Building Digital Galleries for WC Conferences Globally

Building Digital Galleries for WC Conferences Globally
Using Platform
William Jackson, M. Edu. CEO of My Quest To Teach (MQTT)
& MetaverseWP (MWP)
Aida Correa Jackson, LoveBuilt Life, LLC. Web Developer, Artist & Professor

My Quest To Teach, MetaverseWP & LoveBuilt Life, LLC
is providing Metaverse Galleries to all interested WC
conferences globally to highlight and promote the works
being done by organizers, volunteers, speakers and other
support persons. To provide a digital and interactive platform
that is accessible by people that are not able to attend
WC conferences physically.

Using digital tools and platforms to address accessibility
challenges. There are hundreds of people that are
home-bound, hospital-bound, wheelchair-bound that would
love to attend a WC Conference.
Because of mobility challenges and other accessibility issues
they are not able to be involved and engaged.  They are denied
the opportunity to contribute their knowledge and experiences
because they cannot physically attend.

Creating avatars using ReadyPlayer.Me or other design and modeling
digital avatar accessibility methods allow those with challenges to
attend in a digital representation of themselves. Digital tools can be
used to connect with addressing issues of physical accessibility
and mental health so members of the WC and other communities
can participate even as avatars at WC conferences.
This resource provides key accessibility opportunities to those that
cannot physically attend, making it difficult to contribute and to
be actively engaged.

Because of the digital nature of the service being provided by that is collaborative with WC conferences, it is the prayer and hope that
this service contributes to inspiring the community. Physical
challenges should not keep those that have a passion, purpose,
and desire to contribute be left unable to act on their desire to
contribute to the growth of the WC community even if they are
home-bound, hospital-bound, challenged by physical challenges.
The body may be challenged but the mind is not.

William and Aida are proud members of the WordPress community
since 2010/2018, respectively. William’s first WordCamp conference
was in 2010 and Aida’s is WordCamp Miami 2018 in Miami, Florida.
They are Certified VR and STEAM+M, AI, VR Educators and Advocates.
They are members of the World Metaverse Council
and ED3 Educational DAO and others.

The WP community has inspired us to integrate WP into teaching
students from elementary, middle, high school and in higher education
and create our digital businesses. The benefits and empowerment of
web development, and associated technologies is powerful, and the
blending of WP / WC and Immersive Technologies.
The growth of AI, VR, and Metaverse is transforming WP and
corresponding WC conferences. MetaverseWP is a free resource
to post digital immersive environments to engage, inspire and
promote creativity. To see our past, current and future works
please access our web site

Connect with us through the web site for more information.

William Jackson, M.Ed.
CEO of My Quest To Teach & MetaverseWP
Member of World Metaverse Council