is a great force for leveling the fields of
educational access to cultural resources and for women
of diversity to connect and collaborate with each other.
It is common knowledge that when women are involved
in educational pursuits the village, neighborhood,
community and city benefits.

One of the greatest growths can be seen in the Latinx
community and their application of Social Media and
Tech in building their Brands and Marketing their services.
The fastest growing demographic of content creators and
entrepreneurs in online environments that are building
thought leaders, digital innovators and smart creatives
are Women of Color particularly Latinx.

Pura Vida Costa Rica
Pura Vida Costa Rica

The growth of women that have cultural backgrounds of
diversity are finding their voices and building collaborations
on social, economic, educational and global connections
that affect all aspect of their lives. Women of Latinx are being
recognized in the roles of Influencers and “Agents of Change.”
Women are changing the paradigm of intellectualism and
thought leadership because of their content. The growing
opportunities for leadership development and even influencing
economic elevation, tech has the power to change the world
of individuals and cultures.

“Content is King” (Bill Gates) and “Engagement is Queen.”
Women are great engagers, their conversations and
interactions are not just information based, but generational
because when you educate women you educate generational
communities that are seen in the Latinx community.
Because of this many that are non-Latinx become fearful
of the changes that will come.  Latinx communities are
building digital bridges to collaborate and share ideas,
resources, products and services. To grow their community
and educate their children to be future leaders and innovators.

Photos of KidsCamp participants
Photos of KidsCamp participants

Latinx communities is seeing the economic and educational
value of having the whole family attend technology conferences
Florida Blogging and Technology Conference
WordCamp and KidsCamp conferences that are held locally,
nationally and globally:
WordCamp Central

So strong is the influence to tech conferences that Latinx
women like Aida Correa are sought after to speak about
her journey in tech fields. Having spoken internationally
in Canada, Costa Rica, invited to speak in Central America
about the value of diversity, inclusivity, emerging digital
thought leadership and The Arts in Tech.

Latinx Future
Latinx Future

The knowledge is passed down and that knowledge to real
life situations is taught, knowledge is not powerful, applied
knowledge is powerful and changing when it is applied.
Diversity of content creation provides a visual that extends
beyond a person to embrace learning and expansion of
intellectualism. The thought processes of today are changing
because we are a thinking society that has merged from
manual labor.

Women are transporters and engagers of information. Latinx
content creators like Aida Correa, LoveBuilt Life, LLC
#LoveBuiltLife on
WordPress TV, are changing the digital landscapes of Social
Media, business ownership, web development, blogging and
speaking  at conferences.

Lidia Arroy @lidarroy, a computer engineer and web developer
in Costa Rica, Central America and Ericka Barboza @Pastelitocr
also a web developer are part of a global network of Latinx women
in technology. LAtINiTY @LatinityConf –
The Latin America Women in Technology Conference brought to
you by Latinas in computing are literally changing the Latinx world
and its vision with careers in technology even for men and boys.

Web Development for all ages
Web Development for all ages

Aida Correa a speaker at WordCamp has spoken at multiple
conferences,  a sponsor of WordCamp in the national
and international levels. She is changing the paradigm of how
Women of Color, Latinx are thought of as business leaders,
owners, developers of intellectual thought and digital influence.
Aida is not alone because there are others growing and sharing
their knowledge. When they are noticed they should be promoted,
elevated and given a seat at the tables of technology businesses.

The engagement of Latinx women is growing and expanding as
girls and young women of color see content creators that look
like them, sound like them and are seen in their communities
engaged and involved. The more girls of color are seeing women
of color working to be successful this builds future women
business owners that starts the process of generational wealth
and financial / educational stability.

KidsCamp Costa Rica
KidsCamp Costa Rica

Where Latinx families are demanding that their children seek
advanced degrees, certifications and leadership roles in business
and industry. The media is not kind to the Latinx community,
political administrations are not being kind to the Latinx community.
So those in the Latinx communities are creating changes within
and outside.

Businesses understand the dynamics of the lack of women and
minorities, “tech companies across the nation have over and
over said they must do better, Blacks and Hispanics still remain
underrepresented in tech jobs by nearly 50 percent.” This information encourages,
Latinx to be their own bosses and create their own tech businesses
to make changes on their own terms and not having their ideas
stolen or copied by corporate giants.

KidsCamp in Costa Rica
KidsCamp in Costa Rica

Latinx women are influencing changes in technology quickly and quietly,
they are changing the perceptions that have been wrongly presented
by film, movies, television and mass media.  Latinx content creators
are changing the perceptions America and even the world. To expand
their growth women must continue to evolve and expand their knowledge,
their exposure, their access and their environments to participate and
contribute in the area of technology and even STEM, STEAM, STREAM.

Aida Correa 2019
Aida Correa 2019

Community activist, blogger, actor, poet, spoken word artist like
Ms. Correa are changing the mind-sets of communities like  Jacksonville.
Providing workshops in Art and STREAM that are attended by youth,
teens and young adults. Latinx women are expanding their
influence to show that cultural diversity in communities are valuable
and beneficial to a community and city as a whole.

Each person brings knowledge, experience, skill-sets, resources and
energy to create affective and beneficial change that encourages
communities, cities, states and nations to grow united in strength.
Change is happening, the paradigm of a glass ceiling has been shattered
and destroyed. Latinx women with a passion in Tech, STEM, STREAM
and other areas are growing and making influences that are changing
the perceptions wrongly created by mass media, bias and racism.

To aid in the growth of diversity with women in technology requires
families to support girls in their dreams. To inspire them to look at
careers that match their passions, visions and intellectualism.  The
ability to influence minds is not hard when you can find that it
can make positive change. There needs to be a common goal of
growth, achievement, equality, equitability and providing everyone
a seat at the table that truly represents inclusivity and emerging
influence of the Latinx community.
Resources for girls and women to be engaged in technology.

Aida Correa – LoveBuilt Life – Jacksonville Florida
Ada’s List of Resources for Women
Check Tech
Girls Who Code
Women In Tech
11 Latinas in Technology
Latinas in Tech
Inspiring Women In Tech
Latina Girls Code
Latinas in STEM

The National Revival Conference – Churches of Christ

National Revival Church of Christ
National Revival Church of Christ
National Revival Church of Christ

Sharing The National Revival Conference hosted by the Churches of Christ
on YouTube featuring Evang. Willie B. Williams III
North Colony Church of Christ
Colony, Texas
2nd Chronicles 20:1-4
Video link….. 

#revival2020coc #churchofChrist #ministry #scripture #Christ #JesusChrist

This is also being shared on the other sites I manage that have global
impacts and influences. Broadcast in Africa and around the world.
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