Jacksonville Educators Teach AI, VR, Metaverse Across Europe and Central America

Jacksonville Educators Teach AI, VR, Metaverse Across Europe and Central America

WordCamp Europe 2024, Torino, Italy the premier international
technology conference where over 3,400 attended from across
Europe. The 30 speakers cover areas of web development,
AI integration in coding and programing, SEO (Search Engine
Optimization), accessibility with technology, and other areas
of business, productivity and innovation.

One of the highlights, Youth and Teen Workshop coordinated by
William and Aida Jackson of Jacksonville, Florida for the second
year (https://europe.wordcamp.org/2024/youth-and-teens-workshop/).
Both are Certified VR Educators, international speakers, STEAM+M
advocates, business owners and married teammates.
William (African American) and Aida (Afro-Latina) teach the influence
of knowledge and skills, innovation, creativity, fun and teamwork.

Since 2018 they have been involved in helping to build international collaborations to shape digital natives prepared for future careers internationally. Their recent workshop in Europe was attended by
youth and teens, 10yrs to 16yrs from Georgia (the nation), Germany,
Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Poland, and

Their curriculums are project-based and hands-on creative designs
that inspire confidence, innovation, creativity that is being removed
from schools across Florida and nationally.

The continued journey in 2024 is WordPress Youth and Teen Workshop, technology workshops for youth and teens across Central America.
Held in Managua, Nicaragua the first time a workshop in Central America. WordPress Youth Day is an excellent time for the two-day workshop
to help develop technological knowledge, creativity in design and
modeling, web development, digital innovation, and encourages oral expression through exhibitions and storytelling https://events.wordpress.org/managua/2024/wordpress-youth-day/ .

The ages are similar 10yrs to 16yrs, two days of creativity, exploration
using STEAM+M, AI, VR and Metaverse. The historic developments
change the optics of Blacks and Latinas in tech from the examples
of William and Aida. Educators of color can make tremendous
influences internationally and in Central America. Building youth
and teens to be xperts in tech skills, problem solving, content
creation and as entrepreneurs.

This is the first WordPress workshop for youth and teens in Nicaragua
and across Central America that is helping to contribute to future
generations of digital entrepreneurs, innovators and business owners.
Future WordCamps are coming in Bogota, San Jose, San Salvador,
Panama City and Guatemala, these can be seen and more on
WordCamp Central https://central.wordcamp.org/

The Jackson’s have been teaching in-person and virtually motivated
by the events of the pandemic. To provide unique and innovative
services to help prepare youth and teens for their futures of discovery, creativity and building with imagination. The recent announcements
in Florida (and other States), not funding Arts programs shows that
American students will be at a disadvantage when competing against European, African, Asian and Indian/Pakistani students where the
Arts is celebrated and encouraged in and out of schools.

This is the age of tech with AI, VR, Metaverse, Web 3, IOT, if youth
and teens in the United States are not prepared  they will be at a
considerable disadvantage in international competitions, business
ownership and collaborations.