The Need for Indigenous Youth and Teens to Attend Global Tech Conferences 2024 Part 2

The Need for Indigenous Youth and Teens to Attend Global Tech Conferences 2024 Part Two
William Jackson, MAT CEO MetaverseWP
World Metaverse Council Metaverse Education Program Director
One Africa Forum Technology Education Program Director
Technology Consultant and Board Member Tristan’s Accelerated
Learning Academy

Youth and teens need to understand the value and importance
of building their PLC and PLN
Professional Learning Communities and Professional Learning
Networks are looking like the communities they are in.
So indigenous youth, teens and young adults represent their
cultural heritage and build learning opportunities and speak
their languages. Representation Matters in STEAM, Tech,
Social Media and in Digital Innovation. When indigenous
youth see themselves involved outside of their communities
they are encouraged and empowered to alter their thinking
and influence their perspectives for themselves and their peers.

The learning of digital languages is a path to decision making
where representation is not an issue because there are those
present that are of gender, color and culture. Those sitting at
the tables of digital business and commerce look like the youth
in neighborhoods dreaming of owning their own business and
aspiring to make global changes like Elisha Taylor, III, his
dream is to attend MIT Institue of Technology

The growth of conferences guarantees that youth are engaged
in activities of digital creativity and digital exploration. New skills
learned and applied will be with youth for years to help shape
and mold decisions for digital and economic growth in the
communities these youth live.

The growth of digital role models are being recognized from
youth attending conferences nationally and internationally.
The recent WordCamp Europe in 2023 / 2024 and the
WordPress Youth and Teen Workshop of Managua, Nicaragua.
Youth panel discussion represents the influences of youth
as young as pre-teens and teens. WordCamp Europe the
largest WordCamp in Europe with over 3,000 need this
kind of attendance to build networking and collaboration

Central / South America and Mexico have a growing
youthful population. Providing role models, mentors and
businesses opportunities to extend their digital abilities,
but making sure “soft-skills” are being taught to apply
in future careers. Using the panel discussion as a format
to grow and help across Central America.
“How the WordPress Community Can Embrace the
Next Generation”

is a great opportunity to see the development of web
designers, graphic designers and entrepreneurs.
Central and South American youth and teens need
to see others that look like them to represent them.

Globally the uniqueness of these conferences are open
to indigenous children around the world. Providing
opportunities for them to see there are choices and
chances in life to broaden their vision of careers,
hobbies and learning the skills of networking and
developing generational wealth. WordCamp are
global conferences that embrace diversity, inclusion,
innovation and creativity.
Stated by Abdullah Ramzan Twitter @Software_abi
“The beauty of WordPress (Web Platform) is that it is
made for everyone.”
The growth of technology conferences and the
implementation of working with youth shows
involvement in new areas of inclusiveness in
learning across cultures. Mr. Ramzan was recent
Organizer with WC Lahore where the youth and
teens were taught web development, coding,
programs and other skills the boys and girls will
need for their professional careers.

In Africa there are conferences that teach from the
very basics to the more advanced in HTML,
ecommerce, marketing, branding and cyber-security.
The steady and rapid growth of wireless technologies
are building infrastructures that will carry Africa into
the next decade as it grows into it’s place in digital
innovation where the people will be the next natural
resource for creativity and innovation not just the
land itself. Digital innovators are thriving in Africa
and growth is expanding opportunities to influence
financial markets.
The millions of growing youth and teen technologists
must be included in the financial growth and successes
to Africa’s financial networks can grow and
scale for the future.

In Central America conferences like LAtINiTY –
@LatinityConf for women and young ladies.
@lidivanarroyo are involved in multiple events for
girls and women. They are Organizers for WordCamp
in San Jose Costa Rica.
Influencing new generations to grow and be technical
leaders in their regions of the world. Digital growth in
Cental America is phenomenal!!

Children must be able to engage in conferences and
workshops where their minds are broadened, their
skills are improved and sharpened and their fear of
what is new is overcome. Kids will be competing
against each other as they build their business
interests digitally and collaboratively.
Fear cannot be an option in this competitive world,
but also cooperation is more valuable than competition.

Exposure is valuable and representation is key to
motivating indigenous youth both girls and boys to
new levels of thinking in life. Parents must allow their
children to participate in conferences to build skills
for future employment. Children need to learn how
to network, collaborate, cooperate and work with the
diversity the world has to offer.

Too many indigenous youth are denied access,
opportunities, creative growth and innovative inspiration,
this decade is an opportunity to change this. Tech
provides building a world of discovery and innovation,
and working together to accomplish goals and building
future dreams in careers, business and as entrepreneurs.
Global WordCamp can be found here and many support youth,
teens and young adults in attending.

Parents must prepare their children to move beyond
manual labor jobs and into new levels of thought
leadership career paths that create leadership
opportunities, management opportunities, financial
stability and the opportunity to travel the world.

Even if parents are blue-collar workers and in
careers that have inherent limitations does not
mean their children should be nor do they need
to be thrust into similar conditions. Educaton is
the great equalizer, and the great change in thinking,
children must be exposed to the diversity of the world
in order to function in a diverse and inclusive world
even if that inclusion is fought for.

One of the challenges for many children, especially
children of color and indigenous backgrounds is that
many do not get out of their neighborhoods
to explore the world around them. They seem to be
stuck with no exposure to the future and this creates
“dream deserts” where children don’t dream about
new careers and opportunities.

William and Aida Jackson, teaching about
VR, MR, AI, Metaverse even encouraged the youth
in Managua to think about their dreams, to “dream
big” and if their dreams do not scare them,
they are not dreaming big enough.

The scariest thing for children is to state they have
no dreams, no aspirations and no goals beyond
just living and surviving, this must never be allowed
to continue. Indigenous youth, teens and young adults
around the world have so much to offer in their
communities and must be encouraged and even
sponsored to be participants. Indigenous youth and
teens are just as valuable and important as
those of privilege, and prejudice must not win
and must not keep the youth excluded and ignored.
Technology is helping humans to solve many of life’s
challenges, youth need to be part of the solutions
to solve human challenges, environmental threats,
and complex environmental changes. Embracing
intellectualism, being a thought leader,
creative and innovative.

“If you seriously want to do something for yourself,
do something for others first. Go for open source,
you’ll surely learn how to code, program, coordinate
and collaborate with others. You’ll learn how to
work in a team.

Join local meetups, meet with the people and peers:
help them, learn from them and share ideas.”
Abdullah Ramzan @Software_abi Twitter
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