2020 Embracing Diversity in the Tech World

William Jackson of My Quest top Teach

2020 Embracing Diversity in the Tech World
William Jackson, M.Ed.
Twitter @wmjackson
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Technology encourages and engages users, developers,
coders, bloggers, content managers and digital innovators
to share information.
Their passion resonates the joy of learning and to spark an
interest in tech fields that create business owners and
entrepreneurs. 2020 will be a decade of phenomenal
growth in digital innovation across generations.

As an educator I encourage students from elementary to
higher education to be involved with their parents in WordCamp
and KidsCamp conferences.
They would do well to participate and attend conferences like
WordCamp, BarCamp, EdCamp and other tech events to learn
the language of the business, technology and community.
Language develop is used in “Code Switching” (language skills)
to speak in diverse situations.

How to communicate and carry a conversation is valuable in a
world that is knowledge based and global. The ability to
communicate is key, absorbing, digesting, regurgitating
information in an industry that welcomes and encourages
diversity and inclusion. Inclusivity is not just attending it means
making contributions to help others grow, it means volunteering,
organizing and taking leadership roles.

Tech conferences like WordCamp allows for content engagement
to allow networking, sharing knowledge and experiences.
Broadcasting platforms that transform Podcasting and Video
Blogging as useful tools to amplify a message, thoughts and
engagements. Attending tech conferences builds skills to
amplify messages that share community activism and the
increase need for effective community engagement and change.

2020 is developing for authentic stories, authentic thought
and increased engagement in communities on Social Media
platforms and Web sites that share information that should
promote progress, The growing demand for digital innovation,
digital exploration and digital experiences to use digital
tools that allow for business growth, business collaboration
and global influences.

There are many Digital Innovators of diversity in age, gender,
generation, color and culture that have ideas that should be
encouraged and fueled. WordCamp conferences help fuel the
desire for knowledge, skills and abilities, talents to grow beyond
expectations and desires. The future innovators for their
communities will share content that promotes community
growth, community strength, community re-birth in a mental
frame of mind for exploration, discovery and even research.

Technology encourages the use of devices that are mobile,
connected and progressive. There are always pieces that can
have connectivity to access information. Building community
Bloggers, VBloggers, Podcasters are the storytellers that are
changing the paradigm of information exchange.
The meshing to individual and collective stories are a combination
of digital footprints trailblazing and exploring new avenues to
connect people and create change.

Connections are digital, global, influential and flowing with
new opportunities. Adventure awaits for those that embrace
innovation and creativity. 2020 is a new decade of discovery,
direction and discipline needed to move to levels of engagement
and exploration.

Welcome to 2020
WordCamp Central – https://central.wordcamp.org/
Completely Booked – William Jackson
WordCamp San Jose – Costa Rica

KidsCamp Jacksonville 2019
KidsCamp Jacksonville 2019
KidsCamp at WordCampCR
KidsCamp at WordCampCR
William and Aida
William and Aida
My Quest To Teach
My Quest To Teach
Elisha William Elijah Aida Janea
Elisha William Elijah Aida Janea
WordCamp Orlando 2018
WordCamp Orlando 2018
William Jackson in Costa Rica 2019
William Jackson in Costa Rica 2019


William and Sean - WPYall
William and Sean – WPYall
William and Shae
William and Shae
Shae and William
Shae and William
Journey Into Womanhood
Journey Into Womanhood
WordCampUS 2016
WordCampUS 2016
Nikki Giovanni and William Jackson
Nikki Giovanni and William Jackson

Aida and William KidsCampJax2019
Aida and William KidsCampJax2019
Malcolm X
Malcolm X
Aida and William - WordCampYYC
Aida and William – WordCampYYC
William Aida Ericka
William Aida Ericka

What African Bloggers Should Learn from WordCamp

My Quest to Teach in Africa

What African Bloggers Should Learn from WordCamp
William Jackson, Educator, Blogger, Community Activist

Wm Jackson
Wm Jackson

WordCamps are magnificent ways to collaborate, network,
inspire and engage in diverse areas of technology.
Web development has changed the way people communicate,
associate, collaborate and create activism.

Africans are broadening their engagement and implementation
of technologies in their societies as the infrastructure is being laid.
Wireless technology has exploded and more people see the
potential to use wireless and web technologies beyond just
communicating with family.

Africans are entering the entrepreneurial realms of business
ownership. What can be learned from participating and speaking
at WordCamps can build the competitive edge that can care a
business and people to national and global visibility.

As a current and past sponsor of WordCamp conferences in Africa
I see the necessity as a teacher and business owner to help fellow
content creators that are students and teachers in Africa.
Helping future thought leaders, digital innovators and creative
content designers to build stronger economic opportunities and
encourage collaborations. Sponsoring allows me to give back to
diverse communities that have generational affects.

WC Harare
WC Harare

What is the value of investing in WordCamp conferences….
1. Diversity should be accepted in all fields of tech and Social Media.
Everyone has a story and is unique in their journey.
2. Take advantage of all the learning opportunities on and off line.
3. If you have a new idea to develop content don’t stall it, go after it.
4. Sometimes it is better to collaborate not just compete.
5. Books should be available to enhance research skills. Always have
your library card available.
6. Read classic African authors to build a foundation of cultural relevance.
7. Attend both EdCamps, WordCamps and Bar Camps when-ever possible.
8. Have a vision and mission statement.
9. Find new areas to blog.
10. Take the opportunity to co-blog.
11. Have a hashtag to share content.
12. Volunteer in the community and at schools.
13. Sponsor events in the community.
14. Participate in online chats to share knowledge.
15. Have a name badge created and updated business cards.
16. Google your name and business to see what
content is out there about your business.
17. Make sure your Social Media profiles meets with
your Brand objectives.
18. Don’t forget to renew your Domain name even if
you’re not using it yet.
19. Create a Media Kit to share your business story
20. Have several headshots available for various events.
21. Decide a head of time what your hashtags are that you use.
22. Understand how to properly apply quotes from someone
from the Internet, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
Be about that hustle and being Lit.
24. Be concerned about your associations. Remember the term,
guilt by association.
25. Be about promoting others and their community service
and giving back to humanity.

Central American and African Children Need to Attend STEAM and Tech Conferences

William Aida Ericka

Central American and African Children  Need to Attend STEAM and Tech Conferences
William Jackson, M.Ed. My Quest to Teach

Students working on projects
Students working on STEAM projects

Computers and technology are  forever changing the thinking
of youth,  teens and young adults especially children of Central
America and Africa. There is no denying the influence of digital
platforms, tools and Apps that are accessible on the Internet.
We are living in a revolution of digital engineering, exploration
and innovation. Technology is allowing children to become
digital influencers at an early age and growing into agents of
social, cultural, economic and intellectual change.
Generations of youth, teens and young adults are the digital
natives, digital innovators, digital pioneer.

Digital Natives on the average ages 12 to 32 spend hours creating
content that is transformative and influential. They are engaged
and involved. Digital natives will never know a time when they
were not and are not connected to the Internets’ vast resources
of information.

Children and youth need to learn the value of a digital global
perspective of the world, because their content is being shared
nationally and internationally, they must learn to function in digital
worlds and outside of them.

Future of Costa Rica
Future of Costa Rica

Children are not the future consumers, they are the NOW
consumers and the influencers. They are also producers
that create change so the title “Agents of Change” are serious
directions that can yield great power and great influence.

Youth, teens and young adults are discussing social issues nationally
to gain attention and awareness to what they think is important
because of the empowerment of the Internet they are being  heard
from Central America to the African continent.

Parents must be able to teach, model and investigate the accuracy
and truth of content their children consume and post. Their voices
should not be an ECHO, but should be original and authentic. Kids and
youth being the digital citizens and innovators of today are surpassing
their parents in knowledge  about issues that need problem solvers
now, not waiting decades to address issues and problems that are
creating global changes.

Digital Learning in Costa Rica
Digital Learning in Costa Rica

Conferences like WordCamp and KidsCamp build a foundation of
awareness and inspire learning. The fastest growing nations for
kid and youth conferences are  on the continents of Africa and
Central America. WordCamp and KidsCamp are overflowing
with attendees and their parents.

Conferences in Central America are increasing with WordCamp Nicaragua,
Panama, Costa Rica  and soon Guatemala Belize, Honduras and El Salvador.
WordCamp conferences are available each year for adults, and as the interest
grows youth, teens and young adults will see kids and youth conferences
suited for their needs,  to help them build digital access for collaboration
and to create their own businesses.

Uganda Bloggers
Uganda Bloggers

Africa has similar events, WordCamp Harare, Lagos, Entebbe and
Port Harcourt, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Egypt; there will be others as
interest grows.  The continent needs these conferences  and others
to inspire youth and teens to be  the influencers needed to build their
nations by thought leadership, intellectual design, digital innovation
and creative  selections because youth, teens and young adults
will be competing globally while collaborating nationally.

Education at all levels will have to embrace STEAM initiatives to teach, mentor,
guide and empower children to lead their nations into the 22nd century and
beyond. If Central American and African nations do not continue to prepare
generations to be the digital leaders they need. They will truly be cast into
the realms of nations passed over and continued to be in third world or
lower status. They will not have the ability to take their nations into global
financial strength because their children and each generation will not be
prepared to lead.

KidsCamp and Youth Camp in Africa
KidsCamp and Youth Camp in Africa

Parents are taking advantage of conference opportunities to encourage
their children to attend events and networking opportunities. Exposure
to critical and higher order thinking learning that is needed. Youth and
teens future career choices are influenced to help develop the tech
visionaries that each nation in Central America and on the African
continent will need to grow their economies in new and diverse directions.

The explosion of STEAM and Web Development is becoming the new norm
for learning. If Central American and African nations want their children to
be future influencers, decision makers, venture capitalists, investors,
mentors  they must provide for the conferences  to bless their children.
To inspire and educate continued generations with knowledge and wisdom.
To see upcoming conferences for potential attendance and sponsorship’s see
WordCamp Central – https://central.wordcamp.org/

Central America
Central America and WordCamp Conferences

Global Conferences:
Central America
WordCamp Costa Rica – Speaker and Teacher for KidsCamp
WordCamp Nicuquagua
WordCamp Panama


African Bloggers In Action
African Bloggers In Action 2019

Africa – Sponsor and Advocate
WordCamp Entebbe
WordCamp Lagos Nigeria
WordCamp PortHarcourt
WordCamp Mombasa, Kenya
December 7th 2019 – December 8th 2019
WordCamp Harare
WordCamp Nairobi, Kenya