Growing Technology Conferences Open Doors to Future Careers for African Youth

Growing Tech Conferences Open Doors to Future Careers for African Youth
William Jackson, M.Ed. My Quest To Teach & MetaverseWP
Member of the World Metaverse Council & WordPress / WordCamp Community

God has blessed my companies My Quest To Teach & MetaverseWP to be
able to sponsor teens and young adults to attend WordCamp Conferences. Their testimonies are great to read and share the value of participating and networking.
Tasha Banks
We thank you so much Mr. Jackson for the support and sponsorship to WordCamp Masaka and giving us a chance to get to learn and share our knowledge in the world of technology. It would be our pleasure for us to meet you in person.
May Allah bless you abundantly.

Kabano Fred
Good evening Mr. William Jackson am so grateful and you enabled us to attend the first WordCamp Masaka. What I can tell you is that it was awesome and we got to know new things from others. But all in all we thank God who enabled us to make it and we also thank you again for sponsoring us. I know you may be wondering why I don’t always talk to you but it is that am still a student and we are not allowed to access phones at school. Blessings in your workings

O M G this is grateful thank you Mr. William Jackson for being that passionate we shall launch our rockets in the sky with you when you come to Africa.
We appreciate you sponsoring us to WordCamp.
Sponsoring African Youth and Teens to Attend WordCamp Conferences across Africa WordCamps like Masaka in Uganda, Africa had its first technology conference in 2023.

About 100 youth, teens, and young adults from across Uganda experienced the chance to learn coding, programming, web development, applying AI to web development, using VR to create immersive environments and even see what the Metaverse is with William Jackson virtually. 

The first Spatial Metaverse gallery for WordCamp Masaka was created by MetaverseWP to help those with accessibility issues of mobility to attend as avatars and communicate with others . There was phenomenal learning and engagement as never before seen by many of the youth, teens and young adults attending. This is the third WordCamp for youth this year and the conferences are growing across the continent of Africa. Because of sponsorships by companies like My Quest To Teach & MetaverseWP.

The 54 nations that make up the vast and beautiful continent of Africa so far have had WordCamp conferences in Uganda (Jinja, Masaka, Entebbe, Kampala), Kenya (Nairobi), Nigeria (Lagos), and South Africa. In each of these nations there was a youth and teens workshop. Exposing many African youth to technologies never before seen.
To understand what a WordCamp conference is, to see the global connections of where WordCamps are globally is amazing.

WordCamps are community-organized dedicated to all things WordPress.
The collaboration of WC brings together people who use, design, develop, and support WordPress software that has helped create 45% – 55% of web sites globally. Not only web sites, but there is influence in podcasting, broadcasting, and the integration of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and VR (Virtual Reality). WC conferences are held in cities worldwide and provide attendees a unique user experience and opportunity to learn from and network with other WordPress users, developers, entrepreneurs, teachers, artists and across a broad spectrum of men and women involved in multiple areas of technology, the complete list his here .

Those who are passionate about what they do, what they have created, entrepreneurs, novice (beginners) and experts lead sessions in their fields and professions. They cover a wide range  of topics, subjects, skills, related to WordPress and other areas of technology that Africans will use to create, develop, and employ in their careers. The ability to develop, design, content creation, marketing, branding, education, and business are all wrapped up in two days.

This is a beautiful way to spread knowledge, build confidence, provide networking, and help even youth and teens to build their PLN (Professional Learning Networks) and PLC (Professional Learning Communities) to support each other after the WC conference is over. There are Meetups that help continue the conversations during monthly gatherings either in person or virtually. The Metaverse is employed to help those with mobility issues to attend and learn as well, this can be seen on a free service to help share WC globally.

The African continent is poised to have an increase of boys and girls, who are creating content that will start businesses, empower, and educate entrepreneurs, inspire girls that look for new career opportunities and to be their own Presidents, CEO, COO, CFO, or their own unique titles as owners of their businesses.

Each African WC is tailored to the needs and interests of the local WordPress user group that meets once a month to determine what the community is interested in, what are their needs and how to better educate and empower the community. The Organizers are volunteers passionate about WordPress and bringing people together to learn and grow. There is no selfishness, there are no hidden agendas, there are no political influences. There is great interest and passion to help Africans of all backgrounds, educational and economic status to grow into business owners and entrepreneurs. Businesses like are able to sponsor and provide resources to help make for a successful conference. The volunteers, organizers and speakers give their time, energy, and knowledge to have an awesome user experience that is relevant to today’s world of technology.

This benefits Africa regionally, nationally, and continentally.

Companies like MetaverseWP, My Quest To Teach, that have a passion for Africa sponsor youth, teens and young adults to attend. Opening doors to new ways of learning, new chances to make friends, new opportunities to see technologies that they may never have seen and helping to build Africa into a global influencer and powerful in multiple areas of digital creativity, innovation, and ingenuity.

WC conferences are growing all over Africa, they are teaching, mentoring, inspiring, empowering, educating African men and women, boys, and girls to be the digital representatives that will take Africa not just into the future, but into deep space and deep into oceans, seas and more.
The ability to teach African youth today to be leaders, visionaries and thought leaders Africa will need to have as their eyes towards the stars and the oceans/seas and seek to explore on and off the Earth.

WordCamp Masaka (Uganda)
Spatial Gallery
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