Celebrating The Hispanic Community in Jacksonville for Hispanic Heritage Month

Celebrating The Hispanic Community in for
Hispanic Heritage Month 2022

This project has expanded to a national and global activity.
In celebration of the beauty of the Hispanic community in
Jacksonville, Florida, nationally and globally.
The XSTREAM TEAM (Aida and William) and their works on
the Metaverse and with WordPress would like to invite the
Hispanic community to share digital works, digital drawings,
animations, digital creations on Spatial Gallery on the Metaverse.

Spatial  https://spatial.io/ 
provides gallery space to express, share, display and provide
content graphically and allow for engagement. It is a powerful
tool of engagement and vision.
Inviting artists from 6 to 17 years old, providing  a chance to
show their talents, skills, abilities, knowledge, imagination,
creativity and innovation for the Jacksonville and beyond
The metaverse is here and we will be using Spatial to show
the beauty of the Hispanic community.

The site address here will be:


As educators and business owners
we are (My Quest To Teach & LoveBuilt Life)
in Jacksonville and have a global influence.
Our enjoyment of technology and teaching on
the Metaverse and3 immersive environments,
creating a Spatial Gallery to celebrate and highlight
the Hispanic communities that are online
and in immersive environments.
We want to  share the beauty of being Hispanic.

William and Aida in Altspace VR

Our goal is to showcase this at Art Walk in Jacksonville
on Wednesday, October 5th 2022 to allow the Hispanic
community to share their passion for the beauty of
Hispanic culture and Heritage.

This free activity is dedicated to showing the beauty
of the Hispanic Culture and Heritage using the Metaverse
which can inspire, encourage, and educate.
The Metaverse and Web 3 is influencing social and community
collaborations using Web3, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens),
Digital Arts and other platforms. Having grown tremendously
and making substantial changes to life and living with the inclusion
of technology.

The Metaverse term has been around for a few years, but
only recently been talked about. It is created by the author
Neal Stephenson in his 1992 sci-fi novel “Snow Crash.”
In this book, the metaverse is an all-immersive digital
world that exists parallel to the real world.

Today using immersive technologies like Spatial, Altspace VR,
DecentralLand and others there are hundreds of developing
Metaverse sites that allow people to create their own avatars
to be engaged in almost anything imaginable.

To learn more listen to Aida and William at recent conferences
explaining the Metaverse and how it influences life and living
now and the future.

To participate reach out and connect at metamyquesttoteach@gmail.com
In the Subject Area – Hispanic Heritage Month
In the body of the email please provide.
1. The parent or guardian (adult) first and last name
Only first name of youth / teen if under 18 yrs of age.
The name of their digital art.
2. Parent or guardian active email address
3. Active phone number
4. What types of submission will be provided
a. photo,
b, graphic,
c. animated artwork,
d. drawing taken a picture by a smart phone
5. What is your background – culture
Puerto Rican, Dominican, etc.

The formats of the digital should be
A. PNG, B. JPG, C. MP4 (5-10seconds), D. Gif

No information will be shared, sold, or provided to others and all
artwork will be archived. If anyone viewing the submitted information
is interested in purchasing the art works as NFTs displayed online,
the original creator and the potential purchaser will be connected to
negotiate together on purchasing.

Thank you for contributing and sharing your culture.


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