Providing Global Digital Education, Globally to Build Environmentalists

Providing Global Digital Education, Globally to Build Environmentalists William Jackson, M.Ed. CEO My Quest To Teach & MetaverseWP Blogs to stimulate collaboration, cooperation and connection. Educators William and Aida Jackson Seeks To Empower Africans at Power of Africa Conference 2023 Web site: Spatial site African Union and Emerging / Immersive Technology Web site: Africa is on the developing level of integrating increased technologies in multiple areas of career options for an increasing number of Africans that want to be involved in the evolution and in some cases the revolution of technological experiences. The African Union must begin to invest heavily into the infrastructure of digital growth across Africa to prepare African youth, teens and young adults for their future (now). In order for African nations to keep pace with the world in technological decisions and discussions. Digital careers that Africans will need to take the journey’s into deep space, deep ocean exploration and the inner space of science of the human body to find cures for diseases, viruses and human ailments. The exploration of the human body is never as static as people believe. The human body is in motion, it is in physical expansion and dynamic evolvement. Africa is the foundation of humanity, it is the foundation of life on this planet and works in collaboration with other environmental ecosystems. What we have are limited ecosystems of utility as the population of the Earth increases. The expansion of digital access to information and applying that digital information to helping solve social issues that stil plague the Earth now. The future of the world is dependent on a healthy and vibrant Africa along with the rainforests of Central and South America. Technology can help us manage how we take care of the world and not allow it to slide into decay and the slow death of drastic climatic change and destruction. How can our worlds coexist with the decline of the animal world, how can humans create a vibrant ecosystems where animals are welcomed and not displaced by the expansion of human need for food in agriculture and farming, space in housing and being able to explore the world and not devastate it with drilling, fracking, excavation for resources that will leave the land barren, bare and sterile? We cannot leave a planet for our future generations, our great grand children and beyond that will not sustain human nor animal life. We cannot allow plastics, oil, trash and chemicals contaminate the oceans and continue to kill millions of sealife, coral reefs and beaches. We must train youth, teens and young adults how to preserve, protect, populate the planet with life not death. William and his wife Aida are members of the World Metaverse Council, ED3 DAO, GatherVerse, WordPress/WordCamp Community Blogging on these platforms. Modern Ghana