Part 1 Weaponizing Information To Control Hearts and Minds

My Quest To Teach

Part 1 Weaponizing Information To Control Hearts and Minds
William Jackson, M.Ed

Weapons of War
Weapons of War

“Weaponized information is a message or content piece that
is designed to affect the recipient’s perception about something
or someone in a way that is not warranted.”

Weaponizing digital information is a 21st century strategy that
should be considered as the political process heats up in the
run for political offices. The seat of the President is not the only
powerhouse position that needs to be watched.
Senate and House seats are very important because they are
where laws are brought forth, policies and procedures are
created and alliances are made.

The use of Social Media and applying words, phrases, images,
soundbites and videos to create perceptions, mis-directions,
subterfuge and even perceptions of mis-trust and elitism are
applied daily. The power of the digital voice is being heard globally
and controlling minds, emotions and perceptions.

Weaponizing information is not new, but the use of Social Media
has grown since it’s successful application during the Clinton and
Obama administrations. Successes that speak of unity, collaboration,
the value of diversity and inclusion and the perceptions of inclusion
are shared in online chat rooms, in advertisements and with the
help of algorithms to post content on your timeline.

Unfortunately It has been applied at a higher level of disruption,
division, separation and even containing racial overtones and
innuendo in the current administration. Instead of having a
unifying goal it has become separative, divisive and inflammatory
with its’ language usage.

“Propaganda is an example of weaponized information:misleading
or biased information of a political nature that is usually spread
by governments.” Governments have alternative measures for
the use of digital information.

The 21st century of using media besides television and radio
allows for the carpet bombing of Facebook, Twitter and other
social sites to overwhelm people into submission or pacification
to follow the masses. When constantly bombarded by political
advertisements that are geared to specific groups of people
there comes a saturation point where the mind gives up and
surrenders to the powers that be and is placed in a concentration
camp of prisoners to a political party, agenda or re-education

Weaponizing our content to match a specific gender, culture,
generation, race and even religion can be made with a video,
photo, graphic and influenced by musical accomplishment.
People are visual and look for connections, there is a
connection point where people will absorb information to
make it their own. Bringing life to information and bring
it into exhistance.

People are learning that algorithms can be manipulated,
profiles can be analyzed, connections can be linked to send
similar sources to create a dynamic and digital path so
everyone with similar mind-sets are lead down a rabbit hole
of submission and mind control. People are being exposed
to so much information either willingly or unwillingly they are
becoming shell-shocked by the massive bombing of content.

Using targeted systems, the saving of Twitter posts and the
potential to use this information against people should be
disussed as to the rights of free speech. Words have power
and influence as can be seen on Sunday messages in
ministries that service the financial aims of a church, but
not the commission of saving souls and keeping souls saved.

Weaponizing information is the threat people need to be
aware of and guard against. So education programs need
to be in place to teach people how to recognize messages
of hate, racism, division, and hidden agendas that lead to
separate our nation.
Library of Congress Has Now Archived 170 Billion Tweets

A Business Perspective on Social Activism with Social Media and SoLoMoCo

My Quest To Teach

A Business Perspective on Social Activism with Social Media and SoLoMoCo
William Jackson, M.Ed My Quest to Teach – #MyQuestToTeach

William Jackson of My Quest top Teach
William Jackson of My Quest top Teach

A dynamic and engaged opportunity to understand Branding,
creating your Niche as a business owner; the foundation
of understanding the value of digital content in relation to
business and entrepreneurialism.

Applying the So-Lo-Mo-Co Concepts
So-social Lo-local Mo-mobile Co-community uses of Social
Media platforms and tools to share content and collaborate
in dynamic and engaged projects.

Business owners should be engaged with their communities
using digital platforms that are not just used for profits, but to
apply digital tools to build relationships and influence the
thinking of the community. Engagement is key, not to change
the perspectives of the community, but to empower the
community to see what changes need to be made and
providing the resources to create necessary social,
economic and educational improvements so everyone can

In order to have a strong and stable community, businesses
should know the needs of their communities, the challenges
that are present and how they can collaborate with local
schools, ministries and even higher educational institutions.
These connections help build partnership allow for potential
internships to cultivate new talent and new innovators
and employment opportunities for youth, teens and young

Type Writer
Type Writer

Wireless communication infrastructures are important to
build connections that open collaborations and create
connections for social, educational and economic activism.
Building a Brand and creating a Niche for business minded
youth, teens and young adults. Communities are only as
stable and strong as the generations coming up. The
community only grows with the talents and availability of
youth, teens and young adults. The issue with many
communities of color is that children of color lack
exposure and mentor-ships that guide them into innovators,
creators and dreamers. When children cease to dream
this is a dangerous sign that there is a lack of vision and
passion for future creativity and contributes to communities

Social activism in bringing people together for economic
empowerment and building the I and E of Individual
Entreprenurialism. Branding and finding that Niche to
connect with, establish a digital footprint that is relevant
and realistic in the community and city.

Community workshops are important because they will
show that people of color have a vision for their communities
of color. Offering opportunities to teach, mentor, guide and
empower others. Looking at communities across the
nation there are wonderful events going on, but they lack
mentors, experts in fields of STEAM.

Malcolm X

Malcolm X stated,
“We are not fighting for integration, nor are we fighting for
separation. We are fighting for recognition as human beings…
In fact, we are actually fighting for rights that are even greater
than civil rights and that is human rights.”
Malcolm X (Black Revolution)

Do not be scared of these words, but embrace them to
build communities of hope and purpose. Each community
is part of the body of a city, if that community begins to
die or is allowed to die the city itself weakens. Just as a
body that has eroding parts eventually the whole body is

The rights to influence the community on a path of growth,
productivity, inclusion in the economic and political process
is needed if a city is to be the influence for all.

People of color need to learn to be influencers of color so
they can increase the opportunities in their communities and
bring about a mental change of elevation and stability in
growth economically, educationally and even environmentally.
Gentrification happens over time when there is no growth,
no investments and no action to improve a community by
those in the community.

How many opportunities do youth, teens young adults see
men and women of color participate in national and international
events that do not include sports? The careers of the 21st and
22nd century are here, but kids need exposure and opportunities.
They need to participate, attend, value, engage and appreciate
new learning opportunities.

If children only see ONE side of the story they will only stay on
that ONE side. If children only see others that look like them as
labours, lower educated and lower economic status many
will accept this as normal and not try to improve their lives.
Vision is valuable, vision is memorable and vision is

Applying So – Social awareness to change in the community
using digital technologies can reach people and make
those connections. Lo – Local engagement is important
because of the influences of sponsoring, promoting and
gaining the attention of the community. Mo – Mobile technologies
that are growing and adapting for people of color and culture.
To continue to build digital infrastructures that encourage
young minds to enter into STEAM careers and grow beyond
their current economic, educational and social situations.
Co – Communities needs to see people of color that are successful,
growing, educated, employed and engaged in learning and economic

William will be part of a panel discussion at WordCamp Philly speaking
on social engagement with business and entrepreneurship. Aida Correa
will be closing the conference speaking on diversity, incivility and
a the value and importance of community.

Welcome to WordCamp Philly 2019!

Speaker WordCamp Philly
Speaker WordCamp Philly

Jacksonville Bloggers Speak at International WordCamp in Philadelphia

WordCamp Philly Logo

Jacksonville Bloggers Speak at International WordCamp in Philadelphia
Saturday, October 5, at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

William and Aida
William and Aida

Attending for the third time in as many years, this has been
a wonderful experience and transformative in so many ways
for William and Aida.
The honor going back home (where William was born and
raised) and participating in this nationally and internationally
recognized conference.

A brief history of WordCamp Philly
WordCamps are locally-organized conferences covering
everything related to WordPress. The first event was WordCamp
2006 in San Francisco. In 2007 the first WordCamp outside
San Francisco was held in Beijing, China and now they are

Since then, there have been WordCamps in 65 countries on six
continents. The events, which are coordinated by local organizers
with the assistance of WordCamp Central, vary in format based
on the interests of the community that present them.
“Philadelphia is the City of Brotherly Love”

The first WordCamp was in October 2010 at Temple University.
The talks  covered diverse topics: e-commerce, writing style,
BuddyPress, enterprise authentication, using Ajax, creating custom
navigation and getting involved in the WordPress community.
Temple hosted the event again in 2011 and 2012. WordCamp Philly
shifted to the summer and a new venue the University of the Arts
in 2014, then to the University of the Sciences in 2015.
William Jackson started attending WordCamp conferences in
2016 the first being WordCamp Orlando and Aida Correa started
attending WordCamp conferences in 2018 the first for her was
WordCamp Miami where she spoke and was a room MC.

The local event went on hiatus in 2016 for a good reason:
Philadelphia hosted the inaugural WordCamp US in December
2015 where I attended with 2 students from Edward Waters College
driving from Jacksonville,  Florida to Philadelphia over night and
having a awesome time that weekend.
WordCamp Philly has awesome networking and workshops.
The next in place was eating Philly Cheese Steaks which was Jon and
Josh first time.
Josh Professor Jackson Jon

Josh Professor Jackson JonHBCU students need to attend WordCamp conference for the exposure
to industry experts, web developers, coders, programmers, graphic
designers and others that are entrepreneurs and business owners.
The learning is  transformative and empowering. Students attending
HBCU educational institutions need this exposure and experience to
compete in tech industries to gain access to careers in tech.

My students Jon and Josh had never attended a conference like
WordCamp and the exposure has transformed their lives even
today in 2019. The national event returned to Philly in 2016 with
rave reviews and great expectations for 2017 and beyond.

Aida Correa an Artist from Jacksonville, Florida attended and
volunteered in 2018 for the first time and is a speaker this year 2019,
she will be the closing speaker for WordCamp Phily an awesome honor
in recognition of her knowledge, skill and passion for community.

Jacksonville should be proud of two of its residents William
a teacher with Duval County Public School and past professor
with Edward Waters College and NASA. A graduate of
South Carolina State University and locally of Webster University.
Aida Correa a STEAM educator, poet, artist, actress  and
community activisst. A proud Afro-Latina of Puerto Rican
heritage and business owner of LoveBuilt Life, LLC.
Web site….

WordCamp Philly 2018
WordCamp Philly 2018

Sharing their Brands –
My Quest to Teach and LoveBuilt Life, LLC respectively.

They have traveled in 2019 to
WordCamp in:
Calgary, Canada
Greenville, S.C.,
Asheville, N.C.,
Birmingham, Alabama
Orlando, Fl
Jacksonville, Fl,
and the remainer of 2019
Costa Rica, Central America
Philadelphia, Pa
St. Louis, Mo. For the final and largest conference of the
nation WordCampUS where over 2000 attend workshops,
sessions that cover areas of interest, passion, purpose,
collaboration and growth.

WordCamp Philly 2018
WordCamp Philly 2018

As a graduate of South Carolina State University a historical
Black College I encourage those that are instructors,
administrators, support personnel and even alumni to attend
conferences like WordCamp.

In order to create generational wealth, generational stability,
generational accountability people of color and culture can
obtain this through educational, technical, collaborative
and collective engagement and attendance in areas of STEAM
and Technology. Technology conferences are the ways to go.

WordCamp Philly Logo
WordCamp Philly Logo

To see what WordCamp conferences are in 2020 access
WordCamp Central

William Jackson, M.Ed
My Quest To Teach

Aida Correa
LoveBuilt Life, LLC

Jacksonville Educators Volunteer, Speak and Teach at International WordCamp in San Jose, Costa Rica, Central America

Photos of KidsCamp participants

Jacksonville Educators Volunteer, Speak and Teach
at International WordCamp in San Jose, Costa Rica,
Central America

Aida Wm Trey (GreenGeeks)
Aida – Wm – Trey (GreenGeeks)

The international conference WordCamp San Jose
was held in San Jose Costa Rica, Central America.
Invited for the second year William Jackson (My Quest
To Teach) and Aida Correa (LoveBuilt Life, LLC) of
Jacksonville, Florida, for the first time 6 other Americans
were invited and spoke as well.
Hallway Meetings at WordCamp San Jose

Hallway Meetings at WordCamp San JoseWordCamp San Jose is the largest WordCamp in
Central America with over 700 participants attending
workshops and presentations addressing not just
WordPress web development platform, but graphic
design, client/customer support, SEO (Search Engine
Optimization), Content Creation, Coding, PHP, Design
Theory, just to name a few of the sessions provided by
local and international speakers.

This year there were 8 American speakers including
William Jackson and Aida Correa as they performed
triple duty not just as speakers, but teachers in the
KidsCamp and  volunteers contributing to social media
Using the hashtag #thatwordcamplife across Twitter
and Instagram they showed the diversity, learning,
engagement, fun and passion at WordCamp SanJose.

Aida Correa and KidsCamp
Aida Correa and KidsCamp

One of the highlights was the KidsCamp where about
40 youth and teens participated in the workshop that
William and Aida created integrating STEAM design,
creative design and design theory based on STEAM.
An instructional concept they apply in their workshops
they provide in their local community and the WPJaxKids
Meetups held in Jacksonville.

The projects are individual and team based aligned
with Instructional Strategies and The Arts.The instruction
is aligned with standards that are found in educational
systems across the nation. This years projects were
focused on Habitats in Costa Rica and understanding
animals and their value in the ecosystems of Costa Rica.

Applying this learning to Web Development so the youth
and teens attending along with their parents can see how
digital learning, The Arts and STEAM creates a local,
national and international cycle of growth, awareness
and relevancy applying technology.

William Aida Ericka
William Aida Ericka

The Lead Organizer Ericka Barboza along with the teachers
William and Aida make dynamic and academic contributions
to show youth, teens and parents how to integrate tech into
every day learning and social consciousness to solve programs
of social issues through educational alignment with real life

Pictured are the youth, teens and young adults participating
in KidsCamp along with Lead Organizer Ericka Barboza and
the many volunteers helping to make this KidsCamp a
success. On the right and back second and third from the
right are William Jackson and Aida Correa.

The growing integration of STEAM and Web Design is building
critical and higher order thinkers in children at an early age to
prepare them to be the problem solvers, digital leaders,
creative innovators and change agents Costa Rica will need
as the nation grows and as Central America becomes an
international influencer.

Central American nations are learning that the natural resources
for economic stability, growth, expansion and influence are also
being made the in the youth, teens and young adults that are
being educated in the educational systems. As with any nation
and is striving for a digital revolution the children and each
generation need to be educated, mentored and nurtured as they
grow and embrace visionary passions for themselves, their
families and their nation. Soon there maybe a WordCamp
Latin America, WordCamp Central American or WordCamp
Hispanic Revolution that demands the world to see Hispanics
as a growing influence in many fields of technology, digital
business and commerce.

Never allow someone else’s ignorance of another nation blind
you to the great potential of another race, culture or nation.
Ignorance is not bliss in this age of technology mastery and

William Jackson, Blogger and Educator
William Jackson, Blogger and Educator

Follow William Jackson and Aida Correa at the web site
That WordCamp Life to follow their travels locally, globally
and internationally

Photos from WordCamp San Jose

WordCamp In Africa – Learning Growing Collaboration Influencing

My Quest To Teach

WordCamp In Africa – Learning Growing Collaboration Influencing
William Jackson, M.Ed. My Quest To Teach

William Jackson of My Quest top Teach
William Jackson of My Quest top Teach

2018 and 2019 have seen a rapid expansion of WordCamp conferences in
Africa, from the southern portions of this magnificent continent to the
northern edges. People globally are missing the awesome growth in
technology that is happening in Africa.
WordCamp conferences can be found growing and thriving, opening
doors for new digital collaborations, business ventures, enabling and
empowering African entrepreneurs to share their Brands and build
new Niches and partnerships. Africans of younger generations are
seeing that is it better to collaborate than to compete and get the
influence of how digital media can influence politics, education and
social issues.
As a blogger the digital impressions expand based on your engagement
can influence people around our globe. WordCamp allows rapid and
sustainable digital growth. Content creation is only limited by the
access to wifi which is still sporadic in some area. There are creative
minds that apply what is learned at WordCamp conferences and the
growing number of Kid Camp and Youth Camp conferences.
So involved are Kids and Youth Camps there is success seen in as
new business are starting because of access and engagement.
Kids Camp and Youth Camp conferences have dynamic and engaging
curriculums created by African digital innovators.
WordCamp is a casual environment where information is shared
related to WordPress. WP is a free and open source personal publishing
application that powers over 40% of the web.
The continued immersion of Africa will rapidly increase these numbers.
In 2019 there are  several  African WordCamp conferences ready to
host bloggers, coders, content developers, entrepreneurs, consultants,
business owners and others that are involved in many areas of tech
and Social Media.
Experience does not matter at the WordCamp conference, everyone’s
opinions, ideas and passions are valued and appreciated.
Each conference builds relevant discussions and information is
applicable immediately during and after the conference. Networking
is formidable because real people with real careers, professions,
businesses, and real dreams are present to share and help others.
Mentors in multiple areas can be found and the growing number
of Internships helps to provide youth and teens with real world
opportunities to apply and learn skills to build on.
The conference sessions are a variety of formats from lectures,
presentations, speed talks, or lightning presentations, panels
and interviews. Presentations are diverse sessions that
incorporate slides and videos that can be accessed from the
presenters web site or through WordCamp channel on after the conference.
African business owners and entrepreneurs are learning that
their social media content should drive people to their web sites
to encourage building business relationships and collaborations.
The continent of Africa is becoming smaller because the increase
in digital wireless access. Equipment is changing to address the
needs of the youth, teens and young adults that are demanding
digital speeds  that support the influences of digital content.
Future WC conferences for 2019
WC Cape Town

WC Johannesburg

WC Harare