WordPress Youth and Teen Workshop in Managua Nicaragua 2024

WordPress Youth and Teen Workshop in Managua Nicaragua
Changing the Narrative About Technology and Building
Digital Creatives

WordPress Youth and Teens Workshop in Managua Nicaragua
is creating substantial changes in the vision for how technology
is shaping, molding, and scaling technology jobs of the future in
Nicaragua and across Central America.
The growth of technology workshops like WordPress Youth and
Teen Workshop 2024 are needed to build the critical thinkers,
artistic designers and digital thought leaders to move Central
America forward and competitive with the world.

Video about Technology….

These learning opportunities are providing chances for people
to enter into new careers that encourage, empower and
educate Central American communities with technological
opportunities that were not available a few years ago.
Educators and business owners William and Aida Jackson
(Jacksonville, Florida) are being invited to help grow new
representation of digital natives across Central America.
Not only are the technology workshops becoming available
for youth, and teens, included with programs specifically for them.
William (Black American) and Aida (Afro-Latina) know firsthand
and can related to the youth and teens of Central America and
even Indigenous communities not being exposed or offered new
opportunities of learning and engagement.

The narrative must change about Central America, the visions
must move beyond the traditional views of jobs and careers,
new opportunities are available using high technology tools,
platforms, applications and the hardware devices that are
necessary. High speed Internet access needs to be provided
across the regions of encourage business ownership and being

The excitement is growing with the WordPress Workshop in
Managua is on its way, and it will be an impressive event that
youth and teens across won’t want to miss.

Central America won’t want to miss this!!
The inclusion of girls is valuable to open more doors for equality,
inclusion and opportunities. Women across Central America
make up 40% to 50% of the labor force depending on the country
and other factors. In some cases, women are 70% of the work force.
They are the foundation of learning in the homes as the caregivers
and first educators of the children.

Fathers provide educational resources, but are working to support
their homes either in the home or from remote places of employment.
Managua metaverse gallery from 2023 https://tinyurl.com/yw34u2ux
showed the potential for growth and now in 2024 is the fruits of the
team for this year’s workshop here https://tinyurl.com/5ayfp6rw

Managua is growing with digital technology enthusiasts, bloggers,
marketers, designers, entrepreneurs. Whether you’re curious
newbie or a tech expert, these events have something for everyone.
From the very young to the young at heart.

The expectations are of a successful workshop in 2024
1. Top-notch educational sessions: Expert speakers will
share their knowledge on key WordPress topics,
web design, digital marketing, and more.
2. Networking opportunities to meet other passionate
people in the community, establish valuable connections
and share ideas to boost web projects, services, resources
and building a stronger digital infrastructure that increases
careers and opportunities for girls and boys.
3. Sponsors Area: Discover the latest technologies and
services from leading web technology companies. This
includes AI, VR, MR, Metaverse and other technological
evolutions by William and Aida Jackson of
MetaverseWP & LoveBuilt Life, LLC respectively.
4. There are always ways to contribute to the community:
Learn how you can contribute to the growth of WordPress
and be an active part of the global community.
Fun moments are available for the youth and teens: Not
everything will be working, there will be social activities
and entertainment to enjoy and networking opportunities
to participate in during and after.

Managua WordPress community is providing opportunities
to learn, grow and connect and potentially start, build,
expand business opportunities.

William Jackson, MAT, CEO https://metaversewp.com/
Aida Jackson, CEO https://lovebuiltlife.com/