Climatic Changes and How Kenyan Youth and Teens Can Help

Climatic Changes and How Kenyan Youth and Teens Can Help

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The effects of climatic change are being felt globally, the extreme and unpredictable weather is creating literally hundreds of fire storms across many nations even across the continent of Africa. More information here Deserts are hotter, crops are drying up, droughts are occurring increasingly and more frequently. African nations are unifying to find strategies, scientific methodologies to combat and slow the changes that are occurring. Devastation with fires recently within the borders of Canada and Maui, China with massive flooding, India with massive swarms of insects in one portion and flooding in another portion of the nation are taking the lives of thousands and displaced millions. is providing an opportunity for the President of Kenya, William Ruto to answer questions, provide strategies and talk about what Kenya is doing in this time of climatic disaster, environmental flux and Africa’s role in helping to prevent and slow down these changes across the continent.

Wednesday, August 30th 2023 is a historic event to hear the dynamic and passionate sharing of his ideas, vision and strategies to address these issues. “Climate XChange: Youth Dialogues” “Climate XChange: Youth Dialogues” promises to be a vibrant event where young participants from across Kenya,  Africa and the Diaspora can pose questions and share their insights directly with President Ruto. The dialogue symbolizes President Ruto’s dedication to an inclusive approach in policy-making, where the youth, being central to Africa’s future, have a significant role to play. Register Here

Teresa Clarke, CEO of, expressed her enthusiasm about the collaboration: “We’re incredibly proud to host this pivotal conversation. The youth represent not just the future of Africa, but its present. By providing them with a platform to engage directly with leaders like President Ruto, we are ensuring that their voices play a central role in shaping the continent’s response. As a teacher of STEAM+M and how human interaction with the planet for hundreds of years has not been beneficial, we are reaping the results of the burning of fossil fuels, pollution of the atmosphere with chemicals, cutting down of millions of acers of trees that create the very air we breathe and even how we damage our oceans which absorbs 90% of the heat and even is a filtration system for the earth. This event with is a historic event that all of Kenya, Africa and even the global nations that create more global pollution than Africa’s 54 nations. Global warming is creating a critical role for accessibility as Africa copes with the extreme climate change.

There are five ways accessibility is important during extreme climate change for Africa. They will be discussed in the next writing. 1. Emergency Response 2. Healthcare Access 3. Agriculture and Food Security 4. Water and Sanitation 5. Community Connectivity Stay tuned for more…… Register at