WordCamp Embraces Cultural and Generational Diversity

WPJaxKids Meetup Participants

WordCamp Embraces Cultural and Generational Diversity
William Jackson. M.Ed.

KidsCamp and Youth Camp in Africa
KidsCamp and Youth Camp in Africa

Speaking to graphic artists, coders, developers, programmers
and business owners about being “Dope” on social media
platforms is exciting and a visionary innovation. My first
WC speaking was at WordCampILM in Wilmington, N.C.
The hope that I have is to inspire people and companies
to contribute to the growth and development of youth,
teens and young adults as mentors, volunteers and
sponsors in and out of the WordPress and Open Source
My 32 years as a PE Teacher, STEAM Teacher and advocate
for equality and equitability motivate me to share my
WordCamp and KidsCamp experiences nationally and even

Future of Costa Rica
Future of Costa Rica
Youth sharing his blog on WordPress
Youth sharing his blog on WordPress
Aida Correa teaching at KidsCamp in Costa Rica
Aida Correa teaching at KidsCamp in Costa Rica

WordCamp  conferences seek out experts in diverse fields
of technology that implement WordPress. The web platform
that is increasingly being used for web design, Podcasts,
Blogging, and other online applications that content creators
are using.
Since my first WordCamp attending, being WordCamp Orlando
I have advocated for HBCU institutions to send their students.
I have even taken several students with me and students
from the local school system here in Jacksonville.

Cultural, gender and even generational diversity has been
growing in the tech industry and it shows when bloggers,
teachers, and community activist and artists are invited
to speak about not only their use of Social Media platforms
and tools, but how to inspire others to become content

Men and women of color need to see others that represent
them in tech, to show that there are viable careers and
mentors available to help guide youth, teens and
young adults.

Business men and women of color only represent
less than 5% of tech businesses in the United States.
More does need to be done, but education is key and
next is mentorship and involvement.

Understanding the importance of research skills and
applying the appropriate  information to build
understanding is important.  Helping youth, teens and
young adults like Elisha Taylor III a junior in high school
and even middle school students like Elijah a 6th grader
to build their PLC and PLN communities.

They are preparing for careers success now.
Businesses are always using data, statistics and
analyzing now to use information to make money
and increase profits. Technology is still an evolving
entity that fluctuates when new technology comes
into play and old technology dies away. As markets
are increased people of color and culture must get
engaged and involved in tech fields growing
by digital leaps and bounds.

The networking potential at WordCamps are
phenomenal and the sharing of knowledge,
resources and personnel helps to build families
of Nerds and Geeks seeking to build or design
new applications or web tools or Apps.
The opportunities are there to be influencers!!

New terms of I and E – trepreneurs are being
developed to show the level of interactivity and
engagement as new players, visionaries and even
businesses come to play and be seen. Several
things learned are, the curse of  technology
knowledge and mastery is that, “whenever you
can’t remember when you did not know
something shows that tech is changing and
adapting to the needs of society and the future
integration that creates dynamic digital influences.”

Because of the embracing to diversity in color,
culture, gender and generation the community
begins to grow and expand.  WordCamp conferences
are looking like the communities they are influencing
and there are growing Kids and Youth Camps
nationally and internationally.

Photos of KidsCamp participants
Photos of KidsCamp participants

To see more check out WordPressTV and listen
to videos of past WordCamp presentations.

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KidsCamp San Jose in Costa Rica
KidsCamp San Jose in Costa Rica
KidsCamp San Jose in Costa Rica
KidsCamp San Jose in Costa Rica
William Aida Ericka
William Aida Ericka
Aida Correa - Organizer
Aida Correa – Organizer
WordCamp YYC 2019
WordCamp YYC 2019
WordCamp San Jose in Costa Rica
WordCamp San Jose in Costa Rica
Aida and William teaching KidsCamp Orlando
Aida and William teaching KidsCamp Orlando
WordCamp Orlando 2018
WordCamp Orlando 2018

WordPress Jax Kids Meetup Building Digital Leaders

Elizabeth Esther Elisha

WordPress Jax Kids Meetup Building Digital Leaders
William Jackson, M.Ed.  Aida Correa, Artist and Author

Kids working on their web sites
Kids working on their web sites

Youth, teens and young adults are involved in the growing
WordPress community as bloggers, content creators,
micro-bloggers, speakers and even developing organizers.

WPJaxKids is inviting students in Duval County Public
Schools, Charter Schools and even private schools to
encourage young people to have fun and enjoy STEAM
projects with William Jackson and Aida Correa. Both are
seasoned WordCamp speakers, volunteers and educators.

Youth are the growing future of digital industries, there is
no one country that has enough knowledge workers to
handle all the necessary jobs that are required.
The world is a knowledge run community not just manual

Youth, teens and young adults are beginning entrepreneurs
through  technology exposure and mentoring. Many have
started their own online businesses and making profits from
being exposed to WordCamp / KidsCamp conferences.

Elisha Taylor III a high school junior in this blog with
Elizabeth and Esther middle school students,  are  seen
with the web sites they have designed from participating
in the WPJax Kids Meetup  and attending  KidsCamp
associated with WordCamp Jax conference,  the next
WCJax conference March 2020 in Jacksonville, Florida

Youth, teens and young adults attending WC conferences
and KidsCamp  are growing into potential  WordCamp
and KidsCamp  conference speakers, organizers  as well
as learning skills that will aid in their career dreams.
WordCamp and KidsCamp conferences are developing
locally, nationally and internationally. The growth is
transformative because youth are learning real world
skills and networking with professionals.

WordCamp conferences are worth the small price for
2 to 3 days of conference exposure with web developers,
coders, programmers, digital innovators, artists and writers.
Changes are going on now that are preparing youth, teens
and young adults for their career aspirations in digital

How important are digital skills, this can be seen in the
understanding that 40% of all web sites globally are created
with the WordPress “open source” digital platform. The skills
of coding, programming, PHP and other scripting languages
is invaluable to be proficient in the expanding digital influences
of Internet based careers even in digital security.

Opportunities like WPJaxKids help kids learn web development
on both sides of the development that are graphical and

Kids Building Web Sites in Jacksonville
Kids Building Web Sites in Jacksonville

Elisha has stated that being involved in WPJaxKids Meetup,
WordCamp conferences and in KidsCamp is preparing him
for real world experiences in other tech opportunities and
increasing his opportunities for entering into higher education
and to be ahead of the academic and networking game.

More information can be found at WPJaxMeetUp

Why We Started WPJax Kids MeetUP
Video about the start of WPJaxKids

What will you find going on at WPJaxKids Meetup

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Web Site Story Board
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