During Corona Parents Stay Engaged with Your Kids On Social Media

During Corona Parents Stay Engaged with Your Kids On Social Media
William Jackson, M.Ed.
My Quest to Teach #MyQuestToTeach

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The closing of schools, social distancing and even
cities closing stores and social gathering places
are ravaging the social engagement of adults.

Just think of the impact on youth, teens and
young adults that thrive on social contact and
building relationships. Parent have already
complained about their kids on social media
too much before the Corona Virus, now it will
explode into social isolation and the explosion
of digital engagement multiplied by the number
of days in isolation and the only outlets will be

There are jokes now about how many babies will
be born in nine months, the additional concern
will be how many youth, teens and young adults
will be social media and digitally tethered to their
phones. Tech is a youths connection for social and
even mental health stability.

There will be new issues with the engagement of
kids being social after the Corona Virus isolation.
What parents may not realize are the affects now
what their kids may be going through mentally
and the content they are creating and sharing.

The access to social media should be a tool for
parents to have additional access to their children.
Digital tools and platforms enable parents to
connect to their children when they are away from
home and out of sight. Now that they are at home
and in sight how can digital tools bring about positive
engagement and interaction?

Parents should establish a common understanding
with their kids that they are both accountable for
communicating with each other and encourage the
sharing of content that builds stronger relationships
not digital distractions and further separation.

Taking virtual field trips together to zoos, museums,
libraries and even VR experiences that everyone can
enjoy and be engaged with. Applying social digital
travels around the world and connecting with digital
Art museums, Cultural museums, STEAM events that
are engaged and active.

There are too many stories where kids try to connect
with their parents using digital tools and kids cannot
“find” their parents. When parents try to connect with
their children there develops the same situation. Parents
are ultimately the social media role models and should
set the model for online behaviors and adventures that
can be fun and a digital journey for the family.

Children as young as 3 years old are developing skills
not heard of 5 years ago with technology. Many toddlers
have the fine motor skills of adults when they can Text,
Tweet, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp even before
they have formalized verbal communication.

The comprehension levels of children are more advanced
because of the digital engagements with devices, but the
knowledge to apply these skills is still lost in how to
effectively grow beyond the inability to empower and
educate. There needs to be a balance of engagement,
exploration, interaction and entertainment. Parents
need to research and explore before they feel frustrated,
stressed and even defeated because they cannot
“connect” with their kids. Engagement is vitally important
and doing things together.

Children, their thinking is years in advanced
even though emotionally they may not be able to process
the images, language and situations they witness in
online environments. When unsupervised kids get the
wrong messages about relationships.

Parents need to understand social media because it
is a representation of our society, both good and bad.
Parents cannot leave their children online without
supervision and monitoring. The social dynamics of online
lives are setting the foundation for youth, teens and
young adults in their behaviors with each other, their
families and this is embedded in their social
engagements with school and society.

The violent reactions by youth and young adults even
from the mention of taking phones away is disturbing.
Phones that they did not even purchase nor do they
make monthly payment. Parents sacrifice each
month in some cases to buy their kids the best phones
with the fastest connection, HD cameras and stereo
sound capability, but these same parents are scared
of their children and the children know this.

Parents must not only make high expectation with
digital behaviors and when they are ready take the
devices to “check” behaviors and be proactive to
potential situations.

The social dynamics of human interaction shows
that they are social creatures. They can be involved in
multiple levels of exchanging information using
language either verbal or body language. Digital
devices can expand this engagement either in good
ways or bad. Corona is spread by social engagement
and now social distancing is the safe way to be.

People communicate with voice and volume, physical
touching, facial expressions, body gestures, voice
inflections and even the movement in standing.
The social side of social engagement is based on
social interaction as humans.

The media aspects are based on dynamic media
platforms, digital sites that provide digital and even
clinical sites that have no physical nor emotional
connections. Kids are losing their emotional
foundations of reasoning, patience and in some
cases humanity. Parents have to mix social in
home and digital in virtual exchanges.

Children are growing more in love with their
digital devices and access to social sites than
they are to their humanity. More and more
children are manipulating their parents so they
(children) can get their digital “fix” either from
Twitter, Instagram, or Gaming.

Parents are finding that their little boys and girls
are being lost to a Matrix of useless information
that only encourages disconnection from family
and friends in the real situations of social

Before parents start to see changes in the
emotional status of their children, there should
be a plan to keep those human connections active
and engaged. This time of Corona is not just the
ravages of a virus, but the change in mentality
and means of digital social engagement. There
should be play time, social time, family time,
daddy time, mommy time with the kids.

Parents are digital role models, re-engage with
their children to learn about them before they
are lost and have no desire to connect,
communicate or socialize with parents.

Parents get involved with your children before
the challenges are beyond Corona, but building
and keeping a relationship with your children.
One aspect is the disconnect from digital devices
to share real human time with family and friends
and even share digital engagements to build
stronger relationships.

Speaking at WordCamp and Fighting Impostor Syndrome

Community Brings People Together

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Create My Voice - Chip Edwards
Create My Voice – Chip Edwards

“Hey Google Talk to Love Built Life”
by Aida Correa

Speaking at WordCamp and Fighting Impostor Syndrome
William Jackson, M.Ed. My Quest To Teach

2020 Speaker
William Jackson
WordCamp Miami – WordCamp Atlanta – WordCamp Santa Clarita
Aida Correa
WordCamp Greenville – WordCamp Atlanta – WordCamp Santa Clarita
WordCamp Jacksonville –

Aida and William
Aida and William

Does the thought of speaking at a WordCamp conference
inspire you? Does the idea of sharing your knowledge,
experiences excite you? Then you should apply to be a
speaker at WordCamp conferences locally, nationally and
internationally and be engaged at local meetups.

I love to share that if a PE teacher from Jacksonville, Florida
can do it anyone can, that is not to say PE teachers are not
good speakers, on the contrary our community of Physical
and Health educators is based on motivating youth, teens
and young adults to be the best they can be each and
every day.

The same zeal, zest, smiles and enthusiasm I use in
teaching at school, teaching in bible study in ministry,
community events and mentoring kids for me is applied
at WordCamp and KidsCamp conferences.

WC Jax
WC Jax WordCamp Jacksonville 


WordCamp conferences are for anyone not just experts,
anyone with a passion to share their knowledge and to
empower others is welcomed to attend, volunteer and
contribute. You do not have to be an expert, because you
have knowledge in your brain that others need to learn
from (paraphrasing Steve Schwartz , a respected
speaker and advocate on Cyber-Security
Steve Schwartz Twitter – @AVT_Steve

Not only is WordCamp a great opportunity to network, to build
your personal and professional learning community and network,
as an African American blogger, educator and digital advocate,
I encourage underrepresented groups who are thinking about
speaking at WordCamp conferences to do it and gain valuable
skills in public speaking and sharing technical content.

The communities that are indigenous are encouraged to register
to attend and even register their children to attend KidsCamp to
build digital skills that open multiple doors for future careers as
thought leaders, digital innovators and entrepreneurs. Indigenous
youth, teens and young adults should be taking “seats at the
tables” of companies and corporations to create positive
changes for their communities. If there is not voice they will
continue to be ignored and not have the necessary influence to
help build their communities.

The recent blog
“2020 The Need for Indigenous Youth to Attend Global Tech
Conferences” shares that in order to obtain careers of leadership,
influence and create dynamic change conferences need to be
attended and speaker opportunities taken advantage of.

Do not allow “Impostor Syndrome” to stop you from participating
and sharing what you know. WordPress Meetups and WordCamp
conferences are phenomenal venues to receive support, develop
growth strategies to improve presentation skills, build skill-sets,
witness that representation of color and culture does matter and
that all shades of people of color and culture are involved in many
areas of tech.

Listen to Nathan Ingram in this awesome Podcast about IS

As a graduate of an HBCU – Historically Black College and
University, South Carolina State University I passionately
encourage HBCU students and instructors to get involved
and engaged in the WordPress community. HBCU students
are welcomed and encouraged to attend and participate in
volunteering and gaining skills to be speakers not just at
WordCamp, but use those skills in other venues.

Think of what is stopping you from sharing your knowledge
and throw it to the winds. Contemplate how to move beyond
your fears, cast away your self-doubts and talk on.  Boost your
speaking confidence with the understanding that the more you
speak the better you get and take your content creation to
another level in your local environment, on national stages and
even international levels of engagement.

Les Brown stated that “fear kills dreams, fear kills passions”
Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BjFo4skppw
WordCamp conferences and KidsCamp are safe places because
no one is judged by their gender, generation, color, culture or age.
Knowledge is what is sought out, engaging the audience to move
their skills-sets higher in their quest to continue to build a more
inclusive knowledge community and grow into thought leadership

Impostor Syndrome should not keep anyone from growth, “IS”
should not be a roadblock to developing and enhancing anyone’s
voice. The voice is a powerful vehicle of information sharing and
potential collaboration. In our world of information sharing, being
able to collaborate is more valuable than competing against each

The WordPress community’s foundation is based on democratizing
the web to open the web to diversity, inclusivity, generational
growth and community that is local, national and global. Helping
others achieve their goals and expanding their influence. Why
should anyone be fearful knowing this?

Educational professionals would do well to participate
because students are so connected, that digital resources
are affecting and influencing the learning designs of students.
Students do not just read books anymore, they are connected to
content that is engaging, interactive, busy, and provides immediate

A “Knowledge Society” is changing the direction of instruction
and the placement of students as they pass through the
educational curriculum’s from elementary to middle to high
school. KidsCamp is embracing youth, teens and young
adults in STEAM experiences and exposure that can be seen
by Sandi Batik is a WordPress trainer and Annika Akinmusuru
a  youth participating as a KidsCamp teacher at WordCamp
San Antonio

KidsCamp are growing in Central America in Costa Rica,
Nicaragua, and in Mexico to the North. The potential to advance
global engagement is unlimited. KidsCamp starts the process of
developing future volunteers, speakers and organizers. Inspiring
these  youth now is key because once they get over potential
fears they will take WordCamp, KidsCamp and other venues to
the next level.
Aida and I have been teachers for 2 years at WordCampCR in
Costa Rica this continues to open our eyes the building of
communities outside of the US.

WordCampCR KidsCamp 2018
WordCampCR KidsCamp 2018


WordCampCR in Costa Rica Central America
WordCampCR in Costa Rica Central America 2019

Allowing IS stop dreams from achieving will kill the digital
creativity and innovation that is lying dormant in so many people.
When you allow IS to win you are denying others the knowledge
that you have and preventing learning that can be shared locally,
nationally and globally.

The Wiki def. is:
Impostor syndrome. … Impostor syndrome (also known as impostor
phenomenon, impostorism, fraud syndrome or the impostor experience)
is a psychological pattern in which one doubts one’s accomplishments
and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a “fraud”.

Don’t allow  your destiny to be determined by a definition from the
Internet, embrace your talents, skills, abilities and knowledge to be
the change you want to create and to grow.

Aida and William KidsCampJax2019
Aida and William KidsCampJax2019

To see where WordCamps are check out the site WordCamp
Central.. https://central.wordcamp.org/
Videos on fighting IS https://wordpress.tv/?s=impostor+syndrome

Digital Jobs Globally
Digital Jobs Globally

2020 The Need for Indigenous Youth to Attend Global Tech Conferences

Indigenous Youth and Technology

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2020 The Need for Indigenous Youth to Attend Global Tech Conferences
William Jackson, M.Ed. #MyQuestToTeach

Indigenous Youth In Africa
Indigenous Youth In Africa

Technology conferences are offering incentives for youth,
teens and  young adults to attend conferences. Events like
FlBlogCon, WordCamp, SXSW, EdCamp, BarCamp and others
are happening globally.
They are providing SWAG that attract the attention of
youth, teens and young adults.  These are great marketing
strategies to encourage and attract youth,  teens and
young adults from indigenous communities that are
sometimes forgotten and neglected.

History has not been kind nor generous to indigenous
peoples, in the world. There is access to instant
communication, wifi, digital Apps, Social Media platforms,
there are so many ways to connect, but access to learning
and networking opportunities is minimal or
unavailable. Experts to the needs of indigenous youth
are not always available so needs go unfilled.

In 2020 this should be changing because indigenous youth,
teens and young adults are dreaming of a better life for
them and their families.
They see the opportunities that technology is offering and
encouraging them to reach for the sky, the stars, the planets
and beyond. Let it be known that indigenous people are
people of color, culture, gender, generation and great
contributors globally.

Indigenous Youth In Canada
Indigenous Youth In Canada

From Canada, to Central America, to Africa, to Europe and
Asia youth, teens and young adults have unprecedented
opportunities to be involved in tech conferences to learn
valuable skills that will carry them into future career
choices to be entrepreneurs and create their own careers
to help their cultures grow and prosper.  Digital  influencers
are not just white faces they are the beautiful hues of color
and shades of  our world.

America does not have the resources to continue to be the
only global technology powerhouse, globally things are
changing and America is feeling the effects. In collaboration
to learning code, PHP, scripting languages, programming and
web design, the integration of Science Technology Engineering
Arts Mathematics is necessary to build skills-sets for the
future to help address and solve challenges that are faced
daily by human existence.

Youth and teens are gradually learning the importance of
applying technology skills to build on critical and higher
order thinking.
Enhancing their combining of creative and innovative
processing of information to influence future digital
adaptations in robotics, re-newable energy resources,
working with nature not against natural forces that are
available. In many cases indigenous youth have learned
from their elders and nature to survive with the land,
but many lessons are being lost because the land has
and is still being taken away.

Indigenous Youth In Asia
Indigenous Youth In Asia

Youth attending conferences allows exposure not just to
people, youth learn terminologies that enhance their
ability to communicate on intellectual levels. Broadening
language abilities allows youth, teens and young adults as
they grow to sit at the tables of diverse digital and intellectual
tables and not be threatened by the lack of knowledge
and understanding. Comprehending is key to being able
to contribute to the discussion of building digital networks
and creating PLC – Professional Learning Communities and
Professional Learning Networks.

Indigenous youth, teens and young adults represent their
cultural heritage and build learning opportunities and speak
their languages. Representation matters in STEAM, Tech,
Social Media and in Digital Innovation. When indigenous
youth see themselves involved outside of their communities
they are encouraged and empowered to alter
their thinking.

WordCamp in Africa
WordCamp in Africa

The learning of digital languages is a path to decision making
where representation is not an issue because there are those
present that are of gender, color and culture. Those sitting at
the tables of digital business and commerce look like the youth
in neighborhoods dreaming of owning their own business and
aspiring to make global changes.

The growth of conferences guarantees that youth are engaged
in activities of digital creativity and digital exploration. New
skills learned and applied will be with youth for years to help
shape and mold decisions for digital and economic growth in
the communities these youth live.

Globally the uniqueness of conferences are open to indigenous
children around the world. Providing opportunities for them to
see there are choices and chances in life to broaden their vision
of careers, hobbies and learning the skills of networking and
developing generational wealth.

Digital Jobs Globally
Digital Jobs Globally

WordCamps are global conferences that embrace diversity,
inclusion, innovation and creativity. Stated by Abdullah Ramzan
Twitter @Software_abi “The beauty of WordPress (Web Platform)
is that it is made for everyone.”

In Africa, Asia and Central America, India there are conferences
that teach from the very basics to the more advanced in HTML,
E-commerce, marketing, branding and cyber-security.
The steady and rapid growth of wireless technologies are building infrastructures that will carry indigenous peoples into the next
decade as it grows into its’ place in digital innovation where the
people will be the next natural resource for creativity and
innovation not just the land itself.

Future of Costa Rica
Future of Costa Rica

Digital innovators are thriving in Africa, Asia, Central America,
India and even Australia, growth is expanding opportunities to
influence financial markets.  Organizers for WordCamp  and
KidsCamp represent their communities, cultures, colors
and generations.  They are influencing new generations to
grow and be technical leaders in their regions of  the world.
Digital growth in Mexico, South America, Central America
is phenomenal this includes Panama and Nicaquagua:
these nations cannot be left out Guatemala, Belize,
Honduras and El Salvador.
Their greatest resources are the people.

Indigenous children must be able to engage in conferences
and workshops where their minds are broadened, their
skills are improved and sharpened and their fear of
what is new is overcome. Kids will be competing against
each other as they build their business interests
digitally before they are adults.

Exposure is valuable and representation is key to
motivating indigenous youth both girls and boys to new
levels of thinking in life. Parents must allow their
children to participate in conferences to build skills
for future employment. Children need to learn how
to network, collaborate, cooperate and work with
the diversity the world has to offer.

Too many indigenous youth are denied access, opportunities,
creative growth and innovative inspiration, this decade is an
opportunity to change this. Tech provides building a world
of discovery and innovation, and working together to
accomplish goals and building future dreams in
careers, business as entrepreneurs. Global WordCamps
can be found here
https://central.wordcamp.org/ many support youth,
teens and young adults in attending.

Indigenous Youth in Central America
Indigenous Youth in Central America

The building of digital leaders in countries is encouraging,
many are youth, teens and young adults themselves.
The chance to inspire our beautiful, innovative, creative
and smart indigenous generation is growing.
The world needs indigenous youth to be as smart as they
can be, as creative and as innovative as their talents allow.
The world cannot allow the brilliance and intellectual ability
of indigenous youth, teens and young adults to go to waste
because these youth, teens and  young adults are
important to our world.

Through conferences like WordCamp and corresponding
KidsCamp provide the foundation to mentor and model,
representation does matter for youth of color and culture.
If they see people that look like them, they will aspire and
dream to be like them and more.

Representation Matters for Indigenous Youth!!!

WordCamp and KidsCamp
San Jose, Costa Rica 2019

WordCampCR in Costa Rica Central America
WordCampCR in Costa Rica Central America 2019
WordCampCR KidsCamp 2018
WordCampCR in Costa Rica Central America  2018
WordCamp Calgary Canads 2019
WordCamp Calgary Canads 2019
WordCamp San Jose Costa Rica 2018
WordCamp San Jose Costa Rica 2018
William and Aida in Calgary YYC
William and Aida in Calgary YYC 2019
Aida and William KidsCampJax2019
Aida and William KidsCampJax2019


San Jose WordCamp 2019
San Jose WordCamp 2019
Costa Rica Flag
Costa Rica Flag
WordCampCR Costa Rica Central America 2019
WordCampCR Costa Rica Central America 2019
WordCampCR Costa Rica Central America 2019
WordCampCR Costa Rica Central America 2019
WordCampYYC Calgary Alberta Canada 2018
WordCampYYC Calgary Alberta Canada 2018 with youth from the Sudanese community in Alberta

Jacksonville Youth and Teens Attend International Tech Conference

Elisha Elijah Janea

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Jacksonville Youth and Teens Attend International Tech Conference

Elisha Elijah Janea
Elisha Elijah Janea

Janea 4th grader, Elijah 6th grader and Elisha 11th grade student
in the Duval County Public School system are passionate about
using technology to reach their goals in life. They attended the
national and international WordCamp Orlando conference and
participated in the KidsCamp web development portion.

Each are involved in technology events outside of school and love
being part of the WordCamp open source community. Janae a
veteran WC and KidsCamp conference attendee has been to
several conferences from Asheville, NC, to Greenville, SC including
twice at WordCamp Orlando.

Elisha a new member of the digital community joined Aida Correa
of LoveBuilt Life, LLC and William Jackson of My Quest to Teach to
attend. Elisha is an avid gamer and into programming and coding.
He has attended several other tech conferences and even selected
as a speaker at TEDXFSCJ Salons speaking on how tech offers
opportunities to youth of color to be business owners, entrepreneurs
and solo-preneurs.

The growing presence of youth, teens and young adults is showing
that young people are serious in their goals and aspirations to be
involved in technology as influencers, content contributors, digital
innovators, animators and intellectual thought leaders. They want
to be business owners as well.

Technology has increased its influence growing in its influence both
good and bad so youth, teens and young adults must take advantage
of all learning opportunities to prepare them for current and future
careers. Following these young people can be found on the hashtag
#thatWordcamplife and #thatwordpresslife

Elijah a middle school student had the opportunity to speak with
Coders, Programmers to help with his direction in life and for his
career interests. Middle school is key for students because there
are so many distractions they need mentors and taught skills that
will help them to grow to be critical thinkers, thought leaders and
start considering the areas they want to travel and engage in.

Elijah a 6th grader is also into tech, learning where he fits in and
what his dreams are. DCPS school system has embraced many new
instructional strategies that embrace technology. Students are
being taught to be critical thinkers, digital leaders and problem
solvers. Elijah is a new generation of digital future leaders that are
being trained to be the future leaders for this nation and the world.

Janae, Elijah and Elisha share why youth should attend tech and
WordCamp conferences.
Elisha, “teens should attend WordCamp and tech conferences
because of the social networking opportunities and you never know
who you’re going to meet. There is a great variety of people that can
help you get where you want to go.”

Elijah,” it is a good place to learn about technology and good experiences
to learn new things, design a web sites and gaming experiences.”

Janae, “girls should want to go because it is fun and there are so many
nice and cool people there to learn from.”

The growth of youth attending is widespread locally, nationally and
internationally. Careers in STEAM and STEM are demanding tech skills
from coding, programming, web development and other skills. Parents
must prepare their kids today for the future.

To follow these growing digital influencers
Janae https://www.instagram.com/thatkidwhoanimates/
Elisha https://journeythroughthemotherboard.wordpress.com/

Elisha William Elijah Aida Janea
Elisha William Elijah Aida Janea



Elisha Elijah Janea
Elisha Elijah Janea

Churches and Social Media A Tool of Ministry and Outreach

Social Media and the Church of Christ
Alvin Daniels Elijah Taylor William Jackson
Minister Alvin Daniels, Elijah Taylor III, William Jackson, M.Ed.

Churches and Social Media A Tool of Ministry and Outreach
William Jackson, M.Ed. Graduate of South Carolina
State University… William Jackson Northside Church of Christ, Jacksonville,
Minister Alvin Daniels of Hope Church of Christ, Hollywood
and Elisha Taylor III of Northbound Church of Christ provided
valuable information during the Social Media workshop portion
of the 51st Annual Florida State Church of Christ Lectureship
held in Jacksonville, Florida.

Attended by over 500 hundred members of Church of Christ
ministries and friends during the week, there were workshops
dedicated to Ministry, Evangelism, Youth Ministry, Outreach and
other areas of need and interest.

The workshop “Bridging the Gap Through Social Media”
was an interactive discussion covering digital content, social
engagement and how future employment and careers are
affected. How to digitally evangelize online and share the
gospel in outreach.

Social Media can affect credit scores and perceptions
that church members create when posting inappropriate
information. Digital information never goes away, members
of the Church of Christ and other ministries should understand
this, stated by William Jackson a 32 year educator.

People judge ministries by the Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat
postings of their.Church are being classified as good or
bad by members content.

William Jackson, Digital Media Innovator of My Quest to Teach
shared a new term “Sharenting” where parents are constantly
posting content about their kids. The danger is posting photos
of children nude, semi-nude or in poses of “cuteness,”
perceptions of being older and poses present a more mature
look can cause issues and dangers from cyber-stalkers, potential
child pornography issues, cyber-bullying and harassing in future
encounters with content online.

Minister Alvin Daniels spoke on how to create an effective
Social Media presence for ministries, to develop a team that
can support each other, that can use different platforms to
share the gospel and support the members and show to the
community the atmosphere of the ministry.

Minister Daniels shared how people will Google churches if
they are looking to move memberships or if they are relocating
to a new area. The Social Media engagement does mean
a lot for families. Hope Church of Christ is successful because
of its consistency with posting content, replying to emails
and messages from online and being able to rotate staff so
no one get burned out from doing the same thing all the time.
Successful engagement is having the minister and leadership
share content individually in videos, chats on Twitter, LinkedIn
and Instagram.

Even in this age of digital engagement it is important that
ministers do not shield themselves from the public,but use
Social Media to show their availability and access for prayer
and inviting the community to events of the ministry.

Minister Daniels has used Social Media to build Hope
Church of Christ to one of the largest and connected
ministries in the South Florida area.

Social Media is a powerful tool that can build a person’s
Brand or destroy their ability to communicate and influence.
The photo shows on the left Minister Alvin Daniels,
Elisha Taylor III blogger, speaker at tech conferences and
the first DCPS student to peak at a TEDX Salon at Florida
State College in Jacksonville and William Jackson DMI of
My Quest To Teach.

51st Annual Florida State Lectureship can be found at https://www.facebook.com/2019FloridaStateLectureship/
Minister Alvin Daniels can be found https://hopechurchofchrist.org/
Elisha Taylor III can be found at
William Jackson, M.Ed. can be found at https://myquesttoteach.com/
More about Sharenting