WordPress Youth Day 2024 Building Central American Technologists

WordPress Youth Day 2024 Building Central American Technologists
Organizing team of Youth Day 2024

The excitement is building across Nicaragua and Central America
as the planning is happening for the upcoming conference focused
on youth and teens. The conference goals are to introduce and
expose Nicaraguan and Central American youth and teens to
Web Development, AI (Artificial Intelligence), VR (Virtual Reality),
and Metaverse engagement. The Organizing team is building
a program that allows the use of multiple technology application,
tools, platforms that will build the knowledge of the youth and
teens attending to be the future technologists to help build
Nicaragua and Central America into digital leadership roles
for the future.

Central American nations are rich with natural resources that
influence globally, that has global influences economically and
can influence commerce and trade with other nations. Companies
have established a global presence because of the selling of
nature resources that are limited as consumption and demand
grows. One of the resources that is important for generations
to come are the boys and girls that are engaged in diverse areas
of technological exploration, digital creativity, innovation,
immersive environments, and the blending of technologies.

There is no country across Central America that is not
influenced by some form of technology from agriculture,
education, business, and trade. Traditional products such
as coffee, meat, and sugar continue to lead the list of
Nicaraguan exports, technology careers are growing as
remote career options are becoming available and important.

Data from https://datareportal.com/reports/digital-2023-nicaragua
shares there were 4 million internet users in Nicaragua at the start
of 2023, when internet penetration stood at 57% percent. Nicaragua
is home to 3.45 million social media users in January 2023, equating
to 49% percent of the total population. A total of 8.43 million cellular
mobile connections were active in Nicaragua in early 2023, with
this figure equivalent to 120.5% percent of the total population.

Technology is touching the growing youth population and opening
doors to new collaborations and associations. From basic desktop
computers to the sophistication Smartphones, Laptops, Digital
Wi-Fi Infrastructures growing across Nicaragua and Central
America. Each new type of technology that is introduced provides Nicaraguans an opportunity to be business owners, entrepreneurs,
educators, and influencers not just on social media, but on other
areas that empower and inspire the people.

The upcoming WordPress Youth Day 2024 on Saturday,
June 29th 2024, Managua, Nicaragua
and WordCamp Managua, Nicaragua still under planning for
October 2024 https://managua.wordcamp.org/2024/

Not only will web design be introduced, coding, programming, internet
and metaverse safety, and there will be a metaverse site designed by MetaverseWP who is a sponsor of WordPress Youth Day 2024. The metaverse site will be created on the platform Spatial.io a leading
metaverse platform and integrating digital avatars using
ReadyPlayer.me to allow the youth and teens the opportunity to
build their own avatars which is the digital representation of

These increasingly applied technologies are having profound influences
in the gaming and business industry WC Managua Nicaragua 2024 | Spatial
To foster digital leadership among Nicaraguan youth and teens using AI, VR, and the Metaverse, initiatives should focus on education, accessibility, and empowerment. This involves integrating these technologies and creating strategies into school curriculums, offering specialized training programs
for teachers to be skilled, and providing resources for self-paced learning
for students from elementary to secondary education. Higher education curriculums must be adapted and blended with new technologies so graduating university and even vocational students can be employed

Community engagement through conferences like the WordPress
Youth Day, Tech Clubs, and Mentorship programs encourages
hands-on experiences, project-based learning and networking
between youth, teens, and young adults to build their own businesses.

Central American youth, teens and young adults are hungry to be
business owners and entrepreneurs. This should scare American
youth, teens, and young adults because they are comfortable with
just being consumers of games, entertainment and misdirection in
digital behavior and attitudes.

AI must be blended with the Nicaraguan and Central American
communities so there are limited bias in gender, generation and culture. Empowering youth, teens and young adults through mentorship, role
models, and support for entrepreneurship cultivates innovation and leadership. Nicaraguans, and Central American youth, teens and
young adults need to see men and women like them because cultural representation does matter in all fields of digital engagement.
Collaboration globally is important because it opens up the opportunity
of cultural exchanges of collaboration, cooperation, and unification.

Promotion through awareness sharing further solidifies the digital ecosystems that are being built and growing. The times of growth now
should be inspiring youth to explore and excel in these transformative
fields because many are already using Roblox, Minecraft and gaming
systems that have opened digital doors that are inspiring creativity,
innovation, imagination, and skill development that will grow and
empower Nicaragua and all of Central and even South America.
Technology allows entrepreneurs to be created, new business to
be created and older businesses to expand in new fields of global

Data shown from Data Reportal 2023 shows that youth, teens and  young adults are growing across Nicaragua…..
15.8 percent is between the ages of 5 and 12 , 9.4 percent is between the ages of 13 and 17, 12.9 percent is between the ages of 18 and 24 , 17.4 percent is between the ages of 25 and 34 13.4 percent is between the ages of 35 and 44.
Nicaragua’s age groups are younger, mobile, and technology excited about where technology can take them in future career opportunities. Technology can allow growth in Nicaragua and across Central America where it can compete globally as the population increases its technological use.

“Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and other Central American countries the youth, teens and young adults are chasing the US, Canada, and other nations in this race of technology. Youth, teens and young adults are so talented and creative across Central America we will see in 5 to 10 years American youth, teens and young adults will be behind and chasing Central Americans trying to catchup to them. Central America is a growing leader and technological resource that is creative, innovative, imaginative and influencing new careers for Nicaraguans and all of Central America.” William Jackson, MAT – Metaverse Education Program Director – World Metaverse Council