“How the Metaverse, AI, VR and STEAM+M Education Can Empower Africa to Influence the Globe”

“How the Metaverse, AI, VR and STEAM+M Education Can Empower Africa to Influence the Globe”
William Jackson, M.Ed. CEO My Quest To Teach – MetaverseWP

Africa historically has been influential in every aspect of human
growth, development, discovery, exploration and evolution.
Africa is even influencing the development of technological
blending and exploration into the spectrum of how humans
will live with and interact with digital representations of
themselves with avatars.

The Metaverse is present and making an impact, web
sites and metaverse platforms created by MetaverseWP
and My Quest To Teach are making changes in the vision
of how the world is seeing Africa and the Metaverse.
MetaverseWP   https://metaversewp.com/

I have been invited to speak at the first-ever African
Metaverse AI Conference sponsored by the
World Metaverse Council, as a contributing member
and part of the educational team.

This presentation will show the immense power of
Africa as Africa is evolving digitally and preparing its
people for careers that have not even been created yet.
Sharing that Africa must be prepared because many
parts of the world will see Africa as a threat not as an
ally. Youth, teens and young adults need to be involved
to carry Africa into the future and African governments
need promote education equally for boys and girls
so advancements across the continent can be consistent.

Take aways from the presentation for thoughts and
ed consideration:
1. How African education must adapt to prepare African
youth, teens and young adults for future digital careers.
2. How African businesses, commerce and entrepreneurialism
will adapt to new technologies that are riveling human
intelligences and potentially becoming “aware.”
3. How African education must be supported with elements
that are free and equal in access by boys and girls.
4. How secondary and higher education must be challenged
to allow more inclusion by poor and disadvantaged students
and their communities.
“Africa will only be as influential and productive as the less
educated are supported, encouraged and inspired to want
to be educated.”
5. How Africa must prepare African educators to be the
role models, mentors, project managers, creatives and
innovators to excite and inspire African students.
6. Africa must find and integrate strategies that keep
African educators connected to their professions. Not
to have them move from their native lands to go to
distant lands.

7. African governments must see the value of African
boys and girls, to promote, support, fund, invest and be
consistent in the commitment to grow the African
educational systems.
8. African educational systems must financially support
the learning journey beyond elementary education.
African schools must be supported by their federal and
national governments to make sure as many African
students as possible are educated until the
students are 20 years of age.
9. African governments must see girls just as valuable,
important and belonging in the new digital careers of
the future.
10. Africa will only be as impactful and influential because
of how it treats it’s most impoverished and challenged
communities. There are so many opportunities that are
wasted to empower and inspire youth, teens and young
adults to move forward into advanced degrees.
11. If Africa has interests in competing against and
collaborating with other global nations it must prepare its
best resource to have the necessary skills. African
youth, teens and young adults are the biggest and best
resources of Africa.
12. If Africa is going to grow its space industry there
should be African Engineers, Mathematicians, Pilots,
Scientists, and Technologists

African Metaverse AI Summit
October 27th and 28th 2023
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