There is Growth and Life on the Eastside Where the Sun Rises

There is Growth and Life on the Eastside Where the Sun Rises
William Jackson, M.Ed.
Program Director of Metaverse Education with World Metaverse Council

Thanks to Jacksonville Free Press and JaxToday, for sharing the
great things that students are participating in PEARLS PODCAST.
“Positive Engagement Accelerates Relevant Leadership”

Building digital skills are the goals of the program. Building leadership
skills in participating students from third, forth, fifth grade at
R L. Brown Elementary Gifted & Talented Elementary. Under the
program Tristan’s Acceleration Academy, Inc. there are great works
in development. “To enrich and supplement student academic and life
skills by fostering curiosity, problem-solving skills, and creativity.”
Stated on the web site……

Students are learning and achieving digital skills using digital
technologies that are still new and evolving. Only two schools
in Jacksonville have students building Podcasts and creating
on the Metaverse. Black History is being made in 2 amazing
organizations and classrooms.

Twin Lakes Academy Middle School
Newspaper –
Podcast –
Metaverse –

PEARLS – Tristan’s Acceleration Academy Inc.
Podcast –
Metaverse –

Using technologies to build confidence, develop digital skills,
addressing emotional and mental health of students and guiding
them into future careers they may not have heard or seen before.
Despite the growth in technology Black students and others of color
and culture are not always exposed to new tech, this leaves out
communities that are marginalized and often forgotten and not
supported. Using Web Design, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality,
Web 3,4,5, Metaverse and IOT – Internet Of Things. William and
Aida are working to make sure the sun rises brighter for the future
of Eastside children and spreads across Jacksonville.

Communities of Hispanics, Asian, Haitian, Chinese and other cultures,
especially the youth and teens Technology is their future, but they
are limited in schools and in their communities the opportunities to
learn how to build skills for financial stability, equality and inclusion
in a growing technological world.

William and Aida Jackson have been involved in technology
independently and together as a married union of technologists,
educators and artists. William a teacher of 33 years with the local
school system has taught tech since 2000 when he came into the
district after working for the Florida Department of Education as a
Technology Consultant and Educator and with NASA at Edward
Waters College as a consultant and educator in their technology
re-certification programs of the mid 1990’s.

Aida has worked in Social Work and providing Arts and Technology
workshops across Jacksonville since 2010. Contributing in Fashion
Design with the Ritz Theater and Museum and provided floral
designs across Jacksonville. Both have been teaching internationally
since 2018 in Web Design, AI, VR, and Metaverse.

They are respected as Certified Virtual Reality Educators,
Creators and Global Educators. William the CEO of MetaverseWP and Aida Correa CEO of LoveBuilt Life, LLC passions for the integration and blending
of education and business can be seen by the works they do
traveling globally.

The Eastside of Jacksonville, Florida seems like an unlikely place
for a Podcast, Metaverse site and even a developing summer
program based on Space, Exploration and Discovery. My Quest
To Teach, LoveBuilt Life, LLC. and Tristan’s Acceleration Academy, Inc. are planning a summer camp
that will employ new technologies like AI, VR, AR, Metaverse and
other tech that is not even applied in public or charter education.

The podcasts and metaverse programs will be offered this summer
along with a new Space program blended with the Arts. Using laptops,
and Oculus for truly immersive experiences. Tristan’s Acceleration
Academy making dramatic digital changes and ecosystems of
blending education, commerce, business, and STEAM+M, AI, VR,

The links below show the influence and the opportunity that MetaverseWP,
LoveBuilt Life, LLC and Tristan’s Acceleration Academy are providing in
East Jacksonville. Opportunities to collaborate and connect are always
open for schools, community organizations across Duval County,
Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia.



Past conferences speaking, teaching and organizing….

WordCamp Orlando 2018
WordCamp Orlando 2018
Aida and William teaching KidsCamp Orlando 2018
Aida and William teaching KidsCamp Orlando 2018

WordCamp Jacksonville 2019

parent and child participating in WordCamp Jacksonville
Parent and child participating in WordCamp Jacksonville 2019
Aida Correa - Organizer
Aida Correa – Organizer WordCamp Jacksonville 2019
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Kids Camp Costa Rica 2020