Using AI To Streamline and Automate Your WP Content and WC Presentations

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Using AI To Streamline and Automate Your WP Content and WC Presentations
William Jackson, M.Ed. WordCamp Europe 2023 Media Partner &
WP / WC member since 2010
Member of the Word Metaverse Council

People are watching the commercials, reading the informatics,
taking classes and courses to learn how to use AI
(Artificial Intelligence). The watercooler stations are heating
up with conversations about using AI’s like ChatGPT,
Bart and others to assist in creating content for WP blogs,
creating charts, data algorithms and graphics that chart activity,
surveys and content for blogs.
Web sites are being created with the categories for commercial
usage and graphics with intricate designs, colors and remarkable
reflections of AI thinking and creativity.

The unfortunate reality is that Human Resource Departments are
evaluating  personnel they can let go and AI can replace as content
creators. The war is on against Machine Learning and Human Learning
and Creativity.

The Generated Technologies are available as never before and the
confusing notion that AI can help in content building for WP / WC
conferences that challenges human made content. Many people
are scared, troubled, questioning their human limitations as AI grows.

People are questioning where will WP / WC conferences be in 5 yrs
or less and how will they be able to compete against technology.
The opening of WP conferences is full steam ahead, there are
global conferences that were influenced by the pandemic, conferences
from America: both North and South, Europe, Africa and Asia WP,
conferences are active, available and achieving great things.

My Quest To Teach

Looking at the WordCamp Central site
it can be seen how influential WP / WC Conferences are. Even the Kids/Youth/Teen workshops like WordCamp Europe
will share the importance of WP, web development, using AI, Metaverse,
Safety and other elements that youth and teens between 10yrs and 16yrs
will experience.
My wife and I have been part of the WP community since 2018 and
2010 respectively, Aida and I have been speakers, organizers, volunteers
in many times capacities, teachers in multiple kids, youth, and teens

Our engagement has been positive, productive, purposeful and pleasant..
WP is our tribe, our community and our extended family in many cases.
Being professional global educators and advocates for youth, teens,
young adults to be part of the WP community. It is not just web development that we teach, but creating content using STEAM+M, AI & VR, Safety.

Science Technology Engineering Arts Math + Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence,
Virtual Realty and Safety Online. These are what our youth and the future are
being exposed to now and in many cases will determine if they are employable,
under employed or unemployable because of lack of exposure and knowledge.
The integration for these elements is very important because of the exposure
youth and teens are experiencing increasingly online.

Their safety should be first, the mental and emotional health should be
second and there should be a business and entrepreneurial element to
help youth and teens see themselves as business owners.

The richness of content, tools, platforms, Apps and other digital elements
are available in WP and shared as resources on
AI’s similar to ChatGPT, Bard, Bart, (Kevin and Cassidy: just kidding) is a
chatbot designed by OpenAI and launched in November of 2022.
It quickly took a foothold and being applied in the WP community
significantly since January 2023.

Content creators were already using some forms of AI to write blogs,
creating advertising content, generating marketing ideas and other
forms to make their works as business owners or entrepreneurs easier
and to help potentially increase profits by turning out content faster
and efficiently.

The AI bots have taken the WP world by storm, even Wapuu’s are
being designed by AI graphic bots. AI or bots are augmenting and
automating schedules for WP conference for speakers, scheduling
vendor engagements and many of regular tasks that go into
planning and coordinating the much anticipated WP / WC
conferences like WordCamp Europe 2023.

The majority of people “working” because of their passion
and purpose in the WP community are volunteers with jobs,
careers, family, responsibilities. The creation of a new form of
digital assistant is being gobbled up like the cookies being laid
out for WPeers between conference sessions.

There will not be a crumb left because people are hungry for help,
assistance to build their creativity and digital intellectual development.
Just to help to understand AI, it uses “Transfer Learning,” meaning that
the program understands one concept learns it and then, it can apply
that information to another idea.

There is continuous learning happening, GPT stands for Generative
Pre-Trained Transformer, which was developed using supervised
and reinforcement learning from human programmers.
Yes….. those programmers that people many times do not understand
and get out of their way when they start talking program languages
and algorithms.

Maybe we should be more attentive and kind to programmers who now
literally have the world in the palms of their hands that grip energy drinks,
sugar cookies and energy bars as they type their way to building these
AI systems that are based on the latest video game they may have played
for weeks until they either defeated the game or the game blow them to
smithereens (LOL just kidding, well maybe, maybe not).

There are a lot of conversations for and against this technology and
with any new and emerging tech the bugs, or biases, stereotypes, nuances
of race, color, gender and generation need to worked out as AI encircles
the globe learning the strengthens and weaknesses of the human psyche.
AI is continuously improving or changing if that is comforting. If not
comforting, then we are just going to have to deal with it one way
or another.

I prefer prayer, a good herbal tea and some jazz music with my wife.
WP needs to be aware that its content is influenced by the use of AI
and even the web sites that are 45% to 55% of the web content is
being updated by AI or completely generated. These are the times
where past movies about AI taking over the world, monitoring
human interactions and finally taking over all communication
and web content comes into play.

Either seriously or jokingly AI is accessible and influential even in
our community because of its ease of use, flexible application,
and ability to learn about us, for us and supporting us.
Our community should welcome the flexibility, speed, ease of
use, and learning that will be available, but the WP / WC
community when using these new technologies should always
remember that the best of our community is the people, the
humanity. The racial and cultural diversity of inclusion and diversity
that is representative of the world.

We should always put people first for their creativity, innovation,
passion, purpose and what each individual brings to the tables of
the global WP Meetups, WC conferences and the growing avenues
like Kids, / Youth / Teens meetups, workshops and conferences
to come.

We rely on each other to support each other, to lift each other up
and allow others to stand on our shoulders either individual and
giving a hand to lift others up..

Our content is made from our magnificent minds, not sterile and
soulless machines. Look at the growing Spatial Metaverse environments
being constructed by the company My Quest To Teach to extend the
reach of WordCamp Europe and the people of the community onto
the Metaverse.

The times are changing and the integration of Machine Learning is
not science fiction, it is science fact. The people are determining the
directions of WP by the use of AI and VR. We will all learn together,
experience together and advance together. We cannot leave other
behind simply because they lack the skills, we of WP need to teach
as many as possible.