Black Business Perspectives on Social Media and Integrating VR

Black Business Perspectives on Social Media and Integrating VR William Jackson, M.Ed CEO – My Quest To Teach & MetaverseVP Speaker at ASALH Conference 2023 Facebook – Sharing incites from the ASALH Conference 2023 in Jacksonville, Florida as a speaker and participant 2013 & 2023 William and Aida Jackson, this year speakers………….

Black Businesses must take advantage of dynamic and engaged opportunities to understand Branding, Niche and finding your zone when using Social Media and Integrating VR (Virtually Reality). Black Business using tech as content developers; the foundation of understanding the value of digital content in relation to sharing your voice and developing influencial and transformative content that defines Black Businesses.

Applying VR concepts that allow for immersive environments and uses of Social Media platforms and tools to share content and collaborate on dynamic and engaged business opportunities. Black Business must be innovators in various areas of technology, they must move past the pandemic chaos and confusion. Throw away the memories of the past and embrace the possibilities of the future.

A lesson that should have been learned is that partnering, collaborating, cooperating and mentoring are more effective than just competing. Competition is just a small piece of the capitalistic puzzle, what of building relationships and reaching for a broader and more diverse audience is key for business survival along with embracing technologies that are still evolving.

Black Business owners should be engaged with their communities using digital platforms that are not just used for profits, but to apply digital tools to build relationships and influence the thinking of building of communities. Engagement is key to change the perspectives and perceptions of the community. To empower the community to see what changes need to be made and providing the resources to create necessary social, economic, political and educational improvements so everyone can benefit in the community, in the city, state and nation.

Black Businesses are so important that communities are only as stable and strong as the Black Business generations coming up. The community only grows with the talents, skills, abilities and dreams of youth, teens and young adults that live in the neighborhoods in that community. If Black boys and girls see Black Businesses they are inspired to want to be Black Business owners. The community needs to see they are part of the bigger picture of community development, community re-vitalization, community investment, community re-investment and community respect.

Malcolm X stated, “We are not fighting for integration, nor are we fighting for separation. We are fighting for recognition as human beings… In fact, we are actually fighting for rights that are even greater than civil rights and that is human rights.” Malcolm X (Black Revolution) These “human rights” include being entrepreneurs and business owners, recirculating monies in the Black community, mentoring young Black business owners that will influence the next generation. Black people need to learn to be positive influencers so they can increase the opportunities in their communities and bring about a mental change of elevation and stability in growth economically, educationally and even environmentally.

The tech careers of content creation of the 21st and 22nd century are here, Black kids (boys and girls) need exposure and opportunities that grow them into what their dreams are, what their wishes are and how they can contribute to society in good ways. Technology can allow and inspire Black youth, teens and young adults to create and have businesses so they can get into “good trouble” by building digital platforms, tools and Apps that empower,encourage and inspire. The inspiration is not just to work on a job (just over broke) but to create Black Businesses and create jobs.

If Black children only see one side of the story as consumers in using (consuming) technology they will only stay on that one side. If Black children see they can be creators/producers they will move there and see / experience success and become business owners and entrepreneurs.

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