Virtual Reality with A Focus on Preserving Black History & The Metaverse

Virtual Reality with A Focus on Preserving Black History & The Metaverse
William Jackson, M.Ed. (My Quest To Teach) and Aida Correa Jackson (LoveBuilt Life, LLC)
ASALH Speakers
William and Aida

Facts about Metaverse and Virtual Reality in the Instructional Realm
* Digital is the new norm for education, if schools are not
implementing VR and Metaverse technologies they are putting
their students at a disadvantage not just with skills, but
understanding the nomenclature or languages of tech.
* Digital and VR takes learning to the next level to learning, creativity
and innovation. Schools are not advocating for creativity and
innovation in the classroom as they should, metaverse education
provides an opportunity to encourage increased creativity and
innovation. Using memorization, substantial testing and the fear
of “learning loss” has deadened education and the very foundation
of learning.

* Digital and VR students can access multiple ways of engagement
and learning. Access to learning materials, reading incentives that
guide comprehension, learning connections, critical thinking and
applying in real world situations what is learned not just for a test.
* Digital and Virtual students are not captured by traditional teaching methodologies. The learning needs to be engaging, immersive and
virtual not just visually, but auditory and experiencing changes to environments and attitudes.
* Students are already exposed to virtual environments through
gaming with Minecraft and Roblox. Using the metaverse and
immersive environments helps make learning, discovery,
exploration and creativity choices and decision that impact
practical skills and knowledge.
* The expansion from gaming to learning is not a complicated
process, it can be an easy transition to move forward.

* The safety aspect is that devices can be “locked” where
students cannot go beyond the instructional directions.
The ability to help students take “ownership” of their
learning is powerful.
* Teachers and administration have a gradual learning
curve with learning and becoming familiar with the
projects and continued instructional content development
and implementation.
* Content is multi-layered synchronous and asynchronous.
Whether the instructional leader (teacher) is directly present
or not does not change or influence the opportunities for
cognitive growth, maturity and understanding.

* Students can go on global field trips that are 360 degrees,
this makes physical traveling as a supplement to instruction.
When students can interact in their environments this creates
a digital foundation to allowing the instruction to be powered
not just by the human element but by the digital influences
of the metaverse and immersive environments.

* Instruction through VR can be in multiple languages
that support the diversity of the classrooms. When students
hear or see their native language it provides avenues of pride,
empowerment, engagement, and acceptance of cultural
connections directly related to the student.
* There are thousands of global field trips that students and
teachers can attend that are available and cost effective
and physically safe, but engaging and interactive.
* The 360-degree immersive environment is a visual
representation of wherever the learning can be conducted.
It is an amazing experience where most students will never
physically attend.
* The experiences of dissection, amputation, surgery, and
exploration cuts out the smell, mess,
fuss and yucky components of dissecting frogs, fish,
pigs and even humans.
* VXR Web is an interactive platform with laptops that ?
can be used instead of the headsets.

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Speakers Information:

William Jackson, M.Ed. My Quest To Teach & MetaverseWP
33 years in public, higher education, past instructor with
NASA and Florida Dept of Education,
Member of World Metaverse Council,
The Ones and Los Unos Black & Hispanic Male Educators,
Member of the WordPress/WordCamp Community
Twitter @myquesttoteach IG @myquesttoteach TicTok @myquesttoteach Blog

Prof. Aida Correa Jackson, Lenoir Rhyne University (DEI)
LoveBuilt Life, LLC Artist, Author, Florist, NFT Artist,
Certified VR Educator, Member of World Metaverse Council,
Member of the WordPress/WordCamp Community,
Member of the ED3 DAO
Twitter @lovebuiltlife IG @lovebuiltlife TicTok @lovebuiltlife Blog

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