Edpassāre World Classroom

Edpassāre World Classroom and My Quest To Teach
have created an Educational Partnership for educational
change by integrating technologies to teach students
from 9yrs to 16yrs of age. To broaden the visions of
using technology in a positive, enriching, empowering
and inspiring way to build digital intelligence in youth
and teens.
Meeting each Saturday for 90 minutes, engaged
in project-based learning and hands-on activities
that allow for creativity, innovation and imagination.

Our Video 

Digital Jobs Globally       
Mr.  Olasoji (Nigeria) & Mr. and Mrs. Jackson
(United States)

Welcome to the new classrooms of the future that is
developing and providing digital learning environments.
The collaboration of Edpassare and My Quest To Teach
started in 2024 is here as a new way for youth and teens
to learn and engage.

This is a new venture of educational growth, elevation,
adaptation and sharing the blending of diverse technology
tools to encourage creativity, innovation, imagination.

Incorporation of STEAM+M AI, VR, MR and Metaverse
we are a team of professionals and visionaries working to
provide comprehension and understanding for youth and
William Jackson and Joseph Olasoji, are members of
ForbesBLK and contribute to the ecosystems of education,
business and their specialty areas of technological
integration and entrepreneurialism.

William and Aida Jackson, – Global Educators
World Metaverse Council  – Metaverse Education

Joseph Olasoji, Educator Entrepreneur, Educator,
and Data Science Enthusiast

Bio: William and Aida

William – CEO of My Quest To Teach &
MetaverseWP – https://metaversewp.com/
Aida – CEO of LoveBuilt Life, LLC – https://lovebuiltlife.com/
William and Aida Jackson, are seasoned educators with
a deep understanding of spatial computing, metaverse,
virtual reality and augmented reality. They have been at
the forefront of incorporating cutting-edge technologies
into educational and collaborative settings. AI is just one
of the areas they are familiar with, their integration of
technology is assisting youth, teens and young adults
globally. They are certified VR Educators with years of
experience teaching STEAM+M together and separately.

The technical prowess is complemented by Aida Jackson’s
artistic abilities, as she brings a wealth of experience in
creating visually stunning virtual environments that can
be seen in her NFT collection created in Spatial.io
She Gallery by Aida Correa Jackson

The couple’s combined expertise has resulted in the creation
of metaverse galleries, instructional integration of STEAM+M,
AI, VR and Artistic elements.
They are the honored winners of the World Metaverse
Council Metaverse Education Honorees from the recent
WMC Summit and Awards 2023.
World Metaverse Summit and Awards 6&7 December 2023 – Agenda – World Metaverse Council (wmetac.com)

Their collaborative efforts have yielded metaverse
environments that transcend the limitations of traditional
online conferences, offering a more engaging and immersive
experience for WordCamp attendees.

William is a retired educator of 33 years in public and higher
education, he is a previous employee of the Florida Department
of Education, NASA Educator and  higher education professor.
William is a Certified VR Educator and member of ForbesBLK,
WordPress / WordCamp Community, ED3 DAO, World Metaverse
Council, GatherVerse, Blacks In Technology Jacksonville,
The Ones / Los Unos Male Educators of Jacksonville, Florida
and Board Member of One Africa Forum
and PEARLS Academy.

Aida is a Professor in education, arts and technology across
universities and colleges as a professor and consultant.
An artist that is globally recognized and respected.
Aida is also a member of ED3 DAO, World Metaverse Council,
Certified Arts Counselor, Certified VR Educator, and
WordPress / WordCamp Community and Blacks In
Technology Jacksonville

William and Aida Jackson as members of the
World Metaverse Council have been awarded globally
with the Metaverse Education Award for Metaverse
Education in 2023.

More can be learned from their WordCamp presentations
William – https://wordpress.tv/?s=william%20jackson
Aida – https://wordpress.tv/?s=Aida%20Jackson 

Metaverse Education Site on Spatial

Our video

Bio of Joseph:

Entrepreneur, Educator, and Data Science Enthusiast
I am a dynamic and accomplished professional with
a passion for entrepreneurship, education, and the
transformative power of technology.

As the Founder and CEO of Trip Value, a thriving
venture that I established in April 2020, I have
honed my skills in customer service, graphic design,
social media marketing, and project management,
contributing to the company’s success in
the competitive market.

Currently, I am spearheading Edpassāre Academy
and Tech School, a part-time endeavor founded in
August 2023 in Nigeria.
Here, I focus on leadership development, educational
leadership, entrepreneurship, and information tech,
fostering an environment that nurtures innovation
and growth.
Additionally, my commitment extends to Africa’s Young
Entrepreneurs Assembly, where I lead a virtual cultural
community, inspiring and motivating entrepreneurs
across the continent.

My educational journey is marked by academic
excellence, earning a Bachelor of Science in Psychology
from the prestigious University of Ibadan. I complemented
this foundation with specialized courses, including business
analytics from The Wharton School, business intelligence
from Corporate Finance Institute® (CFI), and robotics
processing automation from Robotics Africa.

Equipped with a Mini MBA from Tekedia Institute and
certifications in data science, cybersecurity, and more,
I continuously invest in my professional development.

My expertise extends to Python programming, data
engineering, and a range of analytical skills, allowing
me to navigate the dynamic landscape of technology
and business. Notably, I have earned certifications in
public speaking, people analytics, and business
partnerships, demonstrating a commitment to
effective communication and relationship-building in
both professional and community settings.

As a member of ForbesBLK and actively engaged
organizations such as Heirs Life and CrowdDoing,
I am dedicated to making a positive impact on a global

My volunteer work, coupled with memberships in
esteemed professional networks like DSN – Data Scientists
Network/Data Science Nigeria, reflects my commitment
to collaborative initiatives in the tech and data science

In my previous role as the Chief Technology Officer at Chosen
International School, Lekki, I played a pivotal role in enhancing
the learning experience through the integration of technology.
My efforts contributed to a significant growth in the school’s
reach and efficiency. With a solid foundation in psychology
and a diverse set of skills acquired through a wide range
of certifications, including those from The Wharton School
and Coursera, I am well-equipped to navigate the complexities
of the business landscapes.

As I continue to evolve and contribute to various spheres,
I am driven by a vision of leveraging technology and education
to drive positive change. My journey is characterized by a
relentless pursuit of knowledge, a passion for innovation,
and a commitment to fostering growth both personally
and professionally.

Additional Staff and Administration

Olubisi Folarin

My name is Olubisi Folarin, I am a dedicated software
engineer and technical writer with a strong background
in computer science and programming. I am passionate
about technology and committed to delivering exceptional
software solutions.

I am a detail-oriented and analytical thinker, with a strong
problem-solving ability and a talent for finding innovative
solutions to complex technical challenges. I am also a
team player and have excellent communication skills,
which allows me to collaborate effectively with
cross-functional teams and stakeholders.

In addition to my technical skills, I am also passionate
about staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends
and technologies. I am constantly seeking opportunities
to expand my knowledge and skill set, and I am committed
to providing top-notch and effective software solutions.

Dr. Peace Durotoye

Durotoye, Modupeoluwa Peace is a health care professional
with degrees in Biochemistry, Pharmacognosy and
Humanities/Nutrition Health from University of Ado-Ekiti
in Ekiti (UNAD now EKSU), University of Ibadan in Ibadan
and Kingdom Life University FLORIDA US respectively.

She has worked as an educator in secondary and tertiary schools,
as well as with independent bodies like Medical Nigeria / Ark Medcare.
She has also worked as a Regulatory Affairs officer in a multinational
organization, a feed formula developer for farms and farmers, a feed
producer, a volunteer worker in a non profit organizations in
Nigeria and Ghana and as an independent /collaborative researcher etc.
She developed feed supplement and herbs for healthy living which
brought tremendous value to animal husbandry especially in the
production of fatlesss pork. She is an advocate of natural approaches
in the prevention and management of diseases through scientific based
testing and ethnomedicinal methods.

She held various positions in different organizations which include:
Vice Principal, Head of Department, Operations Manager, feed consultant,
Corporate Trainer, Project Manager, Strategist/Program manager etc.
She is also a board member of Love13th chapter foundation, Great
Commission Missionary Alliance Pan Africa/US and an administrative
staff member of Institute of Health Science Research and Administration.
In addition to these, she is a business and wellness consultant; focused
on teaching people how to strategize and effectively manage their
business and health in order to achieve growth, productivity, and
personal development.

Her drive lies in the advocacy of acquiring education in order to
add value and remain relevant to self and the society. Therefore,
she has acquired certifications in Total Quality Management System
in health care, Digital Marketing, Project Management(UK), Corporate
Training, Mental Health Training L2 (UK), supply chain/logistics
management and Leadership and Management in Health (US).
She was recently inducted in Institute of Health Science Research
and Administration as a Doctoral Fellow and appointed to serve
as the institute’s Director of Research. She is currently operating
an online educational platform; Tutor Me Limited TML, and serves
as a Health researcher in affiliation with GF HEALTH AND EDUCATION
CONSULTS; while lecturing in various University online education

It is our sincere desire that everyone gets access to affordable
study opportunities in order to measure up globally.

  Preliminary Educational Agenda for 2024 10 Week Course

First Class Began Saturday, January 13th 2024 / Ending March 16th 2024
Next Class Begins Saturday April 6th 2024
Each class is 10 weeks


Mission for this Course
To apply digital instructional lessons to grow critical thinking in
students from elementary to high school. Applying diverse
digital tools so that students can be builders, creators, innovators
and using their imagination and even dreaming to build environments
that broaden their skill levels globally.

The African Continent

1. To provide digital classes for students from elementary to
high school.
2. To build and reinforce digital education utilizing the Internet,
VR, MR, and Metaverse resources and digital curriculums.
3. Utilizing multiple instructional tools that cross the digital
access to supplement, extend, elevate and enhance education
with hands-on project development and activities.
4. Appling WordPress as a web development tool and build
entrepreneurial skill-sets.
5. Applying ReadyPlayer.me as an avatar and digital creative
tool and process.
6. Applying Spatial.io digital platform to build digital spaces.

The 10-week course will not just educate, but empower,
inspire and broaden the vision of students for future careers.

Are You Smarter Than An Eight Grader Activities
and Exploration

A collaboration of 60 questions to help learn about the
world around us. These questions are related to multiple
aspects of STEAM+M, AI, VR, MR, Metaverse and other
critical learning moments. The world is growing into a
place of great learning, knowledge, understanding,
questioning and needs youth, teens and young adults
to be curious, questioning, inquisitive, inspired and
willing to dream and use their imagination.

Africa Digital
Africa Digital

Reading Books is Lit

Building a Metaverse sites to encourage reading,
comprehension, writing, creativity and innovation
in literature.
The Beauty of Books Across Cultures 
Created by Metaverse WP and our Team of Interns Globally