Preserving Black History On The Metaverse

Preserving Black History On The Metaverse

William Jackson, M.Ed.

We are very excited about the opportunity to speak about the
preservation of Black History on the Metaverse.
Aida Jackson and I love sharing our knowledge as Certified VR &
STEAM+M Educators and advocates for digital learning for students
from elementary school to higher education.

As an African American educator of 33 years in the books, but really
teaching since I was a teenager that would be over 40 years.  I’m a
proud 4th gen teacher, learning from my parents, grandparents and
other family members, education is an honorable profession.
The switch in honoring education has been a gradual destruction
of the value of educators.

Through the global pandemic globally teachers have been teaching
virtually, in some of the most extreme cases and locations. Educators
across Africa were teaching in fields, around fireplaces, in caves and
other places that were not always conducive, but did work to get
and keep kids learning.

Having taught my first 15 years in Palatka, Florida as a Physical
Education Teacher and making the transition to technology teacher.
Being blessed to have worked for NASA, and the Florida Department
of Education. The opportunity to travel across the State of Florida and
the State of Georgia on occasions.
Speaking and presenting at major conferences. I was usually the only
Black person to be able to speak and did not receive recognition,
respect and regard because of my color and my gender as a Black man.

Perserverance, prayer, practice and punctuality are important and key
to being successful and purposeful.

Aida Correa Jackson, is a poet, author, florist, professor, educator,
speaker and renaissance woman. Multi-talented. She is a mother of
4 girls, grandmother, sister, aunt and role model.
Her sites include  and WordPress TV 
Many times the only Afro-Latina (Puerto Rican) speaking at tech
conferences, teaching at kids, youth, teen camps with her
husband William.

Both William and Aida are members of the World Metaverse Council and
WordCamp / WordPress Community. Sharing their knowledge to bless
youth, teens and young adults globally. To inspire, encourage, advocate,
help and bless others.

The business applications for Black Businesses to globally reach new
markets. The new business has made this journey
exciting, fun, inspiring and addresses the issue of #accessibility with the challenges of mobility issues and access to cultural resources and information.

Schools like Becoming Collegiate Academy
( ) students are benefiting from educational journeys that are digital, immersive, exciting and helping students retain more content that builds them as learners, creators and innovators.

BCA Metaverse Spatial Gallery 2023

Will be bringing our Oculus to share immersive environments and how the applications like VictoryXRENGAGE XR Spatial and other immersive environments can be used to teach Black History. There needs to be
in place a safe place that is available, accessible, truthful and reliable to contain
Black History that shares the successes, contributions, challenges and even
some failures to inspire Black and Brown youth, teens and young adults to be
and do better.

Join us on this journey of immersion, creation, development, innovation and

William Jackson, M.Ed. My Quest To Teach & MetaverseWP
Aida Correa Jackson, LoveBuilt Life, LLC
Creating metaverse sites using and blending with
Ready Player Me for a great immersive experience.
Reach out to us if your conference or organization would like
to work with us or interested in a training or workshop.