WordCamp Building Leaders in Central and South America

WordCamp Building Leaders in Central and South America
WordCamp Managua, Nicaragua 2023


Building on the metaverse is like becoming an interior decorator,
floral creator, digital designer and even strategically placing plants,
animals and furniture in an immersive environment.
Working in @Spatial.io where literally thousands of people to can see
your works is humbling, exciting, inspiring, enlightening and revealing
of a person’s ability to create living spaces digitally.

Building for Managua, Nicaragua, Central America has been innovative,
skillfully developmental and intensive to set a model that respects the
people, the nation, and the value of WordCamp Managua, Nicaragua.
Technology is providing the opportunity to help people gather in futuristic
ways, to collaborate and cooperate. There is a change of mentality
related to Nicaragua that defies the media reports and images of poverty,
unemployment, loss of hope and lack of support in education, economics
and social injustices.

Technology is opening doors to businesses across Nicaragua and Central
America, employment can increase, commerce can be adapted to digital
elements, education can be sustainable, enhanced, and equitable for boys
and girls. The environmental considerations of preservation, protection, and
producing a way to build on helping man work with the environment
not against it.

Kids, Youth and Teen Conferences are important, they provide a place to
directly teach the futures of Central, South and Mexican cultures. The
youth are a important and valuable resource that should be a priority.
If communities want to prosper, grow, survive and thrive children,
youth, teens and young adults must have the necessary education to
improve their neighborhood, communities, cities, and even the nations
they live in.

Sharing this blog about Central America and the empowerment
that technology can provide and empowering, educating and
inspiring the people. Central and South American Youth and Teens
involved in WordCamp and WordPress are not just words that have
no meaning, it shares a way to empower Central and South American
children for better lives.
Teaching them technology that the world is running on and building
on. Past blogs, as below show a need to provide trainings and
workshop across Central, South America and even Mexico.
Central American Youth and Teens

There needs to be a desire to stop politicians from using Central and South American people as political tools, and provide education, economic, and sustainable assistance that helps the people to manage their own governments, build their own economic successes without fear of political, criminal, and violent consequences. Families in Central and South America have human rights of life, liberty and loving their families and life.

2023 has provided a celebration across Central, South and Mexican
growth of technology allowing Meetups, Webinars, Gatherings, Conferences and with ability to collaborate and cooperate to build entrepreneurs and business owners. The opportunities to create independent businesses and create entrepreneurs that build communities are possible and probable
if there is support, encouragement, empowerment and hope.

The celebration continues with Central American WordCamp Conferences. From Managua, Nicaragua, to San Jose, Costa Rica, to Panama, to El Salvador and even to Mexico. Technology is allowing Central America to collaborate, cooperate and connect to positively influence peoples’ lives. In 2024 there
will be a growth of design and modeling for Central, South and Mexican communities to be involved, engaged and active with technology.
Seeing the Metaverse galleries of WordCamp Conferences provides hope, help, honest value to education and collaborations. MetaverseWP and
My Quest To Teach are sponsoring, supporting and sharing growth opportunities for youth, teens and young adults across Central America.
There needs to be continued growth and even scaling
that allow people to build digitally. The opportunities to teach, mentor, empower and encourage even university students can be seen here in
the video from WordCamp
San Jose https://youtu.be/XSD4VLhAUJE

WordCamp Managua
Spatial Gallery

WordCamp San Jose Costa Rica
Spatial Gallery

Provided by
William Jackson and the Team of Creatives, Designers, Developers
and Builders
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