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William and Aida participation in conferences in 2021 with the
online platform of Clubhouse

Clubhouse Conferences with Educ8 World and other organizations.
If you need a team that can share their experiences with STEAM,
STEM, STREAM we are your team.  Please read below for our
current and past experiences speaking, moderating and promoting.

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We provide virtual and in-person depending on the severity of
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Educ8 Upcoming Chats

Our events on Clubhouse and the adventure that continues. 

Educ8 World
Educ8 Inaugural Conference


Our events on Clubhouse and the adventure continues.
Lingua – Cultura –

EDUC8 Diversity in STEAM
Diversity in STEAM
From Education Conference w/ Cyrus Merrill and
William Jackson
Join rich discussions on diversity in STEAM, how it
relates to Black, Brown, Indigenous youth, teens
and young adults. STEAM helps build visions for
future careers. Builds tech and social skill-sets,
increases self-esteem and promotes collaboration
globally. This will be a recurring room! Contact me
to cohost and share some cool knowledge!!


LCExp | Voices & Culture: Let’s Talk!
Description LC Exp |
Voices & Culture: Let’s Talk!
Sharing through the alphabet, the beauty, power,
engagement and connectivity that languages provide
globally. Sharing languages can break down the barriers
of racism and violence

Education On Deck…..
International Culturally Active Leaders


JULY 2021
Big Ideas
Blogging, Vlogging and Podding

STEAM CAMP A Global Conversation

Redefine Arts Ed: The X-STREAM Team – Putting the A in STEAM 
Redefine Arts Ed: The X-STREAM Team – Putting the A in STEAM
w/ Deborah Chi, William Jackson, Aida Correa-Jackson, Giuliana
Conti, and Courtney Savoy Harper — Let’s discuss creating a
STEAM progran in your community virtually or in-person with
using Arts to stimulate kids’ imaginations, excite them with
possibilities and engage them in science & technology.

Big Ideas Engaging Disenfranchised Youth

Redefining Arts Education

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming in October
SDG’s Sustainable Development Goals

Our background and history!!!

Aida and William Jackson

Aida and William Jackson has been great participating in many
Clubhouse conferences and discussions this year.
Thanks to my wife; Aida Correa-Jackson for inviting me to this
wonderful platform. I have learned so much
and connected with wonderful people from around the world.

Aida Jackson Diversity In Tech Panel at WCAVL
Aida Jackson

Aida Correa-Jackson  Clubhouse is @lovebuiltlife
Web site: LoveBuilt Life, LLC
She is Afro-Latina, a recognized artist, author, STEAM advocate.
Mother of 4 beautiful girls, grandmother, of course my wife.
Aida is a talented, respected and hard working designer / florist.
Her artistic abilities have blessed many people, from funerals,
weddings, holidays, happy times and through tragic  times.
She has taught flora design with the many organizations here
in Jacksonville and worked with youth, teens and young adults
in journaling, floral basics, and other wonderful creative events
She is of Puerto Rican heritage and a respected Professor with
Lenore Ryan University
Instructional Schedules
She is a talented speaker in the WordCamp community and
volunteers, teaches and is an organizes for WordCamps locally,
nationally and globally.
Aida’s presentations can be seen here on WordPress.TV 
Closing out WordCamp Philly

Digital Engagements:

Web Site:

William Jackson, M.Ed.

William Jackson, M.Ed.William Jackson – Hey that’s me!!!!
African American educator over 30 years
Teaching STEAM Education with Project Lead The Way
in Duval County Public Schools – Jacksonville, Florida
Professor with Florida State College of Jacksonville
Teaching Web 2.0 and Digital Media
Presentations on WordPress TV can be seen here.

Digital Engagements:

Digital Ministry:
My Quest to Teach Digital Evangelism – Jacksonville, Florida
Blog: Church of Christ and Social Media
Let The Bible Speak TV
Christian Chronicle


William Jackson and Aida Correa
William Jackson and Aida Correa

We each are enjoying sharing our experiences as professors in
higher education, STEAM Advocates, content creators,
WordCamp and WordPress Advocates.
WordCamp Central to see all WordCamps Globally

“Gamification with Cool Math Games”
Our next event this Friday, June 18th EDT
Clubhouse announcement STEAM & Diversity in the EDUC8 Diversity
in STEAM. The Faces of the Future from Education Conference.
Join rich discussions on diversity in STEAM.
Science Technology Engineering Arts Math
STEAM build visions for future careers and empowers youth,
teens and young adults to see the greatness of their potential
Black, Brown and Indigenous faces that will influence this nation
and have global influences if provided the tools, skills needed and
the proper education to build them a thought leaders, digital
creatives and global innovators.
Please join our discussion each Friday evening 7pm EST.

Hero Panel in Phoenix Arizona
Hero Panel in Phoenix Arizona
Aida and William KidsCampJax2019
Aida and William KidsCampJax2019
KidsCamp at WordCampCR
KidsCamp at WordCampCR

William Aida Ericka
William Aida Ericka

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