WordCamps in Central America Historic Kids and Teen Workshop What To Bring in 2024

WordCamps in Central America Historic Kids and Teen Workshop What To Bring in 2024
William and Aida Jackson, MAT, CEO MetaverseWP.com and
LoveBuiltLife.com where we address mobility and accessibility
issues with metaverse avatars and ingenuity.
Celebrating the first WordPress Youth and Teen Workshop in
Managua, Nicaragua 2024

William and Aida Correa are  part of the team of business owners,
educators, and entrepreneurs that will be teaching youth from 8yrs
of age to teens 13 and above. Their first event was WordCamp
Europe 2024 Workshop for Youth & Teens in Torino, Italy.
They are preparing for the Workshop in Nicaragua the historic first
workshop. Since 2022 they have supported Central American,
African, Pakistan and Indian opportunities for youth from 9yrs
to 17yrs.

Sponsoring over 500 youth, and teen to attend WordCamps
Globally. User experiences are important especially for youth,
and teens that will potentially be attending and contributing.
Their participation is just as important as the adults, because
the younger audiences are the future of WordPress and
WordCamp. As technology changes, as the value and importance
of technological evolution influences WordPress there is a need
to be prepared with hardware, software resources, and help with the experience to exceed expectations to be business owners
and entrepreneurs internationally.

Central America will be making history with the advancements
of new technologies for business ownership, empowering
entrepreneurs and the integration of AI, VR, Web tools and
The Jackson’s are just several of many with their businesses
MetaverseWP and LoveBuilt Life, LLC that want to educate,
empower and inspire youth and teens.

Potential items that are needed for any WordCamp conference,
it is suggested that the Organizers of any WC be contacted to
get specific information that may be required. Each city, region,
nation, and continent may have specific requirements.

From the experiences of educators like William and Aida
here is a list……
1. Enthusiastic parents that are making the trip possible.
Since they are helping the experiences most of the time.
Parents never assume anything. Make sure you have all
travel and housing accommodations scheduled ahead
of time. Passports, birth certificates, Social Security Cards
and all necessary documents. Make sure you have signed the
media release forms and if you do not want your child’s picture
or video taken let the Organizers
know ahead of time.
2. A functional laptop or tablet that can access the wireless
network and have the necessary software installed.
WordPress.com is FREE
3. Software that is web enabled with updated browser(s) to
access the software that will be used for WordPress.com and
Internet searching. Be sure licensed software is updated and
ready to be used.
4. Power cables to keep the devices charged with no interruptions.
I bring a 6-port power strip to use and share (sharing is caring).
If your overseas be sure to have a couple of power plug adaptors
because American plugs are not the same as European plugs.
5. If using a laptop have available a mouse that works and will
connect and configured to the device. Make sure your devices
are clean, nothing is more embarrassing than mustard,
ketchup, candy, and other stains on your devices in front of others.

6. Be sure to bring extra pencil, pens, notebook to take notes,
write down usernames and passwords to new software.
7. Clothe wipes to keep devices clean or clean unexpected
8. Personal water bottle to drink from or to refill to stay hydrated.
Try not to drink sugary drinks or energy drinks.
9. Comfortable walking shoes with socks that give support,
comfort, and allow feet to breath and stretch.
10. Comfortable clothing that is not tight, constraining, allow the
body to move fluidly with comfort and ease. Sitting comfortably
for several hours.

11. If bringing a Smartphone make sure it is fully charged and
have the charger available.  Check to see if Smartphone
software is current and updated.
12. Documentation with username and passwords for
emails to gain access to for registering, verification for
WordPress.com If already have a WordPress.com
account have a current  Username & Password written down.
Do not rely on your memory only.
13. Small snacks to help feel refreshed and comfortable.
14. Personal medication that maybe needed during
workshop. If you have allergies, head-aches, migraines,
sinus issues and for girls check your personal schedule for
that time of the month or other person issues.
15. Parents or guardians contact information for emergencies.

16. Glasses, eye wear, jackets, or other clothing for the
conditions of the room.
17. Headphones for personal use during project development.
Some people like to listen to music or beats, not everyone is
like this so bring your headphones for privacy.
18. Enthusiasm and respect for what is being offered.
This is a Workshop not babysitting.
19. Respect all adults, they are volunteering their time to teach,
support and share experiences and knowledge. Parents will be
contacted if children are rude, disrespectful or mean.
20. Respect others when asking question, respect the learning
process and have patience for those new to WordPress.
Remember that everyone’s experiences and knowledge are

21.  Expect to see youth and teens of different backgrounds.
There will be no bullying, name calling, cultural disrespect.
Keep hands and other body parts to yourself. Any
potential altercations parents will be requested to come
retrieve their children from a designated place.
22. Do not judge, stereotype, assume anything about anyone.
23. If you are diagnosed with a learning disability, challenge or
issue you are still very much welcomed. Notify the Organizers
ahead of time for extra support or encouragement.
24. Be patient, be aware, be active, be engaged and be friendly.
25. Be ready to make friends even if your shy, take the opportunity
to come out of your shell.

26. Be reminded that there maybe language differences and
you may have to use Google translate to assist when speaking
and sharing.
27. If you do not understand what the speaker is saying don’t
feel bad about asking them to repeat themselves.
28. Put your phone down or away, turn off the sound and focus
on a unique opportunity to learn.
29. Make sure you have all your medications that you need.
30. Have fun, make friends, be creative, innovative and think
out of the box.