Curriculum Vitae of William Jackson, M.Ed.

William Jackson of My Quest to Teach
William Jackson of My Quest to Teach MQTT

William D. Jackson, M.Ed.

Jacksonville, Florida – United States of America

Electronic and Digital Contact:
Personal Web Site:
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WordCamp Speaker –
National and International Speaker and Blogger
Motivational Video for WordCamp User Experiences

William Jackson, Educator, Blogger
William Jackson, Educator, Blogger

M.Ed. (M.A.T 2004) – Educational Technology and STEAM
Webster University – Jacksonville, Florida
B.S. (1985) – Education
South Carolina State University – Orangeburg, S.C.
High School:
High School Diploma (1980) – College Prep
Camden High School – Camden, New Jersey
College Prep Curriculum

Additional Education Opportunities:
*University of Central Florida 1996 / 1997 / 2005
Courses: Social Media and the Integration of Technology
*University of South Florida 2004 / 2005
Courses: Using and Understanding Social Media
*University of Florida 2005
Course: International Studies on Africa


William Jackson, Blogger
William Jackson, Blogger

30+ years educational experience in public and higher
* Putnam County Public Schools – Professional Educator
Physical Education & Technology Educator 1987 to 1994
* Duval County Public Schools – Professional Educator 1999 to current
Position(s): Physical Education and STEM / STEAM Educator
School Technology Contact – CET Trained Mentor
Magnet Team Leader for STEAM Education
Shared Decision Making Team
Threat Assessment School Safety Team Member
STEM, STEAM Educator with Project Lead The Way

1987 – 1994
Putnam County Schools – Physical Education / Technology Educator
1992 – 1994
NEFEC Technology Instructor with Northeast Florida Educational
Consortium – Training teachers in productivity tools of Microsoft.
1997 – 1999
FIRNTEC Florida Information Resource Network – Technical Education
Coordinator with the Florida Department of Education – Speaking at
major technology and educational conferences. Florida Educational
Technology Conference (FETC), Albany State University Technology
2000 – 2002
NASA Instructor 
Edward Waters College – Re-certification Program
for Duval County Public Schools. Teaching teachnology basics to new
teachers,  teaching technology and technology integration in elementary,
middle and high school environments.
NASA Social Media Reporting
Invited by NASA to blog on launching of several space launches
of satellites and space missions. 2014 to 2016 Kennedy Space
Center Collaboration with multiple online news site and several
on the African continent. Advocate of community engagement
and global communication with Social Media.
2004 -2017
Adjunct Professor with Edward Waters College
Teaching Educational Technology, Social Media and STEAM
Created a digital curriculum that brings to life, blogging, STEAM with
hands-on learning, web development, teaching multiple lessons using
online tools. Preparing students in the Education Department to be
educators in the Duval County Public School System.
2000 – Present
Duval County Public Schools – Professional Educator
Position(s): Physical / Health Education and STEM / STEAM Educator
School Technology Contact – CET Trained Mentor
Threat Assessment Team Member
2020 – Current
STEAM Educator at Twin Lake Academy Middle School
STEAM Lab Project Lead The Way – Hands-On Learning
Co-Sponsor of the TLAM Newspaper and Podcasting Clubs
2021 – Current
Professor with Florida State College Jacksonville
Teaching Web 2.0 and Digital Media

William Jackson, M.Ed.
William Jackson, M.Ed.

Adjunct Professor Positions:
* Florida State College of Jacksonville, Florida 2021 – Present
Web 2.0 and Social Media
* Edward Waters College 2004 – 2017
Educational Technology, Social Media and STEM
* STEAM Advocate
Creator of “Tiger Talks Experience” Modeling TEDX and
Being An HBCU Professor is Dope
Engaging HBCU students to speak about their areas of passion,
power and purpose. Working to improve the articulation and
oratory skills of HBCU students through Blogging, Vblogging,
and oratory execution. Integration of project based
learning with diverse levels of technology usage and application.
Educational Technology Social Media and STEAM at
Edward Waters College
* NASA Teacher Education Program Mid 90’s
Building educational leaders through technology
* Florida Community College Jacksonville Mid 90’s
Educational Technology and Diversity in Education

Additional Adjunct Teaching 
* Florida Community College – Jacksonville, Florida
Florida State College Jacksonville (2007 to 2009)
* Adjunct teaching “Diversity in the Classroom” for new
teachers and “Educational Technology”.
How to apply technology into the diverse classrooms.
* St. Johns Community College – Palatka, Florida
St. Johns River Community College (1996-1998)
Teaching basic technology usage

Addition Instructional Experiences:
Instructional Supervisor: NASA 1994 – 1996 / 1998 – 1999
Educating teachers to use technology in the classroom using
either low tech or high tech applications and equipment.
Project based learning for educators in how to integrate technology
in the classroom. Using differentiated instruction, hands-on projects
and project based instruction and learning.
Students are actively engaged and participating in the teaching and

Aida and William teaching KidsCamp Orlando
Aida and William teaching KidsCamp Orlando

Engineering / Technology Teacher
Andrew Robinson Elementary – Title One School
School Technology Coordinator

Duval County Public Schools: Technology Coordinator
Duties and Responsibilities:
Technology based instruction, support staff professional
development in technology applications, manage online
assessments,  maintain and repair hardware.
Provide school and community training.
Instructional resources for students in the area of
cross-curriculum learning and STEAM.

* NASA Instructor 
Edward Waters College – Re-certification Program
for Duval County Public Schools. Teaching teachnology basics to new
teachers,  teaching technology and technology integration in elementary,
middle and high school environments.
NASA Social Media Reporting
Invited by NASA to blog on launching of several space launches
of satellites and space missions. 2014 to 2016 Kennedy Space
Center Collaboration with multiple online news site and several
on the African continent. Advocate of community engagement
and global communication with Social Media.

*Adjunct Edward Waters College
Teaching Educational Technology Edu Tech 250
Develop student’s instructional teaching abilities
using technology to meet and exceed the learning modalities
of students. Prepare education students to use technology
in the classroom environment to facilitate learning.
Require students to blog, microblog and conduct research
projects based in STEM and STEAM.
Instruct students on how to teach online and using low and
high tech resources for students that lack technology at home.

*Edward Waters College – Black Male Explorers Summer Program
Assisting with instruction with youth from middle school to high school
in the area of STEAM and technology instruction.
Edward Waters College –  2013 – 2016 / 1995 – 1997
Summer program involving dynamic and out of the box thinking with
a focus on creative and critical thinking.

Prof Jackson and Students
Prof Jackson and Students

Ministry and Technology:
Digital Evangelist and
Social Media Visionary of My Quest To Teach
and Digital Evangelism

Blogging about the application, responsibility and
accountability of Social Media for ministerial  usage.
My Quest to Teach Digital Evangelism – Jacksonville, Florida
Blog: Church of Christ and Social Media
Let The Bible Speak TV
Christian Chronicle

Social Media Manager for TEDxFSCJ:
TEDxFSCJ Social Media Team
Community Liaison with Florida State College of Jacksonville
promoting TEDx events and salons associated with Florida State
College of Jacksonville.
Using Social Media platforms to promote upcoming events and
presentations to the local communities and media sources.
Florida State College of Jacksonville, Florida

* MetroTowns and MetroTowns In A Day with One Jax –
Leadership and Engagement
Interactive and engaged program dedicated to
teaching diversity, leadership skills, and personal self-esteem
to high school students. Empowering teens with advanced
social skills and leadership strategies. #MetroTown #OneJax

Digital Business & Social Media Visionary with My Quest To Teach
Sharing my journey as a traveling Blogger, Advocate, Content Creator,
Sponsor and Vblogger. Advocating for People of Color and Culture in
digital content creation. Support for youth, teens and young adults
focusing in STEAM education and hands-on learning.
What Does My Quest To Teach Mean Visually
Learn more about My Quest to Teach
Why Parent Participation is Important

Social Media consultant business created to blog about the
application, responsibility and accountability of Social Media for
personal and business usage for youth, teens and young adults.

Understanding STEAM for Title One Parents
Understanding Why STEAM is important in the education of
students and why parents should care.
Parents Involvement in Education
To make schools better parents need to be active and engaged
through Pre-k to High School
#MyQuestToTeach #MQTT #DiversityInBlogging

National Black Guide
National Black Guide

Blogger for National Black Guide
National content platform focusing on
Black and Brown people in business and
entrepreneiural journeys.

Social Media Team for New Town Success Zone and
Vision Keepers 2017 -2018
Sharing community events that are supported by
Vision Keepers and New Town Success Zone in the
city of Jacksonville, Florida
Providing blogs that share community information and

Social Media and Web Manager for Jacksonville Sister Cities
Maintained the Social Media platforms and updating membership
information pertaining to active membership participation.
Managed collaborations with Nelson Mandela Bay and Nelson
Mandela Youth Ambassadors.

Past Board Positions:
Jacksonville Sister Cities – Manager of Social Media Platforms
Empowerment Resources – Manager for Social Media Platforms
JCCI Forward – Marketing and Publicity
E3 Business Group North Florida Advocate
Boys2Men Symposium Committee – Marketing
Impact Jacksonville Education Committee
Suicide Prevention Coalition of Jacksonville, Florida
National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ)

Digital Media Interviews
Podcast Presentations:
* “Completely Booked” PodCast from the Jacksonville Public Library
* “Hall Way Chats” – Speaking on STEAM, Education and Social Media
* “WordCamp TV” – Presentations by William Jackson

Radio Engagement: 2014 and 2016
AM1360 WCGL Jax Engage with Angela Spears.
Focusing on technology, the internet and social
media use, accountability and responsibility.

William Jackson with Angela Spears and other talking technology
William Jackson with Angela Spears and other talking technology

Community Instructional Roles:
Partnership with
National Council of Negro Women – Jax Chapter
providing free community tech workshops.

All Kids Can Code In Jacksonville
All Kids Can Code In Jacksonville

*Jacksonville Public Library 
providing web development workshops.
*SHIVA Robotics
providing STEAM workshops with  youth. 
*The Microsoft Store
providing free community workshops in
technology for business and Branding.

*How To Be Dope on Social Media
Teaching the importance of planning strategically how to
incorporate Social Media in small and medium businesses.
The value of perceptions and how to increase engagement
on a digital platform with SEO – Search Engine Optimization.
Understanding and manipulating SOLOMOCO
Social engagement Local activism Mobile technologies
Community activism. New Town Success Zone on the
campus of Edward Waters College.
*Social Justice
Multiple panel discussions related to social justice issues,
how to communicate with law enforcement, and
educational values.
*Social Media and You!!!!
Orange County Public Library Workshop
Seminal County Public Libraries
Conducted workshops about Social Media and the
building of Brand recognition and visibility
*Jewish Community Alliance
Providing Social Media / STEM /STEAM workshops
for JCA in Middle Schools in Jacksonville, Florida
*Family Support Services  – Foster Care Services
Providing Social Media / STEM /STEAM workshops
for FSS in Jacksonville, Florida for youth and teens in the
foster care and family support services in Jacksonville, Florida
Presenter / Speaker at ASLAH – Jacksonville, Florida
Technology and the teaching of Black History
Using STEAM and STEM Initiatives
* Preventing Crime in the Black Community – Speaker
Working with the Florida State Attorney’s Office
2014, 2015 and 2016 – 2018 speaking in Jacksonville,
Orlando and Miami, Florida Focus is on preventing Sexting,
Cyberbullying, Cyberstalking and Social Media Safety
*Man Up for Health – Health Summit for Men and Boys – Speaker
2015 – 2016 – 2017 – 2018
Healthy Jacksonville Men’s Health Coalition, Inc.
More Than a Hash Tag – Social Media and its influence.
*Boys and Girls Club of Northeast Florida 2015, 2016
Providing Social Media, Bullying and Cyberbullying Prevention
workshops. Keystone Leadership Conferences
*The Jacksonville Urban League NULITES 2015 to 2017
Young professionals group with the Urban League
focusing on leadership. How to integrate technology for
business, education and entrepreneurial growth.
1. How to navigate Social Media and Careers
2. How Social Media influences young entreprenualism
3. What you don’t know about SM can hurt your reputation
and career options.
* The Bridge at Northeast Florida 2015 to 2017
Providing workshops on being responsible online, preventing
Sexting, Bullying, Cyberbullying.
*Abyssinia Baptist Church “Youth and Social Media” 2017
Speaking to youth, teens and young adults about safety,
responsibility and accountability online.
*State of Emergency – Town Hall 2016
Meeting discussing education,
technology, politics and the School to Prison pipeline.
*Boys and Girls Club Keystone Leadership Conference
World Golf Village 2016

Speaking to youth about Social Media Safety, Cyberbullying,
*Community Education – Paxon High School 2011/2013
Technology Instructor for evening community education classes.
Teaching productivity tools in certified educational curriculum.
*Mayor Alvin Brown’s Learn2Earn Experience 4 years
Lecture and panel discussion on higher education, technology and
Speaking on safety and content creation on Social Media Platforms.
*Selected as a speaker for WordCamp DC and WordCamp Jacksonville
Presentation focusing on the diversity of Social Media, blogging and
content creation.
* The Bridge of Northeast Florida
Discussion on the dangers of connected kids, the struggles of families
staying connected with so much technology.
*Mental Health for America
Mentoring program with Boys and Girls Club of Northeast Florida
Mentoring boys on self-esteem, preventing bullying and importance of
education and community service.
*Speaker at Mayor Alvin Brown’s Business Expo
Presentation on the influence and power of Social Media.
Using it be a community activist and support activism in the community.

Community Engagement is Key
Community Engagement is Key

Speaking Engagements and Podcast Participation:

*AnnieRuth Foundation
Dee Wilcox, Executive Director
Annie Ruth Foundation
Sowing seeds, strengthening communities
Speaking at the AnnieRuth Foundations Business Seminar: May 2021
* Appleton Library System – Appleton Area School Dist.
Black History Program with Professors William and Aida Jackson
Tuesday, February 23rd 2021
*Learn2Earn Experiences with Mayor Alvin Brown
Cyberbullying and Sexting
* Jacksonville Public Library – “Completely Booked”
William shares his love of STEM and how he uses it to teacher students
and prepares them for future careers. The WordPress community that
builds community and how books influence his life.
* Hallway Chats 2019 – Hosts Tara and Liam
Speaking about career as a blogger, educator, advocate for STREAM
and why I love the WordPress community.
* Jacksonville Public Education Fund
Interviewed by Rachel Tutwiler, current President of
the Jacksonville Education Fund – JPEF
Speaking about the development of educational programs to
help youth, teens and young adults in the community. How technology
can help students and the value of STEM, STEAM, STREAM
* Why Parental Involvement is Important in Schools
Schools will only be successful with increased parental
involvement. Many issues related to schools with discipline,
academic success and preparing students for future careers
can be managed and overcome with parental engagement.
* NASA Solar System Ambassador Joe Slezak:
Celebrating Black History Month
Speaking with Professors William and Aida Jackson
*iThemes Instructional Video

Appleton Library System – Appleton Area School Dist.
Black History Program with Professors William and Aida Jackson
Tuesday, February 23rd 2021
TLAM and SPACEX Celebrating the International Space Station
Students Building Digital Logos at TLAM
A Whole Lot of STEAMing Going On at TLAM
STEM Embraces All The Colors of the Rainbow

Twin Lakes Academy Middle School Newspaper
Helping build new content creators in journalism.
Using WordPress to help middle school students
create content on a digital platform of inclusivity
and diversity. Democratizing the web.

William and Aida Jackson teaching STEAM skills
to build digital leaders globally from Jacksonville.
WPJaxKids Meetups are virtual and free to the
community and teaching youth and teens web
development and STEAM initiatives.
WPJax Kids is a virtual learning area for youth and
teens that meets once a month on the third Tuesday
of the month. The time for the virtual meetups is
5:00pm to 6:00pm.

WordCamp and KidsCamp Conferences from 2017 to Present

Badges from conferences spoken and attended
Badges from conferences spoken and attended

WordCamp Speaking Opportunities
Speaking at WordCamp

Invited to speak in 2017 at:
WordCamp Washington D.C. – WordCamp Toronto Canada
WordCamp Pittsburgh – WordCamp Wilmington North Carolina
Posting Social Media content for WordCamp Philadelphia
WordCamp Philly 2017
*WordCamp Jacksonville 2017
Presentation on “How to be Dope and Lit on Social Media”
the ability to properly Brand, Market and promote digital
content across generational and social lines.
*WordCamp Washington DC 2017
Presentation on “How to be Dope and Lit on Social Media”
the ability to properly Brand, Market and promote digital
content across generational and social lines. How to build a
community based Social Media platform to address community
*WordCamp Wilmington, N.C. 2017
How to be Dope on Social Media
Presenting the importance of managing your Brand and
creating / following a Niche. Being aware of the
perceptions of others related to business and Social Media
*WordCamp Philly 2017
To support their Social Media outreach through posting content
and video.
*WordCamp Birmingham Alabama 2017
To Live blog and support the message of WordCamp

*Attended WordCamp Orlando 2015, 2016, 2017
Participated in WordCamp Orlando for several years, sharing
content online and taking students from my Educational Technology
and Social Media class.
*Sponsoring Teachers at WordCamp Niarobi, Kenya – Africa
Providing African teachers opportunities to attend and participate
in technology and educational learning.

WordCamp Speaking in 2018
WordCamp Miami, Florida

WordCamp Calgary, Canada in Alberta

WordCamp Birmingham, Alabama

WordCamp Dayton, Ohio

WordCamp Atlanta, Ga

WordCamp Wilmington, NC

WordCamp Philadelphia

Costa Rica Central America


WordCamp Speaking 2019


WordCamp Speaking 2020
WordCamp Miami – Speaking and teaching
KidsCamp link to Youtube video

WordCamp Phoenix – Speaking on Hero Panel
WordCamp Phoenix Hero Panel
WordCamp Phoenix Hero Panel

WordCamp Santa Clarita – Speaking at Virtual

March and beyond cancelled because of COVID19

WordCamp Speaking 2021
WordCamp Santa Clarita –

EdCamp Speaking Opportunities
*EdCamp Tampa Bay 2017
Supporting the professional growth with educators
in a networking rich and professional setting.
*EdCamp Leadership Baker/Columbia Counties 2017
Speaking about the leadership roles of students to collaborate
the integration of technology and student learning.
*EdCamp Magic Orlando, Florida 2016
Speaking to audience of multigenerational educators about
diversity in the classroom, integrating of diverse technologies
in the classroom.
*EdCamp St. Augustine Palencia Elementary 2016
Attending and speaking to educators about the integration of
technology to meet the diverse needs of students.
*EdCamp NABSE – National Association of Black School Educators
Attending and speaking about the importance of diversity
in education and the roles of educators of color. How African
American educators serve a role as qualified and capable
educators locally in their school districts and nationally.

Orlando Technology Week
*Bar Camp Selected Speaker 2015 – 2016
How to be Dope on Social Media and Build Your Brand

Readers Theater Performances
*Readers Theater – The Writings of Stetson Kennedy
Through the directions of Tangela Floyd in theatrical reading
and acting. The re-enactment of the writings of Stetson Kennedy
and the Black Super Heroes. 2015 to 2017

*Summer PSTEAhM Camp – Jacksonville, Florida

Provided STEM – STEAM instruction with students
from elementary to high school. Integrating field trips
with engineering, hands-on learning and field trip

*Continuation of Edward Waters College
Jacksonville, Florida 1999 to Current
Professor – NASA Teacher Re-certification program
Educational Technology (Education Department) 2004 to 2007
Design and implement Educational Technology Learning Program (ETLP)
for the Education Department to prepare future teachers to use technology
in the classroom for instructional purposes.
*Virtual Learning Lab Instructor – 2005 – 2006 (grant position)
Technology instruction for seniors citizens (55 and up).
Schell-Sweet Community Center – Technology Lab TestGear
Online Learning Network
Faith Based Support with online instruction for preparation for state assessment

*National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) – EWC

Technology Instructor – Modeled instruction on the implementation of technology into the learning environment using productivity tools. Designed an instructional  program in cooperation with NASA and Edward Waters College for technology teacher certification program.  National Aeronautical and Space Administration curriculum design.

*FIRN-TEC – Florida Department of Education 1997 – 2000
St. Johns County, Florida / Tallahassee, Florida
Florida Instructional Resource Network -Technical Education Consultant
Conduct technology training for Northeast Florida in the counties of:
Duval – Nassau – Flagler – St. Johns – Volusia
Incorporate “Train the Trainer” program where a Core person is trained
using Internet and related academic technology applications to disseminate information to their respective schools and throughout the county. Conduct monthly update meetings; coordinate with teachers on the design of school/classroom web sites, email accounts and instructional resources for classroom use and the implementation of technology into classroom curriculum.

*Summer Institute – University of Florida Summer 2009
K-12 Teacher’s Summer Institute On Africa
June 10-19th, 2009
Hosted by the Center for African Studies University of Florida
The Center for African Studies at the University of Floridaa
two-week  summer institute for K-12 teachers.
The objective of the institute is for participants to increase their
knowledge about Africa, including its geography, history, and culture.

*Technology Reboot Workshop
Shultz Center Technology Training
Workshop addressed software, applications, apps when developing
Blogs, Podcasts, Data Warehousing and Photo storage and manipulation.
Workshop taught basics, intermediate and advanced Blogging using
text, audio and video techniques.
*Mental Health of America and Boys and Girls
Club of America
Working with Dr. Laura Lane and in collaboration
with educators and professionals to provide bullying
prevention workshop for girls and boys. 8 week
sessions to include self-esteem, self-respect and
engagement about careers and personal
responsibility for success.
*Forum and discussion participant

WJCT Forums
Real Talk Real Change Series of Forums
Dialogue on racism, colorism, White privilege, bias and prejudices in our culture.
What About Teen Mothers – Absent Fathers – What is Jacksonville Saying
*Human Rights Commission – Study Circles
Participant in Jacksonville Human Rights Commission
City of Jacksonville Florida

*Prevention of Bullying
Boys and Girls Club of Jacksonville 2017
Bullying prevention and social responsibility. Building
self-confidence and learning about making positive

*Keepin It Real; Girls and Women Conference 2016
Presenting Bullying and Cyberbullying to girls and women from
Journey Into Womanhood organization
*Tony Boselli Foundation “Bully Talk” 2015
Speaking to youth and teens about the causes, consequences and
ramifications of bullying. How it affects kids mentally and emotionally.
*TESOL Conference – Orlando, Florida
The integration of language in Social Media and STEM.
How to guide instruction and learning with diverse language

Wm Jackson SCSU Grad
Wm Jackson SCSU Grad

Educational Philosophy:
Learning requires the engagement of a person’s total senses,
from direct interaction with the environment, listening, watching,
and receiving a blessing of knowledge that comes directly from
the source of interacting with those who have more seasoned wisdom.

Philosophy of Teaching:
I believe that all people no matter cultural background or gender have
the capability to learn, mature and grow cognitively and socially;
My goal is to prepare my students for the working environment by
teaching them how to be creative and productive with the use of
technology, using technology tools ethically.  There is a need for
today’s students to be guided in the direction that best suits their
individual learning styles. Learning never stops and those seeking
education must be taught that their learning is continuous
throughout their lives regardless of age.

Literary Submissions Online and Traditional:
Submissions addressing education, technology, diversity and parental
relationships. These are just a few and they have changed with
audience and platform.
Submissions to local and state wide newspapers and magazines.
Florida Times Union – – Jacksonville Free Press
The Florida Star –  Palatka Daily News – Onyx Magazine
Black Pages – Florida Courier – Jacksonville Advocate
Folio Weekly –,,,
First Coast News – Black, Blogger for E3 Business Group. Inc.
Nokturnal Escape,  Black Blogger Network, HBCU Lifestyle,
Black Blogger Connect, Forbes Online –
Featured on Tom Joyner Morning Show and Black America Web

International Blogging
* WeBlogforLove – South Africa
* Huffington Post South Africa

Host Blog Talk Radio – Commentary – Jan 2009 to October 2009
Addressing issues dealing with technology, social networking
and education.
“Co-host on Courageous Conversations Ask A Teacher”

Conference presentations from the past
Conducted presentations at various educational/cultural and
community conferences. 1998 to Current
A. FETC – Florida Educational Technology –
Conference Orlando, Fl  – 1998 – 2000- Presenter and facilitator
B. FAME – Florida Association of Media Educators –
Daytona Beach, Fl – 1998 – 2000
Presenter and facilitator
C. Kuumba African Cultural Arts and Music Fest  –
Jacksonville, Fl – 1999 – 2006
Multicultural festival promoting African American Pride.
D. Kwanzaa Festival – Celebrating the richness of Kwanzaa –
Jacksonville, Fl – 2005
E. Albany State University (Albany Ga.) Technology Conference –
Albany, Ga. – 2002
F. The Wakaguzi Forum – Edward Waters College –
Jacksonville, Fl – 2005 to present
Intellectual Think Tank – Presides
G. Florida Courier/Daytona Times Talk Show – 2005 – 2006
Discussion on state educational issues
H.  Black Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs Conference –
Savannah, Ga. 2006
I. First Family Preservation Conference. –
Edward Waters College, Jacksonville, Florida – 2006 Presenter
J.  Black Expo “Black Out” – Daytona Beach, Florida – 2006
K. National Association for College Admission Counseling
Jacksonville, Florida 2006
Presented workshops on technology and Historically Black Colleges and Universities.
L. Minorities in Teaching Conference – Orlando, Florida – 2006
“Proposal: Digital Tools for the Success of Minority Children”
M. Florida Black Business Expo – August 2007
Orlando, Florida – Speaker –
“Integrating Technology in the Business Environment”
N. Florida Black Business Expo – Jacksonville, Florida  – October 2008
O. Boys and Girls Club of America – Keystone Leadership Conf. 2008
P. Sunshine State TESOL Conference, Jacksonville, Florida
Gen.y Pace with Blue Cross and Blue Shield
R. The Truth of “Nancy and Teddy” Health Summit Internet Safety,
Social Media and Social Network Safety.