Afrofuturism Experience Building Digital Super Heroes

Afrofuturism Experience Building Digital Super Heroes
with Youth, Teens and Young Adults

Afrofuturism Experience – Building Digital Super Heroes
Helping Africans, African Americans, Afro-Latinas, Hispanics
and African Diaspora Communities Creating the Future with
The Arts

Inviting African Youth and Teens from ages 10yrs to 25yrs to
share their creative, innovative, artistic abilities. Using the
SDG’s Sustainable Development Goals as a foundation to
support the Arts, Digital Innovation and Expression.

This Digital Arts Project Collaboration using SDG’s / Sustainable
Development Goals ( connecting
Education and Sustainability (
This project is a Metaverse Experience in collaboration with the
Afrofuturism Experience inviting Africans and those in the Diaspora
to be involved.

As a member of the World Metaverse Council Arts and Design (, The Ones & Los Unos – Black and Hispanic
Collective ( of Male Educators
of Jacksonville, Florida.

This model was created by My Quest To Teach and LoveBuilt Life, LLC
William Jackson and Aida Correa Jackson, certified VR Educators,
STEAM+M Educators and Global Spatial Digital Consultants.

In support of digital learning and the value of local and global digital
education of the Arts. This aligns with the SDG Goal 4 for Education.
Using education to empower, inspire and encourage African youth,
teens and young adults and those in the African Diaspora.

Youth of African American, African and the African
Diaspora invited to create Digital Arts that represents their
communities. Using Digital Arts programs that are accessible
by youth from ages 10yrs to 25yrs encouraged to be creative and
innovative in their thinking. Using digital tools that are comfortable
and accessible to them.

The goal is for youth, teens and young adults from ages
10yrs – 25yrs to create digital works of Art, submit their creations
to be posted on a Metaverse Gallery created by
My Quest To Teach and sponsored by the World Metaverse
Council Education and Arts and Black Male Educators and Los
Unos Black Male Collective.
The works will be posted on a Spatial Metaverse Gallery for
the world to view and celebration for the love of the Arts
and building communities of Black, African, African Diaspora
to share the empowerment and love for learning.

“The Beauty and Love for My Community through
Digital Arts ”
Incorporating Creativity, Innovation, Imagination and
Love of Youth, Teens and Young Adults for Their Respective

Those Interested in participating can email their works
of Digital Art and the works will be posted in the Spatial Gallery
to be created with the Power of Africa.
The youth, teens and young adults in the age ranges from
10yrs to 25yrs need only submit their work and the information
below to enter.

This is a FREE activity with the World Metaverse Council,
The Ones, Black and Hispanic Male Educators and lead by
My Quest To Teach and LoveBuilt Life, LLC.
The parents will submit the youth or teens Digital Works so they
may monitor email communications. It is preferable that any
questions be submitted by the parent(s) not the youth or
teens to keep the youth or teen privacy safe.
1. The youth or teen first name.
2. Their age.
3. The State and City they are located and or Country.
4. The name of their created Digital Arts.
The parents will submit the information.
1. Parents first and last name.
2. Parents valid email address.
and the youth or teen information from above.
This will be used only for communication process and no email
addresses will be shared, sold, or exchanged.

Using the email to send in
the youth or teens work to be posted.

Submitted works must be in the following formats.
1. JPG, 2. PNG, 3GIF, 4. MP3/4

The goal is to provide a safe and supportive digital activity
where youth, teens and young adults from ages 10 to 25,
can share their visions of their homes and communities
using The Arts as a platform of creativity and innovation.

A. The objective of this project is to empower youth and teens in the
knowledge of how to use Metaverse platforms for educational usage
and to post creative works of Art that is expressive and fun.
B. The objective of this project is to have youth and teens design, build,
create using Digital Art tools to make Art that represents their
community with beauty in it and the love of their communities.
C. The objective of this project is to build a global representation of
the diversity of the vison that youth and teens have of their communities
and the opportunity to share their ideas, views, passions, interpretations
of their African and African Diaspora and have a positive impact in their community.
D. The objective is to engage and share on a global scale the
Afrofuturism Experience 2023, World Metaverse Council in education
and Arts that incorporates Science Technology Engineering Arts Math
Metaverse in a fun, collaborative and engaging manner.
E. The objective is to integrate cross-curriculum experiences that
share and show learning and engagement can be enriching, culturally
profound and memorable.
F. The objective is to involve community groups in education;
The Ones & Los Unos, Black and Hispanic Male Collective sharing
the value and importance of Education and its ability to empower,
inspire and elevate.

Take Aways
1. Participating in a global community project that encourages
The Arts, Creativity and Innovation.
2. Sharing digital arts that can unite and support
The Arts across Africa and the African Diaspora.
3. Potential Artistic collaborations that build skills,
talents, and inspire creativity and innovation.
4. Dispelling the myth that developing Artists are
starving and voiceless.
5. Allowing youth and teens to see their peers
works and the love of home, community, family and culture.
6. Participating in a fun and fulfilling event.

Supporting Members of these global / local communities:
World Metaverse Council
The Ones & Los Unos Male Collective of Educators
My Quest To Teach
LoveBuilt Life, LLC

These allow access to a global community that supports
and collaborates in global projects with the Sustainable
Development Goals (17 goals) Education centered for our purposes and
other projects globally that will be held in-person and virtually.

Materials: The materials that can be used are whatever
the youth and teens are comfortable with. They can use
basic Paint, Paint 3D, Photoshop, or other digital artistic
tools. If there is the lack of access to computers, tablets,
Smartphones digital art programs youth and teens can
draw their ideas on paper, paint on canvas or other
materials and take a photo with a Smartphone to submit.
It is not the intention to limit the creativity or innovation
of any youth or teen, but to challenge their artistic
skills, talents and knowledge.

Spatial Platform & Engage: The platforms being used will be
to globally display the works of the youth and teens. has
gone through many adaptations for the Arts, Gaming, Galleries,
and Personal Expressions.

Using Engage ( as well to allow for further
instruction in the Metaverse. The Engage platform is used for
educational purposes and the goal is to create a Engage platform
to share educational resources where digital classes can be held.

Global Reach: The global reach of this project will be enormously
powerful in celebrating Artists from ages 10yrs to 25yrs. Because
there is the opportunity to teach hundreds if not thousands of youth
and teens how to use a Metaverse platform to empower, encourage,
inspire and elevate the visions of community and home.

Sponsors: Global sponsors will be encouraged to sponsor the
digital engagement of content for viewing and expansion of
the project to other avenues for teaching, instruction, and
learning. If you’re a business, schools, organization with a passion,
plan and purpose to help and support The Arts and interested
in sponsoring the Spatial Gallery, sponsoring a youth or teen to
participate and attend with their families please reach out.

Instructors and Visionary: The instructors and visionaries
for the project are William and Aida Jackson. They are both
Certified VR Educators with Victory XR and Engage.
Educators of over 30 years in public and higher education
professors. They are members of the global WordPress web
development community and teachers this year at
WordCamp Europe in Greece 2023
There past national and global presentations can be viewed on
William –
Aida –
Both William and Aida have participated with WordCamp
conferences since 2010 and 2018 respectively and have national
(United States) and international speaking / presentation and
lecturing invitations.
William and Aida Jackson are unique in their relationship as husband
and wife in technology and their cultural backgrounds. Aida is born of
Puerto Rican parents and William is born of African American parents.

From 2020 to 2023 my wife and I were involved in
several digital arts projects that involved youth and
teens creating Digital Art using multiple mediums and
postings on the Metaverse. Students used Paint 3D,
Photoshop, Paint, or other software’s.
The goal was to have youth and teens through digital
media show their pride and happiness in their community.
This was not specifically because of any global issue,
but to share the joy of creating and innovating with digital arts.
Partnering with The Ones & Los Unos – Black and Hispanic
Male Education Collective the World Metaverse Council.
Using and Engage that can allow students work
to be accessible from anywhere in the world and on any
device is a powerful message that The Arts is not limited
to just traditional works, but digital, traditional and enhancing
the creative aspects of culture, heritage, history, The Arts and
innovation from around the world.