“What Does the Metaverse Mean for the Future of WordPress?”


“What Does the Metaverse Mean for the Future of WordPress?”

William Jackson, M.Ed. My Quest To Teach
Web https://myquesttoteach.com/
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The changes in technology and the demands for continued
education and applied learning of the Metaverse, Infiniverse
and Immersive Technologies will grow in its influence in how
WordPress will move forward in Web 3 Metaverse engagements.

Web development is changing, and WordPress must be able to
pivot and adapt to the growing changes and adaptations in
creating content. The problem of integrating technologies is
to make it seamless and how it can be beneficial to the
developers, programmers, coders, graphic designers, artists
and more. The solutions are adapting to immersive environments
with education and being involved in the Metaverse connecting
to those with the passion of creativity and innovation.

Digital environments are becoming the norm, business and
education are being influenced by people that are creative and
innovative. The Metaverse is not just for gaming, there are
creative opportunities, digital learning experiences,
collaborations being conducted daily. The Oculus, no matter
what type is standard equipment for so many people today
and growing in future use.

WordPress is being influenced because of it’s digital presence
and connections to evolving technologies of content creation.
Even Mr. Mullenweg, the co-founder of WordPress admits the
influences to come. How WordPress will be influenced, and
influencing the purposes of more immersive sites.
Matt Mullenweg, stated one day there will be a merging of the
two but not soon; in this exchange Matt is speaking with
William Jackson of My Quest To Teach about the evolutions
and scaling of digital environments

As an educator of 33 years in public education, professor in
higher education and a past NASA instructor. I have viewed
and participated in multiple events where the web as we know
it has changed and continues to change. Creating several
immersive sites the most recent for WordCamp Jinja in Uganda,
Africa, where my company created several Spatial Galleries
to show the influence of immersive environments at WordCamp

WordCamp Jinja

The take-aways for the community are to be ready to pivot from
static and traditional web designs to Web 3 and immersive
sites that embed and incorporate Web 3 technologies. The
development of Web 3 immersive technologies can be seen as
far back as 5 years but did not expand as it has done in the last 2 years.
The value base has risen as more and more people understand and
appreciate what can be created and integrated across digital platforms.

Several WordCamps WordCamp CR in San Jose, Costa Rica, WordCamp Y’all and WordCamp Entebbe, Uganda, Africa are experiencing increased numbers of speakers and workshops related to Immersive Technologies. Using the platform Spatial.io to build and incorporate digital tools.

Being a part of the WordPress community since 2010 and seeing
the shifts, transitions, adaptations, and pivots of technology, it is
important that the WP community see the changes to come and
adapts to how it will influence the careers of developers,
coders, and content creators.

As an educator people need to understand there is a blending of
the two, the benefits and challenges to come as content becomes
immersive and increasingly engaging. Where avatars are us and we
are digital representations of ourselves.

A key consideration is the inclusion of diversity of gender, culture,
and generation. The changes in tech make it important that the
acceptance of diverse voices are heard, understood, respected and
embraced for humanity and our continued ability to coexist in an
ever changing and digital world.

Speaking at multiple WordCamp conferences since 2017 I share
discussions on how the human voice is important and the influences
of new technologies to come. Using Create My Voice with voice
protocols to have my blog read through Alexa and Google.
Changes are here and continue to scale.


I thank my WordPress community for their support, encouragement,
vision, voices and building a beautiful network of similar mind-sets
and goals. “Code is Poetry,” and “Content is King / Engagement is Queen” should be understood and appreciated. The application of mind-sets
and visions for adaptation and even revolution are coming.
As a Spatial Developer providing Spatial Galleries on the Metaverse
to WordCamp conferences, this provides a different and futurist
vision to technology conferences. WordPress will gradually adapt,
change, revolutionize, pivot and grow because of immersive

WordCamp Entebbe Uganda Africa

WordCamp Jinja Uganda Africa

WordCamp CR Costa Rica Central America

WordCamp Sevilla Spain

The Metaverse & ChatGPT Opening Doors for Blacks and Hispanics to Compete Globally

The Metaverse & ChatGPT Opening Doors for Blacks and Hispanics to  Compete
William Jackson, M.Ed. Certified VR and STEAMM Educator
My Quest To Teach

Technology is providing increasing opportunities for Black and Hispanic
people to express themselves in ways never imagined, not just 10 years
ago the social media spectrum exploded. Blacks and Hispanics embraced
what they saw as a way to level the playing fields of inclusion, equality of
access and bridging the digital divide.

Blacks for years have been left out, neglected, disconnected, seen as
unprepared and not smart enough to embrace the changes in fields of
technology. Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 is providing new choices  to be dynamic
content creators and digital innovators. Black and Hispanics should be
running to embrace a tool that can move them forward in their thinking,
speaking and comprehension of language and its ability to move higher.
The two main applications ChatGPT and the Metaverse are phenomenal
tools that can build a mind-set of competitiveness, collaboration and unity.
These growing pieces of the technology pie are making transformative
changes a possibility.

Blacks and Hispanics once they understand the “language of their profession”
can no longer be denied and ignored. The Metaverse is providing multiple
ways for people of color to share their skills, talents and abilities in digital
environments in The Arts, Medicine, Innovation, Education and other areas
that are beneficial and supportive to build knowledge, connections, and

Even though there are thousands being laid off, this will show if people will
break-away with their skills, talents, abilities and faith to pivot into different
directions and different career choices.  The use of ChatGPT is an assistive
technology that brings the “how to” to Blacks “that don’t know.”
The growth of innovation spaces exponentially dominating the
discussions of Blacks and Hispanics because they are empowered,
educated, and inspired to sound like their counterparts. The tools now
put Blacks and Hispanic on the same levels in writing, comprehension,
critical thinking and judgements of creating content.

Blacks and Hispanics need to take advantage of new technologies
that allow for continued learning, changes in thinking and the management
of their time.

The push now is on for getting Black and Hispanic students active,
engaged in the metaverse, and applying ChatGPT for writing. Creating
digital content that is equal to if not superior than their white counter-parts.
I’m not advocating dissension, revolution, disobedience, I’m advocating for
the language and thinking development to grow so doors will open. Where
businesses cannot say that “their” spelling is incorrect, “their” grammar is
ghetto or sounds inappropriate.

I’m advocating for allowing assistive technologies like ChatGPT to build
the abilities of youth, teens and young adults to be able to write, speak,
and comprehend at new levels.

The Metaverse, Blockchain, NFT’s and other areas have opened
new areas for learning and new opportunities to build wealth,
influence, build personal brands and professional branding
opportunities. These benefit individuals that have the Artistic
spark, but not the access to resources to promote themselves.
The Metaverse can be that Artistic Gallery a young artist needs
to start a promising career, that fashion designer to build a
digital portfolio so millions have access, for the poets, and
spoken word artists to hold digital gathers where they are not
limited by distances and time zones.

Gaming is not the only areas for youth, teens, and young adults
to learn. As a STEAM Educator, I’m working to teach students
about skills that build critical thinking, higher order thinking skills,
how to be digital entrepreneurs and understand the value of
digital collaboration.

The use of augmenting of realities, virtual realities, and AI are
allowing Black and Hispanics to have the proper tone!!
People can celebrate the personal experiences and perspectives
each person can bring to the digital table of creativity, innovation,
exploration and discovery. Learning is NOT limited to the
classrooms where teachers maybe running from technology,
are not applying technology or to old to understand technology.

People of color know they can help create solutions that work better
for youth, teens and young adults that look like them, think like them
and importantly create like them. Using the access is able to build,
expand and allow for deeper collaborations.

The world of the metaverse does not care what color you are, what
gender you are, your religious preferences, educational levels, nor
what is in your bank account. Here you can own stuff; ideas, property,
Art, digital land and create your world. Whether you’re just starting
out in tech or you have the experience to lead, you’ll have work that
you can create that challenges you to be creative and innovative.
Building your creativity and innovative skills will drive your success
to build your community and support others that are around you
in your community.

There are potential collaborations, cooperation’s, that include
risk-taking and networking. The metaverse will require being part of
diverse communities. Your community that looks like you, that talks
like you, that acts like you and is willing to grow and is passionate
like you to provide services, resources, education and building
lives to be better and to grow.

Always have conversations where-ever you are.  A simple chat
and connection with someone might inspire a drastic change
in your career choice or collaborations for the future.
As a STEAMM Educator and involved in technology on multiple
levels in elementary, middle school and higher education I tell
my students don’t be afraid to take a risk, learn as much as
you can, make sure your collaborating and don’t wait for the
right opportunity to come to you. You go after it with excitement
and intelligence.

Be creative, be innovative and go after your dreams.
The Metaverse is calling Black people and people of color and
culture to show their innovation and creativity. Use ChatGPT
to get your writing started, create your Blog, define your Podcast,
start your strategies to be an entrepreneur.

Get your Metaverse and your ChatGPT on brothers and sisters!


Middle School Students Learn About Future Careers on the Metaverse


Middle School Students Learn About Future Careers on the Metaverse
William and Aida Jackson, VR Certified Educators and Advocates for STEAM+M Educational engagement on the Metaverse is teaching students about the career opportunities, building galleries, developing technology skills that help students learn. Along with the Metaverse is Podcasting and gaining experiences and knowledge to prepare for the future.

Students in middle schools across Jacksonville have been learning about future careers that the Metaverse will be offering. Using videos, open discussions, learning how the Arts are viable career options, role playing and using Oculus’s (digital headsets) William and Aida are taking students on educational and professional journeys that will change students’ visions for their future careers.

Students from Twin Lakes Middle, Dupont Middle, Charger Middle,
and Lakeshore Middle so far were treated to sessions of what
careers await them as the Metaverse influences education,
economics, and digital ecosystems.

Mrs. Jackson a certified VR educator with Victory XR shares
that students are playing Roblox and Minecraft they are
already experiencing some portions of the Metaverse.

That role playing in games (gamification) can teach
valuable skills for critical thinking, collaboration and
understanding how virtual worlds can work in the
real world. This will prepare them for the future as
critical thinkers and innovators.

Using the Oculus’s that are provided, brings students
deeper into immersive worlds and potential businesses,
career opportunities and how the Arts are important in
digital and virtual worlds. Mr. Jackson shares that
students must look at their choices for the future.

They can either be under-employed, un-employable or
left behind if they are not willing to learn digital skills
that are important. Coding, programming, robotics,
digital arts, gamification, storytelling are valuable
skills for the future. Even more so as the Metaverse
grows in influence and integration in the real world
and blending of virtual worlds.

William and Aida have been working collaboratively
with Lakeisha Posey, Program Director at Florida
State College of Jacksonville GEARUP Program,
and I’m A STAR Foundation.
Understanding the Metaverse contains digital lands made
by artists, coders, programmers and digital developers.
Digital lands can be created by anyone using software that
is free, accessible and capable of creating worlds where
there is no limit to what a person as an avatar can be done.

An avatar refers to a character that represents an online user.
People create their avatars that represent them in digital
worlds, the user can create anything in their imagination and
engage with others in Metaverse spaces, places and worlds
similar to real life experiences, but with increase mobility,
creativity and digital innovation. So influential is the Metaverse,
there are churches, stores,
schools and global businesses present.

Using the components of Science, Technology Engineering
Arts Math and now the explosion of the Metaverse have
increased influences in how students will be taught in the
future and how business will be run in digital environments.

Using platforms Altspace VR, Spatial, Engage and others,
students are shown that gaming is not the only way to potentially
make money, the ability to create lands, use the Arts to build
digital worlds for people to communicate and collaborate,
travel the world and experience digitally things students may
never be experienced to in person.

Students, with the help of their teachers can travel the world,
visiting far off nations safely, learn about space aboard the
International Space Station, deep dive in the Pacific Ocean,
climb the highest mountains, explore the deepest caves and
other wonderous things and not be in danger of  injury or harm.

Educational groups in Duval County Public Schools like
“The Ones, Black Male Collective,” and “Los Unos” have
Metaverse sites to promote Black & Latino Males in
Education and to share resources, mentoring and building
a career as a Black & Latino Male Educator.
There are so many opportunities for students and teachers
to have positive experiences, to be influenced and inspired
and gain future skills. The time is now to learn and be empowered
for middle school students across Jacksonville.

Students must take advantage of the benefits of learning new
and immerging technologies that are found on the
Metaverse, Web 3 and the Internet.

Video from Rance Adams for TLAM

Diverse Ways HBCU Students Can Benefit from ChatGPT

Diverse Ways HBCU Students Can Benefit from ChatGPT
William Jackson, M.Ed.
Certified VR and STEAMM Educator – My Quest To Teach

Sharing my personal perspectives of ChatGPT as
an educator in public and higher education.

HBCU institutions are in panic focusing on how too
protect their educational curriculums against the
influx of ChatGPT content created by students and
the influx of computer-generated content by AI. The
irony is that many knew this was coming, many people
denied it, many people hid from it, many people are
scared of it and there are many people that still do
not understand AI and its influence in content

Educational institutions from elementary, middle,
high and higher education will be affected. This will
be transformative for Blacks and the growing number
of students of color globally.

The past challenges of lack of exposure to being
a proficient writer, content creator, even reading
and comprehension will be changed. This will scare
many people across the academic spectrum because
ChatGPT has the potential to level the playing fields for
Black, Hispanic, Mexican, Caribbean, and other students
of color.

This will not be a case of “maybe,” “probably,”
it will be a solid intellectual influence on how
students will create content that will be used
across academic fields of study and careers that
demand intellectual awareness and savviness. Teachers
must see the potential with this platform to help
Black, Hispanic, and other students of color to be
better in their writing and even when applied correctly
better readers and increasing levels of comprehension.

HBCU institutions can either adapt to the use and
potential abuse of this new tool or they can run
and hide because the potential that many faculty
will not be able to cope and adjust. Technology as
a tool is designed to support and encourage the
development of communication, adaption to
collaboration and cooperation between students.

Having taught for 33 years in elementary, middle and
higher education as a STEM, STEAM and now STEAM+M
educator I want to encourage HBCU institutions not
to demonize and block this tech from being used, but
to use it as a learning tool to build the reading,
comprehension, critical thinking and higher order
thinking skills to drive, inspire, encourage
intellectual development across the spectrum of
academics and into careers.

Here are some strategies that I want to share from my
experiences as a professor at several HBCUs, PWI’s
and even employed with NASA and the Florida Department
of Education for several years teaching technology,
educational technology and cross-curriculum development.

The history of HBCUs has played an important role in
creating a landscape of learning, engagement, building
a vision for career success, community building and
the value for earning undergraduate, graduate, and
post-graduate degrees. HBCUs promote intellectual growth,
social equality, and culture understanding that does not
stay focused on slavery and indentured servitude, but
beyond those areas where Blacks and others of color
and color are successful.

The new ChatGPT models can aid first-generation students,
students that have come from low-income environments, low
performing schools either rural or urban the chance to
learn how to write, read and comprehend, increasing their
understanding of language use and development. The tool
can help students with learning challenges feel more
connected with their classmates on higher levels of learning
and can contribute more when working in teams on projects
that require writing and content development. Challenged
students can gain confidence and recognize their talents
in writing and expression.

The other areas of contribution are where HBCU students have
help in creating letters of enrollment for internships,
scholarship submission letters, cover letters for application
for jobs and other necessary documentation to assist them
to move forward in life. HBCU students in many cases lack the
exposure and intellectual tools to perform these functions
and in many cases, these are not taught in schools, and if they
are, they are either glanced over or used as a footnote
because Black students and other students of color are
unfortunately, not thought of as “smart enough” to learn skills
such as letter writing and content development.

The facts that HBCU schools admit a higher-than-average
population of underserved and first-generation college
students and these students need assistance where they are
lacking the skills and knowledge that was not shared or at the
time was not understood in their middle or high school years.
Tools like ChatGPT is a tool that can build self-esteem,
establish an understanding that even if these skills are lacking
there is a non=judgmental tool that will help students, not
criticize them or ridicule them as sometimes teachers even
in higher education do.

When HBCU student know that they are supported, encouraged, blessed,
shown favor and fairness they are more apt to push themselves harder
to gain knowledge and re-enroll each semester to earn their degrees.
HBCUs must create engaging communication strategies to establish
and build trusting relationships with students, which leads to
higher graduation rates. Providing access to these tools like
ChatGPT is a way to let students know they are supported and
encouraged to use technology to prepare them in career fields they
will be challenged intellectually, but they (students) will not
be on their own.

HBCU students need to understand that digital, intellectual,
creative and innovative thinking run the world. We are in a global
economic society that is run by algorithms, data sets, digital
tools and cyber influences. Web 3, 4, 5 and more are making a
presence in the future. Being able to write, create and build
content are taking on a new meaning. ChatGPT can be a tool that
opens doors, shatters glass ceilings and break down doors of
denial and stereotypes in corporate America that Blacks and
people of color cannot write, do not read and are invisible
when searched for high tech careers.

HBCU students your words are made more powerful that they must
be heard, accepted, recognized and respected because you have the
tool that everyone is using, and it cannot be denied or taken from

Entering into the New Year – How Can Black Male Teachers Build Excellence in Students

Entering into the New Year – How Can Black Male Teachers Build Excellence in Students
William Jackson, M.Ed. Certified VR & STEAMM Educator
Twitter @myquesttoteach IG @myquesttoteach

The educational process is filled with strategies, guidelines,
accumulating data, building self-esteem, mentoring and
assessments that gauge learning. Black male teachers are
learning leaders; they are the inspirations for creativity and
provide opportunities for innovation in learning.

Education is only as successful as the teacher in the classroom.
The ability by the teacher to “see” the great potential of each
student and even when students doubt themselves, the teacher
is the motivating force for students to see past their challenges
and excel where there maybe apprehension and even fear of

It is known that societies prosper when all students receive a
great education by passionate and purposeful teachers. The
issue may be that not everyone wants all students to receive
an equal education. The reality is that neighborhoods,
communities, cities, states, and nations are only as economically
and societally strong as its lowest level students.

Teachers, particularly Black Male Teachers have a unique opportunity
to empower in responsibility to provide a nurturing, inclusive, fair,
culturally relevant (for all students), and gender free environment.
When I say gender free, that means that all students no matter their
gender identity are provided opportunities that are equal for all students.
They are challenged and held to expectations where they are working
to the best of “their” abilities as students. Not held to the standards of
being a “boy” or “girl,” or anything else. Educators are hired to prepare students for their futures, not for the futures of politicians, not for gaining
re-election, political and social gains.

Educators are provided tools necessary that meet their students learning nuances. There are discussions, dialogues, debates and even arguments in many of these areas; as a teacher of 33 years the reality of the influence and impact fullness of Black Male Teachers is important. Students must “see” diversity, they must experience collaboration, cooperation and be challenged to rise to excellence and the expectations of being prepared for the world.

Education is not just “chalk and talk,” hiding history, changing facts to help people feel safe and secure in their own lies and deceptions. Duval County Public Schools has learned that it’s Black Male Teachers have a place and
are making a difference in the classrooms across the district. Black male teachers are not just Coaches, Deans, Disciplinarians, “Muscle Men” used to scare students straight.

Not to take anything away from other educators, Black Male Teachers are providing resources that allow students to be prepared culturally and enabled to accept diversity. The diversity of classrooms are also the dynamics of seeing the changes that have been happening globally and building students not just to be educational leaders, and academic success stories, but to carry the scope of the value and need for Black Male Teachers.

Because of the Black Male Teachers ability to “reach across” cultural lines
and connect with students, many students benefit from having a Black Male Teacher. Having taught STEM, STEAM, and before retiring teaching STEAMM Science Technology Engineering Arts Math Metaverse it was a joy to have students to engage and contribute to the learning that was taking place in
my classroom. Thinking collectively, broadly in the community with collaboration and future career options.

The students were not just attending, they were contributing to building themselves as leaders, mentors, and creators. Black Male Teachers are innovative and responsive to their students because their superpowers
are honed by years of preparing themselves for challenges they have and continue to face.

There are strategies that Black Male Teachers use to build their
connection with students, to bridge the gaps of color, culture, generation,
and expectations of excellence of success.

10 strategies that are used foster and encourage success in the classroom by Black Male Teachers:
1. Foster a positive learning environment: Create a classroom culture
that is welcoming, supportive, and respectful. Encourage students to
take an active role in their own learning and become producers of excellent behaviors.
2. Encourage high expectations: Set high expectations for academic performance, excellence and behavior that promotes respect. Provide students with the support and resources they need to meet those expectations and give positive feedback.
3. Use culturally responsive teaching methods: Use teaching methods, resources and materials that reflect the diversity of the classroom and
help students understand and appreciate different cultures and experiences.
If there is a denial of understanding of cultures in the classroom or school,
this breeds negative energies that can create an atmosphere of disrespect, mistrust, and potential for racism.
4. Engage with parents and communities: Build strong relationships with parents and  members of the community. Work togethering to support student learning and success and seeing the world globally. When I taught
at Twin Lakes Academy Middle each project I encouraged students to put
their cultural backgrounds into teach activity.
5. Encourage personal and social growth: Encourage students to
develop their social and emotional skills, help them build confidence,
self-respect, resilience, and self-esteem.

6. Provide opportunities for hands-on, experiential learning: Use hands-on, experiential learning techniques, such as project-based learning and
service learning, to help students understand and retain information.
Black Male Teachers have diverse backgrounds so
they are very creative and innovative.
7. Use technology and other resources: Use technology and other
resources, such as online learning platforms and virtual field trips,
professional guests, the Internet and growing metaverse of
immersive environments to engage students and enhance their
learning experiences and choices.
8. Encourage a growth mindset: Encourage students to see
challenges as opportunities to learn and grow, help them develop
a growth mindset and a global perspective of the world.
9. Foster a love of learning: Schools and classrooms should foster
an atmosphere of excited learning, enthusiastic discovery, and
exploration. Encourage students to explore their interests and
passions, help them develop a love of learning that will last a lifetime.
10. Provide ongoing support and guidance: Offer ongoing support
and guidance to help students stay motivated and on track, provide opportunities for students to ask questions and get help when
they need it.

These are just a few of the tools, resources, and strategies that
Black Male Teachers use every day in their classrooms and in
their schools. Black Male Teachers are worth more than gold,
they are the salt of the field of schools. When applied and supported
the salt can cleanse, restore, empower, sanitize and magnify the
skills, talents, gifts of students.