Africa Embraces WordCamp Conferences To Build African Technologists

Africa Embraces WordCamp Conferences To Build African Technologists
William Jackson, My Quest To Teach & MetaverseWP, Speaker and Sponsor
at WC Masaka, Uganda Theme: “Diversity for Innovation”

WordCamp Masaka 2023 was the first WordCamp for the Equator University of Science and Technology. There were over 300 attendees including those of the youth and teens workshop that attended. Those that attended filled the spaces of the University to capacity and many more had to be turned away

WordCamp Masaka 2023 provided hands-on workshops, informative talks, and engaging discussions on a variety of web design and development
topics such as Full Site Editing, SEO, Security for WordPress, and Contributing
to WordPress. Whether you are a seasoned developer, content creator, small business owner, teacher, student, or someone just starting out on your WordPress journey, WordCamp Masaka 2023 has something for everyone.

Students from Iganga Secondary School proudly and eagerly attended to continue their journey into the WordPress and WordCamp community. Many previously attended WordCamp Entebbe in 2022 and returned to WordCamp Jinja 2023 with others attending from ICT schools.

Each had a full KidsCamp with ages 7 to 17, they were not only educated on traditional blogging, but showed new technologies in AI, VR AR, and Metaverse. Preparing Africa’s future technologist what is awaiting them in education, business, commerce, and entrepreneurialism. In 2023, the year
for WordCamp Masaka the numbers show the influence of these authentic and unique conferences. The ability to empower and inspire a change in thinking about how technology can support financial growth and stability.

Youth, teens, and young adults are the key to Africa being a major influencer
as the evolution of global technology. The diversity of tech is taking hold in many of the 54 African nations on the continent. The sharing of knowledge, resources, information, and opportunities for employment either in-person or remote, literally changes lives.

The speakers were some of the best across Africa to speak about multiple areas of technological study, implementation, application, creativity, innovation and evolutions. The organizing teams have a great deal of experience from creating WordCamp conferences in Nairobi, Kenya, Jinja, Entebbe and of course Masaka, Uganda. Each WordCamp was successfully attended to capacity and there were even Virtual Reality Headsets available
to view the Metaverse. WordCamps are transforming digital ecosystems across the second largest continent on planet Earth.

So impactful are WordCamp conferences that ICT clubs across the continent are sending their students to attend to learn skills across the digital spectrum of Web Development, SEO – Search Engine Optimization, Graphic Design, Coding with HTML, Programming Languages like CSS and more.

The inclusion of Web 3, 4, 5, the growth of Internet Of Things (IOT), dominance of the use of VR (Virtual Reality) and blending of the Metaverse for multiple points of life. Sponsorships and scholarships are very important, businesses My Quest To Teach and MetaverseWP have sponsored over 300 students and teachers since 2018 to attend African WordCamp conferences. This year of 2023 is no different where an additional 100 have been sponsored across the WordCamps on the Africa continent. The web site  which is a free service shows the WordCamps that are on the Metaverse provided by MetaverseWP and in many cases this is there first time. These conferences support accessibility issues to help those with mobility issues attend virtually and visibly as avatars.

The platform of, supports what is being done by MetaverseWP, is growing across Africa as thought leaders and sponsors like William Jackson and others have the passion to help Africans across gender, generation, culture, and the continent. William Jackson and his wife Aida are members of the World Metaverse Council where they encourage collaboration
and cooperation on the Metaverse. Provide and support conferences, webinars, workshops and educational standards that are used across Europe and the continent of Africa.

Indigenous Youth In Africa

These conferences offer a space for learning, networking, and fostering innovation, ultimately contributing to Africa’s digital growth. Attendees can partake in workshops, panel discussions, and skill-building sessions, while also connecting with like-minded individuals and established professionals in the field. The engagement can help in building PLN-Professional Learning
Networks and PLC-Professional Learning Communities that can follow Africans during their teens and adult years as they move through their careers into leadership and management positions.

William and Aida are Certified VR & STEAM+M Educators with other 30 years of education, administrative experience from elementary to higher education skills and knowledge. So important and passionate are their works that they are teaching virtually in schools in Nigeria, Uganda, and Kenya.

Africa’s embrace of WordCamp is a testament to the continent’s commitment to nurturing homegrown talent, fostering a culture of innovation, and contributing to the global tech landscape. Technology knowledge helps to establish an ecosystem of digital frameworks that allow for increasing numbers of Africans to create and own digital businesses that apply
knowledge, skills, talents that help Africa continue to harness the power of WordCamp conferences, it is poised to produce the next generation of
technological leaders who will shape the continent’s future and beyond.

WPYall Birmingham Alabama
WPYall Birmingham Alabama

To learn more about WordCamp conferences globally access
WordCamp Central and the works being done at
MetaverseWP where African WordCamp conferences are provided a free service and support by professionals of season and ability.