Celebrating Reading, Literacy and Comprehension

Celebrating Reading, Literacy and Comprehension Globally
William Jackson, M.Ed.
Metaverse Education Project Director
World Metaverse Council

MetaverseWP is encouraging parents to read to their children, and
participate in events like the Jax Urban Book Festival on Saturday,
January 20th at the Jacksonville Public Library | jaxpubliclibrary.org
The metaverse site celebrating reading shares an immersive
environment that children can walk through as avatars to look at
book covers.

Then either attend libraries or purchase books online for children to
read and enjoy. We have a collaboration with several Jacksonville
and other book stores globally.
MetaverseWP  The Beauty of Books Across Cultures
The Beauty of Books Across Cultures Metaverse Experience
allows youth and teens with parental participation to have fun in
immersive experiences on the metaverse to view book covers
that inspire reading and having fun.

Reading Site Video 

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Summer programs available using our Oculus
Looking forward to collaborating with schools,
youth and teen organizations, NGO’s and Not
for Profit Organizations.
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