TLAM Students Developing Black History Month NFTs

TLAM Students Developing Black History Month NFTs
Honoring Black History Month is a tradition filled
with parades, breakfast events, luncheons, dinners,
and social celebrations in honoring men, women,
boys, and girls throughout history.

BHM 2022 is experiencing a change because of the
advancements of digital tools and platforms. The
Metaverse, NFTs and other advancing tech is giving
rise to digital expressions of celebration and
honoring those of the past.

Twin Lakes Academy STEAM students have built some
amazing digital NFTs in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,
Wendell Scott, the first Black man to win a sanctioned
NASCAR event and creating amazing digital NFT business
cards to start the process of business ownership and

Students will be using these digital skills and more in
the future as business owners and entrepreneurs.
These project-based learning opportunities represent
the value of project based learning and engagement
in digital environments that students must be able to
travel through, build, create and manage as the

Metaverse and Web 3.0 environments are created.
The values that STEM, STEAM and STREAM have in
connecting with the future of the Metaverse, NFTs
and Web 3.0, NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) shows the
importance of The Arts and Artistic Expression as it
relates to technology.

The use in learning concepts of Design and Modeling
builds perspectives on digital and real options for
employment and preparation for life in a growing
digital age. Teachers must also adapt and be ready
to teach digital students not with antique models
of instruction, but models that incorporate digital

As STEAM Educators and Advocates for STEAM Learning
my wife and I are very proud of the students and their
successes and the continued growth and development
they are showing. Continued learning means that they
will meet with success, advancement in digital careers
and not be left behind as the world changes and embraces
technology that will increase the engagement of humans,
digital spaces, robotics, and digital currencies.

Presented below are works that students have
created  in the STEAM classes

Digital Jobs Globally
Digital Jobs Globally

Celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
NFTs created by 6th, 7th and 8th grade students
 at Twin Lake Academy Middle School

TLAM First Period MLK NFT Project

TLAM Second Period MLK NFT Project

TLAM Third Period MLK NFT Project

TLAM Fourth Period MLK NFT Project

TLAM Sixth Period MLK NFT Project

TLAM Seventh Period MLK NFT Project

Business Card Digital NFTs created by
6th, 7th and 8th grade students

First Period Business Cards 2022

Second Period Business Cards

Third Period Business Cards 2022

Fourth Period Business Cards

Sixth Period NFT Business Cards

Seventh Period NFTs Business Cards 2022

“Education is our passport to the future,
 tomorrow belongs to the people who
prepare for it today.” Malcolm X

Inviting Africans Across the Continent and Diaspora to Celebrate Africa Day 2022

Inviting Africans Across the Continent and Diaspora to Celebrate Africa Day 2022
Prof. William Jackson and Amb. Edoseghe Prince Erhahon

ONE AFRICA FORUM is Inviting Africans Across the Continent and Diaspora to unify to celebrate Africa Day 2022 with a writing contest. Writing is still one of the most influential forms of communication and connection humans share globally. Even during these digital times emails have quickly passed billions sent and received each day.
The electronic mail (or simply email) was invented by Ray Tomlinson in the 1960s, and as technology has grown so has the ability to send and receive email. It is estimated that over 300.5 billion emails are sent and received each day. The access to email is free with Gmail having 1.8 billion accounts globally. Interesting enough with mobile communication being easily accessible 53%
of all emails are mobile using smartphones.
Voice is the first, writing comes in many forms and fashions. Early writing was hand drawn artwork that told a story, sharing dreams, events and historical happenings.
Early writings can be seen in caves globally as man started to tell his/her story of family, friends, discoveries, creativity, and innovation. Email for personal use and digital marketing to reach the African customer has been gaining in popularity as more and more businesses look to expand in the African markets that are applying more technologies.
The building of African digital infrastructures, satellite access and growing
and stable Wifi is happening quickly. Many Africans do not know there is already an  African continent digital fiber line that provides high speed access
around Africa that is available. YouTube video of African interent access

One Africa Forum brings to the continent a “Continental Essay Writing
Application for entries into the “Continental Essay Writing
Competition” is currently open for young Africans under the age of 35.
On 25 May 1963, Africa made history with the foundation of the Organization
of African Unity (OAU) the precursor to the African Union (AU). Africa Day is
intended to celebrate and acknowledge the successes of the Organization of
African Unity (OAU now the AU) from its creation on May 25, 1963, in the fight against colonialism and apartheid.
Looking at the progress that Africa has made while reflecting upon the
common challenges that the continent faces in a global environment and
global economy. The annual commemoration of Africa Day marks the
founding of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) in 1963.
The official Unity Day Africa Day 2022
This celebration is to bring recognition to the unity, cooperation and
collaborations to build Africa into a global economic influencer by its
own terms and conditions, to end colonialism, apartied permanently,
and build peace and cooperation to meet the needs of all African people
on the continent of Africa without relying on outside help.

Essay Topic
1. Critically evaluate the role of the rule of law in the pursuit of Africa’s
economic and political stability in last six decades.
Substantiate your answers with relevant case materials

Continental Essay Writing Competition
Application for entries into the Continental Essay Writing Competition is
currently open for young Africans under the age of 35.

All entries must be sent to the email:
– Entry for this competition closes on Tuesday 24 May 2022 at
18:00 hours GMT+2.
– Winners will be announced during the African Youth Summit
– A Certificate of award will be issued to the top 3 winners
– Winners will published on our website and their photos on a site to recognize their accomplishments.
– Recommendation in the essays will be included in the final
draft of One Africa Forum proposal to the AU ahead of 60th Africa
day celebration in 2023 as the “The Africa we want”
– Winners will automatically get free registration to the African Youth
Conference hosting in South Africa in December 2022
Any questions can be directed to Amb. Edoseghe Prince Erhahon
Leader and Visioner,, (+) 27 61 603 4705
This competition is sponsored by William Jackson of My Quest To Teach

Multilingualism Around the Globe

Multilingualism Around the Globe
STEAM Education and Learning
International Day of Multilingualism Celebration


My Quest To Teach
My Quest To Teach

How can STEAM Education & Learning connect with
Multilingualism Around the Globe?

Sharing our lives with global connections in STEAM
Learning that connects and binds global collaboration
through sharing knowledge and experiences. Cross
curriculum and cross cultural experiences helps to
bind people of diverse backgrounds and cultures
together. This builds respect, understanding and

How to connect and grow sharing where we are, what
we do, how we live and the Earth connections we share.
Answering questions with multilingualism in mind
in a fun and connected way and just a little competition
to help move things forward.

Answer these questions in your native language spoken
and written and let’s see if we share similar interpretations
and meanings.

William and Aida Jackson of The XSTREAM Team
providing some fun and innovative ways to share STEAM
and Learning.

1. What country are you in?
2. What city are you in?
3. What county if available are you in? Can you sing it?
4. What continent are you on?
5. Name the 7 continents in your language.

  1. Name the 3 countries of North America?
    7. Name 3 countries of South America?
    8 What is the largest body of water on the planet?
    9. What body of water is called the Pond?
    10. What body of water flows North on the continent
    of Africa?
  2. Do you know your nations national flower,
    animal, color?
    12. When is your nations independence celebrated –
    month and date and whom is it independent from?13. If you could meet anyone in history, who would it
    be and why?
    14. Where is the International Space Station?
    15. Is there a different name or definition for Space
    in your language.16. How many MPH does the ISS travel around the world?
    17. If you could, what planet would you like it to orbit and why.
    18. What type of air rises? In your native language how do
    you say this?
    19. How many miles or km are we from the sun?
    20. How long does it take for light from the sun to travel to earth?
    What is the Goldielocks Zone?
  3. How many planets do we have in our solar system?
    22. What is the name of the red planet?
    23. What is the coldest planet in our solar system?
    24. What is the largest planet in our solar system?
    25. What planet has the most rings in our solar system?
    What planet is a Mickey Mouse planet.26. What planet has the largest hurricane?
    27. What planet is named after the Roman god of war?
    28. What planet is named after the Roman god of the sea?
    29. What do the letters STEM represent?
    30. What do the letters STEAM represent?31. What do the letters STREAM represent?
    32. What woman went into space first, where was she from?
    33. What Black woman went into space first, where was she
    34. What is the first planet man has walked on?
    35. Is Africa a country or continent?
    How many countries make up Africa?

    36. What ocean is the Marianas Trench in?
    37. Who is ROY G BIV and why is he famous?
    38. Why is the sky blue?
    39. What are the 4 general seasons?
    40. How do you say peace and love in your language?

    Mr. Demio Videos
    Live International Space Station
    Kids Health
    Follow the International Space Station

Liberation of the Mind with Ministry and Technology

Liberation Podcast
Discussion on how technology, Metaverse, Altspace VR and digital spaces are shaping and molding digital evangelism.

Liberation of the Mind with Ministry and Technology
Presenting William and Aida Jackson sharing
their thoughts on ministry, education, faith,
technology, the metaverse and church on the

#Liberation presents William & Aida Jackson of
San Jose Church of Christ, Jax FL
Our Brands: My Quest to Teach (William)
LoveBuilt Life (Aida)
These educators talk to us about faith, education & different
ways of spreading the gospel through technology

Listen now through the Facebook mobile app or 

Twin Lakes Academy Middle School Students Are STEAMING

Twin Lakes Academy Middle School Students Are STEAMING
William Jackson, STEAM Educator
Brand: My Quest to Teach

Students at Twin Lakes Academy Middle School are learning
how their future career choices will be influenced by
the continued commercialization of Space. The growth and
collaboration of SPACEX, NASA, Blue Origin and other
companies are providing new career choices that require
new skills that were not needed just 5 years ago.
The internet, metaverse and Web 3.0 has changed how
students will be educated, access to digital tools that are
increasingly interactive, intuitive, engaging and involved.
Education is slowly adapting to the needs of digital worlds
and parents should be keeping track of the future
employability of their children. Career choices are not
based just on gaming and entertainment, students need
coding, programming, creativity training, critical thinking,
The Arts as a solid foundation for learning.
Schools that do not have dedicated STEAM Education and
Art Education programs are putting their students at risk of
not preparing them for digital careers that require these skills.
Technology is allowing more of our youth, teens and young
adults phenomenal growth potentials as digital leaders,
digital creatives and digital innovators. The growth of
Block Chain, NFTs, and the Metaverse are challenging how
education will prepare the future workforce.
We are transforming into a society of thought leaders,
digital collaboration and a digital artistic renaissance that will
shape how we explore the planets, the oceans, and seas and
even face global climate changes.
Duval County Public Schools is doing phenomenal works and
should continue to grow its partnerships with space agencies
like NASA, SPACEX and others so students can go forth to the
next level of learning and careers.
The collaboration of STEAM Education and STEAM Learning is
needed to excite students to apply new learning and extend
their visions to the future, into outer and inner space environments.
New digital tools like digital newspapers, podcasts, video
productions should be provided to students in elementary,
middle and high schools. Preparation is key to student growth
and successes. I have been a part of studios in elementary
schools and now middle school where students are learning
so much that they appreciate the experiences that will follow
them a lifetime of careers.

TLAM has a newspaper and podcast club that the community
is invited to view. They are sponsored by Ms. Canepa and
Mr. Jackson, both teachers at TLAM and digital content creators.
New teachers must have diverse technology skills to inspire and
educate the next digital entrepreneurs in their students.
If teachers lack computer skills students respect for educators
will diminish and teachers will be seen as “old folks’ that
are not worth listening to and not with the times we are
in with technology.

TLAM Newspaper –
TLAM Podcast –
Take Flight with Your Innovation and Creativity in STEAM