Have Oculus Will Travel

“Have Oculus’s Will Travel”

Traveling William and Aida Jackson, Certified Virtual
Reality Teachers and STEAMM Educators with a passion
for hands-on learning and critical thinking challenges.

There is an important need to share unique and authentic
learning experiences with the use of technology. Students
are into tech in multiple ways that are not related to
gaming, sports, nor entertainment. The world is run by
technology and youth, teens and young adults are digital
natives by choice not by selection.

The Metaverse has created unique moments for entrepreneurialism,
business creation/management and digital innovation. Immersive
environments and increased global engagements/collaborations
are happening dailey and they are happening on the Metaverse,
Altspace VR, Decentral Land, Spatial and other immersive sites.

Schools are falling behind in the preparation of students for
future careers. The current Standards of curriculum are leading
students to careers that are dated from the 1940’s. Giving, but
taking away the options for careers that are creative,
inventive and innovative.

William and Aida Jackson, Certified VR Educators and STEAMM
Advocates are embarking on a unique journey of affordable
workshops for schools and classrooms. “Have Oculus’s Will Travel”
in Northeast Florida. From Nassau, to Duval, St. Johns, Clay,
Flager, Volusia, Putnam counties where thousands of students
need to know what the Metaverse and Immersive technologies
can provide them.

To show what the Metaverse is and how it will continue to
change the learning and educational process. Expose your
students to resources that are 360 degree environments by
way of seeing the Metaverse and what it has to offer.

We are providing affordable educational opportunities in
immersive areas so students can see, enage, interact and
understand what the Metaverse is and the careers that are

“Have Oculus’s Will Travel” is affordable for 2 hours
minimum, students will learn about careers, opportunities,
NFTs, Digital Art, and more. $150.00 per hour and an endless
vision of the future. Priceless !!! The students will have
a chance to try the Oculus on and experience being in
Space on the International Space Station and learn about
the planets and stars. STEAM schools are interested in
now purchasing Oculus for dynamic instruction that is

The vision for the future is in the vision of the Metaverse
and the potential for business ownership, entrepreneurialism
and global travel.

Contact us for more information to experience a phenomenal way to
learn, to inspire, educate, empower and guide students.

We love sharing our love of the Metaverse the great potential
for the future and preparing students to be greatly employed.

LoveBuilt Life, LLC & My Quest To Teach.
We have Oculus’s and will travel to provide workshops
and trainings. Schools (public, private, charter),
ministries (churches and schools).
These are exciting times to learn and grow and
to be ready for the changes that are happening.

Contact for more information