Part 1 The Growth of WordCamp Conferences Across Africa

Part 1 The Growth of WordCamp Conferences Across Africa
WordCamp Kampala Uganda Africa
William Jackson, M.Ed.

WC Kampala provided a conference that expanded the knowledge
of those that attended the youth, teens and young adults that
attended the youth and teens workshop.
It was an honor that My Quest To Teach was able to provide
several resources in the forms of Media Partnership, Spatial
Metaverse Gallery, YouTube Videos and other digital platforms
and tools.

Africa continues to shine bright !!!
The youth, teens and young adults attending WordCamp Kampala,
Uganda, Africa are learning web development, content creation,
digital branding, coding, and programing skills that will empower
them for their future careers. Technology can be a global equalizer
and serve as a tool to level opportunities for African girls and boys.
What better way to encourage, inspire, educate, promote creativity
and digital innovation. To share the value of Diversity, Equitability,
Culture, Gender and influence generations for careers of the now
and the future. The future is filled with diverse levels of technology
that help build collaboration, cooperation and unity.

Technology is opening doors, smashing glass ceilings, changing
how people and the world is thinking about Africa. These children,
youth, teens and young adults are learning skills that other parts
of the world can only dream about. Africa is growing in her ability
to influence the world with the best natural resource Africa has,
its people.

WordCamp Kampala and the other African WordCamp’s are
empowering their youth and there are more coming generations
to attend conferences, workshops, seminars, and events.
My Quest To Teach is honored to support, sponsor, encourage
and inspire to the betterment and growth across Africa.

Check out the Spatial Gallery Hallway to see the photos and
coming video for this phenomenal experience.

WordCamp Kampala Spatial Gallery

WordCamp Kampala Web Site

WordCamp Kampala Uganda 2023 YouTube

WC Kampala Kids Camp 2023 YouTube

WordCamp Kampala 2023 Presentation
by William Jackson, M.Ed.  

WordCamp Kampala 2023, August 5-6th Recap I

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