The Coming of 2024……. MetaverseWP Global

The Coming of 2024….
Honored to take change are charge in 2024 as the
World Metaverse Council – Metaverse Education Program Director

MetaverseWP is excited about the New Year of 2024
and the coming of new WordCamp Conferences and
global tech events. Our team has been designing
metaverse galleries that share the content of global
WordCamp conferences since 2022
MetaverseWP & My Quest To Teach has sponsored
over 300 youth, teens, young adults since 2018 to
attend technology conferences. Paying registration
fees and providing scholarships.
Supporting the immersion of youth to be engaged

and attending educational opportunities.

Our website MetaverseWP
is providing FREE Spatial galleries to promote WordCamp
conferences, the organizers, the speakers, the volunteers
and also the growing number of global youth, teens and
young adult workshops with WordCamp conferences.
We are Professors in higher education, artists, bloggers
and community organizers. We have been involved in
the WP community since 2010 and 2018 respectively.
In 2023 MetaverseWP & My Quest To Teach have sponsored
Kids/Teen/Young Adult workshops across Africa, Taiwan
(East Asia), Costa Rica, Nicaragua (Central America), Islamabad
and Lahore (Pakistan), United States (Jacksonville, Miami,
Orlando), Calgary (Canada), and Europe (Athens, Greece)

at WordCamp Europe.

We seek to continue and grow with global assistance
from companies like yours.
Our website made with WordPress by LoveBuilt Life, LLC
shares our successes and continued growth globally not just
as Metaverse creators and developers, and as sponsors
and contributors. Promoting education and collaboration.
MetaverseWP is interested in working with global WordCamp
conferences, please contact us at
if you’re interested please contact and let us know
about your interest and request to collaborate and work


and our web site is
Looking forward to connecting with the Organizers to
collaborate and work together. This is a FREE service
to all WordCamp conferences and if you are considering
a youth, teens, young adult workshop please let us
know so that we can plan to support with sponsorships,

scholarships and promoters.

William Jackson, M.Ed.
CEO MetaverseWP & My Quest To Teach
World Metaverse Council – Metaverse Education Program Director
World Metaverse Council YouTube
World Metaverse Council Website