Church of Christ In The Metaverse

Church of Christ In The Metaverse

Welcome to the “Meta Freedom” page of  Black Meta Fest Juneteenth 157 Afro-Futurism Experiences that will be held the weekend of June 17th, 18th, 19th participating with in-person and digital metaverse sites.

The youth portion of the Juneteenth celebration  will be Saturday, June 18th held at WJCT Studios in Jacksonville, Florida for the in-person sessions
from 10am to 12pm where there will be workshops, minting, digital arts
and safety information.

Families will receive information about how children can become digital
artists and designers making NFTs that can be minted on the Blockchain.

This page is for Church of Christ ministries to get their youth engaged
and  involved.  We are asking for digital artists from ages 10yrs to 17yrs
to submit their works that represent the theme of  “Freedom.”

The Spatial Gallery is ready to receive digital works submitted and
share the talents, skills and abilities of youth &  teens from the
Church of Christ.

The email we will be using is
to receive digital submissions. The closing day will be June 15th
where we will stop taking art to post on the Spatial site. This is
a FREE posting….

These experiences respectively will be held Friday, Saturday,
Sunday, June 17th, 18th, 19th 2022  with Black Meta Fest
Juneteenth 157, and hopes to embrace how technology is
useful in building  the youth and teens into digital leaders.
The  metaverse is here in various forms and Web 3.0 is
growing past Web 2.0. Where will our youth and teens be
in the future if they are not prepared.

These historical events will be held on Metaverse platforms
and with Afro-Futurism held in person at WJCT Studios in
Jacksonville, Florida.  WJCT –

Black Meta Fest Juneteenth 157

Afro-Futurism Conference

We are proud to be the first and only Metaverse events
to have two events on this historic weekend and with a
focus on youth, teens and young adults. Ministries are
encouraged to participate and get their youth and teens
involved as digital artists.

The important part of these events is that youth, teens
and young adults are at times disconnected from past
historical events associated with slavery and racism,
sometimes taught a false narrative about how slaves
were treated, the atrocities of slavery, and how it still
affects Black and Brown people of African, Hispanic,
Haitian, Jamaican, Puerto Rican, African, Central and South
American heritage.

This event is to show not the ugliness nor violence, but how
our cultures collectively have overcome and are excelling
in areas of STEM, STEAM, STREAM and Digital Learning.
That the Metaverse, Altspace VR, Infiniverse and other spaces
can help to educate and empower and are influential in Ministry.

William Jackson, and  Aida Correa-Jackson are professors and
educators in public and higher education. Teaching at Florida
State College of Jacksonville, past professor with Edward
Waters College (now Edward Waters University) and
Lenoir-Rhyne University respectfully.
The xSTREAM TEAM and the
youth, teen and young adult directors / organizers for each of these
historic events that are the first of their kinds held in person & on the
Metaverse. We are members of  San Jose Church of Christ in
Jacksonville, Florida and also of service to First Meta Fest Church
on Altspace VR –


We  have invitations for sponsors to our event to inspire, educate,
encourage, and promote these two first of a kind events on the
Metaverse making history and opening doors for youth, teens.
Potential and interested sponsors we are not asking for monies,
but providing gift cards to share with our youth and teen artists
to thank them for their works, dedication, creativity, innovation
and passion for what they are doing.

Your choice of food gift cards, services or resources that youth
and teens of ages 10yrs to 17yrs would enjoy. Again, we are not
asking for money…
We are willing to post your business name and logos on our web
sites to show our appreciation and your contributions.
If you would like to remain unknown as a sponsor we will
respect your request.

Since these are digital times we request that your submissions
be made digitally to us and they will be shared with the
recipients and you will be CC’d in the communications to show
our respect for your gift, time participating and your business
dedication to inspiring youth and the knowledge of how business
and artists are appreciated and can collaborate.

If you are interested in sponsoring as a church or if businesses
in the church would like to  be sponsors please send an email to
and additional information will be forwarded to you.
Our deadline will be June 15th 2022 for gift submissions.