Jacksonville Educators Business Building Global Metaverses

Jacksonville Business Leaders and Educators Building Global Metaverses

William Jackson, M.Ed. CEO MetaverseWP & My Quest To Teach
World Metaverse Council Education Project Director

The team of William and Aida Jackson and a dynamic team of interns,
students attending River City Science Academy (A.J. and Isaiah) are
building on the metaverse using digital immersive platforms and applying
avatars created to represent the individuals vision of themselves.

The metaverse is allowing access to unique visions of digital and immersive
engagements and personal imaginations.
Establishing a new level of creativity, innovation, and imagination to
immersive environments. Students like A.J and Isaiah who are talented
and innovative inspire students across Jacksonville to look at the Metaverse,
AI, VR not just for gaming, but for business and commerce.

The new trend in education is to apply business concepts, but in many cases
those concepts will be outdated, distant from reality and bias to the needs
of students of color and culture.
William and Aida are Certified VR & STEAM+M Educators, Professors in
higher education and contributing members of the World Metaverse Council
in the Education Group. William, the new and history making Black educator
is the World Metaverse Council Metaverse Education Program Director.
They are the only technology consultants and business leaders in their
respective fields in Jacksonville, Florida and arguably in the State of Florida.

They have been involved in the metaverse since 2021 and have grown in
their global collaborations and speaking in conferences at UAE, Europe,
Africa, Central America, Canada, Pakistan and across the United States.
Aida, the creative backbone with her own NFT Gallery “She, One of Many”
https://tinyurl.com/sd3652tp is the first Afro-Latina in Jacksonville to have an
NFT Gallery that is globally recognized and purchases made of her physical
and digital art work.

Their growing digital influence and passion for technology has created a
dynamic team that is growing to include an increased number of students
from River City Science Academy.

William, a retired DCPS educator, volunteers at several schools and,
created a metaverse site that shares students works https://tinyurl.com/3ynkdfxx

Located in Jacksonville, BCA is the only Charter school applying cutting edge
tech to prepare the Brown Bears for their futures as digital innovators, creatives, artists and explorers. The team of RCSA interns has assisted in building 4 sites in 2023 with the biggest being the World Metaverse Council Summit & Awards Ceremony held in Dubai, UAE one of the biggest and influencial events globally.

The World Metaverse Council https://wmetac.com/ promotes collaboration
to create an equitable, inclusive, and truly decentralized Metaverse and maximize the incredible economic and social possibilities and minimize
harms that citizens may potentially experience.

Their metaverse site is found https://tinyurl.com/36j5cmn3 will have information that will be seen by global avatars, speakers, sponsors, and businesses. The value of immersive environments, metaverse blending
with business, commerce, and education is valuable for youth and teens
to learn how to apply globally.

This is where business, commerce, entrepreneurialism will pivot to increasingly integrate with Web 3/4/5 developments.
MetaverseWP a business William created in 2022, has a creative and innovative team that is honored to have managed metaverse sites
since 2022. The World Metaverse Council Summit Awards 2023
ceremony in Dubai, UAE will attract multiple businesses either already
on the metaverse or seeking to take the digital leap to engagement.

The Awards Ceremony will recognize outstanding achievements in the
field of immersive business, gaming, fashion, foot-wear, education,
commerce, eye-wear and other fashion areas. The Metaverse site will
share streaming elements from the event, showcase categories,
speakers, award winners and businesses.
Viewers can see the site here https://tinyurl.com/36j5cmn3

The metaverse is set to influence significant economic business
and commerce values across the world, with the benefits to the
global economy reaching up to US $3.6 trillion per year. The building
of metaverse platforms, spaces and environments will grow over
the next 5 years to 3 times its current economic impact. The influences
of the metaverse are growing, companies like Meta, Apple, Walmart,
Nike, Home Depot, Ford, Mercedes, Toyota, Lexus, and Microsoft
and other global participants.

The goal globally for My Quest To Teach, MetaverseWP and
LoveBuilt Life, LLC are business collaborations to build community.
They have, over 6 years sponsored over 300 youth, teen, young
adults globally, this includes the United States to attend technology conferences. As university professors and business owners William
and Aida sponsor global efforts to empower youth and teens, they
welcome financial support, sponsorships
to empower young people globally.

Both have taught, mentored and spoken/organized global
conferences, sharing their knowledge in workshops and
spoken on multiple Podcasts. The 2 latest events in Europe,
Athens, Greece 2023 and in Costa Rica, Central America
WordCamp San Jose Costa Rica 2023.

Seen here in the video shows how university students enjoyed the
learning and engagement that was provided in Costa Rica.
This is the future for education, business and commerce
In Europe the video shows the works William and Aida do with
youth and teens across Europe in their workshops https://youtu.be/XmhhEOuWuw4

MetaverseWP web site https://metaversewp.com/


World Metaverse Summit and Awards 2023