Creative Writing: Importance and Impact for Girls and Women of South Sudan

Creative Writing: Importance and Impact for Girls and Women of South Sudan
William Jackson CEO MetaverseWP / One Africa Forum Technology Education
Director and Aida Correa Jackson of One Africa Forum, Author and Artist

Mr. Jackson, and his wife Aida are esteemed speakers from
One Africa Forum, they will be joining online to shed light on
the significance of creative writing in the lives of the girls
and women in South Sudan. How their lives and how the skill
of writing can be shared with the millions of girls and women
of South Sudan using the process of
“Creative Writing: Importance and Impact” program.
Mr. Jackson is an educator of 33 years in public and higher
education, he has been writing since 2008 on multiple
local (Jacksonville, Florida), national (United States) and
global digital and traditional writing platforms centered
around empowering African youth, teens and young

The emphasis that writing can empower and allow
South Sudan girls and women to express their
thoughts, imagination, explore creativity, address
social issues, emotions, and ideas in a powerful and
impactful way. Writing can empower the voices of
girls and women. The use of writing allows the mind
to expand beyond where the physical limitations of
creativity, open doors of literary innovation,
self-expression and build self-respect and the
mastery of language development.
Historically African writers have unique perspectives
of the world around them and how the world is impacted
by African innovation, achievements and the transfer of
knowledge and discovery. The “cradle of civilization”
and the impact of writing that has followed man since
cave drawings as a form of expression.
Writing in the form of storytelling is a powerful tool to
build historical relevancy in the contributions that have
been made by Africans not just across the continent,
but globally. Recognizing and respecting that African
writers and storytellers are just a important as
European, Asian, and other cultures.
From the writings of Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka and
Ngugi wa Thiong’o and many others, women and men
have created a dynamic legacy in writing that has influenced
the social structure of political power, economic influences
between the rich and poor across Africa and even the
educational infrastructures that are still adapting to
digital technologies that are changing how African boys
and girls are taught and their access to information
and knowledge.

Ngara, Emmanuel 1985 has stated that, “to fultill its social
function adequately, literature must be able to speak to
the wildest spectrum of society possible… It must reach
the masses of the people in the writer’s society and at the
same time speak to universal man and women equally,”
pg 46.
We must not forget the children of Africa, to many times
they are forgotten and only seen as structural necessities
to be viewed as the fodder of wars, pestilence, disease and
invisibility. Children must represent a vision of the possibilities
for changing the colonized and war-ravaged communities that
are present across South Sudan and even all of the African
continent. Education across Africa needs to be decolonized
from European thinking, children should be seen as a path to
a better future for Africa as a continent. A nations future
successes and failures are based on the educational levels of
each generation. If a nation does not value the education of its
children from infant to adults, ultimately that nation stay at
the lowest levels of poverty, because its children will not be
employed in careers that will allow for investments for
growth, development and elevation.

Poverty is the results of the lack of educational respect and
opportunities, there needs to be infrastructures in place that
can adapt to and blend with the ecosystems of technological
growth and achievements. Ngugi wa Thiong’o has commented
that as the process of unique educational experiences for
South Sudan girls and women grows, education can be used
as a tool to prepare them for the changing world of information,
intellectualism and intellegence. Using this example that is happening
in South Sudan, it represents the hope of South Sudan to grow as
the girls and women grow. Women are the foundation of education,
they are the first educators in the family, they show by teaching,
modeling, collaborating and practicing strategies that have been
handed down through the ages of mothers, grandmothers, aunts,
and other women across the family structure.

Africa can build its independence and stay independent
from the foundations of its educational building blocks of
literature and information sharing. Storytelling that brings the
building blocks of connections and family to one another. The
words of Charles Cantalupo shares the value of writing stating,
“Writing has always been my way of reconnecting myself to the
landscape of my birth and upbringing. Providing the stories that
encourage family connections, bonding and even community path
was to social order.
The writings that the girls and women will be engaging in will
ultimately influence social engagements because it will encourage conversations on levels not done before with girls and women
sharing their experiences and even visions for their futures.

Their visions will ultimately change and influence their futures
because their writings will open their souls to potentials of freedoms
not known before. Through these writing elements change will come:
1️ Self-Expression:
Creative writing is a tool for self-expression, enabling us to share
our unique perspectives and stories with the world.
2️ Empathy and Understanding:
Through writing, we can develop empathy by stepping into the
shoes of different characters and understanding diverse experiences.
3️ Healing and Catharsis:
Writing can serve as a therapeutic outlet, helping us process
emotions, heal wounds, and find solace in challenging times.
4️ Advocacy and Social Change:
Words have the power to inspire, raise awareness,
and drive positive change in society. Writing can be a means to
advocate for important causes that are important to South Sudan
girls and women.
5 Building Solidarity:
Between girls and women, the writing process will build a sisterhood
of solidarity to show their common goals, objectives and desires for
their personal well-being.

Stated by Ngugi wa Thiong’o “the souls of the people gain a new independence,” that is achieved by the creative spirits and social
relationships developed between girls and women of South Sudan.

How AI and Immersive Technologies Can Help Reintegrate Released African Individuals

How AI and Immersive Technologies Can Help Reintegrate Released African Individuals
William Jackson, MAT – CEO MetaverseWP Technology Education Technology Program Director of One Africa Forum

Prof. William and Aida Jackson recently spoke at the “Raising The Bar Collective Summit” sharing how AI, Metaverse, and Digital Education
can help individuals released from prisons globally, especially across
Africa to empower Africa with increased digital workers, thought
leaders and innovators. Education is the key, many that are incarcerated
do not have marketable skills, are not supported as entrepreneurs, and
do not have exposure and access to ways to make a living legally.
African governments should take advantage of training, educating,
mentoring, and empowering released individuals especially those
that are youth, teens and young adults.

The increased access of educational opportunities in African prisons
can increase the number of technology workers, thought leaders,
digital creatives, digital innovators that can help strengthen the
continent of Africa and add to the economic growth and
development of social systems that build access to careers
and financial stability.

Technology can be a game changer by collaborations, building
networks of inclusion that promote and enhance diversity, open
educational access for women and men, and provide supportive
educational services. Returning people to society must be provided opportunities to learn skills that allow for reentry into a technology
rich society.
The opportunity to teach digital skills to released individuals is an
investment in the lives of men and women that have paid their
debt to society and need an opportunity to grow into productive
and contributing members of society. They can contribute in a
positive way if they are provided the correct educational tools.

The challenge is to apply technological growth in education,
empower and reintegrate those in reentry programs to decrease
recidivism. The accessibility of technology will be for these
individuals that are being released from prisons able to learn
skills that allows them to be employed in a world of algorithms,
datasets, social engagements, basic technological skills and
building personal/professional learning community.

Recently released incarcerated individuals can benefit from
training in AI, Social Media, Immersive Educational
Environments and Digital Learning Modules. Technology
skills in Africa can assist reentry in finding educational and
employment opportunities.

As Educational Specialists in Technology, Certified VR,
and Immersive Environments and Professors of high education
it is imperative that released individuals are provide skills for
the 21st century and beyond.

* Strategies for Reintegration into Society is a growing
mission to help build a digital Workforce in Africa and prevent
released individuals going back into the criminal justice system
and prisons of Africa.

* Reintegration into Society: AI education provides an opportunity
for recently released individuals to reintegrate into society by
acquiring valuable digital skills that are in high demand in today’s
job market. Being incarcerated stops access to educational
options that can build skills, talents and engagements that prepare
for current and future careers. Having learning opportunities geared
to building positive self-esteem, creates avenues
for mentorship and networking.

* Empowerment Through Education: Learning about AI and
alternative digital tools can empower individuals by equipping
them with knowledge (new knowledge that can be blended with
current) and skills that enable released individuals to actively
participate in the rapidly evolving technology-driven world.

* Job Opportunities: AI skills are increasingly sought after
by employers across various Industries across Africa. Africa
should not allow China to only hire Chinese to work in tech fields.
Africa should not only hire Russians to only hire Russian workers.
By receiving training in AI, Social Media, Immersive Technologies,
and alternate digital skills, recently released individuals can access
a wide range of job opportunities. There are opportunities for
employment from entry level to mid / and even executive levels.

* Entrepreneurship:
AI Education can inspire, empower, encourage entrepreneurship among recently released individuals. The right
skills and knowledge are key for released youth and teens, they
can start their own AI-related businesses, freelance writers,
social media developers, and as AI and Digital consultants.

* Higher Earning Potential:
Jobs in the AI field often offer
competitive salaries and opportunities for advancement.
These are skills that require analysis, evaluation, patience,
and self-reflection.   By obtaining AI training, recently released
individuals can increase their earning potential and work
towards financial stability. Financial stability is key in helping
released youth and teens to make better choices in life and
working towards the life that benefits them and their families.

* Remote Work Opportunities:
Many AI-related roles can be
performed remotely, offering flexibility and the ability to work
from home. The opportunity of having a flexible working
environment is important to gaining independence, changing
living conditions are better for personal and family living.
This is particularly beneficial for individuals who may face
barriers to traditional employment due to their criminal record
or other factors. The improvement of home lifestyles helps to
promote entrepreneurialism and builds independence.

* Contribution to Social Good:
AI technologies have the
potential to address social challenges and improve people’s
lives. Recently released individuals can use their
AI skills to contribute to projects focused on social good,
addressing social issues, examine how community services
can be improved, enhanced, and enter-twined with
other resources.

* Personal Development:
Learning about AI and Digital
Platforms encourages critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity
and innovation, and empowers the mind to imagination. Digital
Innovative opportunities are relevant to how tech can be applied
to building communities and re-enforcing PLC Personal Learning Communities. These skills not only benefit individuals in their
professional lives but also contribute to their personal growth
and development.

* Access to Supportive Networks:
AI training programs often
provide access to supportive networks of mentors, peers, and
industry professionals. Technology is not only the great equalizer,
but it has the ability to level the playing fields of creativity and
collaboration. These networks can offer guidance, advice, and
opportunities for cooperation and networking.

*Breaking the Cycle of Recidivism:
By providing recently
released youth and teens with access to AI education and
employment opportunities, society can help break the cycle
of recidivism. Empowering individuals with the skills and
resources they need to succeed reduces the likelihood of
them returning to the criminal justice system. Individuals
can build a vision for the future of new careers, being
entrepreneurs and building communities. The cycle must
be broken by applying new ways of learning, engagements,
imagination, and mental adjustments to be powerful in
positive development.

From our experiences as educators, AI education offers
numerous benefits to recently released individuals that
are released from prison. Including access to employment
opportunities, entrepreneurship, personal development,
and the potential to contribute to social good.
By investing in AI training, African and other societies can
support successful reintegration into society and help build
bright futures for themselves and their families.
Companies like MetaverseWP  are providing
workshops and trainings to help released individuals to
move forward in their lives and not be held back by past mistakes.

Florida Educators Selected as Esteemed Winners World Metaverse Awards

Florida Educators Selected as Esteemed Winners World Metaverse Awards 2023 in Global Metaverse Education

William and Aida Jackson honored with global award for Metaverse
Education Globally. The dazzling city
of Dubai, UAE was the host to the groundbreaking World Metaverse
Summit and Awards 2023, orchestrated by the World Metaverse
Council (WMC) at the Le Meridien Dubai Hotel. This two-day
phenomenal extravaganza, held from December 6 & 7, marked a
pivotal moment in the intersection of technology, society,
sustainability, metaverse and immersive technologies.

Bringing together global leaders, government officials, educators,
innovators, and artists for a profound exploration of the Metaverse’s
potential and influence globally.

Never before has diverse technologies in the Arts, Sciences,
Education, Business and Commerce were recognized and people
who are making influences in many areas of achievements.
William Jackson, CEO of MetaverseWP & My Quest To Teach,
“It was a great honor to present a welcoming message as a
teacher of 33 years, higher education professor and speaker,
and participant in this global conference.”

William and Aida Jackson, both professors have made global
contributions in their writing, teaching, and arts programs both
virtual and in-person. Their participation with the World
Metaverse Summit and Awards has gained them global
opportunities as members of the WordCamp and WordPress
Community, educators locally in Jacksonville, Florida and their
global travels to help teach, mentor, collaborate and cooperate
with communities of diverse colors, cultures, and genders.
Seen here the video teaching university students in Costa Rica
about the Metaverse, how to create avatars with
and build spaces on for the metaverse.

Their travels include works in Canada, the United States,
Central America, Europe, virtually in Africa, Pakistan and even
in Southeast Asia in Taiwan.  Teaching is a work of the heart,
The Arts and STEAM+M – Science Technology Engineering Arts
Math and the ever changing and Immersive Environments of the
Metaverse. Their teaching in Nigeria can be seen in this video
with Clever Minds Foundational School

Sharing a vision, William started the company MetaverseWP to
help sponsor and provide scholarships to youth and teens globally
that did not have the finances to attend WordCamp and WordPress conferences, technology events, and activities. They wanted to
make a global contribution to help on a scale that influences global communities and households.

They have been honored and awarded with the Esteemed Winners
World Metaverse Awards 2023 in Global Metaverse Education, winner announcements

William has earned a new position of Metaverse Education Project
Director to officially help global organizations with planning,
implementation, collaboration, creativity and innovation. Selected
from several others that are deeply involved in education. William
and Aida are working hard to provide global services to help youth,
teens and young adults achieve their dreams to inspire building
digital environments in The Arts, Reading, Science, Exploration,
Research and Discovery.

Aida is a globally known NFT Artist shares her arts here and teaches DEI – Diversity,
Equity, and Inclusion on the web and in learning environments.
William’s opening speech at the World Metaverse Summit
and Awards 2023 is seen here

World Metaverse Council Spatial Site by William, Aida, and
their team of interns A.J. and Isaiah of River City Science
Academy Jacksonville, Florida is here, the first interactive
site making global history that is made using design
by and multi-cultural designers, artists, creatives and innovators

Aida, “being honored is a blessing, and allows our team to grow
even more globally, to help more young people achieve their
goals in life and lift them from the challenges and struggles
they are going through. Education is the Key !!!”

There is Growth and Life on the Eastside Where the Sun Rises

There is Growth and Life on the Eastside Where the Sun Rises
William Jackson, M.Ed.
Program Director of Metaverse Education with World Metaverse Council

Thanks to Jacksonville Free Press and JaxToday, for sharing the
great things that students are participating in PEARLS PODCAST.
“Positive Engagement Accelerates Relevant Leadership”

Building digital skills are the goals of the program. Building leadership
skills in participating students from third, forth, fifth grade at
R L. Brown Elementary Gifted & Talented Elementary. Under the
program Tristan’s Acceleration Academy, Inc. there are great works
in development. “To enrich and supplement student academic and life
skills by fostering curiosity, problem-solving skills, and creativity.”
Stated on the web site……

Students are learning and achieving digital skills using digital
technologies that are still new and evolving. Only two schools
in Jacksonville have students building Podcasts and creating
on the Metaverse. Black History is being made in 2 amazing
organizations and classrooms.

Twin Lakes Academy Middle School
Newspaper –
Podcast –
Metaverse –

PEARLS – Tristan’s Acceleration Academy Inc.
Podcast –
Metaverse –

Using technologies to build confidence, develop digital skills,
addressing emotional and mental health of students and guiding
them into future careers they may not have heard or seen before.
Despite the growth in technology Black students and others of color
and culture are not always exposed to new tech, this leaves out
communities that are marginalized and often forgotten and not
supported. Using Web Design, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality,
Web 3,4,5, Metaverse and IOT – Internet Of Things. William and
Aida are working to make sure the sun rises brighter for the future
of Eastside children and spreads across Jacksonville.

Communities of Hispanics, Asian, Haitian, Chinese and other cultures,
especially the youth and teens Technology is their future, but they
are limited in schools and in their communities the opportunities to
learn how to build skills for financial stability, equality and inclusion
in a growing technological world.

William and Aida Jackson have been involved in technology
independently and together as a married union of technologists,
educators and artists. William a teacher of 33 years with the local
school system has taught tech since 2000 when he came into the
district after working for the Florida Department of Education as a
Technology Consultant and Educator and with NASA at Edward
Waters College as a consultant and educator in their technology
re-certification programs of the mid 1990’s.

Aida has worked in Social Work and providing Arts and Technology
workshops across Jacksonville since 2010. Contributing in Fashion
Design with the Ritz Theater and Museum and provided floral
designs across Jacksonville. Both have been teaching internationally
since 2018 in Web Design, AI, VR, and Metaverse.

They are respected as Certified Virtual Reality Educators,
Creators and Global Educators. William the CEO of MetaverseWP and Aida Correa CEO of LoveBuilt Life, LLC passions for the integration and blending
of education and business can be seen by the works they do
traveling globally.

The Eastside of Jacksonville, Florida seems like an unlikely place
for a Podcast, Metaverse site and even a developing summer
program based on Space, Exploration and Discovery. My Quest
To Teach, LoveBuilt Life, LLC. and Tristan’s Acceleration Academy, Inc. are planning a summer camp
that will employ new technologies like AI, VR, AR, Metaverse and
other tech that is not even applied in public or charter education.

The podcasts and metaverse programs will be offered this summer
along with a new Space program blended with the Arts. Using laptops,
and Oculus for truly immersive experiences. Tristan’s Acceleration
Academy making dramatic digital changes and ecosystems of
blending education, commerce, business, and STEAM+M, AI, VR,

The links below show the influence and the opportunity that MetaverseWP,
LoveBuilt Life, LLC and Tristan’s Acceleration Academy are providing in
East Jacksonville. Opportunities to collaborate and connect are always
open for schools, community organizations across Duval County,
Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia.



Past conferences speaking, teaching and organizing….

WordCamp Orlando 2018
WordCamp Orlando 2018
Aida and William teaching KidsCamp Orlando 2018
Aida and William teaching KidsCamp Orlando 2018

WordCamp Jacksonville 2019

parent and child participating in WordCamp Jacksonville
Parent and child participating in WordCamp Jacksonville 2019
Aida Correa - Organizer
Aida Correa – Organizer WordCamp Jacksonville 2019
Kids Camp Costa Rica
Kids Camp Costa Rica 2020


Celebrating Reading, Literacy and Comprehension

Celebrating Reading, Literacy and Comprehension Globally
William Jackson, M.Ed.
Metaverse Education Project Director
World Metaverse Council

MetaverseWP is encouraging parents to read to their children, and
participate in events like the Jax Urban Book Festival on Saturday,
January 20th at the Jacksonville Public Library |
The metaverse site celebrating reading shares an immersive
environment that children can walk through as avatars to look at
book covers.

Then either attend libraries or purchase books online for children to
read and enjoy. We have a collaboration with several Jacksonville
and other book stores globally.
MetaverseWP  The Beauty of Books Across Cultures
The Beauty of Books Across Cultures Metaverse Experience
allows youth and teens with parental participation to have fun in
immersive experiences on the metaverse to view book covers
that inspire reading and having fun.

Reading Site Video

Web site

Metaverse site

Summer programs available using our Oculus
Looking forward to collaborating with schools,
youth and teen organizations, NGO’s and Not
for Profit Organizations.
Contact – Metaverse WP