Did you know that the Metaverse, AI, VR is Being used in Jacksonville Public Schools

Did you know that the Metaverse, AI, VR is being used in Jacksonville public schools to enhance and expand digital skills?

Schools like TLAM – Twin Lakes Academy Middle School
have a Newspaper, Podcast and Metaverse Clubs.
Sponsored by William Jackson (retired) and Pamela Canepa
(active teacher).
The emergence of technological skills, tools, platforms and apps provides increased learning across multiple platforms.

Students at #TLAM have been able to interview Jacksonville movers, shakers and influencers since 2022.
Melissa Rosa (formerly First Coast Connect 14 years),
Rance Adams ( WJXT’s River City Live),
Tenikka Hughes (Action News Jax) and others that
are local and global.

AI, VR, Metaverse, Web 3/4/5, IOT these are digital skills that are being shared, taught, available outside of the traditional classrooms of schools.
Sharing electronically, digitally, virtually, metavarsity what can be done to support, encourage and engage students.
Newspaper Club https://tlamnpc.wordpress.com
Podcast Club https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/tlampodcast and Metaverse Club

More information can be seen at the web site
MetaverseWP https://metaversewp.com/ to see
where your school, community organization, ministry,
business can fit in using these tools, platforms and more.
We are open for business for training, workshops,
and events.