Creating Spatial Galleries for Businesses

Spatial Galleries in the Metaverse
Businesses, Schools, Ministries, Organizations
NGO Non Governmental Organization
Not for Profit Organizations
SDG Sustainable Development Groups

My Quest To Teach
is available to help your company / business promote your
events on the Metaverse through dynamic and engaging
metaverse platforms.
Addressing accessibility issues & encouraging collaboration
using the Metaverse as a platform for inclusion, acceptance, friendship !!! There are many people challenged by mobility issues
that want to contribute to the growing conferences and
events globally. Still, people are challenged
by results of the post pandemic era of anxiety,
fear and reluctance to attend physically.
Unfortunately there is racism, prejudice, hate and
bullying that is ongoing.
Providing a potential alternative that allows people to create
avatars and enter into the metaverse to attend, collaborate,
cooperate and contribute is growing globally.

My Quest To Teach is proud to provide a solution to those
that are reluctant, anxious, scared and have mobility issues
to attend amazing and empowering
conferences and activities globally.

                                             “Accessibility Can Rock In The Metaverse”

We are helping provide a solution that encourages, empowers,
and inspires a global community of collaboration and
cooperation. Unifying people and places with peace.


Providing workshops, trainings for youth, teens and adults
on how to safely access, use and apply the Metaverse,
AI, VR and Immersive Environments.

Metaverse Safety Workshops – What is the Metaverse
How Can The Metaverse Help My Business
How Can the Metaverse Help My Classroom
How Can The Metaverse Inspire Learning of My Students

“Have Oculus Will Travel”
sharing the metaverse in Costa Rica
#WordCampSJ 2022

If interested, please contact us:

Providing opportunities to leverage the metaverse with
engagement and learning how it will influence future careers,
education, commerce, business and entrepreneurialism.

Providing digital visibility, influence & promote growth in the
growing immersive environments of the metaverse.

Listen to our discussion about the Metaverse
on WJXT News

The growth of Web 3.0/Web 4.0 & immersive platforms can be used
to provide a foundation for businesses to grow and to be sustainable.
Visibility, accessibility, inclusivity, diversity, and collaboration are
important for growth.

The Metaverse provides an engaged & interactive element for
growth, access to information and even collaborations.
Using web development, digital video, social media platforms
all working in collaboration on dynamic immersive platforms has the
potential to help in business growth, expansion, influence, and value.

Contact for pricing for a  immersive and dynamic gallery.
Putting photos in frames, organizing them around
the gallery. Posting short videos (MP4) clips and logos.
Galleries include photos, graphics, short video clips,
animations and other elements.

William and Aida are speakers on the global
Black Business Olympics Expo 2022 – 2023
sharing how the metaverse will influence businesses.

William and Aida Jackson speakers on the global
Meta Mind Shift with Nikole Maxwell

Inside Black America: STEAM Education
William and Aida Jackson


******** Current and Past Projects of 2022 & 2023  *******
Spatial Gallery for Poetry Prize 2022
Nigeria, Africa
WordCamp Jinja 2022
Jinja Uganda Africa
DJ Force of Philadelphia PA
uses his Spatial Gallery to build his customer base
and book upcoming events during the week,
month and year. Posting photos, pictures and video.


William and Aida are speakers with the global
Black Business Olympics
Published in The Florida Star & Jacksonville Free Press
Modern Ghana,, Africa On The Blog

Discussing how businesses can leverage the Metaverse to
provide additional visibility, influence & promote growth.
The recession combined to the ongoing pandemic will continue to
create challenges for businesses & businesses of Color and Culture.

Black Multiverse

Black Educators Rock Conference 2023
William is speaking Friday, July  14th 2023

The growth of Web 3.0/Web 4.0 & immersive platforms can be used to
save or provide a foundation for businesses to grow and to be sustainable.

Thank you, Florida Star and The Jacksonville Free Press,,
Modern Ghana for publishing our engagements.

Businesses, schools, ministries and not for profits
interested in having a metaverse
Spatial Gallery for their business can reach out.