Empowering African Voices by Broadcasting in the Metaverse in 2024

Empowering African Voices by Broadcasting in the Metaverse in 2024

William Jackson, M.Ed. MetaverseWP
World Metaverse Council, Metaverse Education Project Director

Broadcasting in the Metaverse is unfolding to be a great tool using digital platforms to expand and empower African voices to improve social consciousness and address societal issues across the continent.

Changes in the political structures across Africa have given rise by many Africans across the socio-economic ecosystems and improving the educational equitability and access to conversations designed to include the silent voices of students who are seeking to be increasingly engaged to improve their communities, their counties, and their states.

It’s a growing goal inspiration that Africans using diverse technologies are digital and increasingly immersive in content and developing content broadcasters are looking to share their voices across the second largest continent on planet Earth. Their voices will be heard either by Blogging, Podcasting, Threading, TikToking, YouTubing, Xing or any means necessary.

Technology is opening avenues for new ways to reach people who need hope that change is available. Platforms, such as YouTube, Threads, X (formally Twitter), LinkedIn offer ways for African voices to share their content that can become global and inspirational.  The use of videos can be shared across Web 2.0 and as African content creators are transitioning and integrating more Web 3.0, broadcasting in the metaverse could become a consistent reality.

Africa is the youngest continent globally with over 70% of sub-Saharan Africa under the age of 30. United Nations data shows the rapid expanding use of young Africans with Smartphones and big dreams.


This is important to understand because of the influence the generations are expected to have in young people being involved in creating businesses, growing as entrepreneurs and their influences in politics and addressing society issues. The increased inclusion of girls and women can be seen by their growing voices across social media and now the growing Web 3/4/5 ecosystems. Women in Africa are vital for economic growth, innovation, peaceful protests and security of the family that is increasingly seen across the broad spectrum with digital tools, platforms and how AI, VR, AR & MR influence engagements.

The team of MetaverseWP is working to collaborate with technology conferences across Africa to sponsor and provide scholarships to youth and teens to expose them to African thought leaders, coders, programmers that are the leading influencers in multiple areas of technology. Using platforms MetaverseWP https://metaversewp.com/   can be seen in the expansion of immersive environments that can be used for collaboration, connecting
across the borders, boundaries and broad reaches of land that makes up Africa.

Not relying on Visas, documents to move freely and even financial restraints, the metaverse has grown to be an open gate for freedom of expression, sharing ideas, building collaborations and reaching across the diverse cultural differences, religions following and socio-economic diversity that separates friends and families.

Chinua Achebe, known as the “Father of African Literature,” his quotes coincided with the use of digital tools and platforms and the sharing of
African voices is seen here: “If you don’t like someone’s story, write your own.” The broadcasting of digital stories, ideas, and sharing of experiences is seen every day on social platforms. The traditional writing styles are replaced
by the audio, video and blending of AI, and VR. Achebe would have been excited to use these tools to enhance and amplify his writings across Africa.

What the Metaverse has become is a support system and platform for African people have already connected in society across their daily lives. New technologies are being created and growing in popularity that are immersive, engaging and interactive. Africans are accepting the invitation to use any means necessary to connect across the continent and globally.

Using these tools to bring conversations, exchanging of ideas, and sharing hope for a better tomorrow in the conversations that grow into collaborations and connections to change social behaviors, expand ideas and even broadcast across multiple platforms using multiple African languages. Technology has no limits and not limitations in creating, pivoting, amplifying, magnifying and transforming African content.

In many ways virtual reality platforms will be no different than television and radio, because they are content driven, but the beauty is that individual Africans have more power of the content created. Africans are free to share successes, challenges, ideas, their faith and broadcast friendships, compassion, and hope where there may not have been possible.  Africans are able to reach people not otherwise accessible through commercial media.
The Metaverse, AI, VR, and other tech has been created for this time, as uncertain and scary as it can seem.

Though technology is changing, the one constant is there are Africans everywhere that can connect and support each other. Only time will tell
what new ways there will be to build connections that promote equality, freedoms and serve to empowering people across the African continent
and the African Global Diaspora. Stay tuned as Africa’s voice grows louder
and stronger across the digital ether.
The New Year is just a start, there are phenomenal growth potentials across the African continent that will forever change the creating, sharing, developing, and inspiring of content that will be created. Technology is a tool,
a platform, a formulated binary accumulation of data sets, digital ecosystems, and creative opportunities of expression.

The growing metaverse will open opportunities as never before, as the
World Metaverse Council – Metaverse Education Project Directors I see
global collaborations as never before. The opportunity to bring culture diversity and educational exchanges to the world.

Sharing what Mike Abel, M&C Saatchi Group South Africa Founding Partner and CEO, stated about the metaverse and its’s great potential.
“The unique afro-themed metaverse establishes local representation in a growing global digital universe and will open our continent up to significant digital and economic growth opportunities for both talent, clients and
industry colleagues to come together to solve business and even societal
challenges with creativity,” As an educator of 33 years I hope to bring to

Africa the great opportunities of new way to learn across culture, generation, and even religious differences. It can be done with understanding, patience, and a willingness to see beyond where we are not and looking into the future.
Let take the next step to educate new generations with new ways of learning.