Jacksonville Educator Speaks at Power of Africa 2023 Virtual Conference

Jacksonville Educator Speaks at Power of Africa 2023 Virtual Conference
William Jackson, M.Ed. Member of The Ones Black and Hispanic Male
Educators of Duval County Public Schools and World Metaverse Council

William Jackson, retired educator from Duval County Public Schools has
always shared educational empowerment tools and resources involving
technology to inspire and empower youth, teens, young adults, and
educators, this time it is across the continent of Africa. Speaking at the
Annual Power of Africa Virtual Conference https://tinyurl.com/2p84k9f7
William, a STEAM+M Educator, he, and his wife Aida, a university professor
are Certified VR (Virtual Reality) and STEAM+M Educators. They have been
providing workshops across Jacksonville to help youth and teens understand
how to use and apply WordPress for Web Development, AI for literary
comprehension, and Metaverse creation of virtual environments to help
prepare students for future career opportunities in technology careers.

Assisting African student’s with the same excitement and passion that can
change communities across a continent.
The Power of Africa 2023 conference broadcast across the continent of Africa
to share knowledge how technology can build the African continent and how
Africans and those of the African Diaspora can be brought together.
William and his wife have taught virtually in African schools for 3 years in
Nigeria, Kenya, and Uganda. In addition, teaching in Jacksonville at Becoming
Collegiate Academy a Charter School https://www.becomingschools.org/ ,
Sandalwood High School and have been invited to speak at conferences
nationally  and internationally because of their curriculums integrating
the Metaverse, AI and VR.

The Power of Africa, http://powerofafrica.com/: “Power Of Africa Conference
is an International event that spotlights the Greatness of Africa across diverse
sectors while also promoting creative strategies to tackle the challenges which had limited Africa from reaching its full potentials. The conference
is an event initiative of Power Of Africa aka POA.

William has spoken twice during the two day conference:
Day 1 “Incentivizing Innovators To Identify New Models To Enhance
Learning & Skill Development in Africa” https://tinyurl.com/4dn9u4ba
“Unlocking The Future with Digital Transformation: Innovation & Disruptive
Trends in Africa” https://tinyurl.com/2e94cajr
Power Of Africa Conference 2023 [#POA2023] is an International 2-Days Virtual Conference holding the goal of the #POA2023 conference to
build on past conferences by expanding the platform to showcase the
best of Africa and the African Diaspora that includes African Americans.
This helps facilitate collaborative thinking for the advancement of Africa
and building relationships between African
Americans, Africans, and those of the African Diaspora in business, commerce, entrepreneurialism and even medical technologies.

Education is the key, with this understanding educators like William
with diverse digital backgrounds are providing their experiences,
knowledge, wisdom, resources and even investments to help build
Africa into an international influencer and with digital innovation
across multiple platforms. There is a special bond between
those in the African Diaspora too help their brothers and sisters
on the continent of Africa to broaden education and business so
both groups benefit.

View the Power of Africa on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/@PowerOfAfrica_
View the Power of Africa Speakers https://youtu.be/jlLQIx1Wcqo
Facebook of Power of Africa https://www.facebook.com/PowerOfAfrica