Writing Has The Ability to Influence Thinking and Inspire Conversations Across Africa

Writing Has The Ability to Influence Thinking and Inspire Conversations Across Africa When there is a connection of intelligence, intellect, inspiration and imagination there can be dynamic and inspiring conversations that allow for collaboration, cooperation, connections and creativity. Great appreciation to Modern Ghana for publishing writings that are designed to build conversations to the integration of technology that reinforces the value of inclusive educational accessibility for all boys and girls. The rise of technological access, accessibility, implementation and building of intellectual thinking and intelligence that inspires critical and “out of the box creativity” to solve collaboratively the challenges that are faced in Africa. Stated by Chinua Achebe, “The world has no end (technology makes all the world accessible), and what is good among one people is an abomination with others. Until the lions have their own historians (Africans must share their voices across digital platforms), the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter. A man who calls his kinsmen to a feast (there must be more opportunities for dialogue among Africans) does not do so to save them from starving. They all have food in their own homes (that they can share) and must increase opportunities to travel freely across borders and boundaries.” Africans must continue to build their continent, not allow foreign ideas, agendas, ideologies, and outside influences to determine Africa’s future. I’m proud to provide content, concepts, resources and critical design to inspire conversations. Africa On The Blog – My Quest To Teach – MetaverseWP Stated by Chinua Achebe “Among the Igbo the art of conversation is regarded very highly, and proverbs are the palm-oil with which words are eaten.” Columnist Modern Ghana https://www.modernghana.com/author/WilliamJackson Africa And The Collaborative Growth of AI Building African Influence https://www.modernghana.com/news/1245500/africa-and-the-collaborative-growth-of-ai-building.html African Metaverse – Where Africans Can Embrace and Share Their Culture https://www.modernghana.com/news/1131813/african-metaverse-where-africans-can-embrace.html Rules for Social Media and Metaverse for African Youth and Teens https://www.modernghana.com/news/1238486/rules-for-social-media-and-metaverse-for-african.html 25 Ways To Build and Support African Startups https://www.modernghana.com/news/1143088/25-ways-to-build-and-support-african-startups-in.html African Youth Summit of Africa Day and African Languages https://www.modernghana.com/news/1160743/african-youth-summit-of-africa-day-2022-and-africa.html Building the Next Generation of Content Creators of Africa https://www.modernghana.com/news/1238997/building-the-next-generation-of-content-creators.html Global Men’s Conference Changing the Vision of Men https://www.modernghana.com/news/1122198/global-mens-conference-changing-the-vision-of.html

Growing Technology Conferences Open Doors to Future Careers for African Youth

Growing Tech Conferences Open Doors to Future Careers for African Youth
William Jackson, M.Ed. My Quest To Teach & MetaverseWP
Member of the World Metaverse Council & WordPress / WordCamp Community

God has blessed my companies My Quest To Teach & MetaverseWP to be
able to sponsor teens and young adults to attend WordCamp Conferences. Their testimonies are great to read and share the value of participating and networking.
Tasha Banks
We thank you so much Mr. Jackson for the support and sponsorship to WordCamp Masaka and giving us a chance to get to learn and share our knowledge in the world of technology. It would be our pleasure for us to meet you in person.
May Allah bless you abundantly.

Kabano Fred
Good evening Mr. William Jackson am so grateful and you enabled us to attend the first WordCamp Masaka. What I can tell you is that it was awesome and we got to know new things from others. But all in all we thank God who enabled us to make it and we also thank you again for sponsoring us. I know you may be wondering why I don’t always talk to you but it is that am still a student and we are not allowed to access phones at school. Blessings in your workings

O M G this is grateful thank you Mr. William Jackson for being that passionate we shall launch our rockets in the sky with you when you come to Africa.
We appreciate you sponsoring us to WordCamp.
Sponsoring African Youth and Teens to Attend WordCamp Conferences across Africa WordCamps like Masaka in Uganda, Africa had its first technology conference in 2023.

About 100 youth, teens, and young adults from across Uganda experienced the chance to learn coding, programming, web development, applying AI to web development, using VR to create immersive environments and even see what the Metaverse is with William Jackson virtually. https://masaka.wordcamp.org/2023/ 

The first Spatial Metaverse gallery for WordCamp Masaka was created by MetaverseWP to help those with accessibility issues of mobility to attend as avatars and communicate with others https://tinyurl.com/2peextdd . There was phenomenal learning and engagement as never before seen by many of the youth, teens and young adults attending. This is the third WordCamp for youth this year and the conferences are growing across the continent of Africa. Because of sponsorships by companies like My Quest To Teach & MetaverseWP.

The 54 nations that make up the vast and beautiful continent of Africa so far have had WordCamp conferences in Uganda (Jinja, Masaka, Entebbe, Kampala), Kenya (Nairobi), Nigeria (Lagos), and South Africa. In each of these nations there was a youth and teens workshop. Exposing many African youth to technologies never before seen.
To understand what a WordCamp conference is, to see the global connections of where WordCamps are globally is amazing.

WordCamps are community-organized dedicated to all things WordPress.
The collaboration of WC brings together people who use, design, develop, and support WordPress software that has helped create 45% – 55% of web sites globally. Not only web sites, but there is influence in podcasting, broadcasting, and the integration of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and VR (Virtual Reality). WC conferences are held in cities worldwide and provide attendees a unique user experience and opportunity to learn from and network with other WordPress users, developers, entrepreneurs, teachers, artists and across a broad spectrum of men and women involved in multiple areas of technology, the complete list his here https://central.wordcamp.org/ .

Those who are passionate about what they do, what they have created, entrepreneurs, novice (beginners) and experts lead sessions in their fields and professions. They cover a wide range  of topics, subjects, skills, related to WordPress and other areas of technology that Africans will use to create, develop, and employ in their careers. The ability to develop, design, content creation, marketing, branding, education, and business are all wrapped up in two days.

This is a beautiful way to spread knowledge, build confidence, provide networking, and help even youth and teens to build their PLN (Professional Learning Networks) and PLC (Professional Learning Communities) to support each other after the WC conference is over. There are Meetups that help continue the conversations during monthly gatherings either in person or virtually. The Metaverse is employed to help those with mobility issues to attend and learn as well, this can be seen on https://metaversewp.com/ a free service to help share WC globally.

The African continent is poised to have an increase of boys and girls, who are creating content that will start businesses, empower, and educate entrepreneurs, inspire girls that look for new career opportunities and to be their own Presidents, CEO, COO, CFO, or their own unique titles as owners of their businesses.

Each African WC is tailored to the needs and interests of the local WordPress user group that meets once a month to determine what the community is interested in, what are their needs and how to better educate and empower the community. The Organizers are volunteers passionate about WordPress and bringing people together to learn and grow. There is no selfishness, there are no hidden agendas, there are no political influences. There is great interest and passion to help Africans of all backgrounds, educational and economic status to grow into business owners and entrepreneurs. Businesses like MetaverseWP.com are able to sponsor and provide resources to help make for a successful conference. The volunteers, organizers and speakers give their time, energy, and knowledge to have an awesome user experience that is relevant to today’s world of technology.

This benefits Africa regionally, nationally, and continentally.

Companies like MetaverseWP, My Quest To Teach, that have a passion for Africa sponsor youth, teens and young adults to attend. Opening doors to new ways of learning, new chances to make friends, new opportunities to see technologies that they may never have seen and helping to build Africa into a global influencer and powerful in multiple areas of digital creativity, innovation, and ingenuity.

WC conferences are growing all over Africa, they are teaching, mentoring, inspiring, empowering, educating African men and women, boys, and girls to be the digital representatives that will take Africa not just into the future, but into deep space and deep into oceans, seas and more.
The ability to teach African youth today to be leaders, visionaries and thought leaders Africa will need to have as their eyes towards the stars and the oceans/seas and seek to explore on and off the Earth.

WordCamp Masaka (Uganda) https://masaka.wordcamp.org/2023/
Spatial Gallery https://tinyurl.com/2peextdd
More WordCamp conferences on the Metaverse hare here https://metaversewp.com/

Embracing Afrofuturism to Project an African Perspective and Influence Across the African Diaspora

William Jackson, M.Ed. MetaverseWP & My Quest To Teach
World Metaverse Council Member

We can define Afrofuturism as an artistic movement rooted in science fiction and technological themes, it is far more than that, but this is a beginning of an understanding to the value and influence across Africa and the global African Diaspora. The intrigue of Afrofuturism lies in the creativity, imagination and innovation of Africans that embrace and share their culture through the growing integration of technology and technological creativity.

The tools of technology from
AI, VR, Web 3/4/5 and the Metaverse. The web site Afrofuturism Experience based in Jacksonville, Florida is preparing for another digital, virtual and in-person experience that celebrates the Mother Land of Africa and the creativity, imagination, and innovation that was
birthed there https://tinyurl.com/2zr34h5p

The blending of Afrofuturism to the African culture is an influence of the exploration of culture, creation, exploration, and innovation. Afrofuturism is another way for Africans and those of the African Diaspora that live in the United States, Europe, Caribbean, and other global locations to lay claim that Africans can create the world in a story that shares their contributions to the world though-out history. That story is not just written, it is visual, auditory, impactful, and hands-on.

Increasingly across the United States, Europe, and the Caribbean it has been found that Africans and Africans of the Diaspora have created, built, made, designed, pioneered, some of the greatest discoveries and inventions of human history. Colonialism has attempted to destroy the beauty, power, purpose, and inspiration of what Africa has made and colonized thinking has tried to hide and destroy the achievements of Africans and those of the African Diaspora, we must never let this happen.

Those of the African Diaspora must never be forgotten nor blinded about the contributions made to the world. We must never let go of our past, we must continue to find understanding in it, our contributions in all areas from the sciences to the arts. From Egypt, to Ethiopia, the Horn of Africa, the Western portions, and Northern portions where writers, scholars, designers, artists, musicians, ministers, mathematicians, scientists, engineers, authors, and other creatives have contributed. If not for the former African Afrofuturist the world would not have the achievements, it enjoys and takes for granted now.

“A man who calls his kinsmen to a feast does not do so to save them from starving. They all have food in their own homes. When we gather together in the moonlit village ground it is not because of the moon. Every man can see it in his own compound. We come together because it is good for kinsmen to do so.” Chinua Achebe

All sprang from the lineage of a continent that continues to influence the direction of the world. From magazines like Fifty Four Mag sharing the beauty of the African culture, lifestyle, education, and economics. From authors like Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka, and Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o creativity in writing and the arts fires up the imagination and inspires creativity.  “People must never forget that there is excellence and even exuberance across Africa that must not be forgotten.” Resources are available like L&D African Network, One Africa Forum, AfricaVR Center, Exponential Youth Summit 2023 (#EYS2023) and more that share African innovation and creativity.

The influence of Modern Ghana (https://www.modernghana.com/) that shares content that is respected and admired across a vast continent of diversity and brilliance, Africa. Resources like this need to be shared and expanded on to show intellectualism is still valuable. A powerful statement by Marcus Garvey warned Africa and the African Diaspora: “Never forget that intelligence rules the world and ignorance carries the burden. Therefore, remove yourself as far from ignorance as possible and seek as far as possible to be intelligent.” Intelligence, creativity, innovation, and understanding have been the foundation for Africa to at one time be the leader of the world. The growth and excellence of Africa can be seen in the creations of today and the future.

“Hope and Resilience” Moshoodat Sanni A major part of African heritage is hope and resilience, the ability to see a future of unity where Africans can travel unrestricted to visit family and friends. Where an Africa is not plundered and raped by foreign nations that only care about natural resources to steal and desecrate. The beauty and value of Africa is in its people. A people of promise and purpose.

“When you look at African hair you see strength and adaptability, due to its incredible versatility” Nikiwe Dlova. Africans have experienced so many trials, tribulations, challenges, ravages, but have the resilience and history that it can return to its beauty, peace, and power. The pain and trauma of colonialism has tried to destroy the identity of Africa, but this still survives as people know who they are and where they come from. There are still episodes of colonial economic and cognitive enslavements, but Africans are still learning the ways of this century.

Africa is living proof that innovation is everywhere, not just in the use of technology, it is tied to the past as it hurtles, runs, jumps, and skips toward the future. Afrofuturism is important because it embraces the future of technology in Africa and infuses the the potential of Africans with adapting to new tools and the blending of the old with the new ways of thinking.

The motions of Africa are boundary-pushing, undeniably moving glory carrying with this forward motion, that were set in motion centuries before. There is a strength and resiliency to the liberation for freedom that comes from speaking the truth and sharing the history of the African story.

Ask a million people what they think of Africa, and you will get a million different answers. Ask Africans what they think of the future of their continent, and you will still get a million different answers. Ask about Afrofuturism, you will still get a million different and unique answers, but rest assured it will be powerful, purposeful and immortalize the spirit of the African continent.

Think about Afrofuturism and what I hope this does is brings to life within each African a vision for empowering Africa to be a global influence in education, economics, commerce, preserving natural resources. Allow Africans to finally blend, collaborate and cooperate on a global scale of unity, brotherhood, sisterhood and Diasporan love and peace that the world must respect and
fear. From the 2023 Afrofuturism Experience
(https://tinyurl.com/352bmed2 – LinkedIn), that 2024 will be even more powerful from the United States to Africa.

“There is that great proverb: that until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.” Chinua Achebe Will Africans allow other historians to tell the story of the lion or will Africans embrace technology to tell their own stories and share them globally. The opportunities are here now for Africans to apply vast amounts of technological
resources to amplify African voices.

Providing Global Digital Education, Globally to Build Environmentalists

Providing Global Digital Education, Globally to Build Environmentalists William Jackson, M.Ed. CEO My Quest To Teach & MetaverseWP https://metaversewp.com/ Blogs to stimulate collaboration, cooperation and connection. Educators William and Aida Jackson Seeks To Empower Africans at Power of Africa Conference 2023 Web site: https://www.africa.com/educator-seeks-to-empower-africans-at-power-of-africa-2023-virtual-conference/ Spatial site https://www.spatial.io/s/Power-of-Africa-2023-64e41950572637977bca9532?share=6354482376534268337 African Union and Emerging / Immersive Technology Web site: https://www.modernghana.com/news/1258005/african-union-and-emerging-and-immersive-technolog.html Africa is on the developing level of integrating increased technologies in multiple areas of career options for an increasing number of Africans that want to be involved in the evolution and in some cases the revolution of technological experiences. The African Union must begin to invest heavily into the infrastructure of digital growth across Africa to prepare African youth, teens and young adults for their future (now). In order for African nations to keep pace with the world in technological decisions and discussions. Digital careers that Africans will need to take the journey’s into deep space, deep ocean exploration and the inner space of science of the human body to find cures for diseases, viruses and human ailments. The exploration of the human body is never as static as people believe. The human body is in motion, it is in physical expansion and dynamic evolvement. Africa is the foundation of humanity, it is the foundation of life on this planet and works in collaboration with other environmental ecosystems. What we have are limited ecosystems of utility as the population of the Earth increases. The expansion of digital access to information and applying that digital information to helping solve social issues that stil plague the Earth now. The future of the world is dependent on a healthy and vibrant Africa along with the rainforests of Central and South America. Technology can help us manage how we take care of the world and not allow it to slide into decay and the slow death of drastic climatic change and destruction. How can our worlds coexist with the decline of the animal world, how can humans create a vibrant ecosystems where animals are welcomed and not displaced by the expansion of human need for food in agriculture and farming, space in housing and being able to explore the world and not devastate it with drilling, fracking, excavation for resources that will leave the land barren, bare and sterile? We cannot leave a planet for our future generations, our great grand children and beyond that will not sustain human nor animal life. We cannot allow plastics, oil, trash and chemicals contaminate the oceans and continue to kill millions of sealife, coral reefs and beaches. We must train youth, teens and young adults how to preserve, protect, populate the planet with life not death. William and his wife Aida are members of the World Metaverse Council, ED3 DAO, GatherVerse, WordPress/WordCamp Community Blogging on these platforms. Modern Ghana https://www.modernghana.com/author/WilliamJackson Africa.com https://www.africa.com/?s=william+jackson+