Florida Educators Selected as Esteemed Winners World Metaverse Awards

Florida Educators Selected as Esteemed Winners World Metaverse Awards 2023 in Global Metaverse Education

William and Aida Jackson honored with global award for Metaverse
Education Globally.  https://tinyurl.com/mps2e22z The dazzling city
of Dubai, UAE was the host to the groundbreaking World Metaverse
Summit and Awards 2023, orchestrated by the World Metaverse
Council (WMC) at the Le Meridien Dubai Hotel. This two-day
phenomenal extravaganza, held from December 6 & 7, marked a
pivotal moment in the intersection of technology, society,
sustainability, metaverse and immersive technologies.

Bringing together global leaders, government officials, educators,
innovators, and artists for a profound exploration of the Metaverse’s
potential and influence globally.

Never before has diverse technologies in the Arts, Sciences,
Education, Business and Commerce were recognized and people
who are making influences in many areas of achievements.
William Jackson, CEO of MetaverseWP & My Quest To Teach,
“It was a great honor to present a welcoming message as a
teacher of 33 years, higher education professor and speaker,
and participant in this global conference.”

William and Aida Jackson, both professors have made global
contributions in their writing, teaching, and arts programs both
virtual and in-person. Their participation with the World
Metaverse Summit and Awards has gained them global
opportunities as members of the WordCamp and WordPress
Community, educators locally in Jacksonville, Florida and their
global travels to help teach, mentor, collaborate and cooperate
with communities of diverse colors, cultures, and genders.
Seen here the video teaching university students in Costa Rica
about the Metaverse, how to create avatars with ReadyPlayer.me
and build spaces on Spatial.io for the metaverse.

Their travels include works in Canada, the United States,
Central America, Europe, virtually in Africa, Pakistan and even
in Southeast Asia in Taiwan.  Teaching is a work of the heart,
The Arts and STEAM+M – Science Technology Engineering Arts
Math and the ever changing and Immersive Environments of the
Metaverse. Their teaching in Nigeria can be seen in this video
with Clever Minds Foundational School

Sharing a vision, William started the company MetaverseWP to
help sponsor and provide scholarships to youth and teens globally
that did not have the finances to attend WordCamp and WordPress conferences, technology events, and activities. They wanted to
make a global contribution to help on a scale that influences global communities and households.

They have been honored and awarded with the Esteemed Winners
World Metaverse Awards 2023 in Global Metaverse Education, winner announcements https://tinyurl.com/mps2e22z

William has earned a new position of Metaverse Education Project
Director to officially help global organizations with planning,
implementation, collaboration, creativity and innovation. Selected
from several others that are deeply involved in education. William
and Aida are working hard to provide global services to help youth,
teens and young adults achieve their dreams to inspire building
digital environments in The Arts, Reading, Science, Exploration,
Research and Discovery.

Aida is a globally known NFT Artist shares her arts here https://tinyurl.com/sd3652tp and teaches DEI – Diversity,
Equity, and Inclusion on the web and in learning environments.
William’s opening speech at the World Metaverse Summit
and Awards 2023 is seen here

World Metaverse Council Spatial Site by William, Aida, and
their team of interns A.J. and Isaiah of River City Science
Academy Jacksonville, Florida is here, the first interactive
site making global history that is made using Spatial.io design
by and multi-cultural designers, artists, creatives and innovators https://tinyurl.com/36j5cmn3

Aida, “being honored is a blessing, and allows our team to grow
even more globally, to help more young people achieve their
goals in life and lift them from the challenges and struggles
they are going through. Education is the Key !!!”