Encouraging African Students to Use Tech to Build Them into Future Leaders of Africa

Encouraging African Students to Use Tech to Build Them into Future Leaders of Africa

William Jackson, M.Ed. – My Quest To Teach & MetaverseWP
World Metaverse Member

Africa Digital
Africa Digital

“Africans must change their mind and actions. The keys to
building your continent depends on your will-power, persistent
effort and action towards self-liberation.” Lailah Gifty Akita
The growing role of education as the engine of economic
change, growing generational wealth, bring equitability to
boys and girls in learning and building the classroom to build
cultures of learning, exploration, discovery, creativity and
changing of mind-sets that technology is only for gaming
and entertainment.

Technology contains platforms for change, pivoting to meet
the challenges of the times and adapting to the needs of
the users to solve problems, address social, educational
and economic

issues. Technology and STEAM (Science Technology
Engineering Arts Math) and now Metaverse are making
the work happening to transform African children,
youth, teens and young adults. Schools and classrooms
are building cultures of learning that show the world in
a different light fundamental to global progress. Africa
is moving in the direction that it needs to be competitive,

relevant, influencial and sustainable in a world of
algorithms and data streams. As a teacher of
STEAM+M, AI (Artificial Intelligence) VR (Virtual Reality),
Metaverse (immersive environments), Web 3/4/5.
“Lord I am just another activist in silence. Let my
books speak what lacerates deep into my spirit.”
Tapiwanaishe Pamacheche

African Continent
African Continent

The integration of all these elements allows for
project-based learning, cross-curricular engagement
and building learning leaders that serve as examples
of how education can be successful across genders,
cultures, generations, and colors. Teaching of 33
years the value and importance of education starts
with a mindset that seeks to explore, discover and
using creative thinking and innovative design can
build a child’s mind through creativity, innovation,
and discovery.

What needs to happen first is to inspire African
students to embrace a unlimited future for careers.
To dream and think past where they are now. To
see new opportunities and new directions for
their life. African students need to see learning
as powerful and purposeful to what they can
do in the future.

The collaboration of technology and education can
open doors that African students can virtually walk
through to learn about the past and then apply it
to now to prepare for the future. Teaching online
for 3 years with students in Nigeria at the elementary
level how technology can show them events not
thought or even exposed to. Technology can
open doors that can literally change their, and
their families’ lives. “Instead of teaching African
children about Napoleon or Shakespeare,
teach them about Biko, Nkrumah, Sallasie,
Annan, etc.” Henry Johnson Jr

My Quest To Teach
My Quest To Teach

In today’s rapidly evolving world that is influenced
by tech, the collaboration between technology and
education is proving to be a life-changer for
African youth, teenagers, and young adults. This
powerful synergy and evolving ecosystem is
breaking down barriers and opening doors to
a brighter future for whole African communities.
The potential is inspiring and encouraging for
millions of youth in elementary to high schools
across the continent. Access to quality education
has often been a challenge in many parts of Africa.
But, thanks to technology, educational resources
are becoming more accessible, even in remote areas.

Online courses, virtual classrooms, and educational
apps provide opportunities for learning that were
once unimaginable and unachievable. This means
that African youth can now access world-class
educational content from the comfort of their
homes. Even if their homes are not in cities of
high technology or even moderate technology,
many are gaining access using Smartphones
with Wifi connections.

Moreover, technology is helping bridge the gap
between education and employment. African
youth, teens and young adults were once either
unemployable, underemployed or struggle to
learn the skills to be employed. Now with the
use of online learning, access to digital libraries
and access to mentors, African students can
be business owners and entrepreneurs.

Digital Jobs Globally
Digital Jobs Globally

Through e-learning platforms and vocational
training programs, young Africans can acquire
skills that are in demand in today’s job market.
“There is no institution more powerful than
the institution of your mind.  The real battle
happens there. Once you change your mindset,
you can achieve anything.” Naide P Obiang

They can explore various career paths, from
programming and digital marketing to
entrepreneurship, healthcare, web
development, graphic design and other
digital employment options. The collaboration
of technology and education also nurtures
innovation and entrepreneurship. There is
the inspiration of Africans to be creative,
innovative, discoverers, explorers and
thought leaders.

With access to online resources, young
Africans can explore their creative potential,
develop tech startups, and contribute to their
local economies. The tech boom in Africa is
not only creating jobs but also encouraging
self-employment and small business growth.
The tech boom is not even close to its
potential to change a continent that is the
second largest in the world, and also the
second youngest behind India.

In conclusion, the fusion of technology and
education is not only enhancing the learning
experience, but also creating unprecedented
career opportunities for African youth. It’s
equipping them with the skills, knowledge,
talents, and mindsets to embrace a brighter
future, making them vital contributors to the
African workforce and their local communities
growing out of poverty, financial, political,
and educational struggle, and a brighter
future for the whole community.