Africans Using Metaverse Tools, Digital Apps to Build Empowered Communities

Africans Using Metaverse Tools, Digital Apps to Build Empowered Communities

William Jackson, M.Ed. My Quest to Teach
Power of Africa

Since the explosion of Smartphone technologies, growing numbers of Africans are creating content, sharing their ideas, experiences, dreams, creativity, imagination, and determination for a better life on digital platforms. The opportunities to share content that addresses the thoughts, ideas, knowns, and unknowns that are on the minds of millions of Africans. The voices of millions of Africans are important, they are valuable and influential. Even though I live in the United States, I can see, read and if I wanted to hear the contributions of Africans that want better schools, that desire employment not just for themselves, but for the youth, teens and young adults that want to improve the living conditions of their families. Technology has grown to the point where Africans with a Smartphone can be connected to the world like never before.

Digital platforms have opened so many opportunities for Africans to share their voices, to empower their voices and market their knowledge, skills, talents, and business objectives.
Using technology to amplify their desires to be entrepreneurs across the second largest continent on the globe. The value and potential in building African home-grown businesses that potentially can improve communities and provide new revenues to fund cities, villages, communities. Building of communities can allow for growth in areas of improved schools, roads, medical facilities, law enforcement that has the needs of the citizens first and open gates that allow youth, teens, and young adults to either stay in the community and contribute or leave to pursue their dreams.

There are strong and influential entrepreneurs across Africa, they just need to be paired with the correct digital tools to solve a problem, provide resources and services that other Africans need. There are social issues that need to be addressed and social engagements to be engaged conversations across the continent and around the globe.  Resources like “Create My Voice” uses Alexa and Google to allow written blogs to be heard. Read by dynamic voices, either male or female and having their content read.

Technology can be used and applied to personal Smartphones that can and do empower Africans as never before. As a member of the World Metaverse Council working in the fields of education and the arts. Too many opportunities have been lost that can make significant changes in the mindsets of youth and teens. Exposure to tech is a powerful moment of growth and awareness to empower the mind and stir the imagination of what could potentially be achieved by Africans.

Digital platforms are a gift and a blessing to Africans seeking to take their ideas, dreams, and imaginations to another level. Africans supporting Africans is the goal when applying technologies that encourage collaboration and engagement. Africans supporting the global Diaspora is a dream of many including myself as an African American and my wife as an Afro-Latina. The hope and dream come from us, a husband and wife to take communities by the hand and bring them along to share knowledge, ideas, skills, and abilities we are a blessing to have. We are not alone, there are others that are African, Afro-Latina, Afro-Latino, African American and members of the African Diaspora.

As an educator of STREAM+M – Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics and Metaverse. I’m joyful to see that Africans are working to build unity, collaboration, investments in themselves and other Africans.  Creating partnerships across Africa and not allowing borders, boundaries, waters, mountains, environments, and even cultural differences to stop the building of Africa.  My wife and I teach classes virtually in Nigeria, Uganda, and occasionally in Kenya. We support WordCamp conferences across Africa, Central America, and other global areas where we sponsor students and teachers to attend conferences. We hope to expand our ability to teach digital tools to build African communities and even sponsor Africans to attend African WordCamp conferences and other conferences that are growing in digital education.

Technology will empower African people; this is not a trend it is a real fact. Africans can share their thoughts on political, societal, economic, and educational issues that directly affect them. They can unify, collaborate, cooperate, and build communities, not waiting on governmental actions that take years to work and cost monies that local communities do not have.
The government can be put out of the equation temporarily so Africans can help themselves and move forward to empower, inspire, invest, and build their own capital to fund their own projects. Sharing unique and authentic content on diverse digital platforms is what Africans across the continent are learning how to do better because they have the technology to do it.
There are areas that societies focus on and even though they may be separated by African geographical locations all that is needed is access to affordable Wifi, a Smartphone, a tablet, or other devices.

Digital African content is being shared that inspires Africans passions to helping each other, building communities, and establishing stability in discussions where everyone is united, everyone is valued. As contributors and sponsors to African events and supporters to a stronger, independent, and free Africa our companies LoveBuilt Life, LLC and My Quest To Teach are inviting Africans to be engaged and active in digital events and activities like the Power of Africa, WordCamp Conferences going on across Africa. Teaching Africans how to build businesses and develop digital superpowers using STEAM+M and integrating AI (Artificial Intelligence), VR (Virtual Reality) and other areas of Tech (Researched using AI).
Africa historically is the foundation of global technologies because….
(Used AI “African contributions to technology historically”)

Africans have forgotten that Africa has the world’s oldest record of human technological achievement and success. The world’s oldest stone tools have been found in eastern Africa, development of science and technology in Africa were glorified globally, unfortunately received relatively little attention compared to other regions of the world. Africans developed mathematics, metallurgy, architecture, and other fields that the world enjoys today and even takes for granted. Human ancestors have been using stone and other tools since long before the emergence of Homo sapiens approximately 300,000 years ago. The earliest direct evidence of tool usage was found in Ethiopia within the Great Rift Valley, dating back to 2.5 million years ago. These are the foundations of what we use freely today, but in digital forms. Africans need to be proud of their legacy of pioneering diverse areas to technology.

The technological influences of Africans does not start within slavery, it starts as global explorers, discovering global routes for trade around the coasts of Africa and other nations, navigating the seas using the stars, predicting the weather from charts and even understanding the tides of the oceans to sail on. The current technologies are influenced by the achievements of the past by Africans, not from others that only claim to have knowledge, but unable to show the historical context and achievements. Africa has history on her side even though others deny it and refuse to believe the truths of history.

Africans must re-embrace their historical evidence of greatness, significance, and intelligence.

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