Cleaner Climate Project

Addressing the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations

What Would Your City Look Like with a Cleaner Climate?
Youth, teens and young adults addressing climate change with
The Arts and Digital Innovation.
by William Jackson, My Quest To Teach
Certified VR & STEAM+M Educator
World Metaverse Council Education and Arts Committee
The Ones & Los Unos Black and Hispanic Male Educators
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To provide youth, teens, and young adults the opportunity
to share their artistic, entrepreneurial, innovative,
and creative energies.
To build their vision for addressing
“Climate Challenges” and how they  (youth and teens)
can find, create, develop, climate adjustments to
contribute to the improvements
from collaboration, cooperation and thought leaderships.
The Arts play a key role by encouraging and allowing youth
and teens to be as creative, innovative and
“out of the box” thinking as possible.

Inviting youth between the ages of 10 and 16 involved
in a Climate Change project of Artistic Design and structure to show,
using The Arts how Climate Challenges can be addressed
or tackled for positive changes in cities globally.
The powerful value of inviting young and teens to create structures
now that will influence their futures and how to address these
climatic issues for the future.

Problem Solving
1. How do we engage youth, teens, and young adults to learn
about and care about climate change that affects their lives
now and potentially in the future.
2. Have youth and teens from ages 10 to 16 research what is
“Climate Change,” the causes and effects.
Write a one page blog to be posted on a web site
their interpretation of what “Climate Change”
is and apply a digital drawing to
it with how to correct, adapt modify, change
to a better understanding of climate for the future.
3. How does it affect their cities specifically.
4. What influences “Climate Change” in their city
(emissions from cars), (decline of trees),
(building of concrete buildings that retain heat in
the day and release heat at night),
(increase populations), (decrease of insects and animals),
other options?
5. What other issues may contribute to “Climate Change”
not shared in number 4?

Create Profile

Using an avatar made from Ready Player Me to create
avatars with the specific purpose of showing digitally
working in these spaces and places.
The profile and avatars represent
the participants that allow for creativity, imagination,
human innovation and fun.

Who You Are in the Digital World
1. Create Your Information
Real Name
Created Avatar Name
Region of the United States
Northeast, Southwest, West, Southeast, and Midwest
Cultural Background

Resource That Will Be Used
these resources are free
1. ReadyPlayer.Me
3. Paint 3D

Sustainable Development Goals – SDG’s
What are SDG’s
SDG Video
These are adopted by all United Nations Member
States in 2015. SDG’s provide a shared
blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and
the planet, now and into the future.
At its heart are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),
which are an urgent call
for action by all countries – developed and developing –
in a global partnership.
The project created by William Jackson is for cities in
the United States and will be
presented globally on a Spatial Gallery.
My Quest To Teach mission is to engage across
North American communities with
opportunities for it’s youth and teens to globally
contribute to the discussion and dialogue
of SDG’s and how youth and teens can contribute using
The Arts and the artistic talents of that are present
in our talented and gifted communities.

Specific Goals
The specific goals for this project are:
11 Sustainable Cities and Communities
13 Climate Actions

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