The Need for Indigenous Youth and Teens to Attend Global Tech Conferences

The Need for Indigenous Youth and Teens to
Attend Global Tech Conferences


WCCA 2021 Virtual
WCCA 2021 Virtual

Part One
William Jackson, MAT CEO MetaverseWP
World Metaverse Council Metaverse Education Program
Director One Africa Forum Technology Education Program
Director Technology Consultant and Board Member
Tristan’s Accelerated Learning Academy

The recent WordCamp Europe 2024 Youth and Teen Workshop
in Torino, Italy and WordPress Youth and Teen Workshop Day
2024 in Managua, Nicaragua shows the continued need for
youth and teens to attend technology conferences, workshops
and trainings.
The world is in an age of Algorithms, Data Sets, AI Integration,
Digital Developments and IOT Internet of Things that are
creating immersive ecosystems.
Technology conferences like those in Europe, Nicaragua
(Central America) and across Africa are offering learning incentives
for youth, and teens to attend conferences. They are providing
SWAG, t-shirts, water bottles, stickers, lanyards, hats and other
items that attract the attention of youth, and teens. The incentives
align with the understanding that the future is tech, no matter
what level or degree of knowledge the future
of tech is with empowering the youth.

Countries of Central America
Countries of Central America

SWAG are great marketing strategies to encourage and attract
youth, and teens from indigenous communities that are
sometimes forgotten. History has not been kind nor generous
to indigenous peoples in the educational process to build digital
leaders, creatives and innovators in the world of digital communication,
Wifi, Digital Apps, and Social Media platforms. The vision of indigenous communities should be seen, heard,
interactive and inspirational.

Things are changing because indigenous youth, and teens are
dreaming of a better life for themselves and their families.
They see the opportunities that technology is offering and reach
for the sky, the stars, the planets and beyond. Let it be known that
America was built by people of color, culture, gender, generation
and great contributions where and are still being made by
indigenous people around the world. Technology is the new frontier
to share the voices of indigenous cultures and genders.

WordCamp Europe and WordPress Youth and Teen in
Nicaragua workshops are powerful opportunities to teach
what is AI, how it will influence future careers that will be
available and those careers that will die. The ethical applications
of tech to build communities, preserve historical and factual
information that is not changed to change and
lie about cultures and chaos created by colonialism.

From Canada, to Central America, to Africa, to Europe and Asia
youth, and teens have unprecedented opportunities to be
involved in tech conferences to learn valuable skills that will
carry them into future career choices. Building communities
of entrepreneurs and young business owners that will influence
economic structures in neighborhoods, communities, cities,
states and nations. The future youth and teens will
be connected, creative, innovative and contributing to a future
of access and acceleration in learning.

The reality is that America does not have the resources to
continue to be the only global technology powerhouse, globally
things are changing and America is feeling the affects. Opportunities
are opening and being offered to global communities with business
owners like William and Aida Jackson to provide affordable trainings
that share a vision of growth, independence, self-confidence, and
building self-discipline and awareness of potentials to change the
false and often lies created against
indigenous youth and teens.

Learning coding, PHP, scripting languages programming
and web design, the integration of Science Technology
Engineering Arts Mathematics VR, AR, Metaverse is necessary
to build skills-sets for the future to help address and solve
challenges that are faced daily by human existence.
The growth of climate change, the challenges of social issues,
the need for equal educational access and historical education
models that show indigenous peoples as creative, innovative,
productive and important to the world.

Youth and teens are learning the importance of applying tech
skills to build on critical and higher order thinking. Enhancing
their combining of creative and innovative processing of
information to influence future digital adaptations in robotics,
re-newable energy resources, working with nature not against
the natural forces. The can and is gradually helping indigenous
communities build stairs to access to higher educational models, incorporating cultural traditions, history and building
self-respect, self-confidence and self- awareness of historical
wrongs, but the potential to change the false narratives and false
information shared in the media, movies, music and other platforms.
The “truth is out there” about the beauty, contributions, influences
across history of how indigenous people are growing in positive ways.

Youth and teens attending conferences allows exposure not
just to people, youth learn terminologies that enhance their
ability to communicate on intellectual levels. Broadening language
abilities allows youth, and teens to sit at the tables of diverse digital
and intellectual tables and not be threatened by the lack of knowledge
and understanding. Comprehending is key to being able to contribute
to the discussions of building digital networks and creating
PLC – Professional Learning Communities.

We have been teaching since 2017 internationally the adaptions of
different technologies in the hopes that indigenous communities
will be inspired, encouraged and influenced to begin the process of
offering unique learning opportunities with conferences, workshops
and trainings.

This is Part One of a Two part writing sharing that technology
trainings in multiple ways will, can and are a benefit to global
WordCamp Europe Youth and Teen Workshop 2024 Torino Italy
WordPress Youth and Teen Workshop 2024 Managua, Nicaragua

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